Two Days in the Park

Alexis Ren

TWO DAYS IN THE PARK — In Praise of Older Woman

I had been unemployed for just over a month now — financially I was OK but the pot I had accumulated would not last for ever. I had sorted a routine where I would chase up new job opportunities and interview possibilities on Monday to Wednesday leaving me Thursday and Friday free.

Initially I had caught up on jobs at home but once that was sorted I found that boredom would set in and I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was late spring/early summer and the weather was warm.

One Thursday I had to go to Tunbridge Wells to deliver a CV to an agency and about 10.30 I was coming back home and suddenly realised I had nothing left to do that day.

As I drove home I saw the gates of Dunorlan Park, a lovely area with a lake and woodlands and grass and I felt the compulsion to pull up, park the car and take a stroll.

There were a few people spread around the park and I wandered down taking a copy of the Telegraph with me as Thursday was job advert day. I found a bench and started to read.

One or two people walked past me and a number of them were women in their thirties who had young kids with them — I became aware of some short skirts and strappy tops and felt a small stirring in my pants.

I got up and wandered for a bit finally finding a bench partly concealed on the edge of the wood but with a good view of part of the park and the lake. There was a path coming down on one side of it through the trees. Some of the women had spread out blankets and were sitting down, although they constantly had to get up and down to retrieve errant toddlers. This afforded me a constantly changing view of cleavages, legs and the occasional flash of panty or a thong.

I had my sunglasses on and the Telegraph across my lap. My fly was open and my hand was gently stroking and caressing my hardening cock while I watched the scenes unfolding before me. To any casual observer I was sitting down with a paper in my lap soaking up the sun.

I had been there for about five minutes when I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the path to my left. I stopped my actions and just relaxed expecting whoever it was to walk on past the bench to the lake.

A woman in her early sixties, in a floral dress came walking down the path — she looked at me with a slight disappointment in her eyes — perhaps she was used to having the bench to herself — she seemed to hesitate and then sat down on the bench to my left. She had been carrying a book which she proceeded to open, taking out a pair of black rimmed glasses and starting to read.

She crossed her legs and I could see that she was wearing black tights or stockings which looked out of place with the pastel shades of the dress. She had back hair heavily streaked with grey which was very long and pulled back quite severely. The whole outfit and the way she was made up reminded me very much of an elderly schoolteacher.

After a moment she looked up and said “it’s a lovely day”

“Beautiful” I replied — “really warm”

“Do you often visit the park” she asked — her voice was very upper class and her diction was perfect

“Not really” I replied “I am between jobs at the moment so I come here to relax”

“That’s nice” she said and returned to her reading.

The warmth of the day, the earlier stimulation of the young mums and the conversation with this upper class schoolmistress type were having a very positive effect on my cock which was by now straining against the newspaper and had begun to throb.

I was suddenly taken with an idea which I would never normally entertain but the thrill of its contemplation was really exciting me. I looked to my right and was pleased to see that all but one of the parties spread out earlier had moved on and the last one was packing up, folding blankets and retrieving kids. Apart from people a long way away we were practically alone in this corner of the park.

I decided to act.

“Do you come to the park a lot” I asked

“Yes” she replied “I like it when the weather is nice — I can read and enjoy the sun at the same time”

“So do you live locally” I asked

“About a ten minute walk away” she answered

“Exercise, sun and literature” I said “that’s a good combination

She smiled “I’m retired now — 4 years — need to keep active” “What did you do” I asked

“I was a headmistress for 25 years” she said. I couldn’t have guessed more right!

“Enjoying mobil porno your retirement” I asked “It must be nice to spend time with your family”

She looked a little stern “I am not married” she almost snapped “never have been”

“Sorry” I replied “I didn’t mean to offend”

She smiled “I am sorry — it’s not your fault — you weren’t to know”

“So what else do you do?” I asked

“What do you mean?” she replied

“You know” I said “entertainment, fun excitement”

“Not much” she said “my life is boring”

“That’s no good” I said “everyone should have some excitement”

She smiled “Really. What would you suggest?”

I had half turned towards her and — still making eye contact I moved the newspaper to one side — she didn’t realise what had happened at first as she was looking at my face — when she looked down and saw my huge straining cock her eyes opened wide and so did her mouth — she actually said “oh my God!”

“What do you think?” I asked

“Errm, I don’t know, I mean, that’s not……. What are you going to do?” was the reply.

“I am not going to do anything” I answered”what you would like to do?”

She looked around, slight panic in her eyes — I decided to reassure her. “Look” I said “If you want me to go away just say so — I am sorry if I or this has bothered you. We just talked about excitement and I thought this might be something you would be interested in” I was conscious of the fact that my hard cock was still in full view so I slid it with difficulty back in my trousers.

“But how, where, what can we — oh I don’t know — there are people about!”

“We can go in the woods” I replied “I promise I won’t hurt you and you will be in complete control”

She got up — put her book back in her bag and walked away — I was just about to give up (and hoping she hadn’t decided to report me) when she came back.

“I have never done anything like this before” she said

“Do you want to?” I asked

“I don’t know” She replied

I stood up “Come with me?” I asked and took her hand. She allowed me to lead her back up the path a little way and I found a break in the trees — she hesitated as I reached it — she looked really nervous — I let go of her hand and said “this is all up to you — if you want to go now then we can pretend this never happened”

She took my hand again and I led her through the trees down a small path to a clearing in the woods. There was a fallen tree and I took her bag and hung it on one of the branches, turning to face her at the same time.

I reached out and stroked her grey black hair pulled tight around her head she smiled — I leaned forward and placed a small swift kiss on her lips — she leaned in and kissed me back — we held each other and I could feel her full breasts against my chest as my cock pressed hard into her leg.

I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants. She moved her hand away.

I sat her down on the tree trunk so her head was at the same height as my waist. I undid my belt and unzipped my fly. Her eyes were open and she was looking hard at the bulge in my trousers. Slowly I slid down the trousers over my hips and they fell to the floor. Then I slipped my boxers down and let them also fall.

My cock was rigid and right in front of her face — I have never seen such a frightened expression. I grasped it with my hand and pulled back the foreskin all the way exposing the purple helmet — her eyes widened. I let my hand go and my cock was right in front of her slightly throbbing from the erection.

“You can touch it if you want to” I said — I was by now beginning to enjoy myself — I had awakened a curiosity in a woman in her sixties which had been asleep for a long time!

She reached out tentatively and wrapped her small hand around it “Its hot “she said “and so hard”

“Have you never touched one of these before?” I asked

“Never” she replied

Now it was my turn “oh my God” I said without thinking

“Let me show you properly” I said

I took her hand and laid my hard cock on the palm, wrapped it in mine, took her fingertip and rubbed it over my cock so she could feel the pre-cum, cupped my balls in her hand. Then I wrapped her had around the shaft and started to move it up and down — when I stopped so did she but eventually she realised that this was what I wanted her to do and she sat there slowly wanking my rigid cock, still fascinated by it. Not alman porno a word was spoken.

I took her hands and helped her to stand up — I took her in my arms and kissed her fully on the lips pulling her against my hardness — she kissed me back — nervously at first and then with an increasing enthusiasm.

I slowly undid the buttons at the top of her dress, down as far as her waist where the dress was belted — she was wearing a slip and a white (going grey) bra. I slid my hand in behind her and expertly unclipped the bra. By sliding the front of the slip down and the bra up I was able to free her large pendulous breasts. She had two of the hardest nipples I had ever see, brown and erect. I sucked on them hungrily and licked and teased them with my tongue.

I had also taken her hand and put it back on my cock while doing this and she was clumsily pulling on it with no real expertise.

I moved my hand around to her arse and cupped it while I sucked on a nipple. Slowly I gathered up the fabric of the dress and the slip until they got to my hand when I found a large pair of knickers. I slid a finger under and tried to move my hand round to the front when suddenly her hand came up and stopped me. I thought that it was going too well. Little did I know!

She turned me round this time and sat me down on the log. She adjusted her dress and slip so that the breasts were fully exposed and stood in front of me. I held them in my hands rubbing and pinching the erect nipples and pulling her to me to suck first one then the other.

She pushed my hands away to my side. The she came really close up to me and stood for a second as if she was making her mind up. Next she lifted the dress and the slip up and I was faced with a front view of off white panties. She held the dress and slip in one hand and started to pull down the waistband of the panties with the other. Slowly she moved the fabric and I started to see a mass of black and grey hair which started well up her stomach. Eventually by moving her hand from front to back and pulling one way and the other she managed to pull down the knickers.

My face was inches away from the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. The skin around it was milky white which only served to exaggerate the dark and grey hair which covered most of the lower part of her stomach.

I reached out and stroked the pubic hair, my thumb tracing the outlines of her pussy lips. She was now holding the dress and slip with two hands. I pulled the panties fully down to her knees and held two hands against her with my thumbs very close to her pussy. Slowly I parted two of the biggest outer lips I have ever seen. Underneath the inner lips were only slightly smaller. I parted those and saw a clitoris that I can only describe as the size of my little finger, one of the biggest I had ever seen.

I rubbed the clitoris and she pulled away from me. I opened her up again and using one finger rubbed her slit and slowly pushed he tip of my finger inside. Pulling her lips apart I pushed my self forward and nuzzled into her pussy with my tongue darting to and fro. Again she pulled away, this time she stood right back and pulled up her pants. “I’m sorry” she said “that’s enough”

I reached out a hand to her and sat her down — I caressed a breast and rubbed her nipple.

I took her hand and wrapped it again around my shaft moving it up and down and, when she had got the message, leaving it to her — she was now pulling my cock in a strong rhythm looking at it intently as she pulled the foreskin back and forth. It didn’t take long. I braced myself as spurt after spurt of hot sum exploded on her breasts, her hair, her face and glasses and her dress.

She got up and looked at me with a mix of anger and exasperation — reached in her bag and started to clean herself up with tissues — at least she passed one to me as well. I wiped my cock and dressed myself. She cleaned up and did the same.

And then she left. Took one long look at me with an expression which I simply could not fathom and walked out of the woods the same way that she came in.

I stayed for five minutes trying to work out what had happened. Yes a spinster, yes elderly but she had been experimenting and allowing experimentation like a young teenager would. I found it hard to believe that in this day and age such a person existed.

I left the park, went home and for the rest of the day and night I could not get the events of the alexis texas porno afternoon out of my mind. Indeed in the shower and in bed that night I retold them in my mind and on both occasions realised how much I had been turned on.

The following day (Friday) I was required to do some work around the house first thing (in the garden). By about 11.00 I again had nothing to do and my mind turned to the events of the previous day. Somehow I found myself drawn again to the park and although I have little or no recollection of getting there fund I was sitting in the car in the car park on a warm sunny day much like the previous one.

I got out and walked around a little — there were a few people there. I went down to the bench and sat there alone, the memories were enough to give me another stiff cock.

I had decided to leave this as it was (a memory) but I wanted (if only to relieve my stiff cock) to go back to the clearing on the way out of the park so I made my way back through the woods until I found myself there. All was as remembered from 24 hours ago and I stood in the same spot thinking about her and recalling her breasts her body her pussy and her small hands. Once again I came with five or six really strong spurts and really enjoyed it once again. I cleaned myself up and put away my cock.

As I turned to leave I was astonished to se the same woman standing there in a similar dress. She had been looking at me masturbating and seen the huge climax I had reached. I did not know what to say so simply uttered a “hello”

She walked towards me and kissed me on the lips. “I’m sorry I left so quickly yesterday” she said.

She led me to the fallen tree and leant back against it. I kissed her and held her and she kissed back with a passion which had not been evident on the previous day.

I started to undo the buttons on the dress as we kissed. This one had no belt and she was not wearing a lip underneath. She still had the same black stockings on and as I slipped my hand into her huge panties she pushed her pussy forward to meet it. Between her legs was very very wet! My cock stiffened again.

I reached my hands round and undid her bra from behind lifting it up to once again expose those full breasts — the nipples were just as erect and I licked and sucked them once again.

I dropped down to my knees and slid her panties down opening them for her to step out of. Using my thumbs I opened her lips and this time nuzzled hard into her pussy darting my tongue in and out and feeling the wetness on my face as I licked and nibbled on her labia and clitoris. She was pulling at my hair now pushing me harder and harder into her pussy and whimpering.

I stood up and looked at her. Then I kissed her sharing with her the taste of her own juices as I pushed (with difficulty) against her pussy with my fingers.

I led her away from the tree and got her to lean back against the fallen log. I undid my trousers, unzipped my flies and pulled down trousers and boxers in one go and stepped out of them. My cock was very hard.

I walked towards her and picking up a leg in each hand opened her so that she was at my waist height with both legs wide apart.

My cock probed her entrance. Using one hand I pulled back my foreskin and gently pushed at her pussy. She gasped.

Slowly, very slowly the first part of my helmet disappeared inside her — this was so tight!

I found it very difficult to be patient — when I pushed to hard she complained but she made no attempt to stop the steady onslaught.

I had got my entire helmet in and about two inches of cock and then hit upon a method of gently rocking back and forth which seemed to enable me to get there millimetre by millimetre. With about two thirds of my cock inside her I gave a large thrust and found myself fully in to which she gave a clearly audible scream, but wrapped her legs around me in a vice like grip!

Once this was achieved I could then start to fuck her in earnest — I built up my thrusts to a strong and quick rhythm with her legs up in the air and my balls slapping against her arse. All the time her pendulous breasts were swaying and wobbling with every thrust and she was squeaking and whimpering.

My balls tightened and I whispered”I’m coming” as the frenzy increased. Instantly she pushed me out and lay back on the log. “In my face — please!” she moaned and I moved round so I could take my soaking slimy cock in my hand and finish myself off. I shot my load in her hair and face and glasses once again whilst my fingers were pushing in and out of her tight cunt.

I do not know why she came back — I never saw her again despite repeated visits. But I was glad that I had visited the park that early spring/summer.

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