Tricked to Serve – Additional Side Story 2

Tricked to Serve – Additional Side Story 2Tricked to Serve – Additional Side Story 2- Logan sold to Perverted Couple for weekend Pleasures, by Wife(continuation of writing I started elsewhere, hope you enjoy please comment)After only what felt like such a few short weeks for Logan since his initiation into Mistress Alyson’s world of unlimited sexual pleasures and depravity, unknown at the time by Logan encouraged and supported by Sarah and Courtney…(His wife and daughter who had already been enjoying the deliciously perverted sexual pleasures that Mistress Alyson’s special group offered.)… ,now Logan’s marriage with his wife had a more, deeply kinky and mutually satisfying element which they were both embracing. Their pleasures and sexual enjoyment, no longer restricted or restrained by general society’s rules of what was deemed ‘normal’…it was general society that should open their minds and accept, embrace the repressed desires they had. Tonight was one of those nights that Sarah had decided to enjoy their new found sexual openness and her role as Logan’s Mistress/Wife, a role that Logan had secretly wished from Sarah for so long and now welcomed without question, but with love, obedience and passion.Sarah had told Logan that they were going to meet a couple that had spoke to Mistress Alyson and were interested in having some fun….After Logan had knelt naked between Sarah’s legs pleasuring her shaven pussy, while she messaged on her mobile phone making arrangements. He was instructed to get ready,“I want you showered and ready for 6.30pm, and make sure you are completely shaven, Barbara and Iain like their playthings smooth. Suspenders, stockings and heels are all you are required to wear. I will be back at 6.30, make sure you are ready.”Logan followed his instructions, showering and shaving his body for Barbara and Iain, though he knew nothing about them, or even who they were, but that was not his position to know. Then dressed as Sarah had instructed in black stockings and suspenders and 5 inch heels (Logan quickly becoming comfortable at walking in ease in heels) and waited at the door for Sarah’s return, making sure that he was waiting 10 minutes early than the stated 6.30, niğde escort his shaven cock semi-erect at the prospect of what pleasures were to come. Standing waiting Logan’s mind thought of where Sarah had gone while he prepared himself, he had not asked as if he were to know where she was going, Sarah would have told him, it was not his position to ask. Sarah now had many ‘special friends’ men, women, young, old and she enjoyed many different pleasures and perversions with them, pleasures that Logan had now been introduced to and willingly accepted. His cock growing at the thoughts of the pleasures she may have enjoyed as he prepared himself as instructed.At 6.30 Logan heard a car pull up to the front door, shortly after Sarah walked in the front door dressed fully in leather. The thigh-high leather boots making Logan’s hardening cock jerk, matched with a leather cat-suit and finished with a leather cloak…she looked stunning and Domme.“Right, turn round bitch it is time meet your new friends.”Logan turned and placed his hands behind his back for Sarah to secure in thick leather cuffs, then Sarah placed her leather cloak over his shoulders, to hide his nakedness from prying eyes as they left the house and got into the car.Sarah drove in silence with a satisfying smile on her face, 30 minutes later arriving at the home of Barbara and Iain, a large home secluded in its garden surrounded by trees, Sarah drove up the drive to the front door. Standing at the front door Sarah rang the bell and almost immediately the door was answered by a woman in her 60’s, presumably Barbara. She was large woman with full breasts barely contained in the leather bodice she wore, other than thigh length leather boots this was all that she wearing, exposing her shaven pussy between her thick thighs, she showed no worry of answering the door like this and welcomed Sarah into her home, with Logan following g behind, his presence not even acknowledged. Iain, also in his 60’s and slightly overweight then joined them in the hall, dressed in leather chaps exposing his hard cock-ringed erection and leather harness tight against his chest. It was only then that Logan’s presence was acknowledged, by Iain.“Let’s see our escort niğde weekend plaything thing?”Iain removed Logan’s cloak and viewed his stocking clad body, Iain’s hands pawing and grabbing at Logan’s body, stroking Logan’s semi erect cock.“I think we’ll enjoy using your sissy hubby Sarah. What was it we agreed £50 for the weekend. Now we may have some friends come over would that raise the price?”“Of course not, the price is for the weekend, what you do or who else you want to include in your fun doesn’t matter.” Sarah replied with a smile.Barbara approached Logan and placed a leather gimp mask over his head, before securing a thick collar around his neck, while Iain and Sarah made a point of exchanging the £50 she had sold her husband to Iain and Barbara for the weekend. Logan knew the money was not the important thing, but more the significance of the act of ‘selling’ her husband, Logan becoming no more than her property, a commodity to sell.Barbara had Logan kneel, then spoke to Sarah before she left Logan with his ‘owners’ for the weekend.“How’s that gorgeous daughter of yours…hope it isn’t going to be too long before you bring her round for some fun again…you know Iain has a thing for that cute little arse of hers.”“Oh, we’ll be round soon. But tonight we are going to a little party Alyson and Peter have arranged…tonight could be Courtney’s initiation into the ‘Kennel Club’, she says she’s ready…..”“You will have to send the video over if it happens, love to see her initiation into our special club…”Logan, had no real idea what Barbara and Sarah were talking about, but from the name of the club he thought he had a good idea what it entailed, though found it hard to believe. Logan was stopped from hearing any more of the conversation as Iain moved to stand in front of him, Iain’s hard cock in front of Logan’s face. Doing what he knew was expected Logan opened his mouth and accepted Iain’s thick cock, as Iain’s hands grabbed his gimp-masked head, muffling Sarah’s conversation, and began to face fuck Logan roughly, causing Logan to gag as Iain forced his cock deep into Logan’s throat. Iain continued to fuck Logan’s mouth as Sarah and Barbara finished their conversation niğde escort bayan and Sarah left.Barbara watched as Logan choked on Iain’s cock, her fingers sliding over her wet, thick lipped cunt.“Mmm that’s it Iain choke the fucking whore….he has much more suffering to come….I’m going to call the others, why don’t you take our new toy downstairs and get him ready for our guests.”While Barbara went off into the living room Iain lead Logan down into the basement, which had been furnished for Ian and Barbara’s specific pleasures with a large four posted bed, a sitting area with large leather sofas and a large screen TV, there was also various bondage equipment around the room stocks, bench and a St Andrews Cross. Logan also noticed a number of cameras around the room. Logan was lead to the seating area were Iain released the wrist cuffs holding Logan’s hands behind his back, then pointed to a small pile of clothes on the low table.“There you go slut….get dressed. We have a some friends coming tonight to enjoy using a filthy whore…and Sarah has happily sold you to us for that very role. What are you waiting for….get dressed!”Logan began to dress as Iain sat back watching, smiling as he stroked his still hard cock, first a short pleated grey skirt that barely hung below Logan’s ass showing the suspenders holding up his stockings. Removing his high heels Logan put on the plain white panties and white knee socks, then putting on his high heels again. All the time Iain continued to stroke his hard cock as he watched his ‘purchased toy’ dress before him.“That’s it slut get dressed for your guests….I know Mistress Alyson has started your training, and she has told me what a dirty slut you are….but this weekend you are ours and your training is going to progress so much more. Tonight you will address Barbara, me and our guests only as ‘Mother’ or ‘Father’. Is that understood slut?”“Yes, Sir”“Are you stupid….what did I just say!”“Yes, Father”“That’s better…now carry on getting dressed.”Logan put on the too small/tight white blouse (knowing this was planned, to make him look more slutty), then finished his outfit with a school tie loosely tied. Then stood in front of Iain presenting himself in schoolgirl uniform, with his cock hard in the panties pushing out the short pleated skirt.“We’ll have to something about that slut….it spoils the whole look.” As Iain pointed at Logan’s erection.TO BE CONTINUED……..

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