Two Become One


Shane and I had known each other in college for 3 years. We were both tired of our roommates this year. Shane complained about his playing music late into the night while he tried to study. Mine was worried he would miss class so he woke up 3 hours early for his first class which was 3 hours earlier than I had to get up and was a slob. This year we both had our vehicles on campus and decided to move off campus and be roommates. He had heard of an opening in a trailer park that was close to campus so we decided to look into it.

We met the landlord at the lot number he said was open. It wasn’t hard to find as it sat at the very end of the street on the left. There was just one neighbor on the left side and nothing but some trees on the right side. We sat in my truck and I told Shane “It doesn’t look that bad from the outside.”

“No, Terry, it doesn’t. I just hope the inside is half way decent.”

We both got out my car and walked up to Mr. Lowry who was standing at the bottom of the steps that led to the front door.

“Hello boys, you can call me Tim, come in and let me show you the place. I think you’ll like it, I just had new carpet and kitchen appliances put in.”

I followed Shane up the stairs and inside. It was not a 5 star hotel but for two college juniors that had been living in dorms, it was far more than half decent. We could definitely smell the new carpet smell as we walked in.

“Well, it’s a pretty simple layout boys, one bedroom here to the right, furnished as you can see. A very open living area. Here is the kitchen, as you can see, new stove and fridge. Now down this hallway there’s the bathroom and the other bedroom on this end, furnished like the other one. So what do you think?”

“Well, Mr. Lowry, uh Tim, Shane and I need to talk this over a minute.”

“Sure sure, take a few minutes to discuss, but think quickly, I’ve got others interested.”

Mr. Lowry stepped outside and stood by his truck. Shane turned and looked at me punching me in the arm. “What are you doing, saying we have to think about it? This is awesome.”

“Hey, take it easy, I just didn’t want him to think we were desperate and have him run up the rent. This is far better than I thought it would be.”

I looked over to make sure Mr. Lowry was still by his truck. Reaching out and grabbing Shane by the arm I pulled him up against me.

“I think the place looks great and I think you look great as always.” Leaning into him I kissed his lips.

I leaned up and whispered to him almost giggling with excitement “I can’t believe we are going to have a place like this to ourselves, no more being secretive like in the dorm room, no more carrying stuff to the bathroom down the hall to the shower, we can even cook our own meals.”

Shane’s arms wrapped around my waist pulling me tighter against him grinning “I know, it’s almost like we could be a man and wife in their first home.”

“You romantic you, are you going to carry me across the threshold?”

“I don’t know about that, who knows what the neighbors might think.”

We were in a small town college and he was right. It was the sort of town where discretion was probably better so we always played it straight as an arrow when around others. But, they didn’t need to know what went on inside when we were alone and I had already made up my mind to make it a special night for us if everything worked out and it looked like it was going to. The rent was more than reasonable and included utilities and we both were working at a local restaurant.

After a few more kisses, we straightened our shirts and wiped the moistness from our lips and went outside.

“Mr. Lowry, uh Tim, I discussed it with Terry and I guess will go ahead and sign the lease.”

“Fine boys, I think you’ll enjoy the place.”

Mr. Lowry had no idea how much.

We finished the paperwork on the hood of his truck. Mr. Lowry left and we went back inside and just stood and looked around trying to take it all in.

“So, Terry, which bedroom do you want? I think I’m taking this one down the hallway” he said and took off towards the one in the back. He stood in the doorway checking out “his” new bedroom. I ran down the hallway and came up behind kütahya escort him placing one of my hands on his waist and the other around him pressing on his chest pulling him against me.

“But I planned on taking this one, are we going to have to wrestle for it?”

He turned around to face me and I walked him back to the edge of the bed loosening hi belt and unzipping his fly. My hands reached under the waist band of his boxers, slid them down to his ankles and pushed him back onto the bed. Taking my position on my knees between his legs I grabbed his semi hard dick with my left hand and softly held his balls in my right. Licking my lips I placed them around the head. Shane placed his hands behind his head raising it off the bed and watched me. As I looked into his eyes, I slowly sucked on him, bobbing my head up and down feeling him get bigger and harder between my lips. He asked me if I liked it and I mumbled you know I do with his dick in my mouth and winked at him. My tongue swirled around his manhood in slow circles with my lips tight around his shaft. It wasn’t long before his cum was shooting against the back of my throat. I held him in me until he finished squirting and licked him clean.

“So, can I share this room with you or not?” grinning at him wiping a little of his cum off my chin.

“Ok, you win, but I get to pick my side of the bed” grinning back.

“It’s a deal.”

It didn’t take long to move our things into our new place. Mainly clothes were all we had in our rooms. We each did have a TV so one went in the living room and one in our room. We then spent most of the day house shopping. Cleaning supplies, a few pots and pans, coffee pot, dishes, glasses and silverware. Next were groceries. We were looking forward to cooking our first meal and I wanted to try a baked chicken dish my mom always made. It was the end of summer but still quite warm, so our beer of choice was Corona with lime wedges.

Back at our new place, we got everything put away and enjoyed a cold beer in our new mugs. I wanted to get cleaned up first before starting dinner so I went in the bathroom. It was so nice to not have to get everything together, walk down to the other side of the floor I lived on to take a shower. This was just like back home. I stepped in the shower and was able to take all the time I wanted. I am naturally smooth skinned all over except for my pubic area. I like the feel of being smooth down there and so does Shane. I lathered up my crotch and took my time making sure every area was as smooth as silk. Putting on a pair of short black shorts and white tight fitting t shirt I came back in the kitchen to start with our dinner.

Shane was already standing at the sink getting the chicken ready. I came up behind him with my arms around his waist and told him to go sit and relax, he had done enough. He said he didn’t feel right just doing nothing so I suggested he grab another beer and go relax in the tub. I mean you weren’t able to do that in a dorm bathroom. He grabbed another out of the refrigerator and headed to the bathroom. My purpose was twofold. I wanted him ready for some fun as soon as we finished diner and I always enjoyed our fucking when he is a little tipsy as it took him even longer to reach a climax. Hell, I might as well have another myself I thought.

We sat at the small table in our new place and enjoyed our first meal together. We talked about how what kind of decorating we could do to the place; paintings, plants, furniture rearranging. The dish turned out better than I thought and Shane complimented me on it even though neither one of us could eat very much. I think we both were kind of excited about spending a whole night together without worrying about possible interruptions. We finished our beers and sat in silence for a little while just taking it all in.

“You know what would really top off the meal Terry? A dessert of some kind.”

“I know. I can’t believe we never thought to get something.”

“We could run out and pick something up from the store, or how about that ice cream stand? I think there still open.”

“I don’t think we should risk it Shane, I mean who’s going to drive? We both have had a malatya escort few beers.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Grinning at Shane “I say we go back to the bedroom, our bedroom, and have a little dessert there.”

“Hell, we’ll clean the dishes later, you’re thinking the same thing I am Terry”.

Shane followed me back to the bedroom but asked me to wait before I went in. He went back in the kitchen and I heard a drawer open and close. Walking quickly past me he told me again to just stay there a minute. I can hear a match being lit and see a soft glow form the room. He walks back out to me as I ask what is going on. He bends over and places an arm behind my knees and one around my back and picks me up in his arms as my eyes open wide.

“I didn’t think I could get away with carrying you across the threshold, but I can carry you through the door to our bedroom” he said with a big smile.

I was carried into our room to the side of the bed with the lights off, a candle lit on each night stand and two burning on the dresser.

“I got them ready after I got out of the bath tub. I thought you might like them”

I leaned to his face and kissed him passionately. I was putty in his arms and wanted to please him more than anything right then. Shane laid me down on the bed and started to undress. He tried to quickly take of of his khaki shorts. He was already hard and his hard on got caught by the waistband. As he pulled his shorts out away from it to take them off, his cock sprang free and bounced against his stomach. He pulled the shirt over his head and I looked at him standing in the candle light. He looked gorgeous to me. Walking over to me, starting at my calves he ran his strong hands up my legs inside my short black shorts.

“Hmm, no underwear, I like” he said grinning.

Smiling back, I raised my hips a few inches so he could pull them down and throw them to the floor on top of his. He commented on how nice my smooth cock and balls looked. I told him I wanted tonight to be special for him. He told me tonight was already the best night he ever had. I wanted to make it even better. He placed his hands down by my sides and pulled my shirt up and over my head.

Shane told me to roll over on my stomach and I felt him straddle me. His warm hands massaged my neck and shoulders. My arms were down by my side and he started shoulders and gently rubbed them working his way down my biceps to my hands. With the palms of his hands he massaged in small to larger circles down my back. I could feel any tension being rubbed away. His fingers and thumbs gently applied pressure to my lower back using his palms to rub down my hips. I could feel his hard on rubbing against my skin when he would lean forward to kiss my neck and whisper how wonderful I looked in the candle light and how much my body turned him on. Where the precum rubbed against me it turned from warm spots to cool as the air blew across them. I felt so totally relaxed but he wasn’t done yet. I felt the bed wiggle as he turned around to face my legs. Again starting with my thighs, one leg at a time, gentle massaging from my ass cheeks down to my thighs. My legs spread apart as he rubbed my inner thigh. My cock was under me pointing down towards the foot of the bed and every now and then his fingers would brush against the head of it or my scrotum causing me to moan softly. I bent my knee raising one leg up and he held it with one hand and massaged my calve with the other. After kissing my toes, I knew he was finished and raised the other for him.

He then positioned himself higher up on me and lay down on top of me. I felt soft kisses on my ass cheeks as he moved toward the middle. Hands pulled my cheeks apart as he buried his face between them, kissing and licking the outside of my hole and the head of my dick and my exposed balls.

I could hardly take much more; I wanted him in me so badly. His hands rolled me over on my back.

“It’s time I paid you back for this afternoon, my little lover” he said.

I wasn’t going to turn him down. I was about ready to blow from just his massage. His mouth felt so warm and wet as he took all of me. I leaned up and watched his cheeks tighten manisa escort as he sucked me. His beautiful lips wrapped around my cock moving up and down on me. He pulled off of me momentarily to catch his breath and I saw a string of saliva and precum dangling from my cock to his lips. He didn’t have to suck me much more before my balls tightened and I released into his mouth. He was grinning almost as much as I was as he moved up towards me. Our lips met and as I parted for his tongue, my cum flowed between my lips instead catching me by surprise. Tasting the saltiness of my own cum and his soft wet lips was the hottest, most memorable kiss I ever had.

“Shane, I need you inside me now, don’t make me wait any longer.”

I was already pushing him up and spreading my legs apart for him. With my legs up on his chest and spreading my ass for him, he lubed his raging hard on. I was so relaxed and horny that he had no problem getting the head of his cock into me this time. I closed my eyes and felt him enter me inch by loving inch. The headboard was a little too close to the wall with all the thrusting, so he took a pillow and slipped it between it and the wall. We would have been busted big time if we were in a dorm room. Now all we could here was us moaning, breathing heavy and how much we loved each other. My hands moved up around his back and I could feel his warm skin, a couple of beads of sweat dripping onto my stomach.

Flipping me back onto my stomach, I put the other pillow under me to raise my ass I the air a little higher for him. His strong hands held onto my shoulders as I reached down and guided him back into me. His hot body was lying on top of me, my thighs spread apart for him, my ass bouncing as he pounded down into me. I kept telling him how good he felt making love to me, how I felt his balls slapping against me, he was the only lover I would ever want or need and how much I wanted his cum in my tight ass. He slid his arms under me and wrapped them up over my shoulders and pulled us tight against each other and I felt his cock start to swell and warm cum spurting out of him into me. We stayed like that for some time catching our breath.

“Terry that was the best fuck we ever had. I’ve never been so turned on.”

“You don’t have to tell me, I felt ever bit of it and loved it. In fact it still feels like you’re a little turned on down there.”

“I know, let me pull out and give you a break.”

With my face turned to the side, his cheek resting on my cheek, my head resting on my hands with his arms on top of mine “No, please don’t. I could stay like this all night. Your chest and stomach pressed against my back, feeling your lovely manhood in my ass.”

“Actually, I do need to. I need to hit the bathroom, but we can get back like this when I come back.”

“Number one or number two?”

“Pee silly!”

Shane started to rise up off my back and I grabbed his hand. “Let me go for you.”

“How the hell are you going to do that?”

“Just stay the way you are, and pee.”

“In you?”

“Yeah, just stay inside me, when it gets soft enough for you to go, let it go in me. You just lay here in bed and I’ll take care of it for you.”

After a bit more coaxing, I felt some trickle out. I always thought his cum felt warm, but this was warmer and lasted a lot longer than four or five streams of cum. It started as a little trickle but then came out more forceful. I knew he couldn’t stop now, that always hurts to stop midstream. It ended with another trickle then his cock jerked a few times in me getting it all out. Both his warm piss and cum were in my ass. He pulled out quickly so I wouldn’t leak any as my sphincter clamped down tightly. I clenched my ass cheeks as tight as possible and got to the toilet as fast as I could. This first time I barely held it in until I sat down.

I came back in and blew out the candles. Getting back in bed and snuggling next to him I asked if he decided what side of the bed he wanted.

“Let’s just both of us take the middle. I like it that way better. Like husband and wife.”

Giving him a soft kiss, “Thanks for the honeymoon Shane.”

We laid there on our sides spooning naked with him behind me. His strong arms wrapped around me and I placed my hand on top of his on my chest. I felt his chest rise and fall against my back, his warm sweet breath against my face. I started thinking. Boy my ass is going to be sore tomorrow, but it was more than worth it. I think we’ll have breakfast in bed in the morning.

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