Twins Ch. 3


In the middle of the night, I was gently awakened by the feeling of a hand playing with my cock, stroking it back to full hardness. As I stirred, Jean said “Hi. Isn’t this a nice way to wake up?” I only groaned in reply, took her in my arms and kissed her deeply.

She broke away after a moment, and looked at me. “I want you to know something. I saved myself for you even when I wanted to fuck so bad I could hardly stand it. I wanted to wait until it was right. Because you were loving and patient with me, I promise you that I’ll never say ‘No’ to you again. I’ll never, ever, withhold myself from you, no matter what. If you want, I’ll fuck you on the courthouse steps at noon. Also,” she hesitated for a moment, “I’ll do anything you want sexually. Anything at all. That’s how much I love you and trust you.”

I was astonished for a moment. After all, until a couple of hours before, Jean had been a virgin. She had not even let me touch her pussy the whole time we dated, and it had been almost a year before she let me touch her naked tits. Well, maybe she had finally grown up into the real world.

As if to illustrate her point, Jean dove towards my cock, and started to suck and lick it. It sprang to full attention at once. I reached for her and pulled her around on top of me in a classic “69”. I spread her ex-virgin cunt lips and dove in with vigor. We ate each other with passion, with me trying to bury my face in her squirming snatch, and she trying to swallow my whole dick.

I concentrated canlı bahis on her swollen clit and licked it gently, to Jean’s pleased moans. I could feel her licking the head of my shaft and then repeatedly taking more and more of it into her throat, trying to get it all in her petite mouth. I wanted to drive her crazy, so I stuck a finger in her while I was licking her. Her gyrations on my face increased in vigor, and her head started to bob up and down on my cock faster and faster, all the while taking slightly more with each suck.

I wanted to drive her really wild, so I took my finger out of her soaked pussy, replaced it with my thumb, and slowly eased my wet finger ever so slightly into her virgin asshole. This caused her to come up for air for a moment with a gasp, but after a second, she resumed her sucking, even wilder than before, as if she were desperate to come. I pumped my fingers in and out of her as I felt my come rising in my cock. I wanted her to come in the biggest orgasm she had ever had when I shot my load down her throat for the first time, so while pumping my fingers, and rubbing them against each other through her internal walls, I took her clit between my lips, and licked the end of it as fast as my tongue would move. Her moans got louder and louder, and she finally took my cock in the whole way! I moaned loudly at this, and my moans must have vibrated her clit, as she started to come in a monster orgasm. She sucked my dick furiously to the root, stifling her screams bahis siteleri around it. She ground her cunt so hard into my face I thought I would suffocate, and I had to use both arms to hold on to her.

In the process, her wild thrashing tossed us to the floor, but we did not stop our wild oral fucking. I landed on top, and pumped my dick as fast as I could hard and deep into her mouth. Suddenly, I began to come, the first spurt so hard that it splashed against the back of her throat and filled her mouth to overflowing. She swallowed as fast as I spurted. Jean continued to come, over and over, her screams muffled by my dick in her mouth, and her swallowing my copious load.

I stopped coming, and rolled off her onto the rug next to her panting hard. Jean rolled over on her back, also panting hard from our exertions. But it seemed that she wasn’t ready to quit yet, as she looked at me, grinned, pulled her legs back to her tits, reached down to her cunt, spread the lips wide and said, “I want you to fuck me some more. Fuck me deep and as hard as you can, until I cum so much I can’t stand it!”

Despite our recently concluded “69”, my boner had not lessened its hardness a centimeter, and I gladly proceeded to comply with my sweetheart’s passionate request. I had stored up enough hormones to get me through a dozen weekends with Jean, even if she was turning into a wild nympho, to my shocked but pleased surprise.

I pushed her thighs back into her beautiful little tits, and slammed bahis şirketleri my cock into her with all my might. “That’s it! Fuck me hard and fast! Fuck me good with that big dick!” I hastened to comply and pounded away as fast as I could move. Jean quickly started to come, and come, and come, almost non- stop. As for me, my balls were so drained that I couldn’t come (or so I thought), but I was so excited I was in no danger of losing my erection.

Well, we kept this up for about an hour, fucking away furiously non-stop so hard I was sure my pelvic bones would be sore for a week (they were). It was totally animalistic sledgehammer fucking, but we enjoyed every second. Jean certainly did. I tried to count her orgasms, but gave up around 50.

We couldn’t keep this up forever, and I was tiring, and I could tell Jean was too. But she aimed for the big finish, reaching around my ass to fondle my balls, and after a moment, wetted a finger in her mouth and started fingering my ass. “Shoot your hot cum in me, I need it so bad, I want to feel you fill me, that’s it fuck that pussy hard, come on, come in me now!”

This had the desired effect. I started to come so hard, I completely lost control, flopping around like a fish out of water, and growling like an animal. As soon as she felt my hot spurt, Jean grabbed my face and kissed me deeply, sticking her tongue as far as possible down my throat, and grinding her over-excited clit into my bruised body, coming once again.

We barely had the strength to crawl back in bed after this, and as we kissed and stroked each other gently, we fell asleep, sweaty and sticky, but exhausted and satisfied, at least until later. We were so fucked out, we slept until noon.

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