Unknowingly Seduced


Angelica and I had been friends for quite a while and knew each other really well.  Our lives took different paths because of our age difference, but we were great friends and enjoyed hanging out.  This day Angelica had invited me over for no particular reason, and after a while of talking, she asked would I mind if she ran on the treadmill for a while and we could keep talking.  I didn’t have any issue with this, so we went to the other room and she got on the treadmill and I sat nearby so we could keep talking.Angelica went to get on the treadmill and, as she did, she pulled off her top revealing that she was going to run with her leggings and sports bra she had on.  I was stunned and definitely did not see this coming, but I was totally turned on!  She acted as though this was just nothing, simply removing it to run, but it seemed like so much more to me as now I got such a great view of her breasts which I’ve always fantasized about in so many ways.  As she stepped on the treadmill, there was no longer the long shirt, so now I had a perfect view of her amazing ass in those leggings.  I’m not bahis siteleri sure if it was how she dressed or I was just so focused on everything else, but suddenly I was blown away by how great her ass was!  As she started, she was talking to me, but honestly, I didn’t hear a word she was saying because I was so fixated on how great her ass was and thinking how I had never realized how incredible it was before now.As Angelica was running, we continued to talk and I tried to stay focused on what we were talking about, but honestly, I was just focused on her body.  She looked so good in that sports bra as her breasts were just the right size, and her ass and thighs just looked incredible in the leggings she was wearing.  The whole time I just kept wondering how did I not notice how incredible her ass was before now.  I’m normally a breast guy, but sitting there staring at her ass as she ran, my cock was straining against my boxers and clearly her ass was having an effect on me!  I started trying to look for the panty line in her leggings and the more I looked for that, the more I just noticed canlı bahis siteleri how great her ass looked overall.Angelica finished running and said she had worked up a sweat, and asked me if I would mind hanging out and waiting while she got a quick shower.  Initially, I didn’t think anything about it, and told her I’d wait here while she got a shower.  The second she was out of the room I started thinking about what was happening in there.  I walked toward her room and saw her starting to undress.  She had no idea I could see her as she probably never imagined I’d be standing here.  She pulled off her bra and I immediately saw the most delicious pair of breasts and knew I had to get my mouth on them.  She shook her head as she pulled her bra off and seeing all that gorgeous hair go back and forth also caused her breasts to bounce a little was an incredible sight.  Her hair has always been beautiful, but something about seeing it swing back and forth against her naked back was an incredible sight. My cock was already so hard seeing her like this.  Then clearly she didn’t know I canlı bahis was here, and she started to slide her leggings off.  As she slid them down, she revealed the most incredible ass, especially for a white girl!  I was mesmerized by what I was seeing and couldn’t help but start to have naughty thoughts about Angelica with such an incredible ass.  She looked so sexy in just her panties, but as she pulled those off to become totally naked, I was simply blown away by what I saw, and my cock somehow found a way to get even harder.  Angelica had no idea I was watching, but this show she put on was so amazing I thought I might cum just watching her undress.Angelica headed out of view towards the shower, and I immediately realized I needed to make a decision.  We had been platonic friends for years, but what I just witnessed was so erotic and sexy, I didn’t feel I’d just be able to turn around and go back to the other room. I felt like it was now or never, and just decided to go for it.  I walked towards the bathroom and started undressing.  I approached the shower and opened the door.  She turned around a little startled for a second then smiled that sexy coy smile she has and asked what had taken me so long?  She planned this!!  She knew I’d watch her undress and possibly follow her in here!  I loved how she had entrapped me.

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