Under the Cedar Tree


Author’s note: this is a factual retelling of my first sexual encounter with an older woman. The time frame, locations, and activities are all true; of course, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or maybe the not-so-innocent, come to think of it!


The first week of August, 1975 found me graduating from Air Force Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. After six weeks of the rigid, regimented lifestyle of basic training I was more than ready to get to my technical training school so I could relax and enjoy being a part of the “regular” Air Force. And unlike the majority of airmen in my basic training flight, my tech school wasn’t located in another state which would mean traveling for the better part of the day; my tech school was the Security Police Law Enforcement Academy, which was on the other side of the base. So after processing out of my basic squadron and making the short bus ride across the base, I processed in to my tech school squadron where I was assigned to a training flight, told that my training wouldn’t start for another three weeks so I’d be on “weeds and seeds” for that time period, assigned a room in the 1950’s-era wooden barracks, and told to get lost until the following Monday. Since this was Thursday, that meant I had a three-day weekend ahead of me, which was more than all right with me!

After going to my room, unpacking, and then putting on civilian clothes for the first time in 6 weeks, I headed outside to see what was going on in the squadron area. There was a gazebo in front of the barracks where the incoming troops would store their baggage until they processed in, and whenever it was empty the academy students would use it as a meeting place to just hang around and, most often, spit-shine their boots for class the following day. As I came out of the barracks I saw that there was a “shoeshine party” going on, so I went back inside to my room, got my boots and shoeshine gear, and joined in.

There were about five or six trainees there with three of them being female, and the only open spot to sit was next to one of the females. It had been six weeks since I’d been anywhere close to a female, so I had no problem with sitting next to her! She was pretty, older than the rest of the teenagers in the group, and I would find out later that she was 26 years old. She was about 5’5″ tall, slender, with short, curly strawberry blond hair and wire-rimmed glasses. She was wearing a pair of medium-blue hot pants and an off-white halter top, and had one hell of a figure! The outfit she was wearing showed off her flat stomach and her ample bust line, and the movements of her arm as she polished her boots made her large, round breasts bob and sway inside the halter. (Of all of the fashions to come out of the 1970’s, I’d have to say that the halter top was my favorite!) She looked up at me and I think she caught me looking at her breasts, but if so she didn’t show it. She just smiled up and me and said, “Hi, New Guy!” (“New guy” is what all newcomers to a military unit were called, as I found out later.)

“Mind if I sit down?” I asked, trying to be polite.

“Sure, go ahead!” she said, smiling up at me. I sat down next to her and introduced myself while getting out my shoeshine almanbahis giriş gear. “I’m Sam,” I said.

“Sue; glad to meet you!” she replied. “Welcome to the squadron!”

I quickly discovered that Sue was a hell of a nice lady and very easy to talk to, and we made idle chit-chat for the next hour or so while we worked on the shine on our boots. When we were done Sue asked me if I wanted to go to the Airman’s Club and get something to eat and have a drink.

“Sure, sounds like a plan to me!” I replied. “I could use a beer or two after six weeks in basic training!”

An hour later we were at the club, enjoying our beer and a heck of a good meal to go with it. During the meal I learned that she was from someplace in the Midwest which I honestly don’t recall, she was recently divorced, and was 26 years old. After dinner we hit the dance floor, and we spent the better part of four hours out there dancing and drinking beer. All in all, we had a heck of a good time at the club, but I had no idea of just how good my night was going to turn out.

Around ten PM or so we got on the shuttle bus and rode back to the squadron area, and once we got there I asked Sue if she wanted to go for a walk. I was strongly attracted to her and my desire had been growing for her steadily all night long, and watching her move in those hot pants and halter top on the dance floor only made my situation that much more desperate. I had a feeling she sensed it and wanted the same thing, but I wasn’t anywhere near sure. You have to remember that I was a mere 18 years old and had been with exactly two women in my life; one was my girlfriend back home who was a virgin and had ZERO sexual experience when I met her (just like me, I might add), and the other was a 20 minute one-night stand I had with a 23-year-old woman I met on the CB radio that summer before I left for basic. And that, friends and neighbors, was the full extent of my experience with the opposite sex in August of 1975.

Sue said that the walk sounded like a good idea, so she slipped her hand in mine (much to my pleasant surprise) and we set out on the road that circled the squadron area. We walked in silence for a few minutes, and then Sue spoke.

“So why did you join the Air Force, Sam?”

“Because I get seasick,” I replied, and when she looked puzzled I explained. “I grew up listening to my father tell sea stories from his time in the Navy, and until January of this year I was going to join the Navy. Then I got to thinking about it, and because I get seasick I figured that maybe the Navy wasn’t such a good idea after all. Besides, when I get out of the service I want to go into Law Enforcement, and the Air Force has the best LE program of any of the services. So here I am,” I said. “So how about you? Why did you join the Air Force, Sue?”

“Honestly?” she asked.

“Yes, honestly,” I replied.

“I joined the Air Force for two reasons: to see the world, and to fuck as many men as I can!” She looked up at me and smiled at the surprise on my face. “Does that shock you, Sam?” she asked.

“A little, yes,” I replied, “But I like your honesty.”

“You’re cute!” she said, stopping in place. She reached up and kissed me, placing her hand on the back of my head and pulling almanbahis yeni giriş it down so she could reach my lips. I slipped my arms around her slim waist and pulled her to me, and she molded her body to mine as we kissed. I immediately started getting an erection, and she felt it. She pressed her body hard against it in reply. After several minutes the kiss ended, leaving me nearly breathless. Sue was smiling as she looked up at me.

“You got a girl back home, Sam?” she asked.

“Yeah, I do,” I said. “You got a boyfriend back home?”

“Nope. Can you keep a secret?”


“Then I won’t tell if you won’t!”

“Deal!” I replied.

“Good!” she said, “because I really want to give you a blowjob!” Then she kissed me again, shorter this time but with a new intensity for both of us.

When the kiss ended I said, “I’m all for it, but where? That’s gonna be kind of tough, isn’t it? I mean, if either of us get caught in the other’s room, there’s gonna be hell to pay.”

“I know just the place!” she said, then took me by the hand and led me back to the barracks where we had been shining shoes a few hours earlier.

Like I said, the barracks had been built in the 1950s, so the trees that had been planted at that time were now at least 20 years old. There were two huge cedar trees on the front corners of the barracks, and as we walked up on one Sue pointed down at the base and said, “Under there!” Then she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled beneath the canopy of cedar branches and into the darkness inside, and I followed behind. To my surprise the area under the canopy was fairly tall, about four feet, more than enough for us to sit upright. Just enough light from the squadron area light posts came in through the canopy of branches so that we could see each other – dimly, but we could still see.

“Wow, this is cool!” I said, looking around.

“And the really cool thing is that we can see out, but no one else can see in!” she said, reaching out to take my hand. “Now c’mere!” she said, pulling me over to her. Our lips met as we kissed, and after a few moments one of my hands slid tentatively down to her ribs and up to the side of one of her breasts. She removed any doubt I may have had when she placed her hand on mine and pressed it hard against her mound, squeezing my hand to let me know to squeeze her breast. I used both hands after that, lifting and squeezing both breasts in my hands, feeling the nipples harden beneath my palms. She moaned through the kiss and her hand shot down to my crotch, massaging and squeezing my erection through my jeans. After a few minutes of this she broke off the kiss and sat back, reaching behind her head to untie the halter top. She let it drop and shook it from her breasts, and I saw them in the dim light for the first time. They were full and firm, bigger than anything I’d ever seen face to face before; her nipples were hard and erect, surrounded by small, dark areola. She was smiling broadly as she spoke softly lest someone walking by hear us.

“That’s right!” she said, “This is the first time you’ve seen a woman’s breasts in six weeks!” She giggled and then we kissed again, my hands on her bare breasts, pulling and tweaking her hard nipples as she almanbahis squeezed my shaft again.

“Lay back,” she said as she broke the kiss and pushed me back, her breasts wobbling. “I want to suck your cock!” Then she reached for the zipper on my jeans and deftly opened it, then reached inside my shorts and pulled out my hard cock. She smiled for a moment as she stroked it, and then she slipped her lips around the head and sucked my whole cock into her mouth, sliding her head down as she engulfed me.

I was in heaven! It was a rare day indeed when my girlfriend back home would do this for me, and she never – NEVER – let me cum in her mouth. I had a feeling that Sue wasn’t going to stop until I did just that, and that she’d be mad if I didn’t! I sat back on my elbows and watched Sue as she slid her talented mouth up and down my shaft, squeezing my balls with her hand and she gripped the base of my cock with the other one. Her large breasts swayed back and forth as she moved her head on me, sucking my cock hard as she slipped it in and out of her mouth. It wasn’t going to be long before I was going to cum, and I think she knew it.

“I want you to cum in my mouth!” she said, pausing just long enough to get the words out. Before I could reply she had her mouth back on my cock again, sucking harder than before as she gripped and massaged my now-aching and ready to explode balls. Seconds later it happened – I came, and I came hard, six weeks of pent-up sexual tension being released in a flood of cum that Sue drank down and swallowed without missing a beat! She kept her lips clamped around my shaft, sliding her tongue up and down the underside of my throbbing cock as it pumped stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it all, never removing her lips from my shaft, slowing sucking the last drops from me as my cock softened in her mouth. She was breathing hard and gasped as she released my shaft from her mouth, panting for breath. I think she had cum while sucking on me, although I wasn’t sure. She smiled up at me and then planted a kiss on my now-soft cock before she sat up, retying the halter top around her neck.

“That was great! I can’t wait to fuck you!” she said as she finished tying off the halter.

“So why not now?” I replied, hoping for the best.

“No, not here,” she said, shaking her head. “I get kinda loud when I have sex, so there’s no way we can do it here! We’d get caught for sure! But I have an idea,” she said, crawling up to me on her hands and knees until her face was over mine as I lay back. She had a sexy, evil smile on her face.

“What’s that?” I asked, seriously having no clue as to what she was thinking. 18 years old and inexperienced, remember…

“How about I take you to a motel this weekend and fuck your brains out? How does that sound?” she asked, smiling and biting her lower lip coyly.

“That sounds great!” I said, not believing what I was hearing.

“Good!” she said, then kissed me hard and fast. “I’ll be looking forward to it!” And then she was gone, out from under the canopy of the tree and running across the compound to her barracks before I could move.

I just lay there for several moments, not believing what had just happened to me and not believing what was going to happen to me that weekend, until finally I crawled out from under the canopy and headed back to my room. My dreams were filled with images of Sue that night, and for many nights after that.

And the trip to the motel? That’s another story for another time!

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