Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 31 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 31 Andy had gone to the beach with Patrick after school and they were about to pack up and leave when he spotted Andrew, his new temporary neighbour. “Wait here,” he said to Patrick. “I need to speak to my neighbour.” Patrick watched as Andy walked over to the bearded man and then lay back down, dismissing the `old man’ as of little interest. Andy felt very different about Andrew. There was something about him that had attracted him when they first met and now he was eager to see him wearing only a swimsuit. “Hello Andrew. Are you enjoying your stay in Antibes?” he called out as he approached. Andrew looked up from his book and smiled at Andy. “Hey Andy! It’s a nice surprise to see you here. Yes, I’m loving Antibes.” Andy couldn’t see the man’s eyes clearly through his dark sunglasses but he felt certain that he was being checked out. “This beach is great but the one on the other side of the Old Town is nice too. Have you been there?” he asked. While speaking, he noted that Andrew’s chest and stomach had a light covering of ginger hair, not grey like beard. He wondered if his pubes were ginger or grey. “Yes, I have,” replied Andrew. “I’ve also been to the one in Juan-les-Pins.” Andy nodded. “All good places to swim and sunbathe…and to check out the eye candy.” Andrew laughed. “Eye candy? You mean all the topless women?” “Not for me.” Andy shook his head. “I much prefer the men with hairy chests…like you.” “Oh,” said Andrew, his eyes wide in surprise. “I haven’t upset you, have I?” Andy asked. “No, not at all. Actually I’m flattered,” smiled Andrew. “I thought I was much too old to be of interest to you.” Andy smiled and shook his head. “My school friend over there is fun to be with but I prefer older men. You have a very fit body.” Andrew licked his lips. “I think you have a great body.” Andy felt his cock stiffening and adjusted it in full view of the man. “Maybe I could visit your apartment and let you see more of it.” “That’s a nice thought but aren’t you a bit too young?” asked Andrew. “Nope. I’m fifteen and above the age of consent in France,” replied Andy. “How old are you?” “Sixty-seven,” Andrew replied with a smile. “Old enough to be your grandfather.” “Nice! I bet you last longer than my friend over there when you’re having sex,” said Andy. Andrew grinned. “You’re certainly not shy. Okay. What are you doing this evening?” “I’m having dinner with my uncle but I should be free after eight-thirty,” Andy replied. “Fine. I’ll make sure I’m back by then,” said Andrew. “Apartment 406.” “Great! See you later, Andrew.” Andy grinned and hurried back to Patrick. *** Will was watching an old French movie on tv when Andy said, “This is boring. I’m going to visit our old neighbour.” Will assumed that his nephew was referring to Jean and said, “Okay. Don’t be too late.” Andy was excited as he headed for Andrew’s apartment. “I hardly know Andrew and yet I’m expecting to have sex with him tonight. Uncle Will would not approve,” he thought. “But he won’t be here much longer and I might not get another chance.” He rang the doorbell. “Hello Andy. I wasn’t sure you’d come.” Andrew smiled and used his hand to invite the teenager to enter the apartment. “I wanted to see you again,” said Andy. He left his flip-flops by the door and walked barefoot into the living room. Andrew nodded. “Take a seat. Can I get you a drink or anything?” “Thanks but I’m fine,” replied Andy, sitting on the sofa. “Did you have a nice dinner?” “Yes, in a restaurant in Place Nationale.” Andrew sat next to Andy. “But let’s not waste time talking about food. Why are you here?” “I thought that was obvious,” Andy said with a smile. “For sex. I think you’re hot.” Andrew laughed. “You certainly don’t beat about the bush.” Andy shook his head. “I want to suck your cock and I’m hoping you’ll fuck me.” “And you’re hoping I will last longer than your school friend. That’s what you said earlier, isn’t it?” Andrew squeezed Andy just above the knee, enjoying the feel of the warm, smooth flesh. Andy looked at the large hand resting on his leg and then smiled at the man. “Yes, that’s what I want. A nice long fuck from a man who said he’s old enough to be my grandfather.” “How about you do a little striptease for me and put me in the mood,” Andrew suggested. “I’ve never done a striptease before but I’ll try.” Andy got to his feet and stood facing Andrew. “It will have to be without music.” “That’s okay,” smiled Andrew. “I saw you wearing very little on the beach earlier so there isn’t much new to reveal.” “You liked what you saw earlier, didn’t you?” Andy lifted the front of his t-shirt and rubbed the front of his body. Andrew smiled and nodded. Andy lifted his t-shirt higher and pinched one of his nipples. “Did you like my istanbul travesti chest…my boy-tits?” “Yeah, I think you have a great body,” replied Andrew. “Maybe you were paying more attention to this.” Andy used both hands to frame the bulge tenting his shorts. Andrew smiled. “Yes, that did attract my attention.” Andy grinned and then removed his t-shirt. He ran his hands over his upper body, pausing to tweak his now erect nipples a couple of times. Then he turned his back to the man and looked over his shoulder. “Did you pay much attention to my bum, Andrew?” “I only got a brief glimpse as you hurried back to the boy you were with but it looked tasty,” said Andrew. Andy faced the man before unbuttoning and then slowly unzipping his shorts. He parted the opening just enough to reveal that he was wearing very low-cut briefs and then turned away again. He lowered his shorts until the top was level with the top of his briefs and he was showing almost half his arse. Andy then looked over his shoulder and saw that Andrew was leaning forward and staring directly at his bum. “You like?” Andrew’s voice was husky when he replied, “I like.” Andy let the shorts fall to the floor and Andrew gasped when he saw that the pale blue briefs were see-through. “You still think it looks tasty?” Andy asked, slowly, very slowly pulling the back of the briefs down. “Oh, yeah!” Andrew almost growled. Andy spun back to face Andrew who sat back in his seat and then stared open-eyed at the slim 13 cm (5 inch) cock stretching the see-through fabric. The area around the cockhead was wet with pre-cum and the cockhead was clearly visible. “Maybe you would like to help me off with the last item?” Andy said. Andrew licked his lips and then reached out to take hold of the flimsy garment and slide it down Andy’s smooth legs. “Now I’m totally, stark-bollock naked,” said Andy. “What would you like me to do now…or what would you like to do to me?” Andrew reached out to cup the teen’s hairless balls and then bent forward to lick and then suck the throbbing cock. Andy placed a hand on the bald head. “Oh, that’s great, Andrew. I came here to serve you though, not simply receive pleasure.” Andrew let go of the juicy boy-cock and smiled up at Andy. “I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you long and hard. Would that be allowed?” “Oh yeah! Not just allowed…I insist on it,” replied Andy. Andrew laughed, lifted Andy in his arms and carried him through to the bedroom. He tossed Andy onto the bed and began to strip. Andy watched with interest. He had already seen the man wearing only speedos so he was familiar with his body, and he liked seeing the big strong thighs again. As Andrew dropped his shorts, Andy noted that the bulge was bigger than he remembered from the beach a few hours earlier. “He’s already stiff,” he said to himself. There was a gasp from Andy when Andrew pushed his briefs down but not because of the size of the man’s cock, which was a thick, fairly impressive 18 cm (7 inches). Andy was surprised because of the absence of public hair. Andrew had shaved his dick and his balls. “Do you like it?” Andrew asked. “Yes. It was just a surprise to see a grown man without hair down there,” replied Andy. Then he smiled and added, “I won’t have to worry about getting hair caught in my teeth.” Andrew smiled and stepped closer to the bed. “Well, go ahead. “I want to see you sucking my cock and my balls.” Andy licked his lips as he crawled towards the cock pointing at him. He reached out to caress the cock and the two big balls underneath it. Then he lowered his head and kissed the cockhead before giving the shaft several licks. He kissed, licked and sucked each of the balls, and then returned to the cockhead where ran the tip of his tongue all around the glans. Then he opened his mouth and sucked the cockhead. Andrew placed a hand on top of Andy’s head but didn’t apply any pressure. Andy however took this as a signal to take more cock. He went slightly deeper and then came back up to suck and tongue only the head. Then he went deeper again. He repeated this a few times, taking more and more of the cock into his mouth each time he sank down on the cock. Andrew realised what was happening and took his hand away. He looked on amazed when the teenager had swallowed the whole of his cock, and without gagging once. Andy looked up into Andrew’s eyes and then slowly came off the cock. He wiped the saliva dripping from his chin and asked, “Was that okay?” “It was wonderful,” smiled Andrew. “Now it’s my turn to give you some oral pleasure. Let me at that gorgeous little bum of yours.” He put a hand on Andy’s hip. “On your hands and knees.” Andy turned around and rested with his head on his arms, his knees spread wide and his arse in the air. He closed his eyes when he felt two big hands caress his small, well-rounded buttocks. He heard the man mutter something after spreading his arsecheeks and hoped that it was a comment of approval. Then he felt Andrew’s tongue. One long slow lick the length of his arsecrack was followed by a second. Then the face pressed further between his kadıköy travesti arsecheeks and the tongue concentrated on the pink pucker. The beard felt a bit strange but Andy loved what the tongue was doing. Little flickering touches to his pussy-lips were followed by the curled tip of the tongue pushing into the warm, moist tunnel. Pre-cum dripped from Andy’s cock as he was given one of the best – and one of the longest – tongue-fucks he had ever received. He moaned softly and he whimpered. Finally he felt he had to stop Andrew. “I’m close to cumming. Please give me your cock now,” he begged. Andrew straightened up. “I’m doing okay for a grandfather-type then?” Andy looked over his shoulder and smiled. “More than okay.” Andrew licked some of the pre-cum from Andy’s cock and then reached for the lube he had placed nearby. He looked at the wet, twitching boy-hole as he greased his cock. “I’m going to give that a good fucking,” he said. “That’s what I want,” responded Andy. Andrew repositioned Andy closer to the end of the bed. Andy was on his hands and knees, looking over his shoulder, as the man stood with one hand around the base of his own cock and the other hand on Andy’s hip. “Take me,” urged Andy. Andrew applied pressure. Andy pushed back and gasped when the head of the cock gained entry. Andrew pushed again and kept going until the whole of his cock was inside the teenager’s arse. “You’re tight,” he said and then almost immediately began slow in and out movements. His thrusts gradually became longer and faster until he was fucking Andy at a steady pace. Andy raised his head and sighed. “Oh yeah, this feels good,” he said. “It does indeed,” said Andrew. He continued to fuck at the same regular speed, only occasionally changing position slightly. Minutes passed. “Fuck me harder,” Andy suggested. “I’ll do it my way,” said Andrew. He continued to pump away at the same speed. Despite the action being less dramatic than Andy might have wished, the regular pounding of his prostate soon took effect. “Oh…oh…I think I’m going to cum,” he cried ten minutes later. Then he gasped and started spunking off hands-free. He whimpered as jet after jet of white cream flew from his piss-slit. Andrew was pleased but he kept on pumping at the same speed. Andy recovered from his orgasm and his cock remained stiff. “Can you cum again?” Andrew asked after reaching under and squeezing the boy-cock. “Maybe. I don’t know,” Andy answered honestly. “We will see,” said Andrew. He slid both hands over Andy’s chest and toyed with his nipples. All the while, he continued fucking the boy with the same regular thrusts. Time passed and Andrew moved his hands back to Andy’s hips. “You have a really sexy body,” he told Andy as he pumped steadily. “I love fucking you.” “I love having your cock in me,” said Andy. “Are you going to fill my boy-pussy with your cream?” His pussy was beginning to feel a bit sore and he wondered if talking dirty might encourage the man to shoot quicker. “Eventually, I hope,” replied Andrew. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve fucked someone as young and sexy as you so I want to savour every moment.” “Okay,” said Andy. He pushed back harder against the steady pile-driving cock. A few minutes later he tried squeezing the cock with his arse muscles but Andrew didn’t react. “It’s no good. I’m just being used…like a sex toy,” he thought. Then he smiled to himself. “But that’s one of my fantasies…to be used like a toy by an older man. To give pleasure but not necessarily receive pleasure in return…like a sex slave.” This thought turned Andy on. “You have gone very quiet,” Andrew remarked a few minutes later. “I’m just enjoying being used, giving you pleasure,” responded Andy. Andrew wasn’t sure how to respond to that so he took hold of the boy’s cock and began to wank him as he fucked. His thrusts became faster, moving in time with his hand on Andy’s cock. “I think I’m going to cum again,” said Andy. “That’s good. I’m close to cumming too,” said Andrew. Andy moaned and moments later he was sending more boy-cum onto Andrew’s bedsheets. This triggered Andrew’s eruption. He pushed his cock as deep as he could and held it there while he delivered a big load of thick man-cream. Finally Andrew pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to Andy. Andy smiled at the man and then moved to lick and suck his cock clean. “That was amazing,” Andrew said when the teenager had finished. “I’ll never forget this evening.” “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did too,” said Andy. He noticed the time and got to the floor. “I’ll need to go now. I didn’t expect to be out this late,” he said as he hurried off to pull his clothes on. Andrew followed Andy into the living room and noticed the boy wince when he pulled his briefs up. “Are you okay?” “My pussy is a bit tender but it’s nothing to worry about,” Andy replied as he stepped into his shorts. “Let me check,” said Andrew. He knelt down behind the teen and pulled his briefs down a little. “The entrance is a bit puffy but there are no tears that I can see.” Andy pulled his briefs back up and then fastened bakırköy travesti his shorts. “Yeah, it will be back to normal very soon.” He smiled at Andrew and said, “You certainly gave my pussy a good pounding.” “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,” said Andrew. “It was different but yeah, I enjoyed it,” responded Andy. “Better go now before my uncle sends out a search party. I’ll maybe see you around before you return home.” “Okay. I will be going home with a very special memory,” Andrew smiled and wished Andy goodnight. “Sorry, I’m late,” Andy called out as he entered his uncle’s apartment. “I’m in here,” Will responded from the bedroom. Andy popped his head around the door and saw his uncle in bed with a book. “I assume you received more than a massage from Jean,” Will said, winking at Andy. “Jean? Yeah, I got more than a massage. You can have a rest tonight,” said Andy. “Just going for a shower.” He hurried to the bathroom, relieved that his uncle didn’t mind him having occasional sex with their French neighbour. He knew that his uncle wouldn’t have approved of him having sex with an Englishman he hardly knew. *** “Leo has invited us to join him for dinner on Friday,” Will told Andy while they were cooking the following day. “He says he isn’t a good cook so it will be in a restaurant.” “That will be nice. Has he said any more about sex with me?” Andy responded. “No, and I don’t want you to bring the subject up during the meal,” said Will. “Let him make the next move.” Andy sighed. “He might never ask me.” “Then you should respect his decision,” said Will. “He might feel it is too risky to get involved with a pupil…and you are not going short of sex.” “I guess I am luckier than most boys my age,” smiled Andy. *** “Are you really going to wear that?” Will asked. Andy was wearing a white open-sided tank top which allowed a large part of his upper body to be seen, along with fairly short black shorts. “I thought this black and white look was classy,” Andy said with a straight face. “However I will change if you think it’s too revealing.” “I’m okay with it but I wonder how Leo will react,” said Will. “I’m hoping with an erection,” smiled Andy. Will laughed. “It will be either that or he’ll die of embarrassment.” Andy frowned. “Maybe I should change. I don’t want to embarrass him.” “No, don’t change,” said Will. “He is used to dealing with teenagers at school so he will hide his initial feelings and then enjoy looking at you. I assume this is designed to get you into his bed.” Andy nodded. “Yes, even if it’s just a one-off event.” They had arranged to meet Leo for a pre-dinner drink outside one of the cafe-bars in Rue de la République. Leo was sitting in the shade of an umbrella at a table when they arrived. He stood up and smiled when he saw Will and then his eyes opened wide at the sight of Andy. “Hope we haven’t kept you waiting,” Will said as he exchanged kisses on the cheek with Leo. “Bonsoir, Monsieur Kaplan,” Andy said as he stepped forward to exchange kisses. “Leo, please. Tonight I am a friend, not your teacher,” responded Leo. “I’m happy to have you as a friend, Leo,” smiled Andy as he sat opposite the man. “What would you like to drink?” Leo asked, raising a finger to attract the attention of the waiter. “Sparkling water, please Leo,” said Andy. “I’ll join you in a gin-tonic,” said Will. Will started talking about some event at school and Andy pushed his tank top to the side to scratch a nipple while Leo was facing him. Andy saw Leo swallow and then cross his legs. “Yes, he’s turned-on,” Andy said to himself. Andy moved to rest his right ankle on his left knee, pushing his shorts higher in the process. He saw Leo’s eyes move to his thighs and smiled when Leo adjusted himself under the table. Leo glanced up at Andy who winked at him. “Leo? I asked where you were planning on going for dinner,” Will repeated. “Sorry. I was thinking of something else,” said Leo. “How about Le Rustic in Place Nationale?” “I like Le Rustic,” Andy said to make Leo look towards him again. “I’d be very happy to have dinner there.” “Okay, we’ll go to Le Rustic, said Leo. Conversation turned to the latest political upset and Andy `switched off’ as the two men chatted in French. He was happy to enjoy the eye-candy walking up and down the street. French was used in the restaurant and Andy joined in the conversation while enjoyed his grilled sea bass. He was eating his dessert of mousse au chocolat when Leo asked him how he was planning to spend his weekend. “I have arranged to go cycling with Patrick tomorrow morning but I have nothing else planned,” Andy began. “I wanted to ask if you might be free to help me with my algebra. I didn’t really understand what you were talking about in the lesson this morning.” “Okay. I could pop over tomorrow afternoon if that suits you,” said Leo. “No, you don’t need to come over here,” responded Andy. “I can easily cycle over to your house and then we won’t be disturbing Uncle Will. We can…erm, be alone.” Andy licked his lips sensually. “I…um.” Leo’s voice croaked. “Go on, Leo. He’s practically begging for it,” Will said in a loud whisper. “I’d be ever so grateful,” said Andy, giving Leo a wide-eyed innocent look. Leo swallowed. “Okay. Come about two o’clock.” Andy grinned. “Thanks, Leo. You won’t regret it.” Leo wasn’t so sure. To be continued

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