A few nights ago my wife asked me if it was alright if she stopped after work to meet some of the girls to play trivia at a local sports bar. Kelly is a nurse so I figured after a 12 hour shift it wouldn’t be a long night out and said that it was up to her. After all even though she would be there with a bunch of younger nurses chance were that they would be too tired to get into any trouble. I waited up for her until about ten that night before boredom and my days activities finally overtook me and I fell asleep.

The next day I asked Kelly what time she finally got home last night and she said just before midnight. I thought that was late for someone who had been up since 4:30am but when she explained that they were complaining about work all night I accepted the possibility. She was acting strangely though but I let it lie for now.

Two days later we getting ready for bed when my wife mentioned to me that her friend from work needed a place to stay for a couple of days. She said Linda and her husband had been fighting and she had left him and need a place to stay. I told her that was stranger because her husband had left me a voicemail but I had never really talked to him before so I couldn’t understand why he would be calling me for. Kelly asked me what the voicemail said nervously. He had only said that he needed to talk to me and give him a call back but I never got around to it since we weren’t close and not friends at all. My wife’s demeanor immediately changed. She said we needed to talk about something and that she wanted me to hear the truth. I got a pit in my stomach as soon as she said that.

“So the other night at trivia when it got over me and Linda went out to our cars to leave and ended up talking for a few hours. While we were standing out there a car pulled up right next to us and rolled the window down. It was this black guy that had been talking to all of us inside the bar. When we were sitting inside and it was obvious we were all nurses he was joking around and said can someone check something out for him because he was afraid he was half man and half horse. Well we all laughed and told him this was the wrong group for that and that we had seen it all and we were sure he was fine.” My wife explained. By this time I was really getting worried. I knew how mouthy she got when she drank and how she might piss someone off.

“Well, he said are you sure you ladies can’t check me out so I can be reassured I’m alright and when we looked in the car he had his dick out and was stroking it. It was pretty big and thick. I don’t know if I had seen one that big and it wasn’t hard all the way. Linda gasped a little bit but then she said you better get out so we can have a closer look. I was shocked because she’s pretty quiet normally. I will admit that I wanted to see it again too but just to see if it was really as big as it looked.” She said this nervously or excitedly at the time I wasn’t real sure. “So he opened the door and stepped bonus veren siteler out the whole time his dick and balls were hanging over his athletic shorts. It was dark where we had parked in the lot and most of the cars had gone but now we were between Linda’s SUV and this guy’s car.”

“Linda said well you sir are half man and half horse. We all laughed and she asked if I could take a picture with her and the “horse” and she moved over next to him and pointed at his dick. So I took a picture using her phone. She said it was my turn so I posed pretty much the same but on his other side pointing at his dick which was still half hard and hanging over his gym shorts.” Kelly looked at me as she told the last sentence expecting something from my expression.

“Is that it or does this story go on?” I asked.

“Yes it goes on.” She said shamefully. “He said that the clinical term for what he had was BBC and I laughed but Linda looked confused. I knew BBC stood for Big Black Cock and I told him he was right. Linda asked him how big he was and he said about 10 inches when hard but she squatted down and took her phone and placed it at the base of his dick. His dick was at least an inch longer than her phone and it still was hanging. Linda announced that he was 7 inches soft. Then she said and it’s heavy. She took his penis in her hand again and stuck it on the top of her forearm to measure it and it seemed to grow harder and longer. She said to take another picture, so I did and he did too which surprised me.”

“Then Linda suggested I do the same.” Kelly said.

“Did you? You touched a strangers dick?” I had raised my voice a little but was trying to keep calm.

“Not really, I kneelt down and I was facing him so that my face wouldn’t be in the picture but he stepped forward and took his dick and rested it on top of my head. His balls were hanging down from my forehead to my lips. Linda was laughing and I kept waiting for here to take a picture because I could smell his cock and balls and feel his balls on my lips. I said take the picture already and he laughed and said I blew on his balls.”

I was shocked. What the fuck was she thinking?

“I got up and said that wasn’t funny but smelling his dick and the sight of how long it was kind of made me horny if I’m being honest.” She seemed to tear up a little as she told me that.

“I asked Linda to see the picture and his dick was past my head and if I didn’t know it it looked like I was licking his ball sack. We all laughed at that and he said that a cool picture would be if we both got on either side of him and grabbed is dick with alternating hands and see if we could get all four hands on it. Between the alcohol and our horniness I guess we just complied. We both squatted down and Linda put her hand at the base, then me and then hers and then my hand left just a little bit of the tip of his cock showing. He took a picture with his phone and the Linda’s phone. bahis He laughed about never having a four hand handjob and we teased him by pumping his huge dick a couple times with all our hands.” She said almost gleefully until she looked up at me.

“I’m sorry I got carried away. We were just teasing him but that made his dick rock hard. Then he asked us to suck his cock and he said it just like that. You know I don’t like doing that but I almost just obeyed him but I said no. Linda said no too but she said she would act like it so he could take a picture and go home and jerk off. He said fine so she got on her knees in the parking lot in front of his big black dick and he stuck it right on her lips and took a picture. The she grabbed the base and stuck it against her face and he took a picture. She opened her mouth and he stuck his dick in about an inch and took a picture. Then Linda lifted his dick up and actually licked one of his balls and he took a picture.”

“As she got up she kissed the tip of his dick and I could see a string of precum from her lips to his dick and it excited me a little. When he said it was my turn I told Linda to stand behind me and so it looked l was doing something but my face wouldn’t be in any picture. So I did the same thing as Linda I put my coat down and got on my knees and held his dick close to my mouth until I heard Linda take a picture. Then I held his cock up and lightly kissed one of his balls and I heard a couple of pictures go off. Then I did something stupid, I opened my mouth wide and tried to put as much of him inside my mouth as I could without touching it but when it was only a few inches in I closed my mouth around him and they both took a picture.”

“What the hell were you thinking? You sucked a guy off in a parking lot? I can’t believe this.” I said to her defeated.

“No I didn’t suck on him I opened my mouth and took him out. It wasn’t a blowjob. It was just a tease.” She tried to calm me. ” Linda laughed and said we better go but he said he need to cum. So we wanted to see that just to see if he shot a bigger load than normal sized dicks. So he started jacking off real hard. I had never watch a man jerk himself before and it seemed like it would not feel good to do it that hard. Linda asked if she could try and she took over but he started filming her with his camera. He said if I could just get down there and act like I was going to blow him that it might speed up the processes. It was getting late so I squatted down and pretended like I was going to put my mouth on him. Every once in a while the tip of his cock would bump my tongue but I didn’t put him in my mouth. Then all of a sudden without warning he shot his cum all over my face and some went in my mouth. I tried to turn my head but then he came in my hair so I turned back towards him and stuck his tip in my mouth, catching the last two full squirts. When I was sure he was done I licked the tip and let it fall from my mouth. deneme bonusu I told him he was an asshole for not warning me and used my coat to wipe my face and Linda got the cum out of my hair.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? How stupid could you two be and you let him film it?” I yelled.

“I know, I shouldn’t have been drinking, I don’t think clearly when I drink. Somehow this guy got Linda’s number when he was taking pictures and has been texting her pictures from that night and her husband found them. I didn’t want him to tell you because they look worse than the real story.” Kelly tried to explain to me through teary eyes.

“Worse than the real story? The real story is pretty bad. How could they look any worse?”

“Well if you didn’t know the real story it would appear that we took turns giving this guy a blowjob and then he gave me a facial, but that’s not what happened really.” She said.

“That is almost exactly what happened. Plus where is the video? Have you heard from him again?” Now I was wondering if this was going to be an ongoing problem.

“No I don’t even know his name and I’m sorry. I just had never seen a penis that big and even though some of my patients have been rather large it’s different when the guy is not lying in a hospital bed. I swear it won’t happen again.” She begged me and seemed sincere so I tried to be as rational as possible.

Two weeks later I was watching a football game when I received a text message. It was from Linda’s husband and though she had stayed at our house for 3 days she had found other arrangements and left with no trouble at all. I opened the text which read click on the link and enjoy. So I clicked and a video started up. It was dark but I could make out Linda standing next to a large black man stroking his huge cock. It was quite obvious that the black man was filming the action and he panned down to the enormous dick being stroked and then back up to the blonde short haired Linda who had her tongue down his throat. Then he panned over to my wife who was touching her pussy through her scrub bottoms. When he instructed her to act like she was going to suck him off. She fell to her knees and opened her mouth near his dick. True to her word she did exactly as she said and once in a while his dick touched her tongue and lips. The black man kept panning back and forth between the two women when I heard my wife say “shoot your big cock load on my face,” that lying bitch. He did just that, hitting her in the mouth, nose forehead and chin. She then took him in her mouth and sucked his cock clean for about thirty seconds as deep as she could. My wife then stood up and the three of them tongue kissed each other before the video shut off.

I couldn’t believe it she most definitely lied about some of the circumstances. I don’t know what to believe anymore and now question all the times she has gone out. I still haven’t confronted her with what I know but a few days later I got another text message from Linda’s husband. It shows my wife kneeling in front of the black guy with her beautiful auburn hair pulled up and I would swear she is licking his nut sack. She told me that those pictures looked bad but fuck, I think she is really doing it.

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