Two city girls visit the country (3)

Two city girls visit the country (3)After a night whispering sweet nothings in each others’ ears, snuggling up close and generally bathing in the warm afterglow of our evening of passion, Tessa and I woke late and came down to breakfast happy and relaxed. The farmhouse kitchen was deserted, as her uncle and his wife were obviously out working – you do forget how early and late farm work can be, especially if you’re just a city girl like me.We were on our second pot of tea, when we heard the kitchen door open and saw Jack, her uncle, come in for his mid-morning snack.“Ah, good morning, girls,” he said. “Late night was it? I’ll have some of that, if I may.” And he helped himself to some tea from the pot. “Sounded like you were having fun, anyway,” he smirked. “These walls are pretty thick, but they couldn’t keep out the sound of you two shouting and screaming away.”I gulped in embarrassment. “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry,” I said. “I didn’t realize anyone could hear. I don’t know what to say.”“Oh, don’t worry about it. As long as you were enjoying yourselves.” He sipped his tea thoughtfully. “In fact, it’s quite sweet. You two an item, then?”“As a matter of fact, Uncle Jack,” Tessa said, “we are.” She took my hand and kissed it. “We certainly are.” This public confession of our relationship and our love filled me with such happiness that I couldn’t stop a goofy grin spreading all over my face. I said, “I guess you’re the one who may be bit embarrassed now. We’ll try and be discreet while we’re here – I don’t suppose a lesbian couple is going to be easy to accept out here.”“Well, we’re not as backward as you may think,” said Jack. “But maybe not too much snogging while the others are around; I don’t want my farm hands distracted.” A bit late for that, I thought, remembering our time with Tony last night. “And believe me, girls, I do understand. There was a time not so long ago when I had some, let’s say, questions about my own sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m basically a red-blooded heterosexual male, but I’m not insensitive to feelings like that.”“Oh, Uncle Jack, what on earth do you mean?” said Tessa. “You mean you fancied other men? Maybe still do?” she asked archly.“No, not any more, but escort eskişehir something happened about five or so years ago, before I met Megan, that, how can I put it, sowed the seeds of doubt in my mind.”“Do tell,” said Tessa. “Your secret’s safe with us.”“You sure you want to hear this? It’s probably not what you’re expecting.”“Whatever it is, maybe just talking about it will bring you a bit of peace,” I said. “But we’ll respect your wish not to tell if that’s what you want”“Well OK, but none of this must find it’s way to Megan.”“We’ll be gone tomorrow, Uncle Jack, she’s not going to learn from us,” said Tessa, and invited him to continueI should perhaps explain that Jack is only about ten years older than us; he was apparently an “afterthought”, which means that it wasn’t like some pervy old uncle getting off on talking dirty, but like a maturer student sharing experiences. Anyway, he settled down to telling us his story.“I had just turned 24 at the time and was living a very wild bachelor life. Girls, girls, girls; partying non-stop, burning the candle at both ends, that sort of thing. I had a flat in town which I sort of had fairly free use of – it belonged to a family friend who spent most of his time abroad, so in exchange for my keeping an eye on it and looking after it, he let me use it as my own little pied-a-terre. You remember Carl, Tessa? It was his place. After a week on the farm (and sometimes in the middle of the week) I’d go up town and pick up a girl and take her back there for a night of mutual lust. It was great. Living the dream. Well, a young man’s dream.“Then one weekend, I picked up this girl at a club; she was a student like you, maybe even a bit younger, and of course I invited her back to the flat. She was young and cute and very willing, and I couldn’t wait to get her back there to suck her and fuck her and generally have some fascinating female company. Pardon my language, I was getting carried away there.”Tessa smiled. “You think we don’t know what these words mean, Uncle Jack, or that our little girly selves will reel with shock? Give us credit – call a spade a spade, it’s much better all round.”“Yeah, OK. Sometimes my self-censoring switch eskişehir escort is turned off. But I’m glad you’re OK with it. So where was I?”“You were about to get into this young girl’s knickers,” I said. “To suck her and fuck her, or something like that.”His eyes opened in surprise. “Yeah, I was wasn’t I? Anyway, we get back to the flat, lights low, small drop of something to make us mellow, her sitting on my lap kissing and feeling me, my hands up her top feeling her tits, when the doorbell rings.“Naturally I’m a bit annoyed at this and my first thought is not to answer the door. But then, whoever it is can see lights on, so if I don’t answer it they might, I dunno, call the police or something. So apologising profusely to little Emma – that was her name – I went to see who it was.“Imagine my surprise to find Carl there – politely ringing the bell to his own flat.“ “Sorry, mate,” he said. “I would have let you know but it was all a bit last-minute. I really wouldn’t disturb you as I’m sure you might have other things on your mind, but I need to crash out for a couple of days. It’s OK, we can share, it’ll be cool.”“I mumbled something untrue about it being fine, and ushered him into the lounge, where Emma was waiting. It’s difficult to be demure in a short party skirt and tight-fitting top, but she seemed pretty laid back and treated the arrival of this strange man with utter calm.“Anyway, for an hour or so the three of us chatted a bit, drank a bit, actually got on quite well. Until Carl finally got the hint and took himself off to bed. I dragged Emma over to me to carry on from where we had been so rudely interrupted. We kissed and groped at each other with an energy that had only been made stronger by that interval. I took her to my bedroom and greedily ripped my clothes off while she did the same. Before long we were fucking hard, her tight little body feeling so good as I thrust deep into her. I was so horny that I came very quickly, before she did in fact, which is something I don’t often do. She told me not to worry, that there was plenty of time, and she gently coaxed my cock back to its full hardness, taking it into her mouth to a depth that amazed me in one so eskişehir escort bayan young.“I think we must have made more noise than we thought, because the next think I know is that Carl has opened the bedroom door and is standing there naked with his huge cock erect and pulsing. Strangely I didn’t mind this, in fact I found it quite arousing. But not as much as little Emma who gave a little squeal of delight and knelt before him to suck him off before my very eyes.“I watched fascinated as she licked and sucked Carl until he came all over her pretty face, splashing cum on her lips, eyes, tits, everywhere.“She licked her lips and said, “When you’ve recovered from that I’d like you to fuck me. I’ve never seen a cock that big and it’ll be interesting to see if I can take it. Meanwhile,” she said, turning to me, “you can fuck me again; I expect you’re about ready for it now.”“And that, seeing her face and tits covered in cum, was the understatement of the year. Fuck her I did, and the knowledge that Carl was watching made it the best fuck of my life.”Here he paused and drifted off, lost in this memory. Tessa and I exchanged knowing glances, enjoying this tale more than perhaps we, or certainly I, would like to admit.“Anyway,” Jack resumed, “in case you’re wondering, she took all of Carl’s cock inside her while begging me to fill her mouth at the same time. Interestingly we all came together. We fucked again later, this time me inside her pussy and her mouth on Carl’s cock. I wondered whether I should touch Carl, but it never happened. So the one time in my life I came near to another man with sex in mind, I didn’t do anything. If he’d offered or suggested that I suck or stroke him, I would have done it, I know. But it was not to be. “I left with Emma next morning and our paths never crossed again. And whenever I’ve seen Carl since, which is not often, we exchange sly glances, but don’t talk about what happened that night.”“Aren’t you the dark horse, Uncle Jack,” said Tessa. “And how you’ve calmed down. The only wild oats around now are on the fields in this farm. Thanks for sharing that with us; it means a lot.”“Yeah, well. That’s life. And now I’ve got to get back to work, so excuse me girls. And remember: don’t breathe a word of this to Megan.”“Of course not,” I said, and off he went.We weren’t to know it then, but Megan had a little secret of her own that she’d never told him. This weekend was just getting more and more interesting by the hour.

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