Two Friends Finally Get Together


Peter finally comes to his senses and realizes he not only wants to come over to see Emma, but needs to, he cant stop thinking about everything she’d do to him. He knocks on the door and when she opens it he sees her wearing little shorts and a low black tank top, red bra peaking through the top. He expects her to push him against the door and have her way with him, but she dosent. Instead, Emma takes his hand and leads him up the stairs to her bedroom. Its not until she’s walking in front of him on the stairs that he realizes how great her ass looks in the shorts, Peter cant help but grab at it. Emma turns back and gives him a smile. They get to my room where she sits him down at her desk chair.

She walks behind the chair and runs her hands down his chest lightly, and leans forward to whisper in his ear “I hope you’re ready”, and then she starts to kiss his neck. Emma comes around to the front of Peter and pulls his shirt off, her eyes widen because she’s in awe at how defined his muscles are. She goes to straddle his lap, hand on either side of his head grasping the chair, when she begins to grind into him. Her hips move in a figure 8 motion and she can feel his ever-hardening cock starting to press against her, which just makes her grind more vigorously into him. She arches her back revealing her perfect tits, and Peter can’t help but lean forward and start to kiss and suck on them, going up to her neck and making her moan for him.

Emma gets up and tells Peter to lay down on the bed, and he hastily does so where she goes to straddle him once again. This time, she gives him one deep kiss on the mouth, their tongues playfully intertwining, but she manages to pull herself away. She slowly start to kiss down his chest, trailing each kiss with light tracing from her fingertips, sending shivers all over his body. As she makes her way from his pecks, Porno 64

to his abs, she takes her tongue and traces Peter’s cut lines. She can feel his hard cock through his sweats, so she goes to remove his pants, ensuring to leave his boxers on. She goes back to kissing all over his waist right above where his boxers are sitting, pulling them down slightly and kissing lower, teasing him. Emma then looks up and gives him a smile as she slowly takes one hand and go up inside the leg of his boxers.

He’s so excited that she sees his cock jolt slightly as she gently grazes her fingertips across his balls. Emma leans forward and starts to kiss Peter’s hard shaft through his boxers, making the fabric wet, giving him a new sensation. She finally can’t take it any more and removes his boxers slowly, her jaw drops unconsciously when she sees how big and perfect all 6 and a half inches are. She goes to take her tank top off, revealing her super low cut bra that shows the boarders of her nipples peaking through, and go to place her hands on either side of his waist and starts licking just the tip. Light, long tongue strokes, focusing on every ridge, using varying pressure.

She strays away from the tip and starts sucking and kissing along the sides as she makes her way down to his balls. Emma licks all over them, then suddenly blows long breaths of cool air, giving Peter a new sensation he’s never had. She starts sucking and kissing on them more aggressively, taking each in her mouth while swirling her tongue around them. She focus ‘on the seam between them for awhile, puckering her lips around them making him pulse. With one long stroke she goes from having both of his balls in her mouth, to her tongue licking up the entirety of his long shaft, and downing him suddenly, deep and fast.

She holds Peter in her throat for as long Konulu Porno as she can and can feel his hips bucking underneath her as she traces her hands up his thighs to his chest. When Emma retracts her mouth, sucking hard and swirling her tongue as she does so, she can’t help herself though and she keeps doing this, over and over again. She stops suddenly, and goes to undo her bra, revealing her huge tits. He can’t help but lean forward and grab at them, each one in a hand, and start playing with her nipples, making them go hard and get sensitive. He then leans forward to and start sucking all over them, getting them all wet for what he wants to happen next.

She moves him to sitting on the side of the bed, and goes to down him one last time leaving him soaking wet when she retracts my mouth. Emma leans forward placing Peter’s cock between her already wet tits as she goes to squish them together and start sliding up and down. He’s never experienced anything like this before, he leans back and just tries to take it all in. And without him even expecting it, every time his tip slides through the top, she flicks her tongue on it…or if she can manage, suck on the tip, before letting it slide back through to the bottom. All while this is happening he gets the light sensation of her nipples grazing across his legs and waist. Suddenly, Peter sits up and grabs her face and kisses her deep and tells her he wants to try something. He goes to stand up, Emma still on her knees looking up at him excited for what is to come. He goes to hold his dick and place it in her mouth, and she knows exactly what he wants to try and braces herself by grabbing onto his thighs.

Peter starts by slowly thrusting into her mouth, shallow and quick, getting a feel for how hard he can go. But Emma looks up at him and gives him a nod, letting Porno İndir him know he can go much harder. He starts to slowly penetrate deep into her throat, all the way in, so far in that her tongue is able to flick at his balls while he’s inside my throat. He retracts slowly leaving his cock soaking wet, only to go again and again…picking up speed each time. Peter is getting so carried away she can feel him start to pulse and harden even more. Emma knows what this means and quickly stop and pushes him back to lying down.

She’s done teasing him, by this point she just wants to show him how hard and wild she can be when she wants to. So, Emma starts by moving her hand up and down the base of his shaft, and then adds her mouth…sucking on the top half, hard and quick, leaving suction with every release. On top of all this, she’s using her other hand to fondle Peter’s balls, cupping them and trailing her fingers all over them. Every once and a while she completely removes her hand from his shaft and downs him with out him even expecting it. This sudden move makes him groan it feels so good.

She knows he’s close to finishing, so she keeps up the same pace, being careful to keep the intensity to make sure he has an amazing orgasm. Emma is going deep and fast, so much friction between her mouth and tongue Peter is going wild. He’s moaning and jolting his hips, and she knows he’s about to cum. With one final move, she removes her hand and holds his cock deep in her throat, and can feel him pulsing and cumming into her mouth. Once his cumming subsides, she begins to lightly kiss all over his shaft, cleaning up whatever she left behind, going to the tip and lightly flicking her tongue, swirling it around. Emma pauses to start kissing along his waist and hip bones, while using her hand gently, moving up and down. She cant take it though and goes back to sucking…getting harder and harder with her motions as she feels Peter getting harder with ever second. This keeps up and within no time he’s rebounded completely, and without her even expecting it he over powers her completely, picking her up and throwing her on her back.

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