Tricked wife into wearing teen Sarah’s pantie

Tricked wife into wearing teen Sarah’s pantieI have always had a fetish for panties, ever since I was a young c***d I remember when I first looked through the catalogue and getting to the lingerie pages, the thought of the material so close to that private part of a woman’s body, I used to sneak off to the toilet, put the toilet seat down, rest the catalogue on the toilet and play with my cock until I shot my load in my hand then tidy up my mess, sly the catalogue back down stairs and wait for the next time I could sneak off with it, I’m sure there is a lot of men out there that started with there pantie fetish this way.Growing up I entered high school and used to hang around the park with mates, I exsperinced some great memories from high school, the first time was one I won’t ever forget, THE ROPE CLIMB! Oh my god, what a feeling, still to this day do I still climb polls when I can. I remember reaching up and grabbing the rope, everyone looking on, I really wanted to show off and get up there as fast as I could, impress the girls, I pulled up, raised my feet of the ground and wrapped my legs around the thick rope, pulling and humping up with my legs I started to feel a sensation, the sensation was one of the best feelings ever, I kept going and was so turned on that I didn’t really know what was happening, I could see top and it was only a few pulls ahead of me but I didn’t want the sensation to stop so I started to slow with the pulling and WA humping more with my legs, I think everyone was disappointed as they thought that I was slowing down and not going to make it, little did they know that I was getting thes sensations and didn’t want them to end, I was one pull of he top now so I decided to stop and just hump my legs and pretend that I didn’t have the energy to go any further, but I wasn’t giving up, I was in heaven now and this sensation had been going on for tekirdağ escort over five minutes now, I just kept humping the rope and the feeling was getting stronger, my arms were getting weak but I could not stop, I was clinging on for day life as my legs and groin were tingling, if never wanted this to end, I felt a sudden rush and my whole body jerked, I could feel my underpants getting wet, I kept humping my legs around the rope, the best feeling of my life, I never wanted it to end, I was gripping and humping and hugging the rope, orgasm after orgasm flooded throug my body, this was amazing.I new I was getting experimental with my sexual needs and used the game, I used to shower in and found panties lying on the floor at home, should I or shouldn’t I, I had to, the lace fabric just sent me wild and I lifted them and sniffed them, my cock was the hardest It had ever been and I shot my cum in seconds, from there I use to help my self to panties from friends houses etc.I met my wife 12 years ago and we have an active sex life, fucking all over when we can but I never stopped from having a pantie fetish, sniffing her panties when I had the chance.My friend Sarah was such a pretty girl and at only 18 I just imagined what her panties were like until one night sh asked me to look after her dog while she was at work, I jumped at the chance and told my wife, I think my wife was happy to have the night in alone, bet she was fucking her pussy while I was at Sara’s looking after her dog.Sarah went to work and told me to make my self at home so I sat down on the sofa, to on, feet up and a beer, after a few beers I need the loo so bad so I made my way upstairs to the loo, as I got to the top of the stairs I was heading for the loo but couldn’t help but glance around and see pink wallpaper, a girls room, this has to be Sarah’s room as her collection of shoes were stacked tekirdağ escort bayan up, my mind went into over drive and I thought to myself “I’m so close to her panties and I have never had his opportunity before and will I ever get it again” I slowly walked into her room, making sure anything I touched went back into exactly the same place, I didn’t want her to know I had been in her room.I open her cupboards and seen all her size 8 sexy dress hung up so neatly, they cling to her tight body and her ass in them is amazing, I always think when I see her what she had on underneath, I felt the fabric of the dresses, imagining her arse touching the material and my hand has also been there, I bet my wife didn’t think I was having such a good time, I moved over to her drawers, one after another I knew I would find her panties soon enough, one drawer, second drawer, bingo, bottom drawer, found them , I opened it up and seen she had a lot of panties, I opened her drawers fully and lifted a black lacy pair to my nose, oh fuck I’m in heaven, Sarah’s scent on the end of my nose, I know they were clean but I swear I could smell her still, I took another pair our and these were so sexy, lace and bows and a sheer bit also, I was mesmerised, I had to have these, she wouldn’t know they were missing, she had that many pairs, or at least she might think that they were in the wash or misplaced I’d she were to look for them. I slid them into my pocket and could not wait to get back home, surly my wife will be asleep by the time I got home so I could sneak in and hide Sara’s panties without her knowing.Sarah finished work and said thanks, gave me a peck on the cheek and pe I rushed off, when I got home, sure enough my wife was in bed so I hid Sarah’s panties and matching bra that I also took.I went to sleep and couldn’t wait for tomorrow as I had a treat planned for my escort tekirdağ wife, new panties and bra, I couldn’t give her them without the price and tags on so I went to the mall and sifted through the bra and pantie sets, found some with tags tied to the labels with ribbon, the sexy kind. I took the. To the counter and see, purchased these, rushed home and started to get to work, it was fiddly but I knew I would get there in the end, after an hour of swapping tags from the new pantie set to Sarah’s set I was happy that my wife would think that these were straight from the store.I rang my wife to give her the heads up hat I had her gift waiting for at home so she rushed home as she knew she was going to get a good fuck when she tried on her new lingerie, she entered he house and came upstairs where Sarah’s panties and bra were on the bed, she really liked them and said my taste in panties was amazing, little did she know that Sarah had purchased these and wore them so it was Sarah’s taste she was complimenting, she got undressed and picked Sarah’s panties up, removed the tag and slid her legs through the waist band, my cock was throbbing in my trousers as she pulled them up and hitched them into her pussy and arse crack, omg my wife’s pussy was touching where Sarah’s pussy was unaware of the situation, she took the bra and snapped it on to her small but firm titties, I nearly shot my load as smy wife was dressed like Sarah, her private pars rubbing against Sarah’s, I just wanted to fuck her there and then, I unzipped my trousers and told her to keep the panties on when I fuck her, I wanted to feel Sara’s gusset rubbing on my cock unaware to my wife what I was thinking of,I entered my wife feeling Sarah’s panties sliding against my cock, while fucking her I was holding her small tits through Sarah’s bra, thinking about Sarah as I’m fucking my wife I was ready to unload my cum, I shot spurt after spurt of thick hot cum up in to my wife’s pussy, it was pouring out of her into Sarah’s panties, oh my god I could have cum again, my wife has just been tricked into wearing my teen friends panties while I fuck her and think of Sarah

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