unforgettable Gift From Girlfriend


unforgettable Gift From GirlfriendAs I stood in front of the mirror I couldn’t get Sarah out of my mind.“God she’s hot.” I thought to myself. She and I had been together for a few months now. This was my first serious lesbian relationship. Sarah was a little older than me, and came into her sexuality earlier than I did. I had it all set for tonight. Dinner reservations, a movie then out to our favorite club for a little dancing. I was still nervous; I wanted everything to be perfect.When Sarah walked through the door, my mind went blank and I began to fidget. She’s always had this affect on me. She was 5 foot 10, slender, but toned. Her hair was long, jet black, the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen, and her breasts were an absolute perfect C cup.“What’s wrong, Michelle?” She purred. I struggled for a response; I didn’t want her to know I had made all these plans for the night. She canlı bahis şirketleri saw right through me and walked over. Her perky breasts swayed gently as she sauntered over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her soft lips to mine. My heart fluttered as I kissed her back, our tongues entwining, tasting each other.She led me to our bedroom as our kiss deepened. We entered the room, our bodies still pressed together; she reached up and flicked off the light. The room was still lit, as the curtains were pulled open. Then, reluctantly she pulled her lips from mine and began to undress me.Before I knew it, I was almost completely naked, and she was kneeling in front of me, tugging at my panties. She began to place light kisses up my thighs as she pulled my panties past my hips. Her kisses slowly moved upward, making goose bumps rise all over my skin. canlı kaçak iddaa She pulled my panties down to my thighs then let them fall to the floor. She pressed her lips against my shaven mound, my heart skipped a beat and I felt a moan escape my lips.Just as she had gotten me really hot and ready, she stopped and stood up in front of me. Pressing her body against mine she kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself. I brought my hands to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. As I worked on her bra, she removed her slacks, revealing her hairy mound. She never wore panties. As her breasts were released she pushed against me firmly, causing me to fall back onto the bed.She pounced onto my body, and kissed me again. Her breasts rubbed against mine, her firm nipples pushing against my soft skin. Her kissed moved down my neck and around my nipples. I let my canlı kaçak bahis hands trace circles around her back as I squirmed underneath her.She moved her way down my body, to my sweetness. She slipped her hands underneath my thighs and pushed upwards, forcing me to spread my legs in front of her. She kept her eyes licked with mine as her tongue began to probe my pink pussy again. The waves of pleasure traveled up my body as she found my swollen clit. She slowly inserted her middle finger into my tight wetness as her tongue rolled over and over my clit.My body grew more and more tense as my climax peaked. I was grasping at the sheets as my moans grew louder and louder. Rachel joined in, her moans muffled as she ravished my pussy. I grabbed her hair and pressed her face deeper into my folds as I came, covering her face and tongue. My body quivered as my climax began to subside, her tongue still rolling over and around my clit. As my movements slowed she crawled up my body and kissed me again. My juices on her tongue mixed in our mouths.“Happy anniversary, lover” she moaned lightly.I had completely forgotten about that!

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