Tricking Sylvia


Tricking SylviaSylvia awoke with a warm glow after lasts nights games. She could still feel the after effects in her pussy and breasts which tingled with the pleasure they had experinced. Her wrists and ankles felt warm from the fabric and velcro cuffs which encircled them. She loved the feeling of vulnerability and helpless they engendered, especailly when peter attached them to the easily adjustable restraints on the bed. Yes she too had found her own darker side and loved it! Nothing compared with the depth and intensity of her orgasms when peter would bring to the edge of orgasm, time and time again denying her final release, the need and raging urge to cum building until she began to tremble and often ended up begging peter in louder and louder ways to beallowed to cum, an inferno raging in her pussy, which when granted release flooded and racked her body sometimes sending her pussy into spasm for what seemed an eternity, and had in reality often lasted hours makingher cum and cum again. On her face she could feel the sleep mask covering her eyes again and peters dried cum on her face. The mask had been a new innovation , a kinkier darker side of peter. She had been unsure at first but then thrilled by the heightened sensations and peters obvious added arousal. Was he goin to repeat the experince again this morning? She hoped so! She went to roll over to find peter , to put her arms around him , since recently moving in with him and his family it was something she thought she would never tire of waking to. She was pulled up sharply as she rolled , naughty peter he had clipped her left wrist again to the tether..further moving revealed her right was also tethered. not tightly but enough to stop her hands to her face getting or the releases on the restraints.The sounds of the room where muffled, peter had got her to wear earplugs last night to heighten her senses, and they had worked! what a night! but now they muffled and deaden bostancı escort the noise, it sounded like the tv. She wondered what he had planned and already felt excited, this was so naughty and she felt so vunerable.She called out, “Peter again..oh you naughty man!”A finger touched her lips , she was to be quiet. She loved these games, loved peters dominance and control. She kissed his finger then in a fit of mischief raised her head and sucked the finger, letting her head bob up and down on the digit, laping at it with her tongue. After a minute the finger was removed..she licked her lips and said “more please”.She heard through the muffling ear plugs the radio go on, two seperate noises many voices many sounds.all so confusing she had no idea if peter was talking to her or not.She felt the duvet cover being pulled back exposing her pert breasts and taught belly. She was much younger than peter and knew he enjoyed looking at her firm body. A strong hand gripped her left ankle she felt her leg pulled towards the foot board then released, she tested it, yes he had clipped her ankle to the restaint. Now the other leg, she feigned resistance pulling against his grip but to no avail he had her at his mercy again..She stiffled her grin but could feel her heart speed up and her pussy start to moisten.Seconds became minutes as she lay her breasts exposed her nipples hardening her pussy beginnning to ooze this wasn’t fair at this rate she would be frantic before he had even touched her!She felt some splashes of oil on her shoulder, strong hands moved to the oil and beagn to push up her arms, in to her arm pits and down over her breasts cover every square cm with their touch , raising and magnifying every nerve ending the hand ,moved to her breast first circling then cupping before squeezing and pulling her already hard nipple. She moaned ” more , harder ” and groaned in pleasure, another pause fatih escort more oil on the other shoulder and nipple.The hand returned more timid this time lightly brushing her arm before pressing more, cuatiosl approaching her breast then pausing before gently ever so gently rubing over it..The tease , she gasped ” more more harder.” groaning thrusting her aching breast into the hand which responded now with feverish pressure as the other hand clamped on her other breast.She moaned sighed pushed in to the hands, peter was excelling himself it felt like these hands where touching breasts for the first time , pummelling squeezing teasing kneeding..”My pussy” she moaned it needs your hand “please” she begged.The hands froze then withdrew , a pause .”please my pussy i need to feel you , please rub it , please”More pause, her fire in her pussy grew it needed something she began to writhe in her bindings trying to seek to release the pent up need in her pussy but to no avail. She could feel her juices flowing over her legs, the bed wet beneath her squirming ass.Cold air flushed over her legs as the duvet was removed, oil drops on her belly one leg one thigh. A timid hand expolring her belly down over her hips which she thrust up twisting towards the relief which timidily retreated to explore her leg gainnig confidence and pressure as it moved down her calf and returned . It was on her thigh now rubbbing firmly expolring all the contours , gradually moving up.”Please” she wailed, ” stop teasing i need them in me”A pause then the hand moved up discovering her soaked inner thighs, it paused unsure , exploring this ground with curiosity then pressure which cause deeper groans , her pussy ached to be touched. A fleeting finger caressed the top of her ozzing lips, she tried to push against it but it with drew.”please..oh god please” she wailedAgain a gentle probe and this time and inquiring finger rubbed her bağcılar escort pussy causing her to gasp and it to open, in it went.Aloud she groaned “harder ..more harder oh god please”She knew peter loved having his cock sucked and that this always made him more hands on and more likely to let her cum, ” please i need your cock in my mouth” she begged. “”i am your dirty whore please fuck my mouth oh god please let me suck your cock”A pause the hands removed , her arms pulled tighter her left elbow covered in rough matieral then pushed down onto the edge of the bed where it was fixed..” now please your cock in my mouth” she groanedAgainst her lips she felt a cock gently tapping, her mouth opened and her tongue licked the end of it , she moved to engulf it in her warm wet mouth but it backed off, then gently again tapped her lips, this time she mustered what control she had and gently licked the end of it, kissed it, before movin her lips ovver it.It quivered feeling somehow different from last night, to frantic to really notice she began to suck and lick and work her mouth back and forth, almost immediately hands gripped her hair the cock pusing deep into her mouth before a hot explosion flooded her mouth, god peter was full of suprises she never knew he could produce so much cum, but then again he normally lasted alot lot longer.After the cock with drew she knew what he liked and that if he saw it he would let her cum, so she let the cum dribble from her lips oozing down her cheeks before darting her tongue out to lapup what she could with her tongue.She felt a strong hand wipe her cheek and the damp finger presented them selves to her mouth ,as she licked his cum off his fingers his other hand slide down her belly over her clit and into her aching pussy, a thumb getly nudging her pussy as he worked her wet slot she climaxed scareaming louder than she relaised..and wave afetr wave of orgasm passed through her..”thank you” she saidAfter a few more minutes , the game ended the blindfold removed and restaints released…this was the start of many adventures for sylviaHowever their is another version to this story, one in which the nature of deceit is revealed as the story is retold through peters eyesto be continued..

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