Vaction for Firsts Ch. 2


After the night of first times twin sisters Brandy and Mandy experienced upon their arrival in Hawaii they were ready for more. The night before, their first night on the vacation they won off a radio station, they had experienced many things for the first time. Brandy had put a sex toy in her hairless cunt for the first time. Both girls fucked a dildo with another woman for the first time. Both had tasted their first pussy and had their first lesbian experience, all together.

But neither breathtaking young women were satisfied. Since arriving they both had their eyes on one of the hotel’s bellboys, Jeff. At 22 Jeff worked in the hotel for extra cash going into his Junior year in college. He’d banged his fair share of college chicks and then some, but he had never been so enticed by the 18 year old young high school girls, with their even younger looking bodies.

Brandy and Mandy were in their hotel suite plotting their move on Jeff the hot bellboy. Brandy sat on her bed as Mandy went about the room preparing as they talked.

“We’ll call him up to bring us drinks while we’re in the hot tub.” Mandy explained as she reached into a drawer and pulled out her pink bikini.

“That’s it? That’s the big plan?” Brandy questioned, seeming skeptical.

Her twin sister paused as she pulled her white T-shirt up over her straight blond haired head revealing her naked chest, her two small but round breasts bouncing slightly. Brandy watched as she began putting on the pink bikini top as she talked at the same time. “We’ll tell him to come right in with the drinks.” She sighed, “Can you tie this for me?”

Brandy stood up from the bed and tied the back of her sisters bikini top, Still unsure of the plans effectiveness she asked “That’s it?”

“No,” Mandy continued as Brandy finished the knot and stepped back. “When he walks into the Hot tub room we’ll be accidentally caught kissing.” Mandy explained as she pulled off her shorts revealing her very nicely trimmed tiny blond bush and pussy to her sister. She put on the skimpy pink bikini bottoms and finished her plan. “If that doesn’t get a guy going seeing twin sisters kissing, I don’t know what will.” She frowned looking at her sister. “Now get on your bikini.”

Minutes later when Brandy had put on her identical, however purple, bikini the sisters stood next to the hotel phone.

“I’ll make the call so you don’t mess this up.” Mandy exclaimed picking up the receiver and dialing for room service. Brandy silently watched on pins and needles.

“Hi, room service? Is Jeff working? ……. Oh this his him! Hi Jeff it’s Mandy, I’m here with my sister, remember? ……… Good, we’ll you told us if we needed anything to call for you…… Yeah and we wanted some iced tea……… Thank you, oh and just come in cause we’ll be in the hot tub and won’t hear the door……. thanks, buh bye.” Mandy put down the receiver and Brandy sighed with relief.

“Did it work?” Brandy asked nervously.

“Of course it did, now come on!” She said pulling her sister into the large suit bathroom. Instead of a shower or bathtub, a four person fitting jet tub was waiting with already steaming water.

Mandy got into the tub first and lowered herself into the hot water. Brandy followed and sat across from her sister. Both girls being short the water came up to the tips of their shoulders. Brandy put her head back letting her wavy blond hair get wet. Mandy reached over and pushed a button causing the hot tub to come to life with dozens of jets and bubbles.

“What are you waiting for? Get over here and start kissing me before Jeff comes in and sees us just sitting here.” Mandy exclaimed.

Without another word Brandy nodded and slid across the length of the jet tub towards her identical sister. She hesitated for a moment before Mandy reached out and pulled her ontop of her in the sitting position in the corner of the hot tub facing the door.

Mandy pulled her head up to her sister and planted her cherry lips on hers. They pressed their for a moment as Monday’s hands went to her sisters bare back. Then she began pushing her tongue into her sisters hot mouth. Brandy opened her mouth to receive the probe of her sister’s tongue. She returned the favor and the sisters tongue wrestled each other between both of their open lips. Mandy’s hands roamed down Brandy’s back until they found the back of her bikini bottoms.

Pushing her way inside with both hands Mandy began rubbing her sisters smooth tight ass cheeks. Soon the kiss between the sisters was so passionate that their plan to get their first fucking from a hot college guy was lost for a moment.

Then their make-out session was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. Both girls stopped in mid-kiss and Brandy pulled her petite body from her sisters and turned to see Jeff standing in the doorway to the huge bathroom. Holding a silver tray with two glasses of ice and a pitcher of iced tea on it Jeff stared fixated on what he had just seen. A tent was already şişli escort visible in his khaki shorts.

Other then the tented shorts, Jeff wore his short sleeved hotel uniform shirt tucked in and to the young twins he looked even hotter then he had yesterday.

Jeff cleared a frog in his throat “Your um-” He looked at the tray in his hand, the contents of their order totally forgotten, “Ehm iced tea…”

Mandy, still taking charge as the brains behind the operation took control of the rest as well. “We didn’t really call to order iced tea.” She said smiling a wickedly sexy smile. “We called down to order you.” She concluded.

At that Jeff seemed to be flustered momentarily. Then he turned it into a cocky smile. He wasn’t about to let 2 young high school girls think they were in control, not after all the women he’d had control over in college. “Oh you did, did you?” He asked keeping the smugness about him.

“Yes, we did.” Mandy replied, not letting her seductive attitude fail her. “And you’re over dressed for the occasion.”

“Not for long.” Jeff stated as he set the tray on the sink next to him and reached down and untied his shoes. He pulled them off and tossed them aside along with his socks. The twins sat still nearly on top of each other in the jet tub watching their vacations for firsts continue with watching their first man strip.

Next Jeff unbuttoned his hotel shirt and pulled it off dropping it to the floor. Both girls were more then stunned at his tight figure. He was a body builder by no means, but his physique was breathtaking. He seemed like a model straight from a Calvin Klein catalog. His arms we’re muscular but not too big, and his shoulders we’re broadened to perfection. He had excellently defined pecks and the most wonderful washboard six pack abs. Jeff smiled more arrogantly at the sight of the awe stricken almost hypnotized girls.

Next Jeff went for his shorts. Unbuckling his belt and the short buttons he let them drop to the floor leaving him in tight black boxer briefs. Jeff received great satisfaction at the sight of the girls’ eyes bugging out at the bulge in his crotch. With one final pull the boxers fell with his shorts around his ankles finally unveiling his engorged penis to the twins.

He wasn’t the largest in the world, but at seven and a half inches he was still well hung. He was also of perfect width as well. Next he stepped out of the clothes, and just for show turned around so that his back was facing the awe stricken girls so that he could bend over to pick up his clothes. This gave the already amazed young twins a view of his tight muscular ass. With his clothes picked up he put them all on a chair against the wall and came closer to the jet tub.

“Now I think the two of you are the ones that are over dressed.” He matter of factly stated. “But I think I can take care of that.” He concluded. With that he stepped into the hot bubbling water of the tub. He motioned with his hands for the girls to make room for him and they both slid a little in opposite directions. Jeff then slid his naked body in between them. First he turned to Brandy and pulled her to a standing position in front of him. With Jeff sitting against the side of tub and her standing in the slightly deeper center of it they were at the same height. Jeff reached out and pulled her onto him and began kissing her.

He reached around to her back while he explored her mouth and expertly untied her purple bikini top. He then pushed her slightly forward breaking the kiss so that he could pull the top completely off revealing her small round tits. Turning to a slightly frustrated Mandy, Jeff smiled wickedly and pulled her face forward kissing her roughly but quickly before releasing and roughly pulling her top off revealing those identical young breasts. He pulled her down so that she sat on the other half of his lap facing him and looked at both sets of their luscious young tits. Reaching up and grabbing one of Brandy’s he buried his face in Mandy’s chest and began sucking, licking, and nibbling at each of her breasts and hard nipples. As Mandy had her tits sucked for the first time Brandy was being rubbed and massaged by Jeff’s large expert hands at the same time.

As both girls in Jeff’s lap let their heads fall back and enjoyed the pleasurable feeling Jeff reversed roles and began rubbing down Mandy’s chest while he licked and sucked on Brandy’s pert tits. Even with a raging hard on Jeff remained in his state of control driving the twins mad as he played with their tits.

Finally finishing his inspection of the girls breasts, Jeff pulled his mouth away from Brandy and his hand from Mandy. Getting the two off his lap Jeff stood up in the hot tub as the girls sat on either side of him watching the water drip off his muscles, and especially his “Muscle.”

“Come to the bedroom.” He ordered and then stepped out of the hot tub and out of the large bathroom. The twins looked at each other and smiled before getting out to follow Jeff. As they came into the bedroom of the suite they found Jeff laying on the closest bed still glistening wet. He beckoned them with a motion of his finger and they both came to him on the bed.

“Suck me off.” He demanded. Both girls were all too eager to eat their first cock as Jeff stayed laid back they both moved their heads down towards his crotch. Mandy reached out and grabbed his readied soldier first, touching her first dick. Brandy watched as her sister stuck her tongue out and licked the swollen head of Jeff’s penis. Brandy followed suit and stuck out her tongue licking his head as well as her sisters tongue. Then they both licked down either side of his shaft and back up to the tip like a big lollipop.

“Put it in your mouths.” Jeff told them. First looking at each other, this time Brandy was the first one to return to the head and enclose her mouth around it. Sucking for the first time, she gently moved her head up and down, swallowing as much as she could into her mouth, which wasn’t very much as she could not get it down her throat yet. It was enough however for a low moan to escape Jeff’s lips.

Mandy waited impatiently and finally pulled her sister’s head from his now saliva drenched cock. She then quickly took Brandy’s place and began giving head for the first time. Mandy used her tongue to swirl around his cock while she moved up and down, and also with her hand on his shaft she slowly masturbated him, causing him to roll back his head and groan.

Brandy wasn’t about to sit and watch as she lowered her head even further and began licking and then taking his balls into her hot wet mouth. The girls became ferocious in their ball slurping and dick sucking. The bed was now wet not only from the bath water but from their pussy juices soaking through their bikini bottoms as well.

Finally Mandy could contain herself no longer and pulled her lips from around his thick member with a wet popping sound. “I can’t take it anymore fuck me Jeff!” She growled.

Brandy let Jeff’s ball fall out of her mouth and looked up past his erect cock to his face. “No fuck me!” She pleaded.

No longer receiving oral attention, Jeff had to resist the urge to grab one of the little cock hungry sluts and fuck the shit out of them. He kept it cool instead. “First eat each other out.” He said frankly.

The girls looked at each other. They were experiencing many things for the first time that night, this was not one of them. Having already explored each other’s vagina’s last night, they we’re fully ready to give him the show he wanted.

Without words the girls turned so that each one’s head was at the opposite end of the large bed. Mandy climbed onto her sister and pulled her wet clinging bikini bottoms off her sexy young legs so that she looked down into her tight little hairless sex mound.

Brandy pulled away her sister’s bottoms and looked up at her sexy neatly trimmed pussy and then launched her head up into her snatch. Furiously slurping, licking and kissing in and around her pussy lips, Brandy sent her sister screaming in pleasure. As Mandy began bucking her hips instinctively, she shoved her face down into her sisters cock craving cunt and licked it from just below the asshole all the way up through her hairless vagina to her naval. She then went all the way back down, and afterwards proceeded to eat her sister madly.

Both girls we’re bucking their hips wildly and moaning between mouthfuls of their twins cunt. Jeff remained laid back watching the show while he gently stroked his meat. Judging by the show the young little bitches were giving him, he could tell they wanted him badly.

In a move Mandy had improvised on the spot, she began swirling her tongue wildly in a circular motion around her sister’s clit. Brandy responded by arching her back and thrusting her pelvis as far up into the air as possible and into her sisters face exploding in a juice flowing orgasm.

Spastically quivering and squealing with a mouthful of her sisters sex, Brandy was rocked by a powerful orgasm. Finally when the intense pleasure subsided she felt exhausted and collapsed down flat again on the bed. Mandy licked around her lips to taste all the juices her sister had to offer.

Then Jeff was grabbing Mandy and carrying her over to the empty bed on the other side of the room. He tossed the sweat soaked teen onto her back and stood over her eyeing her small young body.

Looking up at Jeff’s impressively sexy form Mandy smiled excitedly and spread her legs as far as she could spread them. Jeff took the invitation and got onto his knees between the young virgin’s legs. First admiring the pinkness of her open slit, Jeff took his rock hard dick in one hand and aimed it at her opening. Applying pressure and slowly sliding into the tight opening Jeff inched further into the sexy young virgin’s pussy.

“Please fuck me hard Jeff, I’ve saved myself for a guy like you.” Mandy begged.

“Don’t worry I am gonna fuck your cunt so hard your twin will feel it.” He remarked slyly. With that he did not ease, but rather slammed the rest of the way into her and then took her legs and positioned them over his shoulders.

“Here goes you little cock slut!” He informed her before thrusting out and then slamming back into her so that their pubs touched. He continued the break neck speed and it didn’t take Mandy long at all before she was bucking her hips in rhythm like a pro.

“Oh yeah fuck it like a pro you bitch!” Jeff groaned as she continued to take the first time fucking with thrusts of her own. It didn’t take more then a few minutes before Mandy had arched her back up and stopped bucking her hips with a loud high pitched scream. Jeff knew he had drive the girl to orgasm and greatly enjoyed the squeezing of the already tight cunt over his cock during her orgasm.

The juices released from the orgasm did nothing but lube Jeff’s dick for a faster fuck as the experienced devirginizer was nowhere near ejaculating. Continuing to pound into her even as she recovered from the massive orgasm, Jeff tossed her legs from their position on his shoulders and then free fucked her like a wild bull as she screamed and yelped with every push into her love canal.

Regaining her senses Mandy wrapped her legs around Jeff’s waist and pulled herself into a sitting positioned where she held onto his shoulders for support. Now close to each other and looking into each other’s eyes as they both continued to bounce together and apparent joined at the waist, the two locked in a kiss. Mandy’s young firm little tits pressed against Jeff’s hard chest as they continued to rock each other from close quarters.

“Yeah fuck me with that pole! I’m riding you like a bronco you fucking stud!” Mandy babbled between yelps and moans as she picked up the pace in a frenzy of bouncing on his cock from the position of sitting in his lap with her legs still locked around his waist.

Jeff knew what the new found slut was trying to do and he wasn’t going to let her. Even with the tickle in his cock rising he knew he could hold out through another of her orgasms so that he could get onto the other twin, he couldn’t even remember their names.

Instead of sending Jeff into an explosion of cum as she had planned with her frenzied pace, Mandy only found Jeff countering her thrusts with equally as fast and hard counter thrusts. And working the little bitches clit perfectly from this position, Jeff sent the girl spinning into another orgasm as she closed her eyes and let out one loud moan.

Lightning like pleasure surging though her body in waves Mandy felt incredibly weak and after her soaked cunt stopped its spasms she unlocked her legs from Jeff’s waist and pulled herself off of his cock and collapsed onto the bed. She remained here almost passed out after her first fucking.

Still ready to go and covered in sweat, Jeff turned and looked at the first bed where Brandy had just sat her little sexy naked body back up. Jeff knew she had recovered from her sisters mouth work and was looking for her first fuck.

No more fooling around, Jeff got up and went over to the other twin. “Ready to join your sis and get the fucking of your life?” He asked, But not waiting for a reply he grabbed the teens petite frame and spun her around onto her hands and knees.

Positioning himself behind her he took no mercy in shoving his dick up into her even tighter pussy. He stretched her virgin cunt to it’s limit as he began banging the slut doggy style with his sweaty low hanging balls slapping off her pussy lips.

“Take it like a dog, bitch!” He groaned through gritted teeth. Brandy responded with frantic jerks of her hips and pleasure filled moans. Grabbing her around the waist Jeff took complete control by shoving the girl onto the full length of his fuck pole, impaling her with speed and great strength.

Surprised at how the moaning and squealing virgin was lasting out, Jeff decided to go to greater measures to make sure her orgasm was incredible. Looking down at the teens irresistibly spread ass cheeks, Jeff saw her incredibly tiny puckered asshole and almost blew his load up her pussy at the thought of how hot and tight she’d be.

Spitting down into her ass crack and rubbing it all over her already sweaty hole Jeff pulled his shaft from her box.

Getting the idea Brandy seemed worried. “Oh God but my ass is so tight Jeff!” She whined.

“You’ll love it!” He assured her. looking down at his own impressive member, he realized it was already soaked and ready. So placing the swollen head at her anal opening, or lack there of, he began applying intense pressure.

Biting down on her lip waiting for the first jolt of pain, Brandy didn’t think it would ever go in as Jeff pushed harder and harder. Finally with a popping sound Jeff’s thick cock head pushed it’s way into Brandy’s tight virgin ass. Brandy yelped at the extreme stretching pains she felt at her back door. She bit down on her lip even harder as Jeff began slowly pushing his way deeper up her asshole. When she thought she would be torn in half she felt Jeff’s warm hairy balls touch her ass crack.

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