Two Old Guys in an RV Ch. 01

Big Cock

We are two 60 something guys, both happily married to our wives for a long time. It seemed we both suffered from a lack of sexual activity as our wives had both decided they did not need or want it with us at our age. For me and my wife, we had enjoyed an adventurous sex life for many years, but as we reached our late thirties and early forties, she had lost her sex drive due to a medical condition. I still love her, but I am horny all the time! For Warren, his wife was younger than him, and she lost interest in sex when he could no longer ejaculate due to prostate surgery. In addition, he suspected that she was finding sexual relief outside their home.

For years, I had agonized over straying outside my marriage and having an affair with a widowed coworker that constantly dropped hints, but I was worried about how that might end up, especially since my wife was an acquaintance of the lady. Ruling out an affair and tiring of rubbing it out to a constant stream of heterosexual porn, I began to explore kinkier stuff, and eventually focused mostly on bisexuals as well as crossdressers.

Warren and I found each other online, looking through bisexual erotica, chat sites and forums. We both live in Texas, about 180 miles apart, but the more we interacted online and teased each other with private messages, the more time we spent trying to figure out how we were going to make it happen. Finally, my wife told me she was going out of town to spend the weekend with her sister, so I planned a weekend “fishing” trip in my RV. On Friday, I had my motorhome packed and ready, including my little blue pills, condoms, and lube, and I hit the road as soon as my wife was on her way. So here is the tale of our first time together.

It was an uneventful drive and I arrived at the RV Park in his hometown by midafternoon. I texted Warren to let him know I made it, then got the RV leveled out, hooked up, and the a/c cranking. I then took a quick shower to be ready for his arrival. While in the shower, thinking of our muğla escort anticipated encounter, my cock was so hard, but I resisted the temptation to take care of it, knowing I was good for one shot a day at this point in my life. I did take some extra time and switched the showerhead to an enema nozzle and thoroughly cleaned out, just in case we would get that far. As a final step, I packed some of the lube into my butt and stepped out of the bathroom, dried off, and dressed in loose gym shorts, a T shirt, and flip flops.

I fixed myself a stiff vodka and tonic, then went outside and relaxed in my lawn chair under the awning, waiting. Within an hour, I saw a truck approach my campsite, then pull up close and park. I sat up and locked eyes with Warren as he slowly exited and nervously looked around as he walked up to me. I stood up, reached out to shake hands as we exchanged hellos, as well as nervous looks. I really wanted to pull him to me for a hug and get this started, but I looked around and saw other campers relaxing outside their RVs. Instead of inviting him to sit with me, I noticed he was looking toward the door of my RV and I decided to head that way and invited him to join me.

As we stepped inside the small RV, I instinctively locked the door behind us, and then we both slowly turned toward each other, stepped hesitantly closer, and began what I am sure will be an amazing new adventure for both of us. Standing in the RV kitchen and dining area, I reached out and pulled him closer into our first real contact. As our chests pressed together, I cannot help but put my arms around him. He in turn starts tentatively touches his lips to my cheek, then my neck, and then takes my face in his hands and touches his lips to mine. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it back off his shoulders and pulled my own T shirt over my head. I leaned down to lick and suck one of his nipples, as my other hand holds his other man tit and I squeezed it. We both looked back toward the muş escort queen size bed and slowly move together across the RV toward it.

Looking into my eyes, Warren asks, “Are you OK? Are we really going to do this?”

I am a bit breathless as I respond, “Oh, my god, yes! I’m ready, I want this, I want you.”

He gently pushed me back onto the bed, then made quick work of getting his shoes, socks, and pants off. He crawled naked onto the bed with me and began to kiss from my nipples down to my still covered cock. His fingers sliding underneath the band of my gym shorts rubbing the area above my cock makes me moan, then he quickly pushed my shorts down to my knees and he began to lick. My small, overly sensitive cock had not felt that good in a long time. I am so keyed up and turned on watching him lick, suck, and kiss it, with no warning, I tensed up and shot my cum in his mouth. He looked up at me, obviously surprised, as he savored, swallowed, and smiled.

I was embarrassed and said, “Oh, man, I’m sorry.”

He crawled over me and said, “I’m not!” as he pressed his lips to mine and shared the taste of my cum on his tongue.

We lay next to each other for a few minutes, my hands wandering over his body, delighting in the feel of his manly weathered skin covered in hair, his masculinity so different from the feel of my soft and supple wife. As we lay there, I admired his thick cock standing stiffly, pointing right at me. I remembered that he had told me that he could get an erection, but could no longer ejaculate due to his prostate condition, but that he still had very satisfying orgasms. I certainly wanted to try to help him have one.

I had seen many cocks on the internet from watching so many bisexual and gay videos, but this live, hard cock, standing there fresh and full, was the most enticing thing I had seen in a long time. I went up on my hands and knees, straddling him in a sixty-nine, my own limp cock shrunken back to its normal, small nevşehir escort state, but positioned right in his face. My ass in the air, I began to lick and suck his hard cock in a frenzy. I grabbed it with both hands, rubbed it on my face and neck, trying to get a taste of his amazing thick cock even knowing there would be no cum at the end of my efforts.

As I tried to swallow it, he began kissing my shriveled balls and tentatively touching my ass, first ever so lightly and then with more and more pressure. The feeling of his tongue on my balls made me squirm and I could not help but push my ass back onto his probing finger. As I sucked up and down and took his cock into my throat, he began to hump his hips and ass up and down to drive it deeper.

This was my first time with another man, but I knew immediately that I absolutely loved fucking like this. I can feel him tense up, and then in my mouth and throat, I feel his hard cock throb, once, twice, three times, and he gasps and shudders signaling his climax. I tried to back off, but he continued to push and pump his cock into my mouth and throat. Eventually, his cock fell out of my mouth and he pulled his finger out of my ass. We rolled over onto our backs and rested on the bed.

As I was drifting out of it, I heard him say, “Oh fuck, that was so good.”

Sometime later, as the sun was dropping down and the campsite was completely shaded, we both tensed slowly woke up and smiled at each other. Warren glanced around to see what time it was and realized that he has stayed well past the alibi he had given his wife to make this rendezvous.

As he jumped out of the bed and frantically picked up and put on his clothes, he was saying, “Oh, god, I’ve got to go, but I really want to stay. I’ll be back, as soon as I can.”

Looking directly into my eyes, he said, “I want to fuck you and I want you to fuck me. I want much, much more of this.”

As he headed for the door, I assured him, “I will be here, until Sunday, just waiting for you to get away again.”

Our first time together. We both got the chance to experience something we had never done before. Now that we had a chance to work out the awkwardness, nervousness, and any lingering anxiety, I cannot wait to get him back in my bed!

To be continued.

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