Subject: Two Sides Of The Same Coin This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This story contains graphic and sensitive scenes between consenting males including oral and anal acts. Any person below the legal age or living in a state, province or country that consider this kind of content illegal should leave this site now. Viewer discretion is advised. Practice safe sex! ———————————————- ———————————————- “Two Sides Of The Same Coin” CHAPTER 1 Danny and Quincy were at it again. Twenty minutes after the couple left the apartment to drive Quincy home and there they were, humping like jackrabbits for the second time. Quincy was supposed to have his way after Danny parked the old mustang few blocks away from his house, when the goodbye kiss suddenly turned into a hot mouth job. Danny had a habit of turning everything sexual, and since Quincy was such a sucker (literal) for his boyfriend, he couldn’t deny the sexual advances of the older guy. Though his asshole had already suffered from Danny’s hard pounding earlier in his bedroom. Quincy couldn’t help but to bite his lower lip. It was the only way he could cope from pain and pleasure his asshole was experiencing. Danny was smoldering his favorite spot on his neck with kisses. Biting and sucking the flesh as if he were a modern day vampire while holding onto his waist, making the handsome bottom rode faster like a jackhammer. Danny was on the driver seat having the time of his life, while Quincy was struggling to keep his loud moans. He was a screamer, and Danny knew it. He couldn’t help but to think the older guy was teasing him by purposely exposing his vulnerable and receptive natures especially outside the bedroom. He tried his best to contain any audible responses his voice could produced, scared to alert anyone from his neighborhood that he was being ravished alive by another man. Thankfully, Danny parked the car where most trees and dumpster were. Partially hiding their (his) secret whenever Danny had to pick him up or drive him home. And well, to have a quick fuck session. Danny had grown tired of the neck play, and made himself comfortable on the headrest as he stared up to the lover’s glossy eyes. Quincy’s asshole was so relaxed and well lubed from the seed he had shot earlier, making the ride less friction. Danny knew it might take some time before he could flood the bottom’s insides as he worked on his second nut. Sometimes, he would lift the Quincy high enough, leaving just the head trapped inside the snaping ass-ring, before crashing him down. He would grind and rotate hips for a few seconds before repeating process. The intensity of the thrusts were so deep and electrifying, making both men groaned lustfully. “Danny… OHH!… OHH!… Please, cum!… I have to… go home!” Quincy pleaded, holding onto his boyfriend’s broad shoulders as he took over the ride. Danny smirked. How many times Quincy begged for him to cum? Instead, he would tease the hot boy by fucking him really good, hard and silly in the longest time possible. Quincy just sat there bouncing like a spring, and grasping on his boyfriend’s. Suddenly, Danny lifted his shirt just above his chest, showing his reddish brown nipples. Quincy groaned. He knew what was about to come as the older guy started to attack the right one, sucking and giving it some soft bites. He laid his chin above Danny’s head, unable to take the sensations burning in his chest. The nipples were still sensitive from the good sucking they’d received earlier in the older guy’s apartment. “OHH!… Danny! Stopped! AHH!… It hurts!” half shouted, but his begs fell on deaf ears. Instead, Danny switched to the karşıyaka escort left nipple. Working on to keep the now deep red rivets evenly swollen. He gripped onto Quincy’s waist deeper, smashing the bruised backside to his hairy groin. Despite the not-so-tight hole, the exquisite feeling of the ass-ring sliding up and down his thick 8 inch long dick was enough to drive his orgasm faster than he expected. “Oh, yes… I’m almost there, baby!” Danny groaned, lifting his head to stare right to his partner. Quincy couldn’t help but groan, excited for the new juices he’d be carrying home, and finally ending their tiring but hot ordeal. Quincy moaned louder, biting his lips harder as he gave in to his lust. He couldn’t help but to expose his sluttiness, letting his lover know how much he wanted it. Danny was admiring his red lips, then decisively extend his face to meet Quincy’s face, smoldering him with slurping kiss. The two men made out like eating each other’s face. Danny was stuffing his tongue into the younger man, making him suck the slimy flesh and drank his spit. His hips were thrusting up and down while pushing Quincy’s ass down to meet their sweaty bodies in the middle, increasing the impacts for deeper probing. “OHH… UMMMPH… UGHH…” Danny groaned into his mouth, while slithering his tongue further into Quincy’s throat to stimulate the usual face fuck he’d been receiving. Danny could feel the massive load of his second orgasm approaching. He moaned from the additional tingling sensations building on the base of his dick as he repeatedly thrust upward. Quincy was on his mercy, and can’t do nothing but to accept the hard probing his asshole and mouth were suffering. Their spits were running down of their chins as they shared sloppy kiss, soaking Danny’s shirt and his exposed torso. He deliriously rolled his eyes backward as his nipples intermittently rubbed on the shirt. They were still hypersensitive from the abuse throughout the day, and the thrill of being caught of getting fucked in his own neighborhood was making him all hot and excited. Danny was almost there. He could feel his pending orgasm as he drove both their hips in short but heavy thrusts. The dickhead was steadily punching into the somewhat soft walls, making his dick throbbed with excitement. Quincy got the message as he tightened his hold on Danny’s shoulders. The idea of his lover flooding his inside for the second time made his internal walls twitched hungrily. Danny was groaning and humping like a breeding bull. He was pushing his hairy groin frantically between the soft mounds, though logically his length was already buried deep. Danny dramatically broke free from the kiss as he banged his head on headrest. He clenched his jaws like he was about to have an epilepsy. “AHHHH… OHHH!… ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” He groaned like a roaring lion, not even giving a fuck that they were out in an open neighborhood. Danny stopped humping. He slowly grinded his groin inside the wet and warm tunnel while finishing to unload. He was totally spent, both of them are panting like they’d just finished a 10K marathon. He was still resting on the headrest, closed eyes, while lovingly caressing the smooth and toned sides of his lover. Quincy was recuperating by breathing heavily, happy to get a good night sleep out of exhaustion later. He still had his ass planted on Danny’s groin unmoving. The mixture of the previous and fresh cums were starting to trickle out of his well fucked asshole. Quincy leaned back to get some tissue out of the car’s compartment, cleaning the spit off his torso. Danny was still holding his side like he was having a second thought of letting him go for the night. He felt Quincy was pulling off his semi-hard prick to fix himself before heading home. The 7.5 inch long dick of Quincy was still hard, tucking inside kartal escort his jeans. Danny just realized the younger guy hadn’t cummed despite the hot cowboy ride. Once convinced he looked presentable, Quincy picked up his back pack to finally have his way home. Danny was still chilling on his seat with his jeans wide open, showcasing his semi-hard jewels wet of his own juices. “Wait!” Danny reached for Quincy’s arm, interrupting his exit. “What?! You already had your way! It’s getting late, and my Dad’s probably home.” “Chill… I just want a goodbye kiss before you go.” Danny chuckled, entertaining himself by pissing off the teen. “Seriously?!” Quincy shouted before heading out of the car, leaving the older guy hanging with his open jeans exposed. Although he always enjoy the hot love makings with Danny, he’d sometimes think it was becoming toxic and unproductive as it messed up his schedule. Danny was a hyperactive and insatiable lover, making every of their encounters painted like out of the bliss, but it was very energy and time consuming. It was very lucky the guy had busted his nut within 30 minutes, knowingly each of their sessions could last for almost an hour, excluding the foreplays. Quincy was considering to take buses again or joy ride with one of his friends home instead. Every night of the day, he had to prepare their family dinner, and couldn’t afford to get caught by his dad coming home late, again. And seeing the time at 06:37 PM on his watch was an indication his old man’s already home, ready for some good scolding. He couldn’t help but to jogged faster, despite the fact that he was already late. He even forgot how slick and wet his backside was as the two mounds rubbed together while he jogged. Quincy just hoped his dad took a detour with one of his friends for a drink, sparing him some time to finish the cooking. His dad didn’t like takeouts. He always keep their budget tight by buying bulk of supplies. Quincy almost kissed the ground, and denounced being gay when he saw his dad’s car wasn’t there yet when he reached their front lawn. He rushed through the door, threw his backpack, and kicked his snickers off as he immediately went to the kitchen. He sucked his teeth in after he saw the dirty dishes on the sink. “For fuck sake…” mumbled Quincy. His blood was boilng knowing his brother was just playing video games in his room, right after coming from school. He always thought his brother was a slack-ass and obnoxious, doing his worsts to get under his skin. “Tin! Get down here!” yelled Quincy as he heard his heavy steps coming down the stairs. “What?!” yelled Quintin, showing up with his right hand on his hips. “What the fuck?! Why haven’t you take care of the dishes! It’s your turn, lazy ass!” shouted Quincy, like they were yards away. He was already busting his “ass” off the kitchen’s counter, preparing the easiest and fastest thing he could cook before their dad came home. “Whatever. Why you’re late, anyway?” asked Quintin with the most uninteresting tone as he went to the sink. “None of your business.” replied Quincy without looking. Quincy was busy chopping the ingredients while preheating the frying pan while Quintin was on the other side, cleaning the dishes as if he were about to break them. Not even a single word was spoken while the twins shared the same room. They hated each other for some serious reasons. Quincy felt as years past, they were growing further apart, almost like strangers. Sometimes, he wanted to reach out, to make amends with his brother but their household was like an arena. They were competing for each other, and the first one to flag down their pride was the loser. Luckily, Quincy had able to finish the omelet and sausages within 15 minutes. He usually prepared these in the morning, but there was no time to be picky kastamonu escort than to fill his dad’s empty stomach after his exhausting day at work. Quintin just finished his errand in time, fixing his own plate before going back upstairs, most likely to eat while playing one of his video games. While Quincy just prepared the meal for his father, leaving it on the dinner table. He already had dinner with Danny’s, so he decided to retire early. Just in, Quincy heard the familiar car engine pulling on their garage. His dad probably had a drink with his friends before going home. Quincy was about to head upstairs, when his father came on. He could smell the heavy musks of sweat and alcohol the moment he entered the room. His Dad slumped down the couch out of drunkness and heavy labor on construction. Without saying a word, Quincy knew what to do. Quincy descented down the stairs, and went to his dad. He kneeled in front of him, and started to remove his working boots and socks. He was used of doing this, knowing his Dad was too tired and drunk to undress out of the work attire. “Tin said you came home late again. Where you at, boy?” asked Joel under his breathe. Quincy cringed. His brother really loved throwing him under the bus. “I, uh… was working with one of my school projects… It’s kind of important that’s why I came home late.” lied Quincy, looking up to his dad. His dad was sitting there, slouched on the couch with his legs wide open. He was wearing the dirty white undershirt and old baggy jeans, while staring at his son as if he were reading his mind. Despite the calm tone of his question, he could see the anxiousness written on the teen’s face. He couldn’t help but to reminisce the same 5 year old kid who was still scared of his authority. Quincy had the very right to be scared. His dad, Joel, was a big man. Standing at 6’0″, the father of twins was packed with muscle out of heavy work on construction for years. He had a stocky bulk, weighing around 210 pounds while showing a slight belly caused by regular drinking. Some people, even his own sons, found him unapproachable as he showed a quiet and serious deamenors, making the towering man an authority figure. Disregarding the first impressions, Joel was still a head turner despite the receeding hairline of the 41 years old dad. He also kept his deep black hair cut short with his beard and mustache trimmed, giving him a ranchy look. Joel looked down judgingly at his son. Quincy was actually the closest to him. However, he could feel the boy was starting to drift away as the tension between them grew overtime. Sometimes, Joel wished he could have the “father-to-son” talk with his boys more frequently than him gulping a beer, but both of sons knew he was not the “fun-dad” or “affectionate-dad”, so spent most the days working hard to provide their needs, to let them know that was the way of him showing he loved the them. Though he couldn’t say it out loud, the divorce and absence of his ex-wife had really impacted the chemistry in their house. And he could see that Quincy was affected by most of it, in spite of the rebellious attitude of Quintin. “You’re dismiss.” Joel sighed, hated to see his own blood and flesh were scared of him in such normal converstaion. Quincy smiled awkwardly. Relieve his dad had let him off the hook. He crawled on his knees to the nearby shoe rack, putting his dad’s boots and sock before heading back to the staircase. He was already tired of the school activities, Danny’s sexual demands and his duties at home. “Son.” mumbled Joel. “Yes, sir?” asked Quincy, once again interrupted his way upstairs. “Goodnight, son.” “Goodnight, Dad.” smiled Quincy. His son had finally resumed his way up to his room, retiring for the night. Joel looked at his boy adoringly, but couldn’t help crossing his eyebrows upon spotting the huge wet stain on his son’s backside. TO BE CONTINUED! ———————————————- ———————————————- Please send email containing your questions, suggestions and feedback. Constructive criticism is more than welcome to improve the author’s writing skill and also for appreciation. – ANDREAS

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