Vacation Expectation


The wife’s side of a conversation with her husband as she gets packed to go on a 10-day vacation with her lover and leave him behind.

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“Okay Dearie. Up on the bed. It’s almost time for me to leave. I have a plane to catch. Don’t you worry. I know that once you’re done binding your hands and feet that you’ll be completely helpless. There’s nothing to worry about honey.

“There. All done. Don’t you look cute? Just your little cage. She’s so cute, I think. And I love what all the running and dieting has done to your body. You really are taking this healthy lifestyle seriously, aren’t you?

“I love you.

“Now, I need to pack and get ready. We’ll be leaving for the beach soon and I want to make sure I have everything I need. So don’t you distract me.”

“Oh, stop that. Don’t fret. You didn’t think that I was going to leave you here tied to the bed to starve to death while Jonathan and I lay on the beach, do you? I’m not sadistic or a murderer or anything. I dont want to torture you. Well. At least not physically. [snicker]

“Oh, honey. Jonathan is just so fabulous, don’t you think? Oh, that’s right. You’ve never actually met. For as much as you know he’s my imaginary friend and this whole time I’ve just been playing with your mind. Gaslighting you. Well, you can believe whatever you want to believe but believe me, I’m having the time of my life and he is as real as they come.

“I know you’ve never seen him. But, tell me, he tastes wonderful, doesn’t he? Yes, I know you eagerly lick every bodily fluid off and out of me when I get back from our dates. I bring that special part of him back so you can experience it too. That makes it special for us. We’re in this together. I’m with him for us. It’s something special that the three of us share and I think we’re all really happy with this arrangement.

“Do you think I should take these boots? It’s not going to be cold enough for them but I just love the power they project. You bought these, remember? This little lip at the top that folds up and down. What was it you called them? You said something the moment I showed them to you. Oh yeah, ‘pirate during the day, slut at night’. I think I can be both.

“Do you remember that time I had Jonathan ejaculate on them for you? That was special, wasn’t it? Oh, darling, you’re going to cry. Look at your eyes. They’re getting all glossed over. You do remember though, don’t you?

“You bought these thigh-high boots for me years ago hoping I would wear them to bed for you. You just love boots. They give a certain aura of power and confidence. You just love being tied to the bed and blindfolded and then hearing me walk up the hallway ever so deliberately. Click. Click. Click.

“It never happened though, did it? I have never worn them for you. You were crying that first night when you pulled them up my legs knowing that I was wearing them for him. I told him that those were special boots you bought just for us and then it was his idea to ‘mark’ them as his own domain. You had so many mixed emotions that night, didn’t you? Jealousy was definitely in there but you powered through it anyway. For us. You are so strong for us. You wanted to cry but you were so turned on at finally getting to see me in nothing but the boots. When I got home, you licked and licked like it was your very first lollipop. I couldn’t help but smile. That’s when I knew. That’s when I knew the two of you were the perfect men for me.

“You’re the perfect husband. You take care of all the bills and laundry and dishes. You just do it all around here and let me enjoy myself. You’re like my girlfriend. I love that you’re sweet and tender and … feminine. We can share all kinds of girlfriend-y things.

“But, Jonathan. He’s the other side. The Yang to your Yin. He is so…masculine. He holds me down and I feel so helpless and powerless. What’s that? Of course, I feel submissive when I’m with him. He’s talked me into trying all kinds of kinky things. We’ve tried anal, bondage, toys…to tell you a secret that even he doesn’t know, I’d be willing to have a threesome with him. When he holds me close I feel so pliable that I would do anything to please him. I’d gladly give him a blow job while letting his friends film it. I’d let him shave my girl or even let another girl do me with a strap on. That’s how horny he makes me. I want to do whatever turns him on. It makes me feel so naughty.

“Hmm, have you seen my red…here it is. Jonathan just loves it when I wear a red or black bra with that white sun dress. It’s so slutty.”

“Where was I? Oh, I know. I never wanted to have a threesome with you or oral sex or anything really. But, he’s just so…oh…lovely. You know what I love the best about him? … No, it’s not his penis…that’s what you love about him, I think. [snicker]

“No, I love the way his muscles spasm and flex when we’re making love. I rub my hands all over his arms and abs Kadıköy Yabancı Escort and just feel like a Princess. I feel so safe and warm. It might be love.

“Okay, stop. Stop. Stop! You’re being silly. Of course I’m not leaving you for him. I love you too. I know you’ll try harder in the future to prove your love but he just does something for me that you can’t. He fills me in a way that you never could. You know, there are things that you do that he can’t, right?

“Like what? Well, first of all he can’t do oral sex. He’s horrible at it. He just licks and sucks and tries to get me all hot and bothered. He rushes it. He goes straight for my clit and just…well, he’s horrible. That’s not a skill he has. But you. Oh, you. You are fantastic. You take your time to really warm me up and get my juices flowing. Or should I say get ‘his juices flowing’? [chuckle] Just thinking about your lips and tongue get me hot.

“But, I need to stop and focus here.”

“What’s that …?

“Now, stop fretting. Of course I’m going to take care of you. I’m not leaving you tied to the bed for the whole week all by yourself. I got you a babysitter.”

“Yes, a babysitter. Boy, you sound surprised. Like I was going to leave you here to sleep all alone while I had Jonathan’s warm body up against mine. Silly.”

“Who is it? Oh, it’s nobody you’ve met. But, you have heard about ‘him’.”

“Boy, you sure are getting all excited and worried about this. Do you think Jonathan will like this bikini? It’s for the hotel and lounging around. Just a little bit of modesty, I am a married woman you know. [snicker] I’m actually thinking of getting a little tattoo while I’m there.”

“What? No. Not a real tattoo, henna. I’m thinking of getting his name across my bikini line. That way, if any other guy propositions me I can just tease him by pulling aside my bikini bottoms and show him that I am owned. Maybe someday I’ll make it permanent but not yet. I’m not there yet. I could get his name tattooed on you though. That would be interesting. I could keep a running log of all the men I sleep with on you.”

“What? Don’t worry, I’m not going to do that. I’m just teasing.”

“Okay, let me explain. Boy, you sure are worried about your babysitter. He’ll love you and you’ll love having him around. I bet that by the time I’m back home you will be begging me to let you move in with him.

“Since you’re all excited let me tell you all about my vacation first and then I can explain how it’s linked to yours.

“First, we’re going to the nude beach so Jonathan can show me off. Though, I suspect we won’t make it out of the hotel for the first day or so. Jonathan’s actually threatened to ‘sell’ me off as a prostitute one of the evenings. Boy, I’m getting randy just thinking about this. Then, he also promised me something that I’ve never tried before…another woman. He says he wants to watch as I am seduced by another woman. To tell you the truth and this is just a guess, I’m betting he’s going to have me dominate her. He’s going to have me tie her to the bed and pleasure her all night. I don’t know. It’s going to be hard enough just to kiss a girl let alone spend a lot of time pleasuring her. I was hoping she would pleasure me but we’ll have to wait and see. Now, as for you and your babysitter.”

“Stop it! Your babysitter is going to take good care of you and I expect to get back a glowing report. Actually, he’s going to be sending a daily report card to me.”

“Who is it? Really? That’s really what’s important to you? Goodness me. Do you remember Jonathan’s friend Mike? It’s him.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Mike the ‘gay one’! God you are such a baby. Well, this is how it’s going to go. I’m going to be gone for ten days and he’s going to send me ten report cards. At the end we’ll tally up all your A’s, B’s, and C’s and you will either get some rewards or punishments depending on how you did. Now remember, this is totally up to you but I warn you. If you fail you will definitely not like what’s coming.”

“Of course, your scores depend on Mike’s evaluation. He’s the teacher, evaluator, referee, everything. If I were you then I would take every day seriously because he’s been told to evaluate your performance subjectively. You know what that means don’t you?”

“Exactly. Even if you complete all the ‘required’ tasks, if he feels you weren’t timely enough, appreciative enough, or for ANY reason whatsoever he can decide to fail you on that day. I recommend that you take your daily instructions and try to perform above and beyond the call of duty.

“First thing’s first. Mike does not have the key to your chastity belt. I am taking that with me. That should make things easier for you because begging him to let you out isn’t an option and you therefore can’t sabotage your performance by thinking about it.

“You Kadıköy Yeni Escort know what? I was thinking of letting every day be a surprise but I think it’ll be more fun to tell you what to expect. But remember, Mike is allowed to change anything at anytime. He’s the teacher and has total authority over the lesson plan. So be flexible and expect a few audibles. I know he’s got some fun ideas and challenges and I can’t wait to read up on how they turn out.

“Day 1. In addition to household chores, you will both watch at least 3 hours of porn while making out, fondling each other, and basically getting to second base. Now, as a hint for Day 1. The secret is that you have to seduce him. He has to feel as though you two are on a real ‘Netflix and Chill’ date and you’re trying to get him all hot and bothered. I don’t know if he’ll let you get to third base but remember he is grading you subjectively.

“The idea is that you tease him up and then go home leaving him wanting more. So, the next time you’re together he just can’t contain himself. We girls do this all the time. Just a little bit of tease and the boy just can’t stop thinking about us. Works like a charm. Everytime.”

“What’s that? Three hours? Of course it’s a long time. It’ll go by so fast. Time flies when you’re having fun, remember? Besides, you’re going to be having so much fun I bet you keep him here well past the three hours.

“Day 2. Same scenario but you’re getting to third base. Once again, I recommend seducing him and making him feel like a God. Here are a couple of tips. First, when you kiss his neck, make sure you breath in his scent. Second, don’t just run your hand right into his crotch. Tease him a bit and get him to put his hand on yours and lead you there. Third, and this is important, when you first start rubbing his cock make it nice and soft and light. It will drive him wild and he will start bucking up into you. I did all of those things with Jonathan and it just made him so happy. You always want to make your date happy.

“Day 3. Home run time. I would go back to the beginning and start all over. However, when it’s time to get at his penis, treat it like it’s your only source of air, food, and water. Treat it like it’s the holy grail. Make love to it with your eyes, hands, lips, tongue, everything.”

“What? You don’t like this idea? I love it. I just absolutely love the idea of you working your ass off to prove to a gay man that you are gay too just so he’ll tell me how gay you are. I expect him to say ‘My goodness! He suckled on my cock for a full two hours. I think he was trying to memorize every vein and texture so he could recall it later.’ You’re going to do this for us. And remember, this is for us. Besides, I’ve already spent a ton of time memorizing every centimeter of Jonathan’s cock. I want to share that experience with you. And this is fun.

“Now, Day 4. You’re both heading over to the Blue Oyster Bar. I suspect you’ll be doing some dancing. Some fondling. Some touching. Some grinding. Maybe even a little bit of experimenting. Now, remember the first time we went dancing? How my hands were all over you? Teasing you? Getting you hot and bothered? Lightly brushing you in all the right places. I’m betting he’s expecting something along those same lines. Remember, the night before you will have gone all the way so this time you are making love to him with your clothes on.

“Uh oh. Do you remember where I put my bluetooth vibrator? Oh, top drawer! Silly me. Jonathan loves this thing when we’re just going out to dinner or sitting and watching a movie.

“Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, Day 4. Of course you’re both going to end up back here after the club. I’m betting you’ll have gotten him so worked up that you might even get lucky that night too. [smile]

“Day 5. Aren’t you loving this? I am. Role playing time. I’ve come up with a little scenario and it’s a mystery. You’ll have to read some clues and see where it leads you but I think it’s going to end up with you suavely seducing him somewhere. Remember to sell it and make him believe. Get into character and enjoy being someone else for an evening.

“Day 6. Mike’s bringing over a date. Oh, the fun you’re going to have. I am going to Skype in and get to watch as you do your best ‘Chinese Finger Trap’ impression. Fun, fun, fun.

“Day 7. Now, up to this point you’ve had a lot of ‘acting’ lessons with Mike and I hope you’ve been taking it seriously because now you have to convince me. Mike’s going to set up the iPad and record you. He’s going to give you ten minutes to convince me that you are gay and no longer want to have hetero sex. It’s only acting, I know, but you have to convince me. Make it believable. Sell it! Explain to me how you have grown to crave and desire another man to hold you, love you, caress you, and make you his woman and that you really aren’t attracted to my body or the female form for that matter. I hope you had been taking all your acting seriously Kadıköy Masaj Salonu up to this point because Mike assures me is going to be grading this one tough. And for Day 7, it’s just the video and then Mike will leave. Isn’t that easy?

“Now, a hint for Day 7. Spend all day practicing. Mike’s probably only going to give you one take and you don’t want to mess it up. Use the mirror in the bathroom. Grab some props if you need them. I’ll leave you a dildo. But speak from the heart and make the audience believe it.

“Day 8. Now, you remember Cindy, right? She’s going to give you a break from Mike and you’re taking her out to dinner. There’s no sex on Day 8 so your body can take a rest. But, she’s grading you that night so I expect you to be a complete gentleman. Take her to a nice restaurant, buy her some expensive wine, hold the door for her, look her in the eyes and listen intently, the works. Then, when the time is right I want you to confess to her. Confess all of your inner feelings and your deepest, darkest secrets. The ones that you have been hiding from everyone and even lying to yourself about all these years. What’s that? No, I leave it up to your best judgement as what to tell her but she is probably expecting you to come out of the closet and confess your true love for Mike or that you want Jonathan to move in here and relegate you to our live-in sissy main or something. I don’t know. You can confess anything you want but I want you to be honest and sincere. Ask her for help and guidance.”

“Not fair? Now, wait a minute! You can confess anything you want to her. You can tell her how you love men! How you love women! How you love ponies! Whatever you want! I’m just trying to give you a hint because she’s going to give me your grade and I really hope you pass. You’ll have to read her and find out what she wants you to confess. She might want you to tell her that you love watching football. I don’t know what she wants exactly but I want you to be completely honest with her. All I care about is getting your score and a passing grade, as you know, is dependent on your confession.

“Day 9. You’re going to love this day. Mike is back and he’s bringing Cindy and the video camera with him. But there’s one slight twist this time. You’re in charge. That’s right! You’re in charge. Cindy is going to record and you are going to tie Mike to the bed and take him there like you’re the Master. You can use his mouth, his ass, anything. You can just tease him mercilessly all night if you want. You can get some payback for everything he made you do all week. Just remember, the camera’s running for me to review and he’s still grading your performance.

“Then, last day. Day 10. You can rest. No Mike. No Cindy. You can stay in the house all day if you want. It’s an easy day. You will only have one chore to do. It’s a video confession to me. I want you to tell me exactly what you want and I will be grading it myself. Tell me what you enjoyed, what you hated, everything. Now, as I think about it, I wonder if you’ll beg me to take off your chastity, divorce you, and let you go your own way. I wonder if you’ll beg me to keep you around as a chaste, sissy, maid for Jonathan and I. I wonder if you’ll beg me to help you become a woman so you can go and be with Mike. I wonder but that recording is entirely up to you and, again, I want you to be honest with me.

“Now, one final housekeeping item before I go. Your score sheet. Of course, you’re already wondering what happens if you get a ten out of ten or a six out of ten. Well, I’ll tell you little boy.

“10 for 10. I will take off your belt and we can make love like we did on our wedding night. I’m talking everything and then some. I will blow you like I blow Jonathan. I will wear the little lingerie that you love along with your pirate boots. It will be a night you will never forget.

“9 for 10. Excellent score overall and I think you deserve both a reward and a punishment.

“Why the punishment? Because you didn’t make it. You were so close but you weren’t 100% committed to the game. First, for the reward, you and I get a date night. We’ll go out to a nice romantic dinner followed by some dancing and walking in the park. Then, we’ll end it with a handjob. You remember those, don’t you? You used to get them all the time. But, then, for the punishment, after our date you get 100 additional days in chastity with no possibility of parole.

“8 for 10. A small reward for you, we’ll have a nice makeout session. We will sit on the sofa and for no less than three, no two, hours, we will just sit there with our hands and lips all over each other. But then, 200 additional days in chastity.

“7 for 10. No more rewards my dear. 300 additional days in chastity. That’s almost a full year. Well, now that I think about it, we’ll round up and make it a full year.

“6 for 10. This is where it starts to get tricky. Remember, 60% is barely passing. One additional year in chastity and a tattoo. I’m thinking a tattoo on your lower back. A nice little tramp stamp with some butterflies or flowers. Or maybe just Jonathan’s name.

“5 for 10. 2 more years in charity.

“4 for 10. 5 years in chastity. Pretty serious, huh? That’s why I said you had better brace yourself for this challenge.

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