Two Cops

From Behind

I was returning home from an art show in Pittsburgh. I drive a 1964 Volkswagen bus. It is mostly stock 4 speed, with the usual poor heater, radio and horsepower. These things are not a problem if you dress warmly in the winter, can play music in your head and are not in a hurry to get anyplace.

Along with not being in a hurry it helps if you like to take back roads, avoid the high speed interstate, turnpike and the national roads. This was the fall, so the temperature was good.

I was driving on US Rt 22 and was a good ways towards home, when I was stopped at a speed trap outside of Cambridge, Ohio. It was a little village that evidently made a substantial profit from the speed trap. The speed dropped from 55 mph to 25 mph, and just after the sign lay the unmarked village cruiser. I had seen the car on the side, but my brain was wandering and I was pulled over a few hundred feet down the road.

I pulled the bus over to the berm and the cruiser swung in front of me at a diagonal. I’m sure thet were ready to look over me and my bus very closely. I had nothing to hide and watched as they seemed to sniff alot as they were asking me all the usual questions, checking for the smell of burning hemp, I am sure.

The older of the two, just about my age, was showing the youngster the procedure and told me that they measured my speed at 40 mph. I could choose to plead guilty today and pay the fine today, or I could come back to a court date in the future. I wanted to pay the fine and move on.

The older cop told me that they could accept cash, check or credit card, but I was going to have to pay before I could go on my way. I didn’t want to pay cash, so I decided to pay by credit card. The older cop said that they would have to take me back to the station to process the card.

He told the youngster to drive the cruiser to the station and he would ride with me. He started to give me directions and I complied, and soon we were stopped at a little cottage that acted as the jail and the courtroom. The young deputy lived in the back in an attached apartment.

As we were driving to the courthouse, Mitchell, the older cop told me he expected to find a hippie driving the bus. I told him a hippie is driving the bus. He laughed and said that the hippies all believed in free love. güvenilir bahis I said that was certainly true, and as a bona fide hippie peacenik chick, I was a believer in free love and a half dozen other slogans from my youth.

This got Mitchell’s attention and I could feel his mind wrapping around what I had said. The sexual tension began to build as the drive continued to the station. I parked the bus, grabbed my shoulder bag and followed Mitchell into the cottage, just in front of his protege, Elmer.

Mitchell pulled Elmer to the side, after he indicated where he wanted me to sit at the arraignment desk, and they entered into a short quiet conversation. I waited patiently, until they both came over to stand in front of me at the desk.

Mitchell told me that the fine for the ticket would be $100.00 plus $50.00, in court costs, and he could put that on any major credit card. I fumbled slowly in my bag, looking at the bottom for my billfold, stalling purposefully to allow Mitchell the time to state his alternative to the heavy fine and costs. The room was deathly still, as I slowly looked up into Mitchell’s face and he asked me if I was interested in a little old fashioned barter.

I looked, first at Mitchell and then Elmer directly in the eyes, and asked them if I could get off by fucking them both. Mitchell said he would be happy to make those arrangements and we could go into Elmer’s apartment and consummate the transaction.

I stood up and told him that wouldn’t do. I wanted the cops to do me on the desk, where all the fines were levied and payment received in full.

I pulled Elmer over to me and began to kiss him deeply, causing instant arousal in his youthful pants. Mitchell was a bit more deliberate as he quietly disrobed and folded his clothes neatly on the nearest chair. Elmer and I were kissing and Mitchell joined in, by starting to disrobe me.

I spun to face him, telling Elmer to strip quickly, and began to allow Mitchell to unbutton my blouse and expose my lacy bra. Elmer was stripped and his proud cock was standing tall and ready to blast off. I whispered to Mitchell to trust me, and spun around to take the cockinto my mouth.

I knew that the youth would only last a few more seconds, so I pulled his cock out and jacked it, starting to tell türkçe bahis Elmer that he should shoot his come on mommy’s titties.

The first burst shot out with such force that it hit me between the eyes, before slinging in a loop down to my bra and cleavage. I cooed that mommy was happy to have it and wanted it all, and Elmer did not disappoint me. He plastered my bra and titties with thick ropes of come, and he was spasming his juice out as his hips humped the air.

I kept repeating how he gave me what I needed and I was his happy mommy, having herself bathed in his come. I cleaned the come from my forehead, nose and chin with my finger, before slurping it all off and tongueing my fingerclean.

I told Elmer to sit on the edge of the desk and watch what Mitchell does to this hippie chick’s pussy, as I bent over and began to slurp his softening cock into my mouth. Mitchell knew I was bending over for him and he sunk his fat cock into my pussy in one push.

I was pushed onto Elmer’s cock by the thrusting of Mitchell in my sopping pussy, and started to leave my throat open to allow his cock to fuck my throat as Mitchell pounded my pussy relentlessly. Both of his hands on my wide hips, pulling me into his thrusting cock, he began to vocalize his love for well-used hippie pussy, telling me how he would get me ready to give my sopping pussy to Elmer. How he loved to fill my hippie pussy with his pig juice.

That’s how he was rutting me, like a pig. He grunted and I squealed my delight at the attention my pussy was getting from his fat cock, and the spent cock that was growing in my mouth to fill my wanton pussy. I was now into my own rythmn as Elmer’s cock was full-sized, again.

I was rocking back onto Mitchell, grinding my ass onto his tummy as his cock pushed deeper in me, and I was thrusting forward to push Elmer’s thinner cock into my throat.

I sensed the swelling of Mitchell’s cock inside my pussy and pushed back onto him hard and began to rotate and grind my ass down onto him, until his cock burst open and flooded my insides with hot jets of his spunk. He continued to pump into me with less force as he was finishing his come.

Looking up at Elmer, I slipped his cock out of my mouth, then turned to present my well-fucked pussy for his newly stiff cock güvenilir bahis siteleri to fill. If Elmer was going to fill my pussy, then Mitchell was going to have to fill my mouth and I gobbled his dripping cock into my mouth, licking, sucking and cleaning our mixed juices from the shaft and big purple head.

Elmer had never had sloppy seconds, before this, and he was hissing his delight as my warm pussy filled with his uncle’s hot come, opened to the length of his shaft and drew him deeply inside me. I had been so intent on drawing satisfaction from my cops, that my own orgasm exploded suddenly between my thighs, and my juices poured out around Elmer’s cock and soaked the floor beneath us. All Elmer exclaimed was, “Oh my Gosh!”, before he re-doubled his pounding of my now sloshy cunt.

My mouth had brought Mitchell’s member back to life and he knew I wanted him to paint my throat and fill my stomach with his come. I slipped into a state of euphoria, as the man at my mouth was holding my head as he pushed his cock in and out of my willing throat, and Elmer was pounding my spurting pussy and repeating “Oh, yea!”, over and over as his hips pistoned against my ass as he plunged my depths. This went on for awhile, pleasure overcame me and I felt weightless suspended between their cocks in my throat and my cunt.

Finally, they began to really unload in me. Mitchell’s cock was shoved deeply in my throat and his come was expressing directly to my hungry tummy, as Elmer pulled me deeply onto his cock then exploded his come in me. We continued the rocking motion until Mitchell’s cock slipped from my mouth and Elmer’s from my pussy. I laid across the desk as the come oozed from my spent cunt. I asked for my panties and pulled them on to hold all that come in me for the rest of the ride home.

Mitchell said that, since I was not a scofflaw and was a hippie that had respect for the men that protect the citizens, I would be let off with only a warning this time. If I was to be caught speeding in their jurisdiction, again, I should be sure it was on a Sunday afternoon, between 2pm and 6 pm. Then both Mitchell and Elmer would be sure to prosecute me to the full extent of the law, once again.

I thanked them both with mouth kisses, that let me share Mitchell’s taste with them both. I assured them that I would only speed in their jurisdiction if I was ready to accept responsibility, for my actions and the verdict of the court.

The verdict was in and I was the best fucking hippie chick ever to pass through Cambridge.

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