Tutoring a Girl in Irish

Tutoring a Girl in IrishThis is just a fantasy story! Always have safe sex!This story involves Domination, BDSM, face sitting, lesbians, group, etc enjoy!INTRODUCTIONThis little story is about me meeting a girl named Madison; she’s 19 years old. She moved to Ireland with her mother and step sister Brittany, they were from America and came here since their mother had some love problems and needed work. Madison is bisexual and single, Brittany was also bisexual but is in a lesbian relationship with her best friend Abby, and they practically lived together.She moved into my town and went to my school, I was extremely attracted to her since I first saw her, after a couple of days I started to talk to her, we soon enough became friends and started flirting with each other, until one day we kissed, so we had this close relationship. One day she asked me to go to her home and help tutor her in Irish, I’ll never forget what happened that day.CHARACTERSMyself: 5’9 ft, 18, Average body with a slight muscular look, medium brown hair, green eyes and a 7” dick. Weighs around 75 KGMadison: 6 ft, 19, 36DD boobs, with a very robust curvy body, big thighs and a huge 20 inch wide ass, long blonde hair, brown eyes. Weighs around 80 KGBrittany: 6’2 ft, 22, C boobs, very slim with wide hips and 15 inch wide booty, medium length brunette hair, blue eyes. Weighs around 70 KGAbby: 5’5 ft, 21, D boobs, average body with curvy legs and a small round 14 inch ass, short blonde hair, blue eyes, weighs around 65 KGNOW FOR THE FUN!It was a Saturday night, around 8:00 PM and Madison rang me “Hey baby! Could you come over and help me with my Irish? I need to be ready for the test on Monday!” I replied “ Sure babe, I’ll be over in ten” I wasn’t really hoping on helping her in Irish, just so I could see her and spend time with her, Little did I know she also had other plans!I put my phone in my pocket and headed out to Madison’s House, I walked down the road, across the bridge and finally made it to Madison’s House, I knocked on the door and I heard someone shout “it’s open, come on in!” I opened the door slowly before seeing Brittany, who shouted, and Abby was sitting next to her on the couch, both of them under a blanket by the fireplace watching TV.I said “hey Brittany, hey Abby, is Madison here?” Brittany said “she’s in her room” I started to notice the blanket falling down a bit and I noticed both Brittany and Abby were naked, or were not wearing any tops! Brittany noticed me looking and pushed the blanket down slightly more, exposing both hers and Abby’s gorgeous boobs, Brittany grabbed Abby’s boobs with her small hands and started to jiggle them up and down, I started to get aroused looking at her beautiful boobs bounce about, both of them are smiling and giggling at me in my direction, as if they were trying to tease me, it was working!Madison came out of her room wearing a short blue T shirt going up above her belly button, she was big and curvy but had a flat stomach, I could see her bellybutton piercing and her lovely choice of pink thong going up and around her hips, and finally wearing some loose grey sweat pants. She saw me and ran towards me; I couldn’t help but notice her boobs bouncing up and down while her nipples were popping out of her shirt.She gave me a big hug, I could feel her big DD boobs pressing against my chest, I always loved getting hugs off her! She gave me a peck on the cheek and a little slap on my ass, it didn’t bother me, since she always did this! I looked over at Brittany and Abby while I was hugging Madison, they were both still under the blankets and they pulled it up so you could only see their heads, they were busy watching TV as if nothing happened, I started to put my hands down the back of Madison’s pants, feeling and squeezing her huge soft ass, until she pulled out my hands and said “let’s go to my room!”She grabbed my hand and brought me into her bedroom and closed the door. I sat down on her bed and she sat next to me, I gently stroked her cheek with my hand and then I gave her a kiss, she smiled at me and said “oh! I almost forgot… I’ll get the Irish books!” she got up and went out of the room, I was thinking “did she really do all this just for me to help her in Irish?” I took out my phone and started messing around with a app on my phone, Suddenly Madison came kıbrıs escort back into the room pretty fast and took the phone off me, ”Hey!” I shouted, Madison said “you won’t be needing this for awhile!” she turned off my phone and opened her drawer and shoved it into a press full of pink panties and thongs.She sat on the bed next to me, looking straight into my eyes, and said” lay down babe and close your eyes; I have a surprise for you!” I thought “maybe I’m having sex with her again?” I lay down and rested my arms above my head thinking what’s going to happen. I could hear ruffle noises, like someone opening and closing presses and cabinets, as if they were looking for something. Suddenly I could feel Madison getting on top of me putting her full weight on my groin area, I started to get a hard on still thinking what’s going to happen, I felt her lean forward and I could feel her shirt on my face, her gorgeous big boobs on either side of my head, I rocked my head from side to side slightly so I could feel her jiggling boobs against my face, I heard her giggle a little bit and she said “almost done baby! Giggling while she said it.I heard a clicking noise a few times; I said “what was that?” I opened my eyes and started to turn my head to the side to see, but Madison said “nooo you can’t look yet baby! Don’t move!” and she put more pressure on her chest so my head was stuck right in between her gorgeous boobs, I did what I was told since I was loving what I was getting now anyway! She sat up, taking her big boobs with her “awe” I said in a funny disappointment way, she giggled and said “I’m not done yet! So I closed my eyes again and I could feel her lying on me again. I opened my eyes slightly, we were in the 69 position, although the soles of her soft feet were in my face and her big boobs were on my groin area.I said “what are you doing now babe?” she replied “almost done Hun, just wait!” my arms were getting stiff so I moved my arms only that my arms wouldn’t move! I looked up noticing my hands were cuffed to the bed, I said panicky “why am I cuffed?” She realised I knew what was happening so she said in a very demanding tone “hush now!” and she shoved her gorgeous silky soles onto my face, keeping me quiet since she knew how much I loved her feet.She got up and turned around so she was lying on me still but looking at me, she said “what’s wrong? Can’t you move?” in a very evilly giggling way. I tried to move my legs but no hope; my legs were tied to the bed so I couldn’t move anything apart from my head, She kissed me on the lips and then bit my lower lip, tilting her head back so my lip stretched, it hurt slightly, but I loved it, she then licked my face a few times until she said, “mmm your face is nice and moist, I think you’re ready to be our toy!”“ou….” I was cut off from her putting her hands on my mouth “husshh now toy!” She went over and locked her bedroom door and closed the curtains, she came over and pulled off my shoes and socks and pulled down my jeans and boxers down to my ankles. She pulled my shirt up so it was above my head around my arms. She said “mm you look so juicy; I think I’ll ride you for a bit!”She started undressing in front of me, she grabbed her boobs still under her tight top, and squeezed them and giggled, and she turned around and pulled down her sweat pants, exposing her massive 20 inch ass, I could see her pink thong disappearing in between her massive cheeks, she turned her head back and said, “you like that hmm?” she slapped her ass a couple of times and pulled her pants down further, moving her hips side to side until finally her pants were off, My cock started to get hard, but it was still limp, she noticed and giggled. I started to stare at her big thighs and juicy ass! My dick was getting harder and harder, I could feel my blood pumping now. She started to pull her thong off, she turned around so I could see part of her shaven pussy, she pulled her pink thong up so it went really tight and part of it went inside her lips, she grabbed the front and back part of the thong and grind her sweet lips into her thong, I was rock hard now, my cock at its full length. She did it for about 5 minutes grinding her wet pussy on her thong, moaning and groaning.She then said still moaning “I’m done with this, I need something better!” escort kıbrıs she quickly took off her sweet thong covered in juices, she came over towards me and wrapped her thong around my face, I could smell the erotic smell of her juices, I could feel it running down my face, she grabbed the thong and smeared it around my face for a bit and then took the pink soaked thong off my face and told me to open my mouth, She then shoved her sweet pink thong into my mouth, I could breath but I couldn’t manage to spit out the thong out of my mouth, I tried talking but I could only mumble. “Now…we don’t want you getting too loud do we?” she said smiling at me.I could feel some of her sweet juices from her thong going down my throat, I gagged a bit only to see her laugh, She was still smiling at me and then she turned from happy to angry and grabbed my balls and pulled them up, making me flinch but I didn’t really move at all since I was being restrained. “You better be a good sextoy or else….!” she pulled harder on my balls and I nodded painfully agreeing with her, “Good boy, now let’s see how good of a toy you are!”She quickly jumped on me and grabbed the back of my head and squatted above my head “lick it now toy!” I started to lick her lips, I could feel my tongue going inside her sweet pussy, it was slimy and wet still from her juices cuming out, suddenly she said in a very angry tone “not good enough!” and grabbed my hair and used my face as a sybian , she grinded her wet shaven pussy off my face using everything possible to rub off her sweet clit, I could feel my face getting wetter and wetter, my nose mainly going up inside her sweet lips, suddenly she grabbed the back of my head and held me very tight and pushed as hard as she could against her pussy running her pussy aggressively up and down my face, “stick out your tongue!” she demanded still grinding on my face, I stuck out my tongue and she started running back and forth on my tongue.Madison was moaning, very loud! I thought her step sister and girlfriend would hear her, she held my head against her sweet pussy, I swear she was trying to push my whole head up there! She started to pant, going quiet and panted again, until she cummed straight onto my face, she sighed from relief, still grinding gently back and forth on my face, and “mmmm you such a good toy I love it!”She got up off the bed to inspect to see what she did to me; it felt like my whole face was covered in this white slimy yoghurt! “mm such a good boy” slapping me on the face.I could feel her juices going up my nose and even more down my mouth into my throat, I loved it! I thought I was going to explode but I didn’t, I only pre cummed a bit. “I think ill treat you a bit now babe” and she started to suck on my hard dick, she started to lick the tip and she finally started to suck on my cock, she went deeper and deeper until she devoured my whole cock, it felt so good! I pre cummed a bit and she winked at me and went so deep she gagged a bit, she started to take my dick out of her mouth, my dick covered in her spit and precum, I loved the feeling of it! She then started to lick up and down my shaft, leading to my swollen balls she started to suck at my balls and licked down towards my scrotum, until finally sticking her two fingers straight up my ass, I flinched since she did it so quick and hard, it hurt slightly but it felt great! My dick pulsed while she fingered my ass, “that’s enough for you today, now it’s our turn!Madison unlocked her door and shouted out,” he’s ready!” I couldn’t believe it, standing in the hallway both naked were Brittany and Abby looking very evil both have their arms on their hips. I noticed they had toys with them, a strap on and a pink toy. Brittany said “mmm you picked a nice toy today Maddie! He is all ready too aw” very snobby, Madison started teasing my cock, slapping it back and forth, playing my cock with her hands, squeezing and sliding her hands up and down.Brittany and Abby came into the room, Brittany told Abby to get the toy ready, and I thought they were going to have sex too! Although they had other plans obviously!Brittany came over and slapped my face a couple of times, laughing at me flinch, “I love it when they squirm!” Brittany said laughing evilly, she stuck her hands into my mouth and took out the soaked kıbrıs escort bayan pink thong, she threw in on the floor and said “mmm we need your mouth for something else!” Abbey handed Brittany the strap on and shoved it in my face, “we need some lubrication! Open your mouth” I kept my mouth closed and said “no way!”Both Brittany and Abbey started to slap my face, trying to open my mouth, Abby held my nose until I had to breath and Brittany shoved the massive dildo strap on in my mouth, pulling and pushing the strap on in and out of my mouth for a couple of minutes, I gagged a few times only to make the girls laugh, Madison was still playing with my cock. “That should do it!” Abby said, and she took the strap on and wrapped it on my head, there was some sort of gag in this so I couldn’t talk only again mumble, there were two holes for me to see, and all I could see was a big huge dildo on my face.“Now you’re going to be our sextoy!” Both Brittany and Abby said! They started to kiss each other, leading on to French kissing and they started to trib in front of me! “I think we’re ready now” they both said, “I’ll go first!” Abby said and she sat on my face, Me only seeing her gorgeous yet small delicious ass and pussy, she grabbed the dildo and shoved it in her pussy and started to use my face as a sextoy, she was fucking the dildo strapped on my face while kissing Brittany and Madison still playing and sucking on my cock, I thought I was going to cum everywhere but I surprisingly didn’t!I started to see Abby’s juices coming out of her, she started to moan and Brittany went down and started to lick and also stick her fingers inside her sweet pussy while she was still using the dildo. I thought Madison was loud, Abby nearly screamed the house down, I loved the way she moaned … which made my cock pulse and Madison giggled. “let’s switch!” Abby said, “I got a great idea!” Brittany said and whispered it in Abby’s and Madison’s ears, they all giggled and nodded. Brittany took off the dildo and strapped it on her waist and sat straight down on my face, I could feel my nose going up her sweet lips, I always dreamt what Brittany’s pussy would be like, I loved the feeling of her sweet lips, She sat fully down on my face, using me as a chair, I couldn’t see so I decided to lick Brittany’s sweet wet pussy, I could hear her moan and she started to grind on my wet face.Abby got in front of Brittany in the doggy position and Brittany started to fuck Abby’s pussy with her strap on, I could hear Abby moaning and Brittany too since she was grinding off my face, Brittany started to pick up her speed and was fucking Abby pretty hard and fast, the dildo getting more wet and moist from Abby’s wet pussy. Suddenly I felt something at the tip of my dick, it was Madison! She grabbed my dicks and slowly shoved it on her anus, using the spit and cum as lube for her ass, I felt My dick ever so slowly go inside Madison’s tight anus, it felt so good! My cock pulsed so hard, Madison sat fully down. My 7 inches gone straight up Madison’s ass, she moaned loudly, Abby and Brittany looking at her giggling and moaning too. Madison started to move up and down, my cock going deep into her ass, and back out, I cummed straight away! I could feel my cum going straight up her ass, my cock was limp but still long.Madison decided to still fuck my limp dick, all the three girls were moaning, Brittany grinding my face while fucking Abby and Abby started to lick Madison’s pussy while I’m fucking Madison in her 20 inch wide ass! It was pleasure heaven for everyone! Since everyone was leaning and sitting on me I eventually passed out from too much pleasure and excitement, and of course I’ was so tired anyway!An hour or two passed and I woke up, lying naked in Madison’s bed, My face was clean and my dick was also clean, I was under the blanket and looked around, everything was fixed and clean, Madison came into the room and explained after I fell asleep they all had multiple orgasms and then cleaned up. She gave me a kiss and winked at me and slapped me on the ass, she walked off and I was still naked, so I got dressed and got my phone from Madison’s panty drawer, I turned on my phone to check the time, it was 12:45 PM! “Holy shit! How long did this last?” I thought, I went out into the sitting room, Madison was sitting on the couch in a night gown, I kissed her and said bye, she said “Don’t worry, we’ll call you again babe ;)” she winked at me, and I walked out the door one happy guy and thinking how lucky I was for something like that to happen…THE END

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