Subject: Uncle Bruce (Gay/Incest, oral, anal, b/MMM) Incest, oral, anal, b/MMM Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2021 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. Uncle Bruce By Wolf As soon as school let out for the summer between my sixth and seventh grades my mother allowed me to spend a month with my uncle. We lived in Boise, Idaho. Mom was a single parent because of a divorce. She did her best to provide for me by working for minimum wages for a cheap dentist that always had money to take his family for vacations to Hawaii or New Zealand but couldn’t afford to pay his staff a living wage. Uncle Bruce was her only brother. He worked for the Forest Tangors as an engineer and lives near Bayview on the southwest shore of Lake Pe Oreille in northern Idaho. I had met him a few times and he was very friendly to me. He said: “Donny are you excited about hiking with me?” “Yes, sir” I was a little intimidated by him. When he was in civilian clothes, he looked like a burly lumberjack. He spent a lot of time hiking in the forests, so he was very self- sufficient. He even cut his own Hair and wore a full beard that was graying. He had strong legs from batting a backpack through the State and National forests. He still had developed a substantial pit belly. He had driven down to watch me graduate from grammar school. I had done some hiking but nothing serious, just weekend kind of stuff. I had packed a duffle bag with the kind of clothes I thought I would need and was anxiously anticipating the trip to his home. Mom and I took him to dinner and she cooked for him until we packed up his truck and headed north. Monday, we took a flight from Boise to Spokane, Washington to pick up his truck for the drive to his home. We checked in at the headquarters to discuss him tasking a few days off and getting permission to bring me on a backpacking trip into the back country to survey the condition of the forest and check on the recovery of a lightning strike forest burn a few years back. Then we drove on up to the lake house. It was musty because he hadn’t used it much. We went to dinner in town and he introduced me to a few friends. He invited a friend, named Peter, a French- Canadian, to drop by for some beers. He looked like and dressed a lot like Bruce. He followed us in his own battered pickup back to his modest accommodations. The place wasn’t all that messy because it wasn’t used that much but it could use a woman’s touch. Bruce even handed me a beer and the three of us sat on the porch to watch the sun go down. They sat and talked about their favorite stories about things they had ran into on mountain trails. They carried a strong repellent that was close to mace to ward off bears should they meet one on the trail. My uncle did carry a bolt action 30-06 in case he came across a wounded animal. It pissed him off that some thoughtless hunters were too lazy to track down an animal they had shot with less than a kill shot. He would also visit lookout posts to see how they were doing, and have a decent meal because the lookout posts were resupplied by helicopter, so they ate pretty good. Trying to prove I was a man for my uncle I tried to keep up with them drinking beer. I was getting pretty drunk by the third beer. Peter asked: “Bruce, are we going to breed him?” Bruce gave Peter a look of disapproval. “Peter, we will discuss that later.” I was confused why they were ‘talking about breeding especially in connection with me. I wasn’t even sure how to ask what they were talking about. Besides I was drunk enough to not even be sure what I had heard. Uncle Bruce said: “Donny it is getting late and we need to get up early in the morning, you need istanbul travesti to get ready for bed.” I said: “Good night,” To both of them and retreated to the bedroom where I changed into my pajamas and got into the double bed. I could hear only some muffled voices of them talking but couldn’t even identify who was speaking. I was soon fast asleep. It was only the weight of him sitting on the bed that made me aware that my uncle was getting into the bed. I had no idea what time it was. Once he had covered himself with the covers his weight depressed the bed and I rolled up against his warm body, without fully waking up completely. My bladder woke me up early. When I got out of the bed it woke Bruce up. We took turns using the bathroom, got dressed, and got breakfast before he had me lay out my clothes on the bed, so that he could select what clothes he would allow me to carry in my pack. The rest were put back into the duffel bag. Then he took me shopping to buy me gear I would need. Bruce took advantage of his discount to buy me comfortable boots, a lightweight mummy sleeping bag, a backpack that was my size and a few other items. He had plenty of fuel and water bottles. He had several back stoves. When we returned to his home, he made me pack everything into the pack, so that I would know where every item was in my pack. Pete went with us to drop us off at the trailhead and drive the truck home. Bruce used his cell phone and radio to check in with the ranger station to let them know that we would be arriving in three or four days depending on how quickly I got used to hiking. The first day was the hardest because it required the most elevation change. At least the switchbacks brought us close to a running stream where we could fill our water bottles when needed. My uncle carried a two-man tent when we needed it to protect us from rain, otherwise we slept under the stars. We covered at last ten miles that first day. He explained that the reason we only carry two extra socks and underwear is for weight and we had to wash the underclothes every evening. If they were not dry, we could hang them on our packs. We cooked a meal with dehydrated back meals. We ate a sack lunch while on the trail and we had a zipper top bag attached to our waist belt of our packs that contained trail mix consisting of dry cereal, m & m’s, unsalted nuts, and hydrated banana chips. He insisted that I eat a handful of the mix while we hiked to keep my energy up. After we ate, we cleaned up and washed our pots. Before we washed our socks and underwear. He taught me how to beat them on rocks to break up the sweaty skin cells from our clothes. We hung them wherever we could to dry. At altitude the air is desiccated and things dry quickly if it doesn’t rain. When we settled down to bed-down we laid a grown cloth down and we had inch inflatable Insulites that we rested on from our heads to our butt. We put our boots in the bottom of our bags to keep them warm. Bruce unzipped our bags and zipped them together, so that we could share body heat. Bruce removed all of his clothes before getting into the bag. That was the first time I saw him naked, and he was hairy all over. He even commented that he was a true bear. I took all of my clothes off and got into the bag and Bruce zipped up as he spooned me. I felt his cock poking my butt. He reached around my body, and placed his hand on my chest and pulled me against his body. Then his hand slid down my body. I git excited and had a boner before his hand touched my dick. He took hold of it and masturbated me with two fingers and thumb. He even kissed the back of my neck. I eventually had a dry orgasm. At these northern latitudes the sun doesn’t set until 9:00 pm at night. The next day we got up with the sun and slipped on aqua slippers and made a breakfast of oatmeal, with butter, and powdered milk and coffee. I learned to like coffee on that trip. We cleaned up and repacked our packs before we put on our clothes and put on our boots. kadıköy travesti The second day my muscles were sore and it took an hour or so before my legs limbered up. The second evening was much like the first, only we chose to be naked while we washed our sock, and underwear. Bruce told me: “It will be raining before morning.” and he set up the tent. I asked: “How do you know it will rain?” He pointed to the clouds and said: “Those are cumulus clouds building up and I predict that it will be raining by 3:00 am.” When we were in the tent, he zipped the bags again. I had a boner before we got into the bags. This time we simply left the boots in a corner of the tent. Bruce didn’t zip up the bags. He had me lay on my back and he leaned over and masturbated me a short time before he sucked my penis until I had an orgasm. While he was sucking me, he slipped a hand under my butt and he toyed with my asshole with a finger. When he actually pushed a finger into my asshole is when I had the dry orgasm. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I turned my body to face my uncle and I clung to him and kissed his bearded face. That was a strange feeling. Bruce placed his hand on my head and pushed me down to his chest. He had hairy man tits, and it was strange to suck on his tits and have wet hairs in my mouth. After I had sucked on both tits, he pushed me down to his crotch. His crotch had a strong smell. After all, we hadn’t bathed for two days. When I took hold of his cock my fingers barely touched. I studied what his cock looked like carefully. It rose out a thick patch of dark pubic hair. The sweaty skin of his scrotum stuck to the skin of his thighs. I was able to pull the skin of his cock up to cover the head. When I pulled the skin back to expos� the wet head with a clear drop of pre- cum at the hole. I licked the tip and found out that it had very little taste and did taste badly at all. That encouraged me to take it into my mouth Bruce rested a hand on top of my head while I sucked my first cock. The longer I sucked him the ore he encouraged me to suck harder and faster. His hand was pumping my head up and down faster. I gagged when the head of his cock touched the back of my throat. He warned me that he was about to cum and encouraged me to swallow it. When he did cum, I tasted the slightly salty and amsonia smelling warm slippery liquid squirt into my mouth. I did my best to swallow all of it, but when I pulled my head up there was some of the liquid d dripping from my lips. We clung to each other as we drifted off to sleep. The sound of rain pelting the sides of the tent woke us up and it was chilly, so Bruce zipped up the bag. We followed the same routine as the first morning only because of the rain during the night it was chilly. We got dressed right away. Once we were settled up Bruce showed me how to stuff my jacket under the straps of my pack to keep my torso warm until it warmed up and I worked up a sweat while hiking. The last day we were climbing to the crest of the tallest mountain peak in the area. The lookout tower was built like an oil derrick with square structure with glass windows and a balcony wrapping around the structure. As we cleared the tree line and were hiking up the ridge One of the rangers spotted us. He climbed down the stairs and met us as we approached. Uncle Bruce introduced me to the ranger, named Albert. He shook my hand and he said: “Donny looks great! Is he initiated?” Bruce said: “I started turning him on the way up, but he is still a virgin.” Albert held me by the shoulders and kissed me on the mouth. He offered to carry my pack up the tower for me, but I reused his help. The second ranger was named Certus. He was thrilled to have company to talk to. When we were introduced, he hugged me after we dropped our packs. They had at cabin t the base of the tower. We had a cooked meal that evening and it tasted so good I made a pig of myself. The rangers had the hopper bring up enough freeze- dried food for bakırköy travesti a week for the two of us. We spent the night indoors that night. Albert and Certus were horny and thrilled to have someone new to have sex with. We took off our clothes and started masturbating each other. All of them wanted to suck my cock. Before exhaustion made us go to sleep, everyone had three people suck their cock. The following day we had a breakfast of bacon and eggs with toast before we said our good-byes, and followed the trail to our next destination. We were going downhill most of the way and spent the night at a lake that was snowmelt and the water was cold and tasted so good. I couldn’t drink enough of the water. We were back on cooking dehydrated food. When we finished washing up, we prepared to sleep under the stars again. This time we slept on top of the bags. Bruce explained to me: “I want to breed you this time.” I asked: “What does that mean” “I want to fuck your asshole.” I couldn’t believe he could get his cock into my asshole. He had to assure me: “It will hurt until you get used to being fucked but it won’t do any damage. I will let you fuck me first.” The idea of sticking my dick in my uncle’s asshole intrigued me. When he lay on his back and pulled his legs up until he was able to place his armpits over the backs of his knees. His hairy asshole was elevated level with my crotch. I worked my little boner into his asshole. I was thrilled to be fucking my first ass. Bruce played with his cock while I fucked him. It didn’t take long for me to have a dry orgasm. Bruce let me rest before he positioned me to fuck me the same way. He spit on my asshole and into his hand and rubbed it all over his cock before he pressed his cock against my asshole. It hurt a lot and I begged him to pull it out, but he shoved it all the way in. He rested to let me get used to the feeling before he started fucking me. I grunted with every thrust. He took hold of my dick and jerked me off. When he finished fucking me, he rolled over with me on top and covered both of us up. Breeding became a part of our daily routine after that. While we were hiking, he was making notations in a log about what we saw and the condition of the forest. He was concerned about a bark beetle that was damaging one area. He made a recommendation to have a controlled burn to kill the beetles before they can do more damage. We made a big loop and returned to Albert and Certus’s lookout tower. Bruce called in the map coordinates for the infested area and recommended that a team be dropped in to make a controlled burn to kill the bark beetles before they do more damage. That night the four of us had an orgy of sex. It was exciting to fuck and be fucked by different men. I enjoyed sucking cock while being fucked. The party lasted most of the night. We slept in the next morning. We had a big meal with them before we prepared to hike out. We put everything in our packs and just put in our boots and saddle up out packs and started hiking out. Going downhill is easier on the legs but harder on the toes and feet. There was something very erotic about hiking down the trail with our cocks and balls swinging freely. I enjoyed watching my uncle’s hairy butt as we hiked. We even stopped a couple of times to suck cock. We had one more night before coming out. We enjoyed fucking each other one, more time. While we were eating the next morning, Bruce used his cell phone to call Peter to pick us up by noon. When he saw us coming down the hill, Peter came up the trail to greet us. He commented: “Good-gawd you two smell worse than goats. Do I also smell cum?” I blushed and Bruce chuckled: “Okay Peter you will get to fuck Donny after we get cleaned up. He drove us straight to his home where we showered and put on fresh clothes, we ate a sandwich before we drove to headquarters and Bruce spent an hour filling out his report. Then the three of us went to a Mexican restaurant and ate a big meal and relished every bite. I hated to go home, and we made plans for next summer and I was dedicated to becoming a ranger myself.. 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