Subject: Tuffy Miller – GAY – ENCOUNTERS The following is a partially true story. Names are incomplete or have been altered to assure privacy. The story is intended for a mature audience. If you are under the legal age of consent in your jurisdiction, please do not read and leave now. The story contains profanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something else to read. The author maintains all rights to the story. Please do not copy or use without written permission. Nifty survives on your charitable support. Throw 50 cents in a jar every time a Nifty story gets you off. It’s going to add up quick. Nifty Archive Alliance fty/ Tuffy Miller It was 1948 … I had realized by the time that I was nine years old that I was “different” from other boys although, without the benefit of post pubescent hormones, it was a while before I fully enjoyed the intense physical pleasures of anything sexual. I also realized how dangerous this could be for me and I carefully crafted walls and behavior to protect my true self. No one suspected. Scrolling ahead to 1953 … by the time I was 14, I had gone thru puberty and, I was enjoying secret, intense, wild, mental fantasies although actual encounters had been limited to tentative, exploratory, mutual masturbation sessions with one neighbor and a first cousin. These were in the days before computers, the internet, Google and free porn so there was not a lot of resources to explore … but my mind was extraordinarily creative and I longed to have an actual experience with a mature male. I coyly observed all the hot naked boys after gym class, marveling at all the different beautiful boys and magnificent cocks on display in the showers and changing aisles and I found it difficult to suppress my desires and my hard on, but managed to remain safely in the closet. Most of all, I wanted to orally please another boy and make him cum. I had fantasied about it often, while practicing deep throat techniques with hot dogs, bananas and Italian sausages. Little did I expect that an often experienced weekend adventure would lead to fulfilment of that fantasy. I had a wonderful friend whose grand parents lived 30 miles away on a farm in upstate NY and I very often spent summer weekends there riding horses and camping in the hills surrounding the town and the Susquehanna River valley with my friend and his cousins. So it was simply normal when I visited one July weekend arriving early on Friday with the expectation of spending the entire weekend on the farm and surrounding environs. We helped my friend George’s grandfather with some chores around the farm during the day Friday and planned a camping trip for that night into the hills north of the town on horseback. George, his cousin Scott and I all packed up our camping gear, a tent, sleeping bags, cooking utensils and food supplies, tacked up the horses and departed late in the afternoon. It would be about a 5 mile ride to our planned camp site. As we rode into town a mile west of the farm, Jack mentioned that a boy that was working on a farm across the river was going to meet us in town and join our camping trip. His name was “Tuffy” Miller and he was a foster kid staying with a farm family a few miles up the other side of the Susquehanna River from town. As we approached town, I could see a horse and rider ahead of us, waiting on our arrival at the gravel hillside road we intended to take out of town to our intended camp site. The closer we approached, the faster my heart beat as it appeared that this boy was not just a similar 14 aged boy, kocaeli escort but a strikingly handsome, slim, sexy older teen with longish brown wavy hair, deep brown eyes, a five o’clock shadow clearly designating him as “mature”, long strong slender legs in tight fitting Levi jeans with a prominent crotch bulge pushed forward by the saddle. Introductions were made, but I could scarcely squeak out a “hello” … my hormones clearly in the way of my objective brain. Fortunately, nobody seemed to notice or they put it off to the cloud of dust our horses were creating in the dirt shoulder along the roadway. I rode the next four miles to the camp site behind Tuffy, marveling at his gorgeous sexy physic in the saddle ahead of me, his tight round ass bouncing slowly with each step his horse took across the uneven ground. I didn’t think my hard-on would ever go down, but I suppressed it lest my secret be known to my good friend and his cousin. Otherwise, I might never be invited back to the farm again! When we arrived at the camp site, we busied ourselves smoothing out a flat surface on the ground, removing any rocks or branches and erecting the tent, following which, we blew up our air mattresses and unrolled our sleeping bags. Then we searched the surrounding area for dry wood and branches to make the campfire and unpacked the cooking utensils to make dinner. I had to avoid looking at or working close to Tuffy, lest my hormones expose my true desires and that took all the concentration I could muster. I was clearly as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs and hoped it wasn’t too obvious! We made dinner of pan fried hot dogs, baked beans cooked in a cast iron pot over the fire and warm corn bread biscuits we brought from my friend’s grandmother’s kitchen and rolled up in tin-foil placed close to the fire. Gradually, the time and the sunlight ticked by and, as the cool of the evening closed in upon us, under a clear, full moon lighted sky, we decided to turn in for the night. I had successfully suppressed my heated desires, or so I thought … but now, Tuffy rolled his flat sleeping bag with the full length zipper down the side of it right next to mine, with mine being closest to the entrance to the tent. Damn! My nerves came alive knowing this incredibly sexy stud was going to be sleeping only inches away from me all night. My heart was racing and I hoped my anxiety wasn’t observable to my friends who were already in their sleeping bags further inside the tent. I was already resigned to not sleep all night, dreaming about Tuffy and his proximity to me. But then, it happened. Tuffy pulled off his clothes down to his shorts which were clearly stretched to capacity with a magnificent bulge. Because the tent didn’t have a high ceiling, he was crouched down on his knees less than a foot from my face, with me laying in my sleeping bag as he finished pulling off his Levis, boots and socks. His slender torso, illuminated by the camp light inside the tent, showed off his hard 6 pack abs, with prominent dark brown nipples and a dusting of hair on his chest and a magnificent treasure tail descending into his shorts. His thighs were slender but muscular with sparse, soft blonde hair gracing their length … even his calves and feet were exquisite. And then, about the time I thought he would climb into his sleeping bag and end my visual torture, he did the unthinkable … he pulled down his shorts to show off the most exquisite cock I had ever seen in my life … 8″ of hard, circumcised cock … the most perfectly shaped cock I had ever seen kocaeli escort bayan in my life and he said, “Does anyone want to suck a nice 17 year old cock?” I’m sure I gulped aloud. I was transfixed. I could smell the sweet, thick, wonderful, testosterone fueled musk emanating from his mature teen crotch only inches from my face. Saliva flooded my mouth and throat as my friends laughed, “No” and rolled over in their sleeping bags. I remained transfixed at the sight of Tuffy’s incredible cock, but I was scared to death to move or mutter a word. Tuffy smiled at me, I think reading my mind, and slipped into his sleeping bag. I lay there for a couple of minutes, my heart racing, my mind and hormones racing even more. I’m not sure whether it was nervous energy, fear of Tuffy’s proximity to me or just wishful thinking on my part, but after a few minutes, I said, “Hey guys … we neglected to pick up enough firewood to keep the fire going all night or to get it going again in the morning. It’s not too late. I’m going to go get some more wood … anyone want to come?”, and I rolled out of my sleeping bag, pulled on my jeans and a light jacket, my boots, grabbed a flash light and headed out of the tent into the surrounding woods. I don’t know whether my friends were asleep or not but nobody else said a word or moved. As I reached the woods a short distance away, I felt a certain relief … removed as I was from the intensity of the situation, although the incredible sight of Tuffy’s magnificent cock was completely etched into my mind. I busied myself picking up dry branches of trees laying on the ground when suddenly I heard a quiet voice from nearby bushes … Tuffy’s voice … saying, “Shut off the flash light.” And I did. Tuffy softly said, “Come over here.” I stumbled over to him in the dark. Then, as he lowered his Levis and his shorts to his knees, and that magnificent cock sprag up hard against his flat stomach, he said, “You want this. I know, you really, really want this!” Fuck yes, I wanted that! More than anything else in the entire world, I wanted that! Without another word, I dropped to my knees and swallowed that incredible cock to the hilt. I thanked my lucky stars that I had practiced with some Italian sausages that were as big as Tuffy’s cock as it reached and then penetrated my throat to the hilt. Tuffy gasped in surprise, not figuring this innocent looking 14 year old kid would be capable of something like that, but I was on a mission. I was in cock sucking fantasy heaven! God, I was in love, or at least, lust! I relished this as the greatest event of my life … my greatest fantasy coming true … and I made love to Tuffy’s cock … slow and deep, swirling my tongue over and around the sensitive head each time I reached the tip of his cock before deep throating it again … licking the sweet precum that flowed so freely from his hot, horny, teen body. I took his low hanging nuts into my mouth and caressed them one at a time because they were too large to accommodate together. I wondered how much cum they were going to give me if I treated them right. Tuffy moaned softly, trying to muffle the sounds so as to not reach the ears of my sleeping friends in the tent, but he was definitely loving the attention I was giving his cock. He gently took my head in his hands, his long teen fingers caressing my cheeks as his cock slid in and out of my mouth and throat, the tips of his fingers pressing and releasing pressure to teach me the cadence he preferred. “Damn, you’re good!” he said, “I love what you’re doing to me!” “Do you want izmit escort my cum, baby? Do you want me to shoot my jizz in your mouth, baby?” I muffled a “UmmHum” as his cock slipped deep into my throat again and again … and I held it there, squeezing it with my throat muscles as his knees semi-buckled and he pulled my mouth tight into his steamy crotch. I felt his huge nuts rise in their smooth sack … his cock swelled even larger and stiffened like a steel rod … I pulled the magnificent cock back into my mouth from my throat and wiggled the tip of my tongue in the big piss slit just as the first massive volley of cum shot with great force into my mouth. I swallowed his cock to the hilt again and then retreated once again to feel the full force of the second volley into my mouth and onto my tongue … and the third … and the forth … and the fifth … a massive load of the sweetest, most sublime flavor I had ever tasted … I would forever thereafter be a cum lover. When he had emptied his balls into my loving throat, I kept it there as it slowly softened, not moving to aggravate the highly sensitive nerves, but to savor every drop Tuffy had given me. He understood how special this was for me too and just left his massive cock in my warm mouth until I was ready to release it. Slowly, spent, Tuffy put his hands under my arms and lifted me up to face him. I really wanted him to kiss me, but he didn’t. He just looked fondly at me in the moonlight and quietly murmured, “Thank you. That was fantastic!”. He then pulled up his shorts and Levis, helped me pick up some more wood and we walked back to the camp site. My friends appeared to still be soundly asleep as we built the fire back up, pulled off our clothes and slipped back into our sleeping bags. Hours later, at some point in the deep, dark night, with my friends lightly snoring deeper inside the tent, I felt Tuffy’s hand reach over silently in the night … I was facing away from him, but he gently turned me toward him. Without uttering a word, he lifted the side of his open sleeping bag and pressed his hand gently on top of my head, indicating he wanted a second round. Although it was incredibly dangerous, I couldn’t resist the temptation and scooted down to be level with his crotch. I was spell bound by his incredible teenage scent and that magnificent cock, hard as steel and dripping with pre-cum in anticipation of what my earlier round offered. I quietly engulfed the entire length of his cock deep into my throat and gently, quietly suckled it … slowly and lovingly … I was in cock sucking heaven … and so was Tuffy … we didn’t make a sound and I sucked him for quiet a while until I felt that massive cock swell once again, become rigid as a stake and flood my mouth once again with his extraordinary and massive cum load. God I love that stuff! This time, as I regained my former position with my head even with Tuffy, he leaned over, placed his left hand on my right cheek, rolled my face to meet his and gave me a gentle kiss. Thereafter, I slept like a baby! The next morning, we all arose shortly after dawn and rekindled the fire with the wood that Tuffy and I had collected the night before and I started breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs with more corn bread left over from the night before. My friends never knew of the nightly escapades, although they might have wondered why my attitude and behavior was so much more relaxed the following day. We packed up camp, saddled the horses and began the ride back to town. Before separating in town to return to his foster home on the other side of the river, Tuffy slipped me a piece of paper with the name and address of his foster parents farm with the notation that they would be away all day on Sunday … open invitation? Stay tuned! Comments welcome to hoo

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