Ty’s Oral Fixation: Formal Attire

Big Tits

The fact that the annoying trickle of sweat rolled down the back of my calf, because my knees were bent in the summer heat, did nothing to dissuade the feeling of complete and utter ecstasy. I love oral sex. Many times giving rather than receiving , but he was so damn good at it. He was in my favorite position, lying flat on his stomach with my ass in his hands feasting upon me. With my upper half propped up on pillows against the wall I watched him with heaving breasts. The feeling of the bridge of his nose bumping my clit made my nipples harder and small moans catch in my throat. Noise finally broke free when he shook his head like a dog with a good toy and I felt his tongue explore my wet pussy even further. Oh it felt so good. I could tell I was nearing my first orgasm by the hard steady pounding of my clit. I warned him and all he did was groan with an animal need and bury his tongue and face deeper into me. Right before my explosions started he sucked my clit between his lips and teeth and began to roll it. My inner restraints broke and my hips flew off the bed and closer to him as I came.

I could feel my wetness creep into his mouth and I heard him groan passionately and drink from me. I was pulling my nipples between my fingers and my hips felt a need to move. He simply gripped my ass harder and sucked one of my wet and bare lips into his mouth, causing a smaller, but just as sweet, orgasm.

He pulled his mouth slowly from me. “Mmm you taste so good.”

As he raised above me and in one quick thrust, shoved his cock inside me. My breath caught and then released in a pleasurable moan. He began slow, hard and determined thrusts. It seemed every time he pulled out he spoke a word.


My answer came out in a low shuddering moan, “Oh really, what is it?” His cock felt wonderful stretching me.


He kissed any signs of a pout from my lips. In my mind I reminded myself that I always loved his surprises. My mind was jerked quickly back to the activity at hand when I felt his thumb jamb against my clit as his speed increased slightly. My orgasm seemed to come out in a long exhaled breath and I felt myself squirt on his member. He cursed slightly and I smiled knowing that it was a sign of just how good it felt. He came in me, filling me warmly. His seed only making my pleasure extend.

I suddenly felt him pull out, still cumming. I felt some hot sperm hit my breastbone before I saw him moving back to my pulsing mound. His tongue and lips swirling my hard clit around in his juices and mine. He loved to taste what I did to him just as much as he loved to taste what he did to me. A short burst of noise , almost wail-like, escaped my lips as I shoved my center into his mouth more as I came again. While my cunt slowly trembled, he finally let me give him the oral pleasure I so desired. I felt him run the head of his cock across my lower lip and I opened my eyes. They were a darker blue and my tongue slipped out of my mouth to lick the underside of the tip. His head was hot and had a delicious mixture of his seed and my juices, it glistened. I moaned softly and captured the tip fully inside my mouth. My fingernails raked up the backs of his thighs to grip the flesh of his rear. I put slight pressure on it in a gesture for him to press deeper into my mouth. I let the tip of my tongue press and glide over the underside of his length. He tasted so good.

His knees were on either side of my shoulders and I felt them shudder and slightly buckle as one of my fingernails absently rimmed the tight hole of his anus. I could feel with my tongue that his cock was sensitive and nearing another explosion. It’s hard tip was hitting the back of my throat and I looked up at him with smiling eyes. I moved one of my hands down to my mound and let a finger slip inside, almost catching myself by surprise at how good it felt. My finger was soaked and I brought it up to his secret hole again, this time it slipped inside. I heard his breath catch in a pained groan but I knew I wasn’t hurting him. His flesh tightened around my finger as I began to move it slowly. He suddenly shot a massive load into my mouth and I drank it all from him, the whole time looking up at him. His face was slightly red and his eyes were glazed, but he’d never looked sexier to me then when he came. He pulled his leg over my body and lay down beside me, his breath coming in soft sighs. He grabbed me and snuggled my body to his. His lips touched my forehead and I heard him whisper the word ‘sleep’.

I slept hard, physically drained in a good way. When I woke he was gone, a note lay where his head had. I opened it and read it with slightly sleep blurred eyes. ‘Honey had to go to work, part of your surprise is hanging in the closet. Be ready at 8:00. Love you.’ I looked over at the alarm clock, it was almost noon, eight hours to get ready. I rose from the bed still naked and my thighs still feeling slightly sticky with last nights sex, the closet door was open already and a dress almanbahis bag hung in it. I just stared at it for a moment and decided not to open it until closer to seven o’clock.

The day seemed to drag for me, I kept myself busy cleaning the house, I took the dog to the park and went for a run in the late afternoon. Running only made it worse, the slight jiggle of my breasts and my thighs rubbing together only succeeded in making me horny. I stepped into the shower at around six. The water felt like heaven on my sweaty skin. My nipples hardened at the thought of what my surprise could be. I soaped up my fingers and tweaked my hardened peaks. My mind kept running scenarios about tonight. I left the shower, leaving my body wanting more contact but I told myself to save it for tonight. By the time I dried my hair it was almost seven, only an hour left. I walked up the stairs to our room and straight to the closet. My skin tingled as I unzipped the dress bag.

Inside was a beautiful silky dark blue dress, I smiled, I never knew he knew my dress size. The dress itself looked like something you’d wear on the red carpet. It was nearly floor length, a wonderful sapphire color, and all the way open in the back. I laughed slightly, this was one way to get me not to wear any undergarments to dinner. The fabric felt heavenly and I knew it would feel even better against my naked skin. I dropped my robe off my shoulders and stepped into it completely nude. After securing the neck strap I went over to the mirror. My cheeks reddened as I looked at myself. I looked perfect. The dress clung to all the right curves and lightly hid all the wrong ones. My back was on display and the sides of the dress framed it just right. I was right, the fabric felt like a million pairs of lips caressing every inch of me and I felt my nipples harden again but thankfully the way the dress hung in the front you couldn’t tell. I grabbed the accompanying shoes that had been next to the bag and walked downstairs to finish getting ready.

It was 8:05, where was he? It was then that the doorbell rang. I opened it to find Mark standing in the doorway, Ty’s best friend. He was dressed in his work uniform, he was a limousine driver. Just as I was about to ask him what was going on he held his arm out to me. “This way miss.” I felt Mark’s eyes on me as we walked down the front path to where a beautiful stretch limo was parked. Ty opened the door just then and stepped out. He looked so handsome in a nice suit. I smiled at him and I could tell he liked how I looked by the sudden appearance of a bulge in his pants. He held the door for me and as I moved to get inside his hand roamed over my ass, the feeling of warm skin against the fabric and my naked skin was wonderful. I heard his slight intake of breath at the realization I wasn’t wearing anything under the dress. I sat on the leather seats, making my skin shiver in pleasure. I watched Ty get in and heard Mark start the limo.

“Where are we going Ty?”

“Dinner, and then your surprise.”

I didn’t ask anymore I knew he wouldn’t tell me. I looked over at his crotch, the bulge was very noticeable by now. I smiled and laughed softly.

“You can’t take me to dinner with THAT in your pants.”

He smiled, “What are you going to do about it?”

I grinned as I crawled to him across the leather interior. I captured his mouth with mine and kissed him deeply, our tongues playing. He moaned softly as my lips took his lower lip and sucked on it. My fingers stealthily unzipped his pants. I smiled against his lips, someone else wasn’t wearing anything under their clothes either. My hand pulled his hard cock out of the confines of his pants. It was hot and hard as steel, he was already so close to cumming, it was my turn to moan. I lifted my dress and knelt down on the floor board, pooling my dress around my legs. I pulled his thighs closer to me and took the head of his cock into my mouth. His restraints broke and I heard him moan loudly. He put his hand on the back of my head, careful not to disturb my hair, as I started to slowly bring his cock into my mouth. I moaned slightly, causing sweet vibrations to transfer to Ty’s penis. He cried out softly and his hips raised to push his erection further into my mouth. I could feel the steady pulse with my tongue and I played with the underside of the head, making him curse.

“If you keep doing that I will cum now.”

I stared at his eyes with my blue ones and took my mouth off his cock momentarily.


He swore under his breath and came deeply in my mouth. Hot swirls of it hit the back of my throat and slid down my neck. He tasted so good. He made a move to return the favor but I took his hand in mine and kissed it.

“I can walk around horny, at least no one can tell.”

The car stopped and Mark got out to open the door. I saw his face was slightly flushed and for a moment I thought he looked so adorable. Ty told him to wait for us and we’d bring him some food back for later.

The restaurant itself was beautiful and oddly enough I was not overdressed. We were shown almanbahis adres to a table slightly in the back and semi-secluded from everyone else, as I looked around the interior and noticed some arty renderings of family portraits that seemed familiar. Then it hit me.

“This is your brother Jimmy’s restaurant isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. I figured it was time I took you here.”

“Well, thank you. It’s beautiful.” Not much else was said until the waiter got to our table to take our order, we just looked back at each other with intense heat. All the while running through my mind were thoughts of Mark watching me give Ty head. And I admit it made me wetter with every heartbeat. Then the thoughts came of him stroking his own cock while we were eating, my name softly on his lips. I wanted to touch myself so badly, wanted, no needed to feel fingers on my plump clit. My hips slightly moved in my seat and I noticed Ty was watching me.

He grinned, “What are you thinking about?”

I smiled slightly back at him. “I’m thinking about your hard cock in my pussy while I suck Mark’s cock until he spills his seed in my mouth.” and it was true – I had thought about it.

He half chuckled and half growled at me, but that’s all he did. We ate in a silence that wasn’t bad or awkward it was just, charged. I didn’t rush in eating and neither did Ty, although I knew we both wanted to. At some point during our meal Ty’s brother Jimmy came to our table, he was a slightly older reflection of Ty. They both had the same light blue eyes that you could lose yourself in for days and the same sandy blonde hair, just Ty’s was longer and better to grab onto which I liked. He had a nice smile and chatted with Ty a few minutes, never really said much to me besides “nice to meet you”. As he left I noticed the way he walked, it was more of a confident swagger than anything, not cocky really, just confident. That made me like him despite the silence he’d given me.

We finished our meal shortly after that and as we got up to leave I noticed Ty had another growth in his pants. I laughed slightly at it and shook my head as if to say ‘what am I going to do with you’. He just grinned back at me and held his hand against my back as we walked outside. I must admit his hand felt delicious burning into my skin. Mark got out of the limo just as we reached it. I suddenly remembered that Ty hadn’t gotten him any food, as I opened my mouth to say something Ty whispered in my ear that he would get Mark something to eat later. The way he said it sent shivers up my spine and yet they somehow traveled back down to my clit. My thighs voluntarily clenched together. We got inside the limo and I noticed that Mark never took his eyes off of me, I smiled back at him. As soon as the sound of the engine hit my ears I grabbed Ty’s tie and pulled him closer to me. I burned my lips into his all the while my fingers skillfully undid his tie and as I pulled it off of his neck I felt the car stop.

I stopped kissing him for a minute to look at him with questioning eyes. Mark then opened the door for Ty and he stepped out. They talked briefly for a few minutes before Ty extended his hand to me. I was still slightly puzzled at what we were doing but I got out of the car anyway. We were parked in a secluded wooded area somewhere outside the metro park. My face was slightly flushed with the sudden urge of excitement I felt and it was only heightened when Ty turned me around and undid the neck strap that held my dress up. As it fell and pooled around my feet I heard Ty and Mark breath in sharply, almost at the same time. Ty held my hands and helped me step out from the fabric. The air was only slightly cool in summer’s night heat. I felt Mark’s eyes on me and was turned to face them as Ty turned me slightly around to show him my nakedness.

I wasn’t embarrassed being nude, it actually excited me. Ty stepped away from me momentarily to bend down and lovingly pick up the dress. He laid it over his arm and gave it to Mark, telling him to put it in the front seat so it wouldn’t get damaged. I smiled softly at that gesture and Ty led me back into the car. He left me in the seat for a moment and I just let the feeling of the leather interior on my naked ass sink in, it made my insides purr. My need to touch my clit came back to me again and the longer Ty was outside the more it grew. I was nearing the point of giving in when he came back inside, fully naked himself.

My eyes never left his hard erection as climbed in, his mouth found mine again and our tongues devoured one another in intense lust. I reached for his cock in a need for it in my mouth but he put his hand on mine and knelt down in front of me and simply spread my thighs. My ass slipped down on the seat and my hips nearly flew off the seat the first time he just simply blew air on my clit, it was so wet and plump. My body was already keyed up and almost to the point of orgasm but I tried to hold it in. Ty must have sensed it and smiled as he looked at me.

“Just cum.”

And as he spread my lips open and dove his tongue into me almanbahis yeni giriş I did just that. It was a small one, but my walls clenched his tongue as I came. I heard the glass barrier in front slide down before I actually saw it, through passion drunk eyes I saw Mark’s eyes roaming over my body. When his dark brown eyes met my blue ones his face flushed but he didn’t turn his eyes away from me. His tongue absently ran over his lower lip when I started to moan more at Ty’s tongue as it explored my pussy with the abandon it always held. My thighs clenched suddenly and they shook as another orgasm hit me and I had to take my eyes away from him so I could close them as my back arched. I felt my juices dripping down my thighs and Ty left my mound to suck it up. I looked back at Mark and I could tell by the way his eyes were partly closed and the fact his body shook a little that he was stroking his cock.

“I want to see you.”

I spoke softly and suddenly into the quiet limo and I felt Ty smile against my thigh before he kissed it and went back to assaulting my pussy with his tongue. I pulled my fingers through his hair as I started to grind my hips against his mouth a little, it felt so good I knew I was going to cum again soon. The few seconds between the time Mark slipped out of view and the door closest to me opened felt like minutes and as soon as Mark stepped inside fully naked as well I felt Ty slip two of his fingers inside my tight wetness and slowly he began to fuck it while he sucked my clit between his teeth and rolling it. Mark’s cock was hard and stood straight up at attention with a slight rosy flush, it wasn’t as long or thick as Ty’s but it was still impressive in it’s own way and suddenly I longed to have it in my mouth.

He sat across from me and his knees were about a foot from my face so I had an up-close view. Suddenly another orgasm gripped my body and I squirted with such a force it brought my hips up hard against Ty’s mouth and fingers. He moaned deeply and removed his fingers to grab my ass with both his hands and drank from my pussy. I looked over at Mark and saw that his eyes were transfixed on what he’d just saw but I knew he wasn’t turned off by it because his cock had flushed a deeper red and a small droplet of precum had slipped from the head. I touched his knee to bring his attention back to my face.

“Stroke it please.” I half moaned.

Ty knew my body enough to know that if he sucked on my clit and pussy anymore it would get too sensitive so I felt him shift and he smacked my clit suddenly with the head of his perfect cock and it made me jump a little and moan as he then slowly slid it into my pussy inch by slow agonizing inch. I watched Mark watching Ty’s cock sliding into me and it made him involuntarily grab his own and as he held it away from himself I leaned up on an elbow and grabbed his other hand and dripped my own saliva into it. He stared at his hand with a slight grin and nodded a ‘thank you’ to me. He held his cupped hand over his cock and then turned it so my saliva would run down the head of his cock, when it touched for the first time his member jerked some and he moaned out.

I watched him start to stroke it with his wet hand and it made me bite my lower lip, I loved to watch. I felt Ty’s hands on my breasts, pulling on my nipples as he slowly stroked my pussy making my inner walls flutter around the intrusion. Mark’s strokes were long and slow, going from the bottom of his shaft to cupping the head of his cock getting the entire thing wet and it glistened in the car lights and again I was struck with the want to have it in my mouth. I licked my lips and Mark scooted to the edge of the seat and set his knees wide. Now he was closer to my face and I could see every vein and hear every slight squishy stroke. I reached out and cradled his balls in my hand, squeezing them gently as he stroked.

Ty’s cock was pushing harder into me, making my body jiggle and I moaned out because it felt so good and I felt so full. He gripped my ass hard as his long strokes became slow and rough at the same time. I felt the head of his cock come out of my pussy and my body groaned for it to go back in and then he slammed it back into me and I came again so suddenly that it caught me off guard, squirting hard on his cock. He brought it back out again as I was still cumming and he slapped the length of my pussy with the shaft making my hips squirm and then he put his cock back into me and started to fuck me a little faster while my body was still quivering I had my eyes closed and was moaning uncontrollably so I never even noticed when Mark shifted and he started to run his cock on my face.

I turned my head and caught the head of his cock with my tongue, swirling it in slow circles tasting his precum. He gasped as I slipped it into my mouth still tasting it with my tongue. I sucked on it, savoring the taste. The head felt foreign in my mouth but Ty’s continued strokes reminded me of how much I wanted it and that I knew if he didn’t want me to have it he wouldn’t let it happen. I sucked the cock in my mouth moving my head at a slow up and down speed. Mark put his hands in my hair urging me to move a little faster, I complied. Moving faster I let his head hit the back of my throat and made swallowing motions causing him to moan in that deep manly way that always makes me wet.

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