V-Day Weekend


My wife and I always find time for each other. We both work full time and sometimes the hours we work don’t match up so we sometimes have stretches where we don’t see each other. Whenever this happens, we still make an attempt spend time together, even if it’s just sitting on the couch watching television together. We also try, at least once every week or so, to have sex. Sometimes we block out an entire night together with lingerie, foreplay, multiple positions, and the whole nine yards. Sometimes we would try to slip in a quickie; quick undress, hop on the bed, and fuck until we both came Leading up to Valentine’s Day however, we were doing much of anything.

Her job was keeping her at the office longer and longer, leaving no time for anything intimate. If she was not at work, she was usually so tired from daily grind of her job that she had no real interest for anything sexual, which I understood. With Valentine’s Day coming, I decided to treat her as well as I could. I made reservations to a great restaurant in the city and book a hotel for the weekend nearby. After our respective work days were over, we drove into the city, checked into the hotel, and started a weekend of love making. At least that was the plan.

A week before we left, Mother Nature decided to pay my wife a visit. While some people out their only see this as a detour rather than a road closed sign, we are not one of those people. What started making us nervous was that sometimes, the red wave will only flow for a week, in which it would be gone by the time we checked into the hotel. But as she is sometimes known to be, Mother Nature can be a real bitch and hang around much longer, making our weekend of steamy hotel sex ruined.

When we left on Friday, I politely asked if we were in the clear, in which I got a hesitant shake “no”. So it seemed all of the fun would have to wait at least a day. She was so uncomfortable from it that she did not even want to get into her bikini and hop into our room’s hot tub. So we spent the first Friday night cuddling and recovering from the work week, something we both desperately needed.

During the day Saturday, I would occasionally reach over and playfully grope my lovely wife. It’s something I love to do and she always responds playfully, usually groping me back. But every time I would on this day, she would giggle and push me away, which sent the message that we were still not in the clear. As we were getting ready to head to the restaurant, I started to have fears that it was not going to happen this weekend. However, when I saw her come out of her bathroom in her new dress for dinner, I knew that I HAD to have her.

My wife stands about 5’3 and in my eyes, if the very definition of an old style bombshell. She has shoulder length blonde hair and measures in at 34D-24-33. If you need or want better imagery, she’s a compact blonde with big tits, a full waist, and a voluptuous ass. To add a modern take on her classic beauty, she has a full sleeve tattoo on her right arm of flowers and butterfly which makes her stand out even more. Every time I see her I thank my stars that she finds my sense of humor charming because while I may be a decent looking guy, I definitely have a much hotter wife.

She had on a tight black and white dress which showed off every inch of her curves. While I spend most time worshipping her ass, she likes to show off her tits to me every now and again, and she was doing it this time. The bra she had on pushed up her breasts and the dress was exposing the perfect amount of cleavage.

“Man I can’t wait until to see what you have on under that” I joked.

“Oh don’t worry you’ll find out soon enough” she replied with a smile on her face. “I packed new lingerie too for later.”

“Are we in the clear?”

“Oh yeah, Mother Nature left us earlier this morning.”

“Well why didn’t you tell me? I was trying to play with you all day!”

“Because I wanted to make you went because when you get pent up you perform great in bed.”

“You little minx you” I said while playfully slapping her on the ass.

“No, harder!” she replied while bend over for me. If there was one thing my wife loved, its being spanked. I reared my hand back and delivered a firm slap on her ass.

“You’re going to get it tonight.”

“Not if I give it to you first.” She reached out and grabbed my dick which began to harden. She playfully laughed and seeing what time it was, got all of our things for the night and headed to the restaurant. I booked a table at a small tavern that’s known for its craft beers and exotic menu. While I’ve always been a beer drinker, my wife tends to prefer wine. She had a few glasses of a Red that was recommended by the waiter while I jumped around to a series of different ales and stouts. I mention our drinks of choices because when I have a few, I tend to have the opposite of whiskey dick. If I get a good buzz on, instead of struggling to perform, I perform much longer than usual. That’s not to say I have an issue bahis firmaları with being a two-pump chump, I can just last twice as long. My wife on the other hand loses some of her inhibitions when she gets nice and toasty. She’s always been adventurous in bed but when she gets a little drunk, anything goes. The facts that she was actively drinking, was purposely making me wait, and was horny before we left the hotel, meant I had quite a night ahead of me.

We each had one final drink after our dinner before we left for the hotel again. When we were leaving the restaurant, I being the gentleman, let my wife lead the way. Every time we stepped, she swayed her hips back and forth like she was walking on a catwalk. I know my wife so I know she was doing it on purpose. And since she knows me, she knew that it would drive me insane. I had to walk with my hands covering my crotch so no one in the restaurant could see my cock poking through my pants.

We got back to the hotel and stood in the lobby, waiting for the elevator to take us up. I was almost shaking with anticipation with what I wanted to do to her. We got into the elevator and was pleased to find out we’d be all alone. I knew she had a thing for doing it in public places so as soon as the elevator started going up, I pinned her against the wall and started passionately kissing her. We only had to go up three floors so our little tryst did not last too long.

“Oh my God, that turned me on” she told me.

“I know that’s why I did it.”

“You’re in for it once we get into that room.”

“Lead the way, my lady.” I kissed her hand and she playfully giggled. If there’s one thing I know about my wife it’s that she’s a tease. So whenever I get the chance to tease her, like in the elevator, I take it.

We got into the hotel room and both immediately kicked our shoes off.

“So what should we do first?” I asked.

“Hmm…I’ll start the Jacuzzi and you start making drinks.”

My wife turned on the Jacuzzi next to our bed on while I moved to the alcohol we had in our room. I’m really a beer guy but when it comes to liqueur, I love a good rum and coke. I like them pretty strong so I poured a little more spiced room in the glass than I usually do. For my wife, she likes anything mixed with vodka. Since I was in charge of making the drinks, I used this as an advantage. See, my wife is pretty open in bed, but keeps our sex to pretty standard stuff. But when she gets a buzz on, she gets rid of all inhibitions and gets wild. That was the kind of woman I wanted tonight so made her drink as stiff as I could.

“You going to change into your swimsuit?” she asked me.

“To at least start out, yeah.”

“Well then I’ll change into mine. Can you unzip me?”

“Of course I can.”

I unzipped her dress and helped her slide it down her body. My wife is a very colorful person and her underwear reiterated that fact. Her voluptuous ass always looked the best in cheekster panties and she had her pink pair on. I could not help but rub my hands up one her of butt cheeks, a personal favorite of hers. She paired the pink panties with a neon orange bra to hold in her 34D breasts. She put her arms around me and gave me a seductive kiss as I rubbed my hands up and down the back of her body.

“I love you” she said softly.

“I love you too” I said without hesitation.

“Start changing my handsome man. I’ll go into the bathroom to change. See you soon lover boy” she said blowing me a kiss.

I started to disrobe and noticed that I was already starting to get rock hard. I find my wife the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen so she never had to do much to get me excited. Seeing her in her underwear, caressing every curve she possessed, and knowing she was in the next room getting naked was all I needed to get hard.

I turned off the Jacuzzi and got my suit on. Once the water was the perfect temperature, I brought both of our drinks over and set them around the tub. I was so pent up and anxious, I couldn’t help but rub my hands across my dick. I decided to get in the tub right away and took a big swig of my drink. It was nice and stiff, which seemed appropriate considering the state I was in.

I heard the door open and soon found myself looking at my wife in her all black bikini. She loved wearing because of how comfortable it was to wear. I loved it because he supported her breasts perfectly.

“Care if I join you?” she asked me with a smile.

“Oh, please do.”

She got into the tub and sat across from me, her breasts floating above the water.

“Eyes up here, baby.”

“Huh? Oh, hi, sorry.”

“Hehe, I love you. Cheers?”

We raised our glasses and cheered to a good night. We each took sips and she was surprised by the stiffness of her own drink.

“Wow, Hun. Trying to get me wasted?”

“Well it’s not like we have to go anywhere.”

“True. Bottom’s up then I guess.”

A part of me wanted to mount her like an animal, but we were both enjoying the warm water and kaçak iddaa the bubbles from the Jacuzzi. Eventually, she saddled up next to me and attempted to sit on my lap, but my erection made that next to impossible.

“Oh my God, honey!”

“What would you expect?”

“Glad to see I excite you so much.”

“Of course you do. I love you baby.”

“I love you too” she said then lightly kissed me. “And I am going to prove it tonight.”

“Is the booze getting to you?” I joked.

“Haha, a little. But that’s not the reason I want you to fuck me all over this room. I want you to because I’ve been thinking about it all night.”

“I have too.” She had started playing with me over my swimsuit. It was hard for me to not interfere and pull my shorts all the way down to give her full access. I instead swam my hand under the water and placed it on her ass.

“Then I should waste anymore time.” She untied my suit, which I purposely kept loose and started pulling it down.

“We have all night, darling.”

“Oh trust me I know.”

She put her hand around my cock and even though it was underwater, it still felt amazing. We kept kissing the entire time, which I love doing to my wife as much as I love fucking her. My hands wanted to keep busy so I started to fondle her big breasts. The best part of a bikini is how you can slide the material down to show off the goods without untying anything, so that’s exactly what I did. With her tits out, it didn’t take long for me to start kissing and sucking them. Whenever my tongue went across her nipple, she moaned with pleasure. She was trying to stroke me faster but the water was making that a challenge.

“Sit up baby.”

I propped myself up on the edge of tub and she took my shorts completely off and through them on the hotel’s carpeted floor. With my dick at a full salute, she put her hands around the base of my shaft and put the head straight into her mouth. My wife’s blowjobs were usually pretty sloppy and this one was no different. I love the sound of the saliva in her mouth coating my dick and I loved the feeling even more.

She kept blowing me for a little bit longer when I stood up. I don’t know why but I always loved getting my dick sucked while standing and the girl is on her knees. There’s just an extra level of dirty and sexiness that gets added when that happens. We both moved closer to the center of the tub and my wife but my dick back in her mouth. She still had a hand around the base of my cock when I put my hands around her head to hold her hair back. When I did that, she moved both her hands by her knees under water and sort of sat up straight. I took this as a sign that she wanted me to fuck her face. We had never done that prior but I guess she thought it was a good time to try something new. I gently put my hands on either side of her head and began thrusting my cock into her mouth. We kept our eyes locked on each other and it was turning me on even more.

“Oh my God I want to fuck you” I said while thrusting. She made a sound to signal that she wanted to say something so I took my cock out.

“Yes please” she said with a mischievous smile before standing up.

“Do you want to try fucking in here?”

“Um…well I want to ride you, but I don’t want to have you try to balance us on the side of the tub.”

“We can get out then.”

“No, fuck me from behind first.”

If there’s one thing my wife knows I love doing, it’s fucking her doggy style. She turned around and bent over, putting her hands on the side of the tub.

“Do you mind taking my bottoms off?”

Of course I didn’t so I peeled them off the through them on the carpet next to my suit to reveal that juicy ass of the woman I love. Not being able to help myself, I stuck one of my fingers in her pussy to tease her, which caused her to gasp.

“Oh honey that’s not fair. Fuck me!”

“I will, but I’m doing this first.”

“Stop, I don’t want to come yet!”

“Ok, I’ll stop.” And I did. But I then got on my knees and started eating her out.

“Oh my God that’s not any better!” she said while bracing her hand against the hotel wall. Ever since I started having sex, one of the more common compliments was my oral skill. My wife rarely wanted me to go down on her since it always made her cum too quickly. “Honey…stop…I’m going to cum.”

Now normally, since I like being a jerk sometimes, I would keep eating her out until she exploded. But her moaning, the taste of her pussy, my face being surrounded by her ass, and the fact I’d been wanting to fuck her all night had my dick so hard and ready it was turning purple. So I obliged and stopped eating her out. I stood up quickly and inserted my dick straight inside her, causing a squeal of joy to leave my wife’s mouth. Like I’ve said before we have a bit of a height difference so I had to bend my knees to fit and the water wasn’t giving the best traction. But it was working well enough since I could feel my wife’s vagina tensing up, ready to explode.

“Oh kaçak bahis fuck baby…”

“Are you cumming?” She was having trouble forming words so I asked again. “Are you going to cum, baby?”

“Ye…yes! Yes!” I cupped my hand under one of her ass cheeks to give it a good grope before giving it a firm slap.

“Oh fuck!” my wife shouted. “AGAIN! I’M CUMMING!” I gave her another spank then quickly had to keep her from falling as she came across my dick.

“Oh my god I came so hard” she said breathlessly. “Let’s get out of here baby.”

“Do you want to dry off before moving to the bed?”

“Hmm…no just put a towel on the floor.”

Man, what did I tell you about a little booze causing her to ditch all her inhibitions? I at least laid a towel on the floor before lying on top of it. I knew she wanted to ride me so I got in the ready position. She fully took off her bikini top before joining me on the floor.

“I want to be spanked more.”

“So go reverse cowgirl.”

“Ooh, okay” she said with a big smile.

The first time we did reverse cowgirl, she told me she came harder than ever before. She positioned herself on my dick before slowly lowering herself. I thought she would start going slowly but instead she started bouncing up and down on my dick. The only way I was going to keep up was grab two handfuls of ass and spank whenever I found it necessary.

“Oh God baby!” I proclaimed.

“Yeah you like it?!? Fuck I’m gonna cum again.” She started bouncing harder and faster. I can only wonder what the people staying below us thought. “Spank me! Spank me! Spank me!” Since she told me three times, I spanked her three times. After the third spank, she sat completely on my cock, plunging it all the way into her pussy because once again finishing on it.

“I’m gonna come to, let me pull out, quickly.”

“Ok, ok.” She got off my lap before I popped. I was about to stroke all my backed up cum out my lovely wife had an excellent suggestion. “Do you want to cum on me?” Well that was unexpected.

“Sure thing babe. Can I…cum on your ass?”

“Just don’t stick it in.” My dick was almost twitching with anticipation and when she leaned over the bed and stuck her ass in the air, I almost came out of instinct. I spanked her another time for good measure and only had to stroke a few times before my load shot across her ass and back. It seemed the more I stroked the more came out. Eventually I ran out of juice and collapsed on the bed next to her. She was smiling from ear to ear with a look of total satisfaction across her face.

“Hmm that was sooo good” she said before lightly giving a kiss.

“I’ve been waiting for that.”

“Oh I can tell. So was I. Can you help me clean up?”

“Sure, the tub still has water in it.”

We both crawled back into the tub to wash off. She tried to play with my dick but I pulled her hand away.

“Got to give me a few minutes, baby doll.”

“Ok be that way. Just tell me when you’re ready again. I have something planned for you.”

Trust me, I with that little verbal tease I was almost ready again right then and there. However I knew better so decided to keep drinking and enjoy my wife’s company. I knew we had all night, but putting clothes back on seemed silly to both of us. We emptied the tub, dried off, covered ourselves with some towels and cuddled on the bed.

After watching some random travel show (a guilty pleasure for both of us) I noticed she was rubbing her hands along my waist.

“Looking for something?” I asked.


“Well, see if you can find anything.”

She slowly untied my towel to find m dick starting to form an erection.

“Well this looks like something.” She started stroking me. We both love teasing each other and my wife loves giving me quick handjobs. Whether we were getting ready to go to sleep, watching TV on the couch, or caught at a red light, she would always love reaching over and giving me a few strokes.

“So I brought something for tonight. Want me to change into it?”

“Oh something special for you to wear?”


“Please do.”

“Ok, hang on one sec.”

She gave me a kiss, still holding my dick, and gave a few quick strokes before finally letting go and going to her bag. I saw her pull something out but I couldn’t tell what it was. She quickly threw it into the bathroom before I could see what it was.

“Hang in there, lover boy.” She playfully dropped her towel and giggled before going into the bathroom to change. The entire time she was there, I couldn’t help but stroke myself out of the sheer curiosity of what my lovely wife would be wearing.

When she finally revealed herself, she was wearing a light pink baby doll dress.

“Oh I’m a fan of that” I said.

“I thought you would. Do you like the view from the front?” She pushed her tits together and bent forward to tease me.

“Of course I do!”

“How about from behind?” She bent over and revealed that the back of the dress was purposely hemmed so that the ass would peak out. She had her pink panties from earlier on and they still looked as good. At this point I could not help but to start jerking off at the sight of her.

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