Two hot CD lesbian sluts share an intimate moment

Two hot CD lesbian sluts share an intimate momentHer name was Kelly, we had met online in one of the gay chat rooms I like to frequent and for the next couple of weeks we had developed a friendship, exchanged pics and fantasies and I was really, really into her. we had a lot in common, more than just the mere fact that we were both gay CD’s with torrid fantasies.After a few weeks of chatting we had grown comfortable enough with each other that we finally decided to meet in person, I was excited as could be, all I could do was fantasies about what our meeting would be like.The day finally arrived, it was a warm Saturday in June and Kelly had invited me over to her house, I had nearly packed all of my girl clothes, make up and heels and stopped for a couple of nice bottles of wine. I drove up to Kelly’s house which was surprisingly only a few miles from mine, I was excited and a little nervous from her pictures she was so gorgeous and I could not believe my luck.I arrived at a nice, modern looking house sheltered at the end of a cul de sac, it was sort of hidden in the woods. got down and rang the bell and to the door came this beautiful, androgynous boy, it was Kelly she waited for me so we could get ready together.He gave me a warm smile and we hugged, we did not say much just gave each other flirtatious looks and a quick kiss, mmmmm his lips were soft.He invited me in and helped me with my suitcase and wine, the house was great, nice open living room with wooden floors, big open windows and a nice comfortable atmosphere.We sat in the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine, we were making small talk, we could feel the tension grow as we sat there flirting with each other. Finally Kelly stood up, smiled and said “I can’t take it anymore, lets get girly” to which I answered with a big smile “lets” I said.We walked into the bedroom, I laid my suitcase on the floor, opened it and we smiled at each other. we stripped out of our boy clothes only to find that we were both already wearing panties. I had red booty short maraş escort panties and Kelly had pink lacy boy shorts, we could not stop smiling at each other and looking at the bulge in out panties.We sat side by side in front of the vanity and like two teenage girls begun putting on our make up, foundation, concelear, eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick. our male faces transforming into elegant looking slutty gurls, we were having a great time, laughing and talking having a lovely time.When we were finally made up we stood in front of each other and dropped our panties to the floor. we stood smiling, completely naked, two sexy gay boys with cocks hard as rocks and beautifully made faces, we both had long hair that hung on our shoulder, Kelly was a blonde I was a slutty brunette, it was a beautiful sight. we took a step toward each other, grabbed our cocks and kissed as we stroked each other, first a little peck, then another, then a little tongue and our cocks got harder.I then stopped and said “ we should be good gurls and put our panties on” Kelly laughed and nodded in agreement.she walked towards her dresser drawer and opened her panty drawer, I reached into my suitcase and picked a golden thong and bra set I had just picked up for this occasion, she picked a red thong and white satin bra. I put on white knee highs and black heels, she put on black thigh highs and red heels.The light was a little dimmer, we were both buzzed from the wine and horny as hell as we stood looking at one another, smiling, flirting, god she was gorgeous, her white A cup bra smeared across her chest I could see her nipples getting hard, how I love a flat chested CD she was beautiful.I finally stepped up to her, our hard pantied cocks touched, our hands slipped to grab each other’s ass and we were locked in a passionate gay, CD kiss it was heaven.Kelly had such soft lips and an expert tongue, we could tell we both had sucked many cocks before and it was excited, we were both two hot sluts, hot for each other.Kelly pushed escort maraş me onto the bed and I feel backwards, she fell on top of me, kissed my lips, kissed my neck and worked her way down to my chest, licked my nipples and slowly but expertly worked herself down to my cock, she rubbed her lips, through the fabric against my cock, kissing it, licking it, slowly pulling apart my panties and like only a cock slut can she expertly started sucking and stroking my hard cock, I moaned “mmmmm Kelly”She sucked my cock so well, up and down my shaft, licking my balls, slobbering all over, stroking it, smiling and periodically stopping to rub my pre cum on her lips and to give me a little kiss, fuck I was turned on. she kept on like this for what seemed an eternity I just could not wait anymore and pulled her by the hair, kissed her hard and bit her lower lip and said “fuck my mouth slut, fuck it now”She pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me, she sat on my chest and pulled out her hard cock from out of red panties and for a couple of minutes just sat there stroking it, just out of reach, teasing me, just making me want it even more.Finally she slid her hard cock into my mouth, there is nothing like the feeling of cock entering through your lips, that sweet drop of pre cum on the tip on your tongue and finally feeling the head hit the back of your throat. it is amazing.Kelly began pumping my mouth like it was a pussy, each stroke of her hips pushing cock into my mouth, sliding between my lips and my tongue would drive me wilder and wilder, fuck how I love to suck cock!!! Kelly really road my face, it was amazing, I could feel her cock pulsate and throb as she was nearing orgasm, my hand firmly on her ass pushing her deep inside of me until she just pulled out and fell on top of me, gasping. “I don’t want to cum just yet” she said I kissed her “but I want to eat your cum baby” “oh you will you cum slut, you will”I smiled, held her tight and kissed her.We laid in bed for a while just kissing, making out, maraş escort bayan exploring our bodies, both turned on beyond belief, her mouth tasted so good, loved to pinch her nipples through her bra, my flat chested CD slut was so hot for me and I was so hot for me.Kelly stopped for a second and said “I got a surprise for you” from under the bed she pulled out a double sided dildo, I smiled, she smiled back “you like it?” she asked “I love it” I saidwe each took an end and laying next to each other we begun sucking on it furiously, almost trying to out slut each other in a friendly competition of who can suck more cock, we were both experts so we just kissed, sat in the bed facing each other, pulled our panties aside and worked that double sided dildo into our asses. It was wild.In one of the most erotics moments I ever shared with anybody, me and Kelly laid in bed fucking each other with the double sided dildo, it was amazing, we just kept looking at each other, looking at our beautiful gay bodies in lingerie, sitting up to stroke each other and kiss, stroke each other and kiss.Finally Kelly held on to me and whispered in my ear, “I don’t think I can hold on much longer” I was about to explode myself, we laid in bed and we sixty nined each other, sucking our hard gay cocks, panties just pulled aside, our cocks where throbbing, pulsating and needless to say it did not take long before we simultaneously started to cum in each other mouths. what a glorious feeling that of your lovers cock exploding with its hot cum in your mouth as you yourself explode in your lovers mouth an absolutely amazing moment.Cum filled out mouths, we were cumming so much it was hard to keep it in our mouths or swallow fast enough, our bodies convulsing in the pleasure of orgasm, we laid like that for a few minutes, squeezing evert last drop out of our cocks until finally, slowly we sat back in bed, our faces, our chins dripping with cum, it was beautiful, we smiled at each other “you look pretty” Kelly said “So do you Kelly, so do you” we kissed, our cum covered lips made it special, we could not help but smile, we kissed again and again and started to lick the cum of our faces what a beautiful sight two lovely gay CD’s just enjoying an intimate, cum kiss.

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