Unintentional Love


Annie’s fingers dug into the thin mattress with an iron grip, her legs trembling as she felt herself being stuffed full of throbbing cock. Her cries filled the room in tandem with the sound of flesh striking flesh that sent her fat arse bouncing against her lovers hips. Her long brown hair hung loose over her face while her oversized breasts swung like pale pendulums back and forwards in a hypnotically erotic motion.

Her back arching and her head lifting, she screamed as yet another in a long line of orgasms tore through her. Her arms gave out and she fell forwards, her tear streaked face burying itself in the bed, while her partner kept slamming her further into the mattress. She was losing her mind, drooling into the fabric beneath her while her eyes rolled back into her head, all while a distant voice was telling her to-

“Wake up,” shouted her daughter, Casey. “I swear, anyone would think that I was the mother here.”

Groaning, Annie sat up in her bed, her hair and scant clothing hanging loosely around her. Her white tank top and black panties were both damp with her sweat and … other fluids. She blushed as she remembered her dream.

Her daughter called from the other side of the door leading to her room, “I’m off to class, then I have dance practice later. I’m staying at Summer’s place tonight, so I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!”

“Goodbye, Cas,” Annie called after her.

Once she was gone, Annie walked out to the kitchen and put some crumpets in the toaster for breakfast. Once that was done, she started brushing her hair and tied it back in a ponytail, all while her breasts were slowly working their way out from behind her shirt.

Chewing unenthusiastically on her meal, she pushed her nipples back under their cloth prisons. Once that was done, she went back to trying not to think about her dream, something that her body did not want her to do. Before she knew it, she was rubbing herself through her panties and her crumpets were all but forgotten about.

Despite her arousal, she still hated what she saw in her minds eye, because it wasn’t just a dream. It was a memory of Casey’s father, Dennis, who had left her for a twenty year old model ten years previously. The worst part was, every time she started getting aroused, her thoughts always turned to him and his huge cock and all of the times he had pinned her to the bed and fucked her with it.

Suddenly, her mind was flooded by all of the bad memories and she removed her hand. With a disgusted look, she wiped it off on her shirt. She quickly finished eating and started looking through the pile of mail that Casey must have brought in.

“Bill, bill, coupon, magazine,” Annie muttered to herself, before seeing something that was more than a little unexpected.

It was a letter, but a letter that was contained within a pale blue envelope, which was sealed by a silver heart shaped sticker. The words “To My Secret Love” were written in bold, flowing silver text along the top of envelope. Looking over to the calendar, Annie saw that it was, in fact, the 14th of February, Valentines Day.

Her fingers shaking, she tore open the letter and pulled out the paper. The letter itself was written in the same silver text and she read the words before her.

To My Secret Love

You are amazing, and for a long time I have only known how incredible you are from afar. You are the most beautiful, intelligent and kindest woman I have ever met. I admire you, and I want to be given the chance to prove my love to you. I know that I’m being forward, and if you don’t want to meet me I will understand, but if you would like to give me a chance, meet me at Stan’s Coffee Shop across town. I’ll meet you at the table in the back corner, opposite the door at 2 O’clock.

From Your Secret Admirer

Annie blushed a little as she finished reading. It had been a long time since anyone had complimented her like that, even in writing. She sat there for some time, wondering what to do. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go, in fact she had wanted to start dating again. But a love letter like this was not something that she had ever expected to receive.

Standing up, she came to her decision: If she was going on this date, then she was going all out.


In a small brick apartment across town, a man was squinting at his computer through bleary eyes, trying to make sense of the numbers on the screen before him. Shaking his head, the young man stood up and left the computer. He was really starting to hate this new job.

He walked to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and wondered how he had ended up like this. He had gone to university, he had gotten a degree in programming and he had even managed to get a girlfriend. Of course, Becky had left him because he was “too clingy”, but that was hardly the point.

Now here he was, living and working from a three room apartment that he was barely able to pay rent on. He had thought that he was finally getting somewhere when he was hired güvenilir bahis to look after the server of the local newspaper. He could even do most of the work from home, but then he had seen the server room itself. To put it simply, it looked like it was from the stone age and Brad’s boss expected him to work miracles with it. Not to mention that if he lost this job, Brad could kiss any chance he had of getting another tech job goodbye.

These problems had been haunting him for a while, but today was especially bad. It turns out that it was Valentines Day, which meant that almost all of his friends, even the online ones, were off on dates and he was painfully reminded of the fact that he hadn’t gotten laid in well over three months.

Needless to say, he was feeling pretty down.

Rubbing his eyes, he decided to see if some coffee would help improve his mood. While he was preparing, he started wondering why on earth Becky had left him. He knew that it wouldn’t help, but it had been a sore point with him for a while now and he couldn’t help it. It wasn’t as if he was hideous, he was actually fairly good looking, with short blond hair and deep blue eyes. He had a square jaw and, well actually most of him was pretty square. His chest, his wide shoulders, his wire framed glasses and even his feet. He had played for his university’s football team and even now he was in great shape. As of usual he wore baggy trousers and running shoes, with an untucked white shirt.

He went back to his computer after the coffee had woken him up a little and checked his email before going back to work. His sister’s dance group was performing soon and he wondered if he would bother showing up. He probably should, plus they weren’t too bad at performing. Maybe the coffee was working, or maybe he just needed a break, because he was finally starting to make sense of the complete mess of code. He already knew that he would have to rewrite most of it, but at least now he knew what he was in for.

Once he had noted which parts he needed to redo, he decided to take a walk outside. Sometimes when he was working on jobs like this, he forgot to leave the apartment for a few days. So now he made a point of going for a walk at least once a day.

He was just about to open the heavy wooden door when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He bent down and picked up the paper poking out from under the door and realised that it was a letter. Not just that, it was a love letter.

Looking at it more closely, he saw that he was right. The words “To My Secret Love” were written in neat, purple cursive above a purple love heart, which held the pink paper together. Hastily, Brad took off the sticker and revealed the plain white letter within. He read it aloud, muttering to himself.

To My Secret Love

I’ve loved you at a distance for such a long time. We’ve met before, though I don’t think that you would remember me. I’ve tried to hide my love, but I can’t help myself anymore, I want to meet you. No, more than that, I have to meet you. Please, come to Stan’s Coffee Shop. I’ll be there at 2 pm, in the far corner from the door.

From Your Secret Admirer

Brad wasn’t quite sure if he was awake when he finished reading, even after he pinched himself and let out a yelp of pain. It felt like something that he would have had a wet dream about when he was younger, but this was real. He had received an actual love letter and even if it was a bit creepy, there was no way he wasn’t going to miss a chance like this. Work would have to wait for now.


At exactly one forty five, a curvaceous forty year old woman had walked into Stan’s Coffee Shop and headed over to the corner table. She sat down and ordered a Mocha with extra cream, then sat back and watched the door, waiting for her admirer to walk in.

When he entered only ten minutes later, she didn’t recognise him right away. After all, it was Valentines Day, so there were plenty of couples sitting around the little shop. However, Brad did recognise her.

He had looked over to the corner table and seen her immediately, though it took him a few seconds to remember where he had seen her. Then he remembered a certain milf that he had chatted with at his sisters dance recital a year previously. He thought that she had looked good then in a tracksuit, but now she was practically a goddess.

She wore a loose black top, which did it’s best to hide her generous chest and soft skin, but still showed just enough to make any man hard in an instant. A pair of tight black pants hugged her more than ample backside and reached down to a pair of short black heels. Her soft brown hair was tied back in a ponytail that danced down her shoulders, with a few sneaky strands of hair disappearing into her cleavage. A warm smile graced her heavenly, soft face as she looked out the window.

As he walked over to her, she noticed him too and she also liked what she saw. He had cleaned up very nicely, and now wore a much more türkçe bahis presentable outfit of ironed black business pants and leather shoes, with a white collared shirt. He had shaved the fine stubble from his strong jaw and had even cleaned his glasses. In his right hand he held a small bunch of roses. He smelled nice, too, like pinewood and mountain air, though that was because of a cologne that his mother had given him for Christmas just before he had left for university. She also, with slight upturn of her mouth, noticed a growing bulge in his pants as he was looking at her.

He had also noticed his growing problem and quickly sat down opposite her, greeting her, “Nice to see you, Annie.”

As she heard him introduce himself, she also remembered their previous meeting. She had thought about the hunk that now sat before her for quite some time after that.

“Brad! It certainly is, you’re looking well.”

Handing her the flowers, Brad said unnecessarily, “These are for you. I hope that you like them.”

“Thank you. So, you must have finished university now. You were in your last year when we met last,” she said to him as she took the red flowers and picked through the few pieces of information that she had about him.

“I did, I have a job working for the newspaper, now.”

“Bart isn’t working you too hard, is he?” she asked, remembering the brief time that she had spent as the chief editor’s assistant in her youth.

“No, Bart left a few years ago. Rob is the new boss, but I think that I would have prefered Bart,” he admitted to her.

“Oh, no wonder. Rob is the definition of buzzkill,” she laughed.

Hearing the warm sound, Brad couldn’t help but join in, “You got that right.”


Almost two hours later, the pair left the cafe, still chatting amiably. Both were really starting to warm up to each other.

“Thanks for paying for the bill,” Brad smiled at her.

“Don’t mention it. So, do you have any ideas for where to go next,” she said playfully, twirling a strand of her hair around her finger.

Brad was a bit taken aback by that, since he had assumed that the date was pretty much over.

“Well, we could go to my place,” he said awkwardly.

Smiling at his confusion, Annie took over, “I have a better idea; how about we go back to my place? My daughter is away so we have the place to ourselves.”

Brad was even more confused by that last part of her request. Unless she was actually suggesting that they-

His train of thought was interrupted by Annie calling him over to her car, which was a very neat grey sedan. Pushing aside the fantasies growing in his mind, he hurried over to her car and climbed in the passenger seat. He had to adjust it, since Annie’s daughter was clearly much shorter than him.

They drove in silence, which was mostly taken up by Brad trying not to ogle Annie’s body. He was especially enticed by her breasts, which by the way that they shook and wobbled during the trip, were not contained within a bra. Not that he was the only one doing the ogling, Annie was glancing over at his chiselled abs and now positively enormous bulge every chance that she got. It was a good thing that so few people were on the roads, but they managed to arrive at the brunettes house in one piece.

She unlocked the front door and invited her guest in. She walked into the kitchen and went over to the sink. While she got herself a cup of water, she was very glad that she had decided to wear such a loose shirt. It had been a long time since she had gone out braless and after the tension during the ride home, her nipples were hard enough to cut diamond. Not to mention the growing patch of slightly damp fabric that had appearing between her legs.

“Still, I didn’t envy Brad’s predicament”, she thought as she walked into the lounge room. He must be huge and after her relentless teasing, he was fighting to hide his raging erection. To his credit, he was doing a good job, but Annie had plenty of experience tracking down even the most well hidden giant cocks. She had been quite the little slut when she was younger.

Sighing at the memory, she told Brad to make himself at home and take a seat. He walked over to the lounge and sat at one side, while she went back to the kitchen and gave him an agonising view of her arse as she took her time putting her cup in the dishwasher. After that was done, she walked over to him and stood there for a few moments.

“Um, are you going to sit down, too?” he asked.

“Sure, I just wanted to find the most comfortable seat,” she said with a smile, before turning around and sitting heavily on his lap.

He gasped a he felt her soft cheeks envelope his still trapped member, almost cumming from that alone. She grinned as she felt just how big he was, loving the way she could feel him throbbing even through the layers of fabric between them. There was no way that she was going to slow down now.

Taking her top off while she moved, she turned to face him and güvenilir bahis siteleri sat back on his thighs, her soft flesh resting on and overflowing from his legs. He barely noticed this however, as his eyes were glued to the mountainous breasts that were hanging before him. They were sagging a little with age, but in Brad’s mind they were perfect.

Never one to leave a pair of breasts to themselves, he sank his fingers into their marshmallow like softness. He relished in the feeling of the her boobs molding themselves to whatever shape he wished. Annie was moaning at the sensation of her breasts being tortured like this again after so long, her already excited body practically burning up with all of the attention it was getting.

Reaching the pink peaks of the soft mountains that his fingers were climbing, Brad was pleased to find that that Annie’s nipples were perhaps the only hard part of her body. Pinching one pink diamond with his fingers, he gripped her other breast with his other hand and brought it to his mouth. As soon as she felt her nub being enveloped by his hot, wet mouth the brunette moved forwards and started rubbing her engorged mound against his own throbbing tool.

He groaned into her breast as he felt her, and in response he took her other nipple in his mouth. As he started sucking relentlessly on them, Annie couldn’t hold herself back any longer and her whole body shuddered in her first orgasm in longer than she could remember.

Brad noticed her body’s shaking and released her breasts. Once he had done so, Annie decided to return the favour and started lowering herself down his body, until she was kneeling in front of him. She smiled at the huge, now wet, bulge that was still trying it’s best to tear through his pants. Barely containing her excitement, Annie hurriedly unwrapped what she was certain would be her favourite new toy.

As soon as she undid his pants, Annie actually gasped at the monster that she had unleashed. His curved shaft was simply enormous, so long that from her kneeling position, she had to look up to see his throbbing head. It was so thick that she doubted that she could wrap her hand around it. And those balls…

She was completely spacing out at the sight of his manhood, a trail of drool running out of the corner of her mouth. She snapped out of it as she saw a drop of precum running down the shaft and quickly licked up the precious liquid. Her tongue ran up his length and started lapping at his head, which must have been just about ready to burst. While her mouth was still at work, her hands grabbed her still tender breasts and moved them around his shaft.

This, combined with all of the other teasing that Brad had endured, was too much. He exploded, shooting a fountain of cum into Annie’s face and mouth. She recoiled back and he kept shooting, painting her breasts and substantial amount of the floor around them white.

As he subsided and his shaft began to droop, Annie asked, “Please don’t tell me you’re a one shot wonder?”

“No, Ma’am, just a bit worn out,” he panted in response and as if to demonstrate, he started to harden again.

Annie had already sucked down the cum in her mouth, but started to lick clean her breasts and face, too. She practically scooped the fluid from her face and swallowed it all with a blissful look on her face. Once that was done she returned her attention to his recovering manhood. In particular, she licked her lips as she examined his gargantuan balls.

The only part of her ex-husband’s anatomy she had been disappointed by were his less than average balls. But Brad’s pair were incredible and as she breathed in their musky aroma, she knew that it would be criminal to neglect them.

Taking one in each hand, she lightly teased and squeezed them, loving the way that her fingers couldn’t quite meet up and hold them properly. Moving closer, she started licking at one, then took the whole thing in her mouth, enticing a groan from Brad’s lips. Sucking on one testicle and rubbing the other against her cheek, Annie was in heaven.

Stretching her mouth as far as it would go, she then managed to fit both in, completely stuffing her mouth full in the process.

“Oh my god,” Brad moaned at the sight of her face, her cheeks and lips stretched taut by his sack.

She rested her face against his hot shaft, sucking his balls all the while, until she was confident that he had recovered enough. She then pulled his now saliva covered balls free with a pop. Rising to the head of his manhood, she quickly wrapped her lips around the purple mushroom cap. Taking more and more of him in her mouth, she managed to push his head past her lips. Looking down at the upwards curving expanse of flesh before her, she had a sudden idea.

Pulling his cock free, she told him, “Lie back along the couch.”

Too enthralled by her to question her order, he obeyed without hesitation. Soon, he was on his back along the lounge, while she was on her hands and knees above him in a sixty nine position. Even raised by her arms, his cock rose to meet her lips and Annie lowered her stilled clothed pussy to Brad’s mouth. He was enveloped by her scent and flavour, as well as the soft flesh of her thighs and butt.

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