Twelve Hours Pt. 05


11:00 — 11:30pm

She gave me a long look. Then she licked her lips, very seductively. With that, she got up and lifted herself up to the kitchen counter. “Better make the most of it before Alyssa arrives,” she stated matter-of-factly and spread her legs. In a heartbeat, I was with her. I didn’t want to kiss her on the lips; I went straight for her breasts.

Started gently, kissing and licking her delectable nipples. Her arm snaked around my head as she moaned. When I looked back at her, she had her eyes shut, enjoying the sensations. She pulled me now into a passionate kiss, supporting herself against the counter with one hand, stroking my face with another; I wrapped my arm around her back. Her body was arching towards me, her breasts grazing against my chest. The heat was rebuilding fast. Our kisses and low moans echoed against the kitchen walls.

“Now,” she mouthed quietly. Green-lit, I knelt down, tracing a kiss path from her breasts down to her abdomen. Her pussy was waiting. She was watching me, her lips parted in clear anticipation.

I started with a few licks across her clit, sending her into a horizontal position on the counter. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her slightly towards me into a better position. Her legs were spread wide, one resting on my shoulder. My licks were still soft and gentle, but growing more insistent. Her taste and scent were intoxicating and I soon put my tongue into slight vibrations on her. Her moans were beginning to get louder, turning from whispers into more audible groans. I was aware of them but as though through a mist, in a hazy kind of way; it was quickly becoming just me and her pussy. She wasn’t looking at me — her eyes shut again, she was giving in entirely to the sensations, her hands curled up into fists, slowly moving towards her breasts. She was wet and getting wetter as I was alternating between licking her in long slow up-and-down strokes and closer smaller but more intense sucking on her clit.

Her moans were now continuous, louder and spurring. I slipped a finger into her moist, inviting opening around which her body shuddered instantly, and continued sucking her. Starting with small, inch-like finger movements, these built up soon to longer and deeper ones; she responded in kind, heaving, panting and groaning. Both of her nipples were now visibly erect. I loved those sounds of pleasure — those that beg to stop and beg for more at the same time. She would bit her lips occasionally, but wasn’t able to stop moaning. I was now sucking hard and finger-fucking hard, her sticky juices almanbahis yeni giriş trickling down my chin and slipping out down my finger. “Oh G—” her panting was now regular, seemingly in a frequency pattern matching my sucking and fingering. She arched her back pushing her breasts up. I added another finger now, stretching her further, without for a second stopping sucking her. This sent her to another level. The familiar “Don’t stop!” came soon.

At this point, all that remained was to watch and keep fingering her. She grabbed her tits with her both hands, arching her back even further, and was soon convulsing around me. She growled an inarticulate sound and I needed to hold her back with my other hand as she started thrashing around the counter.

Almost mechanically — and mercilessly — I continued the finger action, slipping it in and out of her, just watching her gorgeous writhing in front of me, the pure bliss expression on her face and the sight of her hands now kneading her tits.

Selfishly, though, I did not plan to let her come there and then. No, lady. I felt I needed some urgent servicing, too. She looked half puzzled and half dissatisfied when I broke the fingering to pull her into a kiss. She literally burst into a wide smile when I whispered unabashedly the word “cock” to her.

Not just that, though. Already, she was on her knees having pushed me slightly, encouraging me to rest against the table we had previously been sitting at. I supported myself comfortably against it, awaiting.

Her left hand wrapped itself gently, almost politely, around my cock and she followed it with the first licks of my undershaft. First surges down my spine occurred. Her lips engulfed the tip of my cock, starting sucking it Lily’s style — passionately. I couldn’t contain a moan already. With slow movements, she was already going quite deep. Her eyes were closed, passion and lust intertwined. I wasn’t quite sure what was better — the sensations of being surrounded by her hot moist mouth or just the plain sight of her entirely focused on the blowjob, eyes shut and the swaying of her tits whilst at it, with her hard erect nipples in my view.

Every time she allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth, which was not often, she would open her eyes to gaze up at me. The mistress at sex expertise, kneeling there, she looked both in control and my sex slave. I didn’t waste time deciding which was which — my member was back to the moist of her mouth, hardening even more, fast. She focused for some time on the head, letting almanbahis her sexy snake-like tongue tease it and dance with it, pushing it around. Then, as I sharply drew breath in watching the spectacle, she applied a long tortuous lick from my balls to the head again. And back to sucking me off, now her fingers working in tandem with her mouth, definitely going harder on me. My groans were getting louder; wave after wave of pleasure were coursing through my veins. My dick seemed to just simply linked with my brain, shivers travelling directly up my back getting me what I can only call “sex shudders”. Getting it in deeper and deeper, she looked both divine and dirty. And at those times when she was able to look up at me, she just seemed mischievous and wicked.

It was when my dick hit the roof of her throat that it was getting too much for me. In response, I grabbed her head involuntarily and let out a long, breathed “Ooohhh — fuuuuuck—”

The thought of just fucking her face hard, relentlessly, crossed whatever was left of my mind, but — really — I just wanted to fuck her now. Get into her pussy. Make her yell, squirm and beg for mercy.

She put up no resistance being sat back up on the counter. With full-on smile, she was watching me position my cock next to her pussy, spreading her thighs to accommodate me.

The first entry was easy, like through butter — she was incredibly tight, but also incredibly wet. She kept her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations. I started; slowly but firmly moving in and out. Each time she responded with a loud moan. My arms, against the counter, supported my weight — she found my fingers. For a second or two, it felt practically romantic, but I was fast becoming completely overwhelmed, now thrusting rhythmically and forcefully. I might have been looking at her face, but I was beginning to lose the sight of it, gradually becoming focused and aware of just her young pussy and ass… The sex itself took over. Primal desire took over from lovemaking.

My hands grabbed her butt and began impaling it onto me. Her loud panting sounds and the stickiness of her sweaty skin against mine and the slapping of my balls against her all served to spur both of us on. Her young body — clit, tits and all — sprawled against me, was mine for the taking. I was in control; her hands was curled into fists, just focused on pleasure and — no doubt about that — submission to me.

But my frenzied mind wanted her to serve me more, to submit to me more. She would do all the work. Abruptly, I pulled out of her almanbahis adres — clearly to her surprise as her eyebrows went up rather swiftly — and pulled up a chair and instantly sat on it. As I was pulling her down towards me — that supple salacious body of hers — she quickly understood what I was planning. She was able to land back on my throbbing cock, supporting the top of her body on her elbows on the counter still and extending her legs to support them on the table behind me. This was a perfect angle for her ass against my groin. She panting the moans that one would expect from a complete novice, a 18 year old losing her virginity, looking down her belly watching my cock vanish inside her.

To get things going, I grabbed her butt, impaling her on my thick cock, long wet with her juices. She soon began to ride my tool herself, though, which is what I wanted: ride your Master, Miss Lily, and do all the work. This was a perfect, ideal position: I was going in deeper than before, I had my young welcoming slut’s tits — swaying in front of me — in full view, and could watch her clean shaven pussy landing again and again on my cock. Her eyes shut tight, lips parted and dripping spit, she was now clearly “using” me for her pleasure — and that’s exactly how I wanted it. There was no doubt she was entirely focused on getting herself to cum now — I was moaning, too, but hers was a continuous string of moans, groans and yells now.

I teased her, “Aren’t you my little slut tonight?” She mouthed something back, completely incomprehensibly. The areolas around her nipples seemed to get darker somehow. Her moans were graduating now towards low yells. Seeing this and hearing this, no longer was I myself able to hold still and grabbed her ass, pushing her forcefully down on myself. She responded first with a loud “FUCK!!” and her lips, previously partially open, now became just gaping as if struggling for air. Her moans and groans now took on that “painful” quality — the kind when pleasure becomes so intense that it is actually unbearable.

Goosebumps started appearing all over her skin and she was visibly shaking now. She was getting where we wanted her to be. She almost slowed down, focusing all her energies on the dick penetrating her to get as much friction as she could.

I held her thighs firmly all the way until the orgasm, which shook her body into tiny little pieces. Her eyes rolled unseeingly as she was being taken over by the crashing elements of her arousal. I pulled her into an embrace, continuing the fucking, riding the rest of it with her, holding her tight. Convulsing, she shouted a guttural, “Oh FUCK!!” into my ear, almost deafening me. She arched her back as the wave of ecstasy after wave coursed through her, making her body even sweatier, stickier and sexier.

Slut to fuck indeed.

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