Trying Medical


Getting a bit fed up one day I searched a website that had links to various characters who had all sorts of kinks. Some were not for me but others held some intrigue. One was a male who delighted in medicals. As I had not actually tried this sort of play in any big way I got in touch by email personal message. The following day he contacted me and asked what I wanted. I told him just a full medical that we can both enjoy. That was no problem and we agreed to meet at a boat marina in Cheshire. As it was late October there was little or no activity anywhere when I arrived. The cafe was closed and there was just one solitary car on the car park. I had given him a description of my car with part of the numberplate lettering. Pointless really as the other car was probably his. After waiting a few minutes I saw a figure coming towards me. Could this be him, I wondered? Yep, it was. He told me he had a boat on the marina and to follow him. We arrived at a jetty and at the far end was a narrowboat leisure craft. As we got on I was surprised at how warm it was. There was a small fire in a grate that heated it up nicely. He told me to get fully undressed and put on the hospital gown, back to front as in hospitals and wait in the area. A few minutes later he appeared in a white coat, undone at the front revealing his naked body underneath. I was ushered to the rear of the boat and told to get on the bed. At each end was a metal frame with ropes. I was told to slip my arms out of the gown and keep the rest of me covered. My arms were then tied to the frame at the top end and my legs hoisted and tied at the bottom end. All the time he kept as much of me covered as possible. Then the gown was pulled down to my waist and he sounded my chest with his hands and then listened with a very expensive stethescope. I was more and more convinced that he was actually a real doctor. Then he said he had to examine my testicles and penis. This was done in a thorough manner probing and squeezing my balls. Then he wanted the foreskin back to check the head of my cock. Back it went, right back, until I thought it was going to be worn as a tight scarf around my neck it went so far back. He knew it was uncomfortable and I could see he was looking for my reactions. ” Do you masturbate regularly” he asked. “Yes” I said. “How often?” he enquired “Once a day twice, how many times?” I answered honestly and said” Usually just once but sometimes twice” “Good, that is healthy. What about intercourse?” “Not that often” I replied. “That’s fine, hand relief is a better option” he said. “Do you have anal sex with anyone either giving or receiving?” “I have had items pushed up me in the past” “No cocks then?” ” Just once” I replied. “Good, I like to see you have tried” he said. “I am going to stretch you up a bit in your arse now, so that it will make it easier for you to take bigger toys and most importantly, COCK” he smilingly said. I felt him lubing me up and probing me deeply with his finger ” Your prostate is loaded and that will have to be emptied soon” he exclaimed. Then in went a speculum and it was gently widened up stretching me. “I will leave that there for a few minutes to complete the stretching” after a few minutes he removed it and probed again with three fingers deep into me. It was very uncomfortable but he was satisfied with his efforts. “OK, down you come I want a urine sample” he said. I was given a jar and he got me to stand up and try to give a sample. I just couldn’t do it. “Never mind, I usually get my specialist patients to get a sample and then swallow it, to show that they are not frightened of their own body fluids when I know that they like oral being done to them and expecting someone else to swallow I usually start with urine and then sperm later. Have you ever swallowed sperm?” ” Yes doctor an couple of times. Ususlly my own when forced to” I replied. “Excellent, then no need to carry out that test” ” I would like you to bend over that stool and do not move” he said. I duly bent over and felt him slip his cock into me. Slowly he pumped away and then he speeded up slightly with two hard pushes up me before withdrawal. I stood there with spunk string to dribble from my arse. He wiped it away and told me to stand up. “Right I need a sample from you so show me how you masturbate” I got hold of my cock and started to pump it quickly I shot my load. He said that the examination was now completed and to get dressed. He would be in touch regarding my results. I left and went home not sure if this was what I had expected. It was fun but that nagging feeling of the not quite sure was in my mind.

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