Twelve Hours Pt. 12


4:00 — 5:00

I took a little more than usual for Lily to recover. I felt I just needed a loo break, and was directed to the nearest one in this large house, which happened to be just two doors away in the corridor. As I was doing that, it occurred to me that, even with my large sexual drive that I’d always known was there, the complete lack of inhibitions that these two showed brought out an animal in me I didn’t know I had. There was a large clock in the hall on my way here — it was just two minutes past 4 in the night, which meant that it has now been about 7 hours of almost constant fucking. That I displayed enough stamina to not have cum was unbelievable to me, but it was rather clear to me that the night was not finished yet.

I wasn’t quite sure which of the two bitches I liked more. Lily was blonde and I was always partial to them — she was also younger than Alyssa, I think, probably just by a few years. Those rock hard nipples were incredible just now and it seemed she actually enjoyed getting gagged being deep-throated by a hard-on.

Alyssa’s tits were larger, though, and she had an actually perfectly smooth pussy across which my tongue would glide like across a sheet of glass. Her ass was also tighter, I thought.

That I did not really need to choose between these two was nothing short of a miracle, I thought, walking back to the room where I’d left them. There were already fully recovered, it seemed, and all over each other — Lily was just sucking Alyssa’s tits when I opened the door. She cracked me a smile.

“Ready for the next room?” Alyssa asked me. I nodded. It was difficult to imagine what else they might’ve thought of.

The next room was also upstairs, but on the other side of the house. It was a door overlooking that large open-space area downstairs we had gone through earlier. “Here,” Alyssa pushed the door and opened it. “Ah! You are here! Excellent!”

I froze, not quite believing what I saw.

The room was nothing special in itself this time — just a very large open-space kind of room, dominated by a large L-shaped comfortable-looking sofa with a kitchen to the side. All very modern, in bright white, greyish and metallic colours. It was still dark outside, but I could tell the windows went out on a large garden area.

But this was not what shocked me or, rather, made me freeze in pure astonishment.

It was the presence of a young — very young — girl, completely naked, playing with her shaved pussy, on the same sofa. “Hi Aly!” she waved at us, completely unperturbed. She showed a row of perfectly white teeth in a cute smile. “I am Sofia.”

“Don’t just stand there!” Lily, behind me, laughed at me. “Go and say hello!”

I simply did not see, for some reason, any more people coming here. It was rather obvious, though, what the reason of her “visit” was! My mind working fast, while taking in the newcomer’s appearance, I imagined all this must’ve been arranged before Alyssa first turned up at my house.

I walked up towards Sofia. She lowered her gazed and her lips curled into a devilish smile looking directly at my cock. Appearing to be a natural blond, she was very very slim with a petite figure but good-sized tits, I’d say D or E size. She was perfectly tanned all over her body, so the tits were of gorgeous light-brown colour. Her nipples were quite dark brown with very small areola circles around them, perfectly contrasting with the rest of them. Her tanned skin was very taut and blemish free, with almost no freckles anywhere. Very little make-up, small cute nose and very expressive wide blue eyes that gave her an air of innocence, although it was quite clear she was not innocent at all, looking at her fingers rubbing her clit all this time. Her pussy was nothing but innocent — smooth-shaven, with large pink pussy lips and clearly visible wet insides already.

But as I said already, she looked very very young. A bit like a schoolgirl. “Sorry, how old are you?” I blurted out.

She laughed heartily. “Relax. I am legal.” She paused for a few seconds, making it crystal clear by this what she was here for. Not that anyone doubted what it was. Then she added, “I turned 18 two weeks ago.”

“Fuck,” I said.

Alyssa stood next to me. “We thought you’d like it.” She laughed. “Come on, man, kiss her!”

I couldn’t believe it. Threesomes, lesbian action, fucking machines and now a foursome clearly coming up including a barely-legal teen. She stood up and before I even managed to initiate a kiss, she not so much kissed me but snaked her tongue — young, hot and moist — into my mouth. It was passionate, firm and decisive. At 18, how does one get this good? I thought even though the real test of that was only to come.

Whatever it is about men and teens, I couldn’t tell exactly. Particularly men who are older than teens. It is certainly that their bodies are younger and more flexible, the skin smoother and their facial features more attractive. Younger is better, basically. But there’s also something about such a young güvenilir bahis age being forbidden — not legally if she is 18 or older, but socially. It is “frowned upon”. Equally so, there’s enormous power that such young women wield over men, who (case in point) could risk almost anything to get the experience. These days, men are supposed to be in power, but the erotic power of a younger woman over a men often goes unmentioned. She certainly had it over me here.

She pushed me down to sit on the sofa. Sofia knelt in front of my quickly growing manhood. Lily, on her knees, crawled up to me from my left and Alyssa did the same from my right. The L-shaped sofa was large enough to accommodate all four of us. Fucking hell — I was about to be serviced by three extremely sexy women.

Sofia started with butterfly licks of my balls — her tongue oscillating against it. Even though these were just light touches, I shivered in pleasure. The other two “ladies” began working on my cock already licking the tip. Sofia’s fingers now wrapped around my balls rubbing them, looking over their heads directly into my eyes. Alyssa’s mouth took my cock in — I shut my eyes and moaned. Lily was licking the cock’s lengths and Sofia went back to licking my balls. Alyssa was soon sliding her lips up and down my length. Fucking incredible already! I grunted loudly when Sofia sucked one of my balls in her mouth — whoa, that young slutty tongue was sure working magic! Lily rose for a moment to shut up my moaning with a French kiss. Her tongue darted in deep, overwhelming me — my brain didn’t quite know what to focus on, the wet tongues all over my cock or that insistent tongue in my mouth.

She was soon back to the cock, though. She certainly wanted to suck it off as well. She opened her mouth wide and her head began bobbing. Sofia was now getting rougher and rougher with my balls. “Oh fu—” I began, but it was Alyssa this time who stopped me; she didn’t kiss me but stuck two fingers in my mouth, getting me to suck on them. Sofia clearly wanted her turn now, though, and her tongue was moving up my undershaft, signalling to Lily it was her turn. My hips jerked powerfully when those young tart’s lips closed around me. “Shit!” I moaned. Alyssa held the dick in place for her and Sofia assaulted it with quick, forceful downward movements. Already, I so wanted to slap the bitch and screw her now, and she was only just starting. I couldn’t reach her, so instead I reached for Lily’s ass and slapped that. Sofia was deep-throating me already — hard, firm and rhythmical. How this small young face was able to take this much cock I had no idea. Lily and Alyssa kissed right over my cock. Overwhelmed, I couldn’t stop a never-ceasing moaning now, but stretched my arms to find both Lily’s and Alyssa’s clits to rub them. This spurred them — to my disappointment, they stopped Sofia sucking me off and took over themselves — stuck their tongues out, grabbed the dick and slapped it against those tongues; Sofia was back to my ever-tightening balls.

Alyssa took over the sucking now, pushing it into her mouth. This was getting hotter and hotter — hell-hot — and it was impossible to just keep watching. My body was on fire already and my hands couldn’t just stay aimless. I pushed Alyssa’s thigh spreading her legs and found that pussy and began rubbing her hard. Our moaning was already omnipresent in the room. Now Lily took over sucking me off and Sofia went to kiss Alyssa, muffling her moans. Lily’s head was bobbing over my cock now and Sofia was soon back to the balls sucking them fiercely, muttering something to Lily that I couldn’t hear. Probably about wanting to take over because seconds later she had my cock in her mouth. I was becoming quickly convinced that of them three, she was the top bitch — she was a teen, of course, putting her in a completely different league, but seemed to be able to get the cock deeper in and her eyes — she would keep looking at me throughout with a “you can’t resist me, can you, you fucking dirty man” kind of look. She was now licking my undershaft clean, her hands gripping my balls securely. All the three girls now assaulted the top of my cock now, their tongue lashing against. This was so fucking heavenly — I yelled in pleasure and tossed my head back on the sofa. I grabbed Alyssa’s head — the closest to me, who slipped the cock in, letting the others lick around its length. I pushed her head down it, gagging her — Sofia kept licking, her expression of contentedness. She soon took over and pushed the dick in with ferocity and professionalism of a hooker — just a few seconds, but finishing with a deep-throat, hitting the back of her throat.

They took me as far as they could for now. I have to say I was quite disappointed that Sofia wouldn’t ride me already; it was Alyssa who did. Sofia went for a bit of lesbian action with Lily next to us on the sofa. Not to say that Alyssa was an actual let down — it’s just that I wanted to know already how tight that Sofia pussy is!

Alyssa squatted over me quickly, wasting türkçe bahis no time before riding me hard and fast. Great angle and position and my dick buried itself inside her fast — I grabbed her butt hard, squeezed it and instinctively began pushing it down onto me. Hot, insane slaps of our bodies against each other followed. Overpowered, she buried her face in the sofa’s back, surrendering.

We were accompanied by the sounds Lily and Sofia were making. They were already doing 69, with Lily on top of her, Sofia eating out her pussy, Lily’s ass right above her face. Most sounds came from Alyssa, loud moans and shouts, but Sofie started moaning — almost tonal, melodious sounds and I could watch Lily feasting on her pussy from where I was. Sofia’s tongue was all over Lily’s — entire wet pink tongue out pressed hard against the clit. “Oh shit, yes, YES!” Alyssa’s shouts were getting more out of control. We were now riding real hard with her ass landing fiercely on my cock. Unable to watch Lily and Sofia anymore as this was beginning to overpower me, with my two hands I started slapping that whoring ass. She turned her head looking back and began jiggling that ass in jerky circular motion (I love whenever girls do that!) creating more of that insane friction. “Oh you filthy bitch!” I hollered to her face.

Meanwhile, Sofia was eating Lily’s pussy and this getting harsher and more insistent and I could see Lily was losing that pussy eating out battle to her. Sofia’s nose pushing up against her folds, her lips and tongue attached themselves to the clit area and wouldn’t let go. The licks were strong and demanding and in the few times I could glance over that way, I could see Lily’s ass trembling in response. She tried to continue to eat her out, but was slowly beginning to be unable to continue, meeting her match.

Alyssa used Sofia’s thigh, close enough to her, to lean again, giving her a better way to ride me exerting less effort. My cock was going in deep inside that pulsating wet pussy; she would go from a vertical position to half lying (over me) position and back, but all the time used my throbbing cock as a tool — I did not need to thrust; she did all the work. The best moments were when she’d put her ass into a series of quick up-and-down movements over my dick — these would almost take me over the edge. I would grab her tits then, squeezing them hard trying to suck on them if I could, those tantalising udders of hers with their hard nipples dangling right over my face.

Lily and Sofia got up at this stage, pulling Alyssa off me to my initial dismay, but it was quickly replaced by realising what the next stage was. Sofia whispered something into Lily’s ear, whose lips curled into a wicked smile. “Mmm-hmmm—” she purred, and leaned over to whisper presumably the same to Alyssa. “Stand up, big boy,” Alyssa urged me in response to this. Frowning, with my cock, hanging out horizontally, pulsing, I did obey.

My pupils widened. The threesome all kneeled on the sofa near its corner; all of them on their fours, supporting themselves against their elbows on the back cushions. All spreading their legs, exposing their heavy, moist-dripping pussies to my hungry eyes, jiggling their tasty, yummy asses. This was a male heaven. Three cunts ready, waiting for my dick to enter, moaning. Alyssa was on the left, Sofia in the middle and Lily to her right. I licked my lips in anticipation, but was not able to stop some spit dripping down my chin — this was too much. Oooh, I was gonna love that! I looked at Sofia’s pussy, heavy with her juices, her pink crack’s glistening skin seeming to beckon me. I so loved that the first time I’d enter her was doggy style.

They wanted to be done in order, though. I don’t think they saw them, but I sighed slightly when Lily slapped her butt cheeks, indicating that she’d be first. I was hoping to be already doing the teen, but all good things come to those who wait, I suppose!

I stepped towards Lily, then, first checking how wet her snatch was. Quite so — I tasted her cum sticking the same finger in my mouth. Okay, then. I poised my cock against her pussy, bending my right knee to put my right foot onto the sofa for a better position. Placing my hand on her ass, I pushed in slowly, instantly eliciting ‘aaaaahhh’ from her. Getting into the rhythm, easily pushing inside her wet pulsating tunnel, I put another hand on her butt, squeezing. Fucking hot! Isn’t it just the best position to fuck’em — them just taking it from the back, at my mercy, begging me for more.

To her left, Sofia was running her tongue over her teenage lips, watching me seductively. Alyssa put her head on her ass, fingering her pussy, making sure she was ready for me when her time would come. Spurred by Lily’s tunnel’s wet friction around me, I was picking up speed — my balls slapped against her with every thrust. Her face was going pink and every shove of mine was punctuated with a moan or shout of hers. That young tight ass was too hot — I had to slap it, harshly. When I did, it seemed to be a signal güvenilir bahis siteleri for her to now start moving against me herself — I stopped moving; instead, she was now impaling herself on me, wiggling her hips around me: my slave doing my bidding completely. “Oh, fuck ya,” Sofia commented appreciatively. The friction she was giving me sent several surges up my spine. I could no longer keep my hips in place and launched now a brutal, merciless attack – a series of strong thrusts. Targetting her pussy as if it was my toy, eliciting a series of shouts from her, I just rammed my dick inside that hot dripping flesh, now slapping her ass with both hands, getting that white skin to redden, clearly arousing her even more, as if slapping a horse into a gallop. She was getting there — “make—make—make me cum!” I grabbed her shoulder now for better position; ignoring her constant moaning now, I kept slapping her as she buried her face now into a cushion, seconds away from climax. Sofia, slowly fingered all this time by Alyssa, was watching me all this time, with a wide grin, in clear anticipation of her own turn. Lily came seconds later, collapsing into a pathetic heap — I held her by the ass whilst her body was convulsing. “FUUUUCKK!” she growled, soon muffled by Sofia kissing her, darting her young tongue into her.

Sofia, you’re next now, I thought. I moved to the left. Alyssa slapped her butt lightly as if to say, “That what you’ve been waiting for!” She got comfortable by resting her elbows on the cushions and spread her thighs. The yummy glistening pink flesh was now inches away from my cock. I shuddered in anticipation. Lily’s hands wrapped round my cock guiding it to Sofia’s pussy.

I pushed inside. Me and her moaned loudly. “Oh my FUCKING GOOOOD!!” She was so tight. It was like she was a virgin or something! She laughed a moaning laugh in response. It was so overwhelming at first I arched my back and could not move — just had shivers and tingles all over my body. Alyssa used this time to spit on Sofia’s asshole and Lily knelt right behind me, watching.

Alyssa spat some more on my cock and Sofia’s pussy, then reached between her legs and began rubbing her nub. I started moving inside Sofia — slowly first; she was so tight, yet easily stretchable, that I was visibly shaking. Lily noticed this and whispered an impressed, “Ooohhhhh—” into my ear from behind me.

I was getting the hang of it now after those initial moments of overwhelm. Sofia was already moving her ass against me, although we were still moving slowly. That young salacious body was to die for. I wanted to just lick her all over. Alyssa kept rubbing her clit, but was now lying on her back, legs spread wide open — another hand rubbing her own button. Lily put one hand on my ass, watching from behind, another hand on her own clit, too.

“Oh, that cock is SO HUGE!” Sofia panted. I had to slap her tight curvy ass after that! “Sir, keep fucking your girl!” She knew how to keep me going! We were definitely picking up the rhythm and speed. The moaning was getting louder. I put one hand on Sofia’s shoulder, finally getting in the right position and good angle: tripling the speed of thrusts, clearly to her surprise and pleasure, I started shoving in hard — short, brutal thrusts all the way in, getting real deep inside her, feeling her clench around my entire length tight. Pulling out was as heavenly as pushing in — the friction was incredible. “Oh yes, SIR!” she hissed through gritted teeth, making it sound like I was her teacher — with her age and mine I could have been! I reached for her young tits and squeezed hard her rock-hard nipples. Everything about that little bitch was absolutely divine! Instinctively, she did exactly the same to Alyssa — reached for her tits squeezing her nipples. I was half-lying against Sofia’s back now in this position, breathing on her neck, holding her by her left arm. “Fuck, FUCK, yeah!” she kept yelling, the sounds of half pain half pleasure. “Oh my God, keep going, keep going!” With that tight box, there was no way I was stopping!

Lily wasn’t idle back there, either. She snaked her hand around my leg wrapping it at the base of my cock, rubbing my balls, too. Driven further by this, I now launched the assault: first, I squeezed Sofia’s tits really hard and hissed in her ear, “Come on, little whore, you gonna cum for sir?” She growled a gargled, “Ye—ss—” in response. “Hands on your ass, then!” I ordered. “Good girl!” Alyssa commented when she did. I took my dick almost outside of her box now, stopping just at the end. “Each thrust, one spank!” I further commended her. Took one second and now began long hard thrusts, each brutally ramming her open. As ordered, she spanked herself. “HARDER!” I yelled in her ear. She tried again. “Better,” I whispered and the second thrust pushed her wide open. Alyssa now grabbed her tit and sucked on hard, adding another level of arousal. She pulled her entire tit into her mouth moulding it with her tongue. Lily now reached for her clit, too. Sofia, spanking herself with every thrust of mine, was fucked, rubbed and sucked now — now essentially screaming in pleasure without a break. She was cumming soon enough, crawling in front of me on the cushions, her ass red, her tit red and drenched in Alyssa’s cum.

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