Trish Strips at my Aunt’s Wake! Ch. 02


I entered the large reception area that was adjacent to the room where Trish had initially stripped completely nude in front of everyone, and they were now awaiting her unclothed return with great anticipation and probably just as much excitement as myself; maybe even more. God only knows what was in that will, and I was certainly keen to learn what else she might be coerced into doing to inherit even more money.

It was then, that I realized the cinematographer was still there. She had apparently been hired to film the entire thing, and I was determined to get a copy of the unedited footage from her. She set the camera up, to focus on the door where Trish would be arriving, if she had the guts to return. A minute or so later, my slutty cousin entered the room still devoid of her clothes, eliciting another round of applause. She had the opportunity to pick her clothes up on the way back and duck out of the contract via the side door, but it sure looked like she was going to go through with it after all! What a gold-bricking whore!

“I knew she’d be back!” someone hollered. “She agreed to the deal waaaay too fast! She was ready to take her clothes off at the drop of a hat. What an exhibitionist whore!”

“Speech, speech!” a loud female voice called out. “Talk to us, Trish! Tell us why you traded your pride for cash! Are you really that shallow and materialistic?”

“Yes!” another voice hollered. “Tell us how you feel about going through the rest of your life totally nude! Inquiring minds want to know, Trish! Was it really for the money, or is this just an excuse to take your clothes off and be nude in public? What else will you do for a dollar?”

I approached Trish and took her hands in mine; gently leading her to the front of the room, where everyone could get a full view of her unclothed body, as she stood in front of a transparent polycarbonate podium that was fully mic’d up for sound.

“So you’re going to go through with it, then?” I inquired. “Your world will change forever, you know. You will be the focus of humiliating remarks, and quite possibly, even some humiliating acts as part of the deal. Imagine walking through the mall with nothing on except a pair of shoes, Trish. Think you can take the stares and unflattering comments?”

Trish nodded.

“Yes! I think I can handle it.” she replied boisterously. “I’ll just have to be professional about everything, that’s all. If they want a show, I’ll give them a show!”

She appeared confident, but I could hear her voice cracking as she responded. Thinking you can handle public nudity, and then actually going through with it are two entirely different things, as she was about to discover, much to her horror; but to the delight of everyone else present. Most especially me.

“Well, here is where you start.” I informed her. “People want your reaction to all of this, so go stand up there in front of everybody and try not to piss all over yourself this time. This will be practice for the funeral service.”

“The funeral service?” she echoed. “What do you mean?”

“Surely, you were planning on speaking at your mother’s funeral, were you not?” I inquired innocently. “The only difference is that now, you will be fully nude, and a lot more people typically attend the funeral than the wake. Word of this is going to get out too, so expect to deliver the eulogy to a packed house, and this chapel holds seven hundred and fifty people.”

Trish paled noticeably at the thought but nodded, and to her credit walked as confidently to the head of the crowd to speak as could be expected, for someone so recently and publicly deprived of her clothes.

“Thank you all for being here tonight.” she began, looking around the room at dozens of familiar faces; most of them leering at her with devious thoughts on their minds. “I’m sure my appearance must be quite a shock to all of you; I know it certainly is for me.”

She paused for a moment, and there were a few nervous giggles, as might be expected at such a situation, and she continued.

“My mother has apparently decided to put some stipulations on my inheritance, as you can see. So far, she has demanded that I remove my clothes in front of all of you and go through life devoid of them from here on out. I have decided to accept that requirement as part of the trials and tribulations of my new clothes-free life. My understanding is that there will be more stipulations to get more money from the estate, so I will have to see what that entails. In the meantime, please help yourselves to the hors d’oeuvres and drinks so graciously provided by the church. I’m sure they will be delicious.”

“Not as delicious as you.” I remarked; apparently louder than I intended, as there were several guffaws and a harsh glare at me from Trish.

“Again, thank you all for being here this evening, and I hope you will all be at my mother’s funeral on Saturday as well. Please feel free to mingle and hang out for a while.”

With that, olgun gaziantep escort she made her way over to me.

“Thank you for that chauvinist remark, you fucking asshole!” she snapped. “I’m sure you’re loving every minute of this, aren’t you, you fucking perv?”

“You know it,” I responded coolly, “and I think you’re beginning to enjoy it a bit yourself, aren’t YOU?! Your nipples sure look a lot longer and thicker now, than they did when you first took your clothes off. I think Aunt Em had you pegged, Trish. I think you really love this shit, don’t you, you gorgeous exhibitionist slut of a cousin of mine? You love being totally fucking nude in front of everyone, don’t you?”

Trish flushed visibly at being called out as a nudist. I knew that deep down inside, now that she had overcome her initial fear of being nude in public, she was secretly digging the entire experience, and maybe even beginning to get a bit turned on with her acts of public nudity and flat-out exhibitionism.

“Now go mingle.” I instructed. “Let everyone ogle you thoroughly too. If they want to take your picture, let them. Video too. It’s all part of getting your inheritance, and I know you’re secretly loving every minute of this just as much as I am; maybe even more, you fucking little exhibitionist whore. Now get out there and show your body off for everyone to enjoy.”

I reached out and pulled her against me.

“I know you actually love being nude in public.” I whispered into her ear. “Aunt Em had you pegged, didn’t she, Trish? I’ll bet you’re even getting turned on right now – being nude in front of all of these people – now that the initial fear is gone, aren’t you? Now get out there and be polite to everyone. They are here out of respect, so be respectful back to them as well. And if someone cops a feel here or there, let ’em.”

“But-” she protested.

“But nothing. Let ’em,” I interjected, “or else you’ll lose a big chunk of your inheritance, trust me. I got a quick view of what’s in that will before you walked back in here in all of your birthday suit glory, and your mother sure was in an odd frame of mind when she laid it all out. Oh my god, do I love that crazy old biddy!”

“What are you talking about?!” Trish whispered fiercely. “What did she do? What am I supposed to do?!”

“It seems as though she must have read your diaries at some point.” I said with a shrug. “I guess she knew your deepest and darkest fantasies and desires. And now, you’re going to live them out. ALL of them, I might add, if you want the majority of your inheritance. Now get your cute blonde ass into the crowd and mingle with all of the grieving friends and relatives! And remember to let people take your picture and pose with you too if they want to. And if they squeeze your tits or slip a finger into your cunt, it’s okay. Don’t protest or try to fend them off unless they try and fuck you or something inappropriate. You are now officially a piece of meat, so swallow the bitter pill you just ingested with pride, you little tramp.”

“I hate you!” Trish hissed at me.

“No you don’t.” I responded with a smile. “That was always your way of covering the fact that you were just as much into me, as I was into you. Typical little girl or boy thing, ‘I hate your,’ or, ‘You’re ugly’ and call the other one a name. You just never grew out of it with me.

“Look Trish, I always thought you were hot, but now you are all grown up and even hotter, if that’s even possible. Without any clothes on, oh my god! You’re fucking nuclear, Trish. I am so turned on right now. It was all I could do after seeing you in that tub, to come back here and continue, without going to the bathroom to jerk off. If I thought I could get away with it, I’d bend you over that casket and fuck you in front of everyone.”

“Perv!” she wailed. “You are such a fucking perv, Jack, and I hate you.”

“Like I said, no you don’t and you know it. I honestly don’t know what is in the rest of the will,” I continued. “We’ll find out together, but for now I do need you to mingle with everyone and be as professional as you can, okay? This is your first time being nude in public, so enjoy the thrill of the fear you are still feeling right now. At some point, you will get used to going around nude, and that feeling will fade.”

Trish sighed deeply, and nodded in agreement. She took a deep breath and then walked directly into the crowd of attendees, smiling courageously and drumming up conversation as best as she could, regarding the situation. It had to have been extremely difficult for her; losing both her mother and her right to wear clothes so close together like this. I watched as people ogled her unclothed body, and took photos and videos of her parading around completely nude, with their phones. Most – if not all – of these pictures and videos were destined for the Internet, and were certainly going to be used for personal sexual gaziantep olgun escort gratification by those filming. I know I was definitely looking forward to watching her take her clothes off on a continual loop as I masturbated to the sight of her stripping in front of everyone.

In a way, I kind of felt badly for her; forced to go around nude for the rest of her life, but at the same time, I also felt some degree of satisfaction at her finally being put in her place for once. She had the choice to take the money by stripping or not, and it was her own greed which was leading her in this direction of sexual exhibitionism. I also felt a tremendous amount of elation at finally seeing her devoid of her clothes, and watching her interact with friends, family and even total strangers while being fully nude, was a huge turn on for me. I couldn’t wait to get home, strip my own clothes off and jerk off to whatever pics I could get everyone to send me!

Trish continued to mill about the throng of people; chatting with the guests and allowing a few gropes here and there, but no one really got out of line. Tit squeezes seemed to be the most popular interaction though, as almost every male friend or relative in attendance took the opportunity to cop a nice titty feel. Imagine poor Trish’s remaining pride vanishing completely, as her friends, cousins, uncles and even a few nephews of age took the opportunity to squeeze her soft tits or slide a finger inside of her wet cunt or rub her clit.

In the meantime, a second registry book had been set up by the door, and I took the opportunity to address the crowd one final time.

“Excuse me, may I have everyone’s attention?” I inquired loudly.

Everyone quieted down, and I continued.

“I want to thank all of you for being here tonight to pay your respects for my dearly departed Aunt Emma, but unfortunately, it’s time to wind this down. I know you all signed a guest registry in the other room, but you will notice a second one by the door. This is for the souvenir video that is being put together from the wake tonight, as well as the funeral services on Saturday. If you would like a complimentary video mailed to you, please fill out your name and address. Please also speak with the cinematographer about emailing any pictures or video you have taken tonight, as well as in the future, so that she can include it for as much coverage, pardon the pun, as possible. Don’t forget to email them to me as well, so that I can ‘review’ them for quality control purposes. And by all means, please post your pics and vids to the Internet, where EVERYONE can enjoy them. Permission was granted in the will to place all media shot here, into the public domain. Trish, you’re going to be famous, you sexy fucking whore.”

All eyes turned to my cousin, who once again appeared scared to death and ready to pass out. This time, however, she didn’t piss all over herself. Instead, she gave an even more powerful response to her frightening situation.

In rare instances, people who are experiencing extreme fear or panic will have an orgasm to feel a degree of pleasure as they are about to die or otherwise go through sheer terror as a way to cope with their emotions. Many men have actually ejaculated during executions over the years, so it’s easy to assume this has happened to women as well, although not as readily obvious. Well, not until Trish found herself totally nude in front of so many familiar faces anyway.

Trish placed her hands to her sides, and looked around at everyone with panic in her eyes; her lower lip quivering uncontrollably. She suddenly cried out lustfully, as a stream of silvery-white liquid squirted from her cunt, and fell to her knees as her long, slim legs gave out. She had had an orgasm in front of everyone, and dropped her head in shame; sobbing quietly as all of her emotions were suddenly released. She was humiliated beyond anything that I had envisioned.

At this point, I felt very badly for her and decided to help her to her feet and exit the room, where she could collect her thoughts and possibly regain some pride in herself. As I lifted her, however, my hands touched her droopy boobs and apparently set off even more sexual reactions in her gorgeous body. She moaned loudly, spraying even more cum, as she began a series of violent and wailing orgasms. Once again, cameras were recording as she came time after time in front of them. I finally dragged her out of the room, as she panted in exhaustion, ecstasy and humiliation; her cunt still squirting as she came for the ninth or tenth time, and I dropped her into a padded chair alongside her mother’s mahogany casket.

Trish’s nude body shook violently, as she came for the final time, and then went completely limp. She was crying in both shame and humiliation, but also in pure joy at the immense pleasure she had just experienced. It was the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed.

“I gaziantep olgun escort bayan can’t take this anymore.” I muttered, as I unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing erection out. “I have to cum.”

I stared at Trish’s nude body – particularly her saggy tits and long, thick nipples – as I jerked off unabashedly in front of her. It didn’t take long for me to reach my own personal pleasure either – less than thirty seconds – and my cock erupted like a sexual geyser; squirting spurt after spurt of thick, gooey sperm all over my cousin’s beautiful face. By the time I was finished ejaculating, her attractive face looked like a glazed doughnut covered in thick, rich, Bavarian cream filling. It gave an entirely new meaning to the archaic term of “comely.”

At this point, Trish didn’t even seem to care anymore. She had been humiliated beyond any reasonable expectations, and stared dully back at me, taking the last spurt directly into her open mouth and swallowing it. She licked her lips and exhaled loudly.

“Well, you’ve broken me, Jack.” she sighed. “I guess you’re happy now. I have been humiliated and shamed in front of our friends and relatives, and you have just cum all over my face and in my mouth. You do taste pretty good though, as disgusting as it seems to me at the moment. I guess the only thing left, is for you to fuck me. You do want to fuck me, don’t you, Jack?”

I nodded in reply, and she sighed again.

“Then do it. Fuck me, Jack. It’s what you want, isn’t it? Go ahead; fuck me Jack!”

“Not now,” I replied, zipping my pants back up and breathing heavily, “but I will. As much as I would love to right now, I just emptied my balls all over your delicious face and tits. Don’t worry, we have plenty of time.

“Here, get up and clean yourself up.” I instructed, handing her my aunt’s shawl which was draped over the foot end of the casket. “You still have to thank everyone for being here, and bide them a good night.”

“But that’s Mom’s shawl!” she protested.

“Don’t worry.” I replied. “I don’t think she’ll miss it. Besides, this is only Tuesday. We still have until Saturday to wash it if it really bothers you.”

Trish shook her head and sighed, but took the shawl from me and wiped her face and pelvis with the piece of fabric.

“This gives me an idea.” I said with a smirk. “Let’s go usher everyone home, and then come back in here with the video chick.”

“Are you going to fuck me on film?” Trish inquired.

“No, although that sounds like a delicious idea that may happen in the future, but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” I replied. “We’ll have a wonderfully fitting presentation for everyone at the funeral.”

“We?” she echoed.

“Yep.” I responded. “Look, I do love what she has stipulated for you, but I do feel that she owes you the right for equality in all of this.”

“I don’t understand.” Trish said in a flustered tone.

“You will.” I responded with a snicker. “I think you’ll like the idea too.”

We rejoined the rest of the attendees, just as everyone was about to leave. Trish strode confidently to the exit and smiled broadly, as everyone passed by.

“Thank you all so much for being here tonight.” she said sweetly, as our Uncle Fred reached out and squeezed her right tit vigorously one last time as he filed out the door. “I really enjoyed all of this. I mean- I really appreciate your all being here.”

And then, it was just the two of us, the pastor, the video chick and the mortician.

“Here are the keys to the Annex, Jack.” the pastor said. “The main chapel is of course, unlocked all the time for prayer, but you have full access to your aunt until the services on Saturday. Once again, please accept my deepest condolences; both of you. Patricia, you are a naughty lady! I will pray for you in this time of sorrow, and hope that you do not continue down this sordid road of sin and debauchery, my beautiful, unclothed and seductive child.”

With that, he quickly exited the room; no doubt awaiting his own set of emails to “relieve” himself of his own sinful thoughts and desires in a very sticky situation. I didn’t want what was coming next on film, so I asked Stacy – the videographer – to email me everything she had; uncut and unedited for my review and approval. She smiled and agreed, leaving me with Trish and the mortician, as well as her business card, which I presumed I was to call the number on for additional “information.”

“I’d like you to redo my aunt’s appearance.” I explained. “Please follow me.”

Both Trish and the mortician looked puzzled, but he shrugged and tagged along behind my adorable, bare cousin. We reached the casket, where my beloved Aunt Emma was peacefully laying with her arms crossed and holding a single red rose across her chest. She was wearing one of her best dresses, but the lower portion of the casket was closed, so I couldn’t tell what shoes she had on. I opened the lower half to discover her feet were unclad, and I was immediately irate.

“Where are her shoes?!” I demanded. “You were paid to dress her completely!”

The mortician stammered a bit before answering.

“I put them on her!” he said desperately.

“Well, you’d better find them and get them put BACK on her!” I said angrily. “In the meantime, help me get her out of this coffin.”

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