Trusting a Friend of a Friend of a Friend


“Please Sophia, It is just for a few days.”

Sophia is on the phone with her brother Max, yet again begging her if some guy that is his friends brothers girlfriends cousin can crash at her place for a few days.

“Ugh, Max, why my place? Have you met or talked to the guy?”

” He was going to crash at my place, but Clarissa is back from her trip, and she’s been gone for two weeks on this business trip. I know that the guy’s name is Kyle, he’s our age, and is here to go to a conference of some sort. He just needs a place to crash; he was too late to book a hotel. The person that was originally going to go had to cancel so they are sending him.”

Sophia groans, “Fine. But you AND Clarissa owe me big time dearest brother.”

“Thank you Sophia.”

“Mhm, when is he arriving, does he know where to go, or do I ALSO have to pick him up?”

“No just meet him at the station by your place. He arrives Friday at about 6 PM.”


How in the world did I let Max talk me into letting this guy crash at my place? We haven’t met him, nor know nothing about him. Plus is he a neat freak, or messy. I mean my place is clean, but I don’t take a white glove to the place.

Sophia looks at the clock on her desk, it’s 5:30 on Friday, and Kyle should be at the station soon. So she packs her bags and heads out to meet him. Sophia texts Max to get info on what this Kyle looks like.

He is tall, brown spiked hair; he says he is wearing jeans a t-shirt. He knows what you look like. Just wait by the flower kiosk.

Sophia is standing next to the flower booth at the station, fidgeting waiting for Kyle. She’s nervous about this stranger being in her home. She is trying to remember if she got everything put where it belongs. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed, or make Kyle uncomfortable. She is off in her own mind when she hears someone clear their throat and sees boots and jeans in her eyeshot. When she looks up, she gets butterflies in her stomach, and can feel the heat in her cheeks. Her mouth drops a bit. She literally as to look up, Kyle is at least a foot taller than she is.

Kyle gets this smirk on his face; Sophia closes her mouth and gulps. Kyle chuckles.

“Hi, you must be Sophia, thank you so much for letting me crash at your place. I promise not to be in the way too much.” Kyle gives a big smile to Sophia and sticks his hand out.

“Umm, hi, yeah and you must be Kyle, nice to meet you as well, and it’s no problem. Though I am sorry that my place may be too… girlie for you.” Sophia shakes Kyle’s hand, and the butterflies go berserk. The heat radiating from his hand to hers sends heat throughout her body.

Come on Sophia get a grip, you just met this guy, you know nothing about him, I know it’s been a while, but sheesh get a grip. Though will make for some wonderful daydreams later on.

Sophia walks with Kyle following her, she starting to be self-conscience about what she wore to work today. She chose to wear her black pencil skirt, purple cami that has lace on the bust area and also around the hem, and a black scoop neck shirt over it, so just a bit of the lace shows with her cleavage, and also the hem lace all around the bottom of her shirt. She switched from her heels, to her flats to walk after work.

When they arrive at her building she opens the main door and lets Kyle in, they then get in the elevator to her floor. When she goes to unlock her door her hands are shaking it takes a few minutes.

“Sophia, relax, why are you so nervous?” She can hear the amusement in Kyle’s voice. She just looks at him, shakes her head and finally unlocks her door.

“Welcome to my home, here lets put your bags down and I can show you around.” Sophia walks into her spare room/office and lets Kyle know that his is the room he can stay in. She then proceeds to show him where the restroom, kitchen are as well.

The rest of the evening is quiet; Sophia sits on the couch working on her laptop while Kyle does the same. Sophia orders Thai food for dinner for them both, trying to be the best hostess she can. She also tries to avoid looking at Kyle as every time she does her mind and body go all loopy on her. With her berating herself as she doesn’t know him.

At about 11 PM, Sophia decides she is going to turn in. “Goodnight Kyle, I hope that you have a good night. And sweet dreams”

” Thank you Sophia, I know my dreams will be sweet, I hope yours will be as well.” Kyle tells her this big knowing grin on his face, and the tone he uses sends a shiver down Sophia’s spine.

Once in her room with the door closed she lets out the breath she was holding. Oh. My. God. Her body is completely betraying her for a man she just met. She changes into her yoga pants and tank top and slips into bed, her body is exhausted from the roller coaster it’s been on in just five short hours. She falls asleep thinking of the man that is in her home.

The next morning Sophia awakes and can’t move. She opens her eyes, but she isn’t in her room anymore. She also realizes that she Esenyurt escort bayan isn’t wearing any clothes. Then she feels… a body, the reason she can’t move. Her limbs are intertwined with another’s limbs. An Arm wrapped around her. Immediately she starts to panic. What the hell happened last night? Last she remembers is going to bed. In her room. Clothed. Alone. Door shut. She feels the man behind her start to move. A groan. The hand wrapped around her slowly moves across her stomach as he rolls. Yet the legs are still intermingled with hers.

“What the Fuck!” Sophia lets a giggle escape at Kyle’s reaction.

“Umm. Sophia???”

“Good morning Kyle, umm do you have any idea what happened last night?”

“Umm, no, I remember you going to your room, and after the news was over and I finished my work I also crashed in the other room.”

Sophia started to wonder how the two ended up like that, but before her mind went any further her and Kyle untangled themselves. Sophia felt something though…. Stickiness on her thighs. OH SHIT… no no no no. Sophia had a feeling that she knew exactly what it was.

The rest of the morning was awkward after they each showered and got ready for the day. Avoiding eye contact. Both trying to figure out how they got to be on the living room floor, naked, and fucked before falling asleep.

“Umm, Sophia?”

“Yes, Kyle”

“I think I know how I ended up in the living room… I occasionally sleepwalk… but I haven’t done it in years.”

“OH!!! I have been known to do that too, but….” Sophia’s eyes go wide, and her face heats up entirely. Kyle raises his brow looking at her, but she turns her face away.

Kyle lets it drop knowing that Sophia is uncomfortable, hell he is as well.

“Sophia, I am going to go out for a bit. “

“Ok, oh here let me give you my spare key, incase I am not here when you come back. I need to go up to the store.”

“Thank you, have a good afternoon.”

“You too.”

When Kyle leaves Sophia waits for about half an hour, to ensure he isn’t going to be back. Trying to figure out what happened last night has made her extremely horny, but she couldn’t very well let Kyle know that by sneaking off to her room… She pulls out her box under her bed and pulls out her dildo and her nipple clamps. She strips then climbs into bed. She tweaks and pulls her nipples until they are taught little peaks and attached her clamps to each one, a chain connecting them to each other. Then she reaches for her dildo and slides it through her slit, then slowly pushes it into her pussy. She is so wet; she leans her head back and closes her eyes.

She starts to move the dildo in and out of her wet cunt. Imagining that Kyle is doing her again. She wishes she could remember what happened last night. That she wasn’t sleep walking her self. She had slept walked before, a long time ago. She was so horny then and her boyfriend at the time was in the other room working, per usual. It’s the only times that she has slept walked. Sophia was pumping the dildo slowly, and ever couple thrusts she would also quickly yank the nipple clamp chain. Her mind started to drift off. Her memories from the night before slowly flittering back in.

She remembered getting out of bed, and walking out of her room. She walked into the living room to where she had last seen Kyle but he wasn’t there. She had frowned then. However when she turned around he was there, in the entrance to the hallway, shirtless, and his pants hanging low, so she could see the v and happy trail leading down. A noise startled Sophia and her eyes flew open. She forgot to close her bedroom door. Standing in her doorway was Kyle. His eyes lidded. She could see the lust in them; he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She saw that look last night too. Even as they were both sleepwalking the attraction was there. Sophia’s hands stopped moving. A blush covering her whole body embarrassed that she had been caught.

“Don’t stop. Please” Kyle stated in a deep husky voice, almost begging Sophia. He took a step towards her. Sophia not being able to remove her eyes from him, going up and down his body. Wishing she knew what he looked like and felt under his clothing.

Sophia reacted and started moving the dildo in and out again; this time the action was making slurping noises. She was wetter than she has been when she has done this before, She wondered if it was because she had been caught or because he was watching her.

Kyle reached down and yanked the nipple clamp chain hard, making Sophia yelp out and arch her back. Kyle did it again and got the same reaction. Sophia lost track of where Kyle was and what he was doing as she continued with her dildo. She then felt one of the Clamps come off; the jolt making her squeak, but then it was followed by Kyle’s mouth. His tongue circling her nipple, and then flicking it with his tongue. He then reattached the clamp and moved over to her other nipple. Repeating the same ministrations. Sophia was Escort Etiler so lost that she lost timing on the dildo. Kyle reached down and took over the pumping of the dildo. He also varied the tempo of the thrusts and the angles. Sophia started being more vocal and getting louder with her moans. Flashes of the night before started. Kyle taking off her tank top. And then taking each nipple in his mouth. Sucking on them, and even grazing his teeth over them. She reached down and slid his pants down until they fell to the floor; he was commando under his pants. He following suit with her pants and her panties, in one swoop, leaving them both naked. She wrapped her hand around him and started stroking his semi-hard length. He grabbed her and kissed her hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth when she gasped.

In the present she could feel her orgasm approaching, and based on Kyle’s reactions to her sounds, she had a feeling after last night he knew this as well. His ministrations on her body became faster. He was thrusting the dildo at a much faster pace. He had place the other clamp back on her nipple and had moved down her body. Sucking on her clit as he moved the dildo in and out. When his teeth bit slightly on her little bundle of nerves at the same time he pushed the didlo in at a new angle she lost it. Her body arched off the bed, and she let loose a primal sounding yes. Kyle had moved up, using his fingers on her clit and slowly pumping the dildo in and out of her to slowly bring her back down from her high. Once she opened her eyes and looked at him. He stood up, leaving the Dildo in her, and removed his clothing.

“Kyle, wow, that, was, wow. Please come here?” Sophia watched as his fully ready, dripping precum cock came back into her view. Her seeing him now, so much better to the memories she had started to have about last night. She wanted to wrap her hand around him. She had a flash of him last night, standing while she knealt in front of him. She licked the precum off his cock. She ran her tongue from the base to the tip before circling his head. Then took him fully in her mouth. She sucked as her hands stroked him. She then started to bob her head taking more and more of him in. When he hit the back of her throat she tried to relax her throat. She didnt want to embarass herself and gag. She managed to relax enough that she was able to take more of him into her mouth. She hallowed ot her cheeks and swallowed around him. Then she pulled back more. She continued this for a short amount of time, Kyle’s hands going into her hair, guiding her, until he pulled her away and knelt down with her. Back in the bedroom currently Kyle shook his head at her, and climbed up onto the bed between her legs.

“Kyle, Wait. Con.. AHHH!” Sophia lost all train of thought as Kyle pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his cock. Pushing in in a single stroke. He hissed as his balls slapped against Sophia. Sophia’s back arched. Her eyes closed and she felt as she was floating again. It had been so long since she had had anyone in her, except of course last night, and her ex had never agreed to go bareback, even though she was on the pill at the time.

“Ah so good, yes right there please!”

“So glad that I ended up crashing here. Best conference city ever.”

Kyle continued thrusting into Sophia, reaching down to grab the nipple clamp chain to yank on, making her arch and causing him to thrust at a different angle every time. He leaned down and took her lower lip between his teeth before kissing her, sliding his tongue in and following the actions of his cock with his tongue. Staying inside of her, he rolled them so that she was on top. She though of stopping this, to get protection, but is felt so good. She loved the feeling of a bare cock in her. With her on top she could just jump off when he was about to cum. She looked down at Kyle and saw him watching where they were joined. She watched his hand reach down gathering some of their combined juices and then reaching up and spreading it around her lips. He then pulled her down and kissed her again, them both tasting their combined juices together. His other hand slid between them and moved down to rub, pinch and pull her clit.

Kyle then rolled them again. Sophia thinking now she can’t jump off of him.

“Kyle, Please remember, UHHH!! Remember to pull ugh pull out. Please. Not. On. Pill.”

“Uh huh…pull out…”

Sophia figured that he’d remember and got lost in the sensations of now, and the memories flittering about last night. Last night was fast and hard, once they were both naked, and on the ground. There was very little foreplay. Kyle made sure she was wet, but after that it was straight fucking. It was good, and she hadn’t ever remembered having such almost animalistic sex before. With both of them on their side, Kyle behind her, leg pulled up. He had rammed into her and came last night. She had put her head down mouth on her arm to cover her screaming last night as she came hard, feeling him pulse inside Eyüp escort her. It was so different from having a condom covering the cock inside her. She felt warmth filling her, which caused her to come again.

Back in the present She had instinctively wrapped her legs around Kyle, helping to get him thrusting onto her deeper. Kyle was hovering over her. She reached up and pulled him down, where she felt him completely over her. She leaned up and kissed him, her feet pressing into his backside. Neither one thinking about him pulling out. With a final thrust into her pussy she felt him pulse, it felt so much better in the present than she remembers last night feeling like.

When they both had come down from their orgasms, Kyle still inside Sophia, and shockingly still hard. The look Sophia saw was that he wasn’t ready to stop yet. She didn’t know if she cold cum again. Her ex was only good for one time. And could barely make it to give her a single orgasm Kyle in less when twenty-four hours had given her three.


“Yes Kyle?”

“On your knees please.”

Sophia’s body just automatically did what Kyle asked. She rolled over causing Kyle’s penis to come out of her cunt, and their combined cum to begin its descent down her thighs.

Once she was in position Kyle knelt behind her and in one smooth thrust was back inside her warm, wet pussy. This time though two things seemed different to Sophia. First off it felt he was going deeper into her, and second this time seemed more like last night, rough animalistic, primal….

Sophia just gripped the sheets, wanting to feel and see where this took her. Where Kyle took her body this time. She also knew her brother could never find out about this. He adored his little sister and thought she was an angel. If he knew she fucked a man she didn’t know, she would never hear the end of it.

She felt Kyle’s hands massaging her ass cheeks and also gripping them as he thrust into her pulling almost all the way out then thrusting completely in. He leaned over her and yanked on her nipple clamp chain, she yelped, and her pussy muscles pulsed around his cock. She then felt his slid his fingers through the juices on her thighs and that were gathering in her slit. Pinched her clit and then took his hands back to her ass. She felt him put a finger on her ass and put some pressure.


“Shhh, trust me, this will feel good. Plus it’ll make both of us cum much harder. I believe.”

Sophia felt his finger enter her ass. It felt odd. Yet didn’t hurt. She didn’t know what she felt. He started moving his finger in and out of her ass at the alternate thrust of his cock in her pussy. Then after a few short minutes she felt him slowly push in another finger. After a while Kyle had four fingers thrusting into her ass. That’s when she saw her dildo disappear from her view. Kyle withdrew himself from her pussy, and pushed her dildo in. He thrusts the dildo in and out about five times before he removed it and reentered her with his cock. He removed his fingers from her ass. She thought ok that wasn’t bad, actually felt kind of… good. She blushed at this. Her mother had told her and her brother that any respectable women would not allow anything in their ass.

Sophia was getting lost in the feeling of him fucking her again, when she felt her dildo at her ass.

“Kyle! I don’t think that’ll fit in there!!!”

“Sure it will, just, trust me. Lean down, on your elbows…”

Sophia did as she was told. Making it so her body was at an angle now. She felt the dildo getting pushed into her ass, as Kyle fucked her. He didn’t slow down his pace, though at the moment he wasn’t going very fast. Once the didlo head had pushed past her opening Kyle started to gently thrust it, each time he pushed in, he would push a little more of the dildo into her ass. Again the thrusting was alternating in her holes. Sophia was lost in sensations. Kyle would occasionally reach down and pull the chain on her nipple clamps or pinch and pull her clit. She felt like she was on the edge of an intense orgasm, but her body just wouldn’t let her fall. A thrust of the dildo, and she felt the base of the dildo, Kyle had managed to get the entire thing in her ass. Granted it was 6 inches, but it has been what she has used for years. She could feel a difference with Kyle in her pussy, the wall between her two holes the pressure the dildo seems she could feel more of Kyle.

Now that the dildo and Kyle were in her, He picked up the pace; Sophia tried to go back up to her hands.

“Mmmm no, stay down Sophia. Just enjoy, feel…”

“Kyle we need to pull out this time… please.”

“Why, I’ve all ready filled you up twice. Would a third really matter, plus don’t you like what you are feeling?”

“Yes I do very much… I guess, a third wouldn’t make a difference, plus I think we are in the safe window. And OH!! It feels so wonderful.”

“Mmmm that’s it.”

Sophia’s body was reacting on its own, small jolts rocking her, making her pussy and ass squeeze the two cocks, real and fake inside her body. The thrusting of Kyle and the dildo continued for a while, Sophia had taken over the yanking of the chain. Whenever Kyle would say yank she would yank. He started to pull and pinch her clit at the same time that he instructed her to yank.

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