University vacation

University vacationEvery summer I would try to visit my cousin and his girlfriend, who live by the university. They are into bike riding and me not so much. I’m not used to riding with a lot of traffic, I’m just not. My disliking for riding paid off this day. They lived in a 3 or 4 story building and the next door neighbor was a beauty. Her name shall be whatever you’d like it to be. She was a Mexican American girl, 20 years old from a town in Texas. Beautiful hair, great smile, short, tight body, and had style. I remember her feet and toes made my dick hard. Small feet and well taken care of. Now I must inform that the building has 5 apartments per floor. My cousin and this beauty lived in the first two apartments on one end. The apartment on the other end of floor was occupied; other two in the middle were empty. This beauty must have felt very very comfortable.(as you will see) The neighbor at the end had their own staircase; my cousin used the staircase on his end. No one ever ever passed the beauties window or door. And there were three big pinecone trees in the front of the apartments. Well one day my cousins asked me to go riding but I said no. After they griped at me for a minute, they left, and as I was going back up the stairs I noticed I could see into the beauties apartment. I went inside to grab a smoke and when I walked by her window, that’s when I saw through the blinds and could see she was walking around. bayraklı escort I got next to the corner of the window and peeped in; I could really see her well once I focused in through the cracks of the window blinds. Well to my teenage eyes surprise she was walking around naked and listening to her radio. O my god!! She was hot, fine, sexy, amazing…I looked around to see if anyone saw me. I instantly got an erection. She was naked, perky little b cup tits with small light brown nipples and her pussy was shaven and her skin color was exotic with no tattoos. She was walking from her bedroom to the vanity mirror, and I was engulfed in a staring contest with her beautiful tucked in, college pussy. I went inside our apartment and looked for a camera, but nothing.. Memory it’s all on you buddy. This beauty started shaving her legs and propping her legs up on the counter area and sink. Exposing her gorgeous legs, as she did the long shaving strokes women do. Looking soooo sexy. Her caramel, light brown colored skin was enough to make me hard. But seeing her sexy feet and her ass made me want to cum in her. She would rinse the razor in the tub and then come back to the mirror, for minutes she did this. All the while I was pitching a tent outside her window. I couldn’t wait for her to turn around so I could see her perfect tight college ass walk away. When she finished the legs she shaved her already trimmed pussy escort bayraklı and gave it some attention, but fucking is what the pussy wanted. She left a landing strip of hair looking O so beautiful. I remember the concentration she took, as did I, making sure university foot traffic didn’t see me peeping with a hard on. And jacking it from time to time, it came natural.. After going back and forth rinsing her razor, she stayed in the bathroom for a minute and came out with a yellow tee and a white and blue lettered skirt. Cheap looking but sexy when worn right. Nipples were poking through the tee. I had forgotten that the washer and dryer were going and someone was doing laundry downstairs. It was her, basket in hand and coming to her door. O shit. I opened my door and shut it, just as she opened her squeaky draggy door. Close call but she didn’t see me or knew that I was peeping. But I wasn’t finished yet. I opened the door slowly so she wouldn’t hear me and I went downstairs where she was getting her laundry. I was behind her, thinking of what to do or say. I could not believe this; she hadn’t seen me at all the whole time. I looked at her sexy feet knowing that those feet would go up and lead to her beautifully shaven and freshly rinsed pussy, which was ready to be eaten and fucked. I went to that opposite staircase by my cousins’ apartment, and waited for her to walk by. She went the other way, dam it. bayraklı escort bayan As my beauty walked up the stairs I was underneath her, step for step as she went back inside dragging her flip flops on the wooden steps. I stayed out and walked around the stairs a little bit to see if I could see her inside and if I could keep watching her. I went back to watching her and she had sat down in the living room right in front of me, face to face. We could have easily looked eye to eye at any time. I was going to see how long it would last and I couldn’t believe she didn’t see me. She sat down in front of the TV, crossed legged to fold the clothes. O my god she didn’t have panties on!!. I was right in front of her, how did she not see me? In that position I could see her pussy hair and nearly smell her pussy. I wanted to crash the door down and fuk her till she liked it. My dick poked the window when she uncrossed her legs and put her feet together, exposing her pussy lips in such a sitting manner. To this day I love that pose women do. To this day if I had known she had no panties at the laundry room, I would have made a move, catch a case probably but hey. Looking at her captivating pussy, perched there alone near the carpet floor and her sexy legs, I nearly cummed numerous times. I was so occupied that I pushed into the back of my head that a taxi kept passing by. I didn’t want the taxi to see me go inside my apartment, so I had to wait for it to circle again. What a day for a young teenage boy on vacation. I do wish it wasn’t a peep show though and I would’ve done something. Turns out she was getting ready for her boyfriend and the taxi had her boyfriend. lol

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