Subject: 2 Bull Breeding (2) This is a fictional story about this hot black couple that I found on Twitter one day. Simon and Gio. Both these smoldering ebony gods are built like brick shit houses. Simon the bigger of the two men. That’s because he is just plain huge. Gio definitely the sexier of the two. Both are stud bulls with big cocks and almost brutal sexual prowess. This is only fiction as I have not physically met the two hot men. Just chatted online with them is all. But… Just say the words my hot studs…. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Two Bull Breeding (2) … It all began when I sent Gio a comment on a hotter than Hell image I had seen on his page. The hot guy holding on to a very gorgeous big dick in hand as he sat back on some chair. Hot naked body as he glared at the camera. Just looking utterly smoldering. The sight of him like that had me instantly horny. And I wished I was there between his muscular thighs and gong for the the obelisck of sex he had. “My God. Look at him” I said aloud “This guy is pure sex” I felt a tug at my shorts. So I already knew I was getting excited. So as I could not stop staring at the istanbul travesti image of this sex God I decided to comment on it. To just let him know how incredible he looked in that image. “My God man..” I started in the message “Best image i have ever seen” “Pure sex!” I sent it. Not expecting anything of it. And then I went back to gazing at his images. Pictures of the smoldering Gio and his hot huge boyfriend Simon. The two of them were just pure sexual lust. But it was Too that really boiled up my loins. But as they were a couple, I had no expectations of any type of connection with them. That was until I received a message on one of my images on my page. Now unlike the hot muscle hunks they were I did not provide naked pics or anything of that kind on my page. But I had some decent selfies in clothes and such. So as I logged in to the aite one day I saw a notification that ‘Simon’ had posted a comment on one of my images. At first I hadn’t the foggiest who Simon was. Bit as I went to my picture that he commented on I saw the avatar of his page in the comment. “Hey man. Saw you posting on my mans page” it read istanbul travestileri “Decided to check you out”. I worried that he was jealous and wanted me to know I was off base commenting on Gios page as I had done. Bit it was not a threatening comment at all. It was something entirely different. “You look very fuckable” he added “We all should hang out” “You, me and Gio” “Cuz I wanna slam yer hot looking ass” I sat back in shock as I read Simons comment. He sure sounded like a horned dog. And I was sure he would destroy my ass with that big dick of his. His huge bull body on me would probably also crush me. But I found myself getting all kinds of horny for it and him. Even if he was no where near as attractive as ‘his man’ Gio But I did thank him for the comment. Then said q sorry excuse as to why I would not hook up with him. But as his message back not long after, he called BS. “Awe come on” he sent back “We are not that far apart” “We should hook up. The tree of us..” I saw that final note about ‘the three of us’ and then realized he wanted a three way with me and his man Gio. And that was a ahole other travesti istanbul thing entity. Me Simon and the sexy Gio having a sexy rime together. I pictured myself worshiping both men. Their bodies and those big dicks. Myself getting slammed silly by both men. Legs up or face down with maybe one at each end of me. I was pulling at my dick from how hot the imagery was in my head. And I knew I wanted both these men now. Even of my loins and ass and bowels were all fucked up and shredded up at the end of it all. And he was right after all. I was no more than a few hours drive from the two hot men. I could leave midday and get there by dinner time. Just in time for a huge ‘prime beef’ dinner of double duty meat. “Fuck” I huffed. “I can do this” “And I should” “May be only chance of hooking up with these stone hard studs” “And can’t squander the opportunity” So I replied back to Simon. Letting the hunk know that yes, I could meet up and have a ‘good ole time’ with him and Gio. That just to give me a date and I would make it possible to go “Great man” he said back to me “I will check with Gio, and I will get back to you soon” And I waited for the response. When would this event happen, if at all. For even though Simon seemed all up for this three way. I had yet to hear from Gio. Heck I had yet to see him respond to my original comment. That was until he did… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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