Subject: Vampyre part 21 Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- Pyotr returned a few moments later carrying two large picture frames wrapped in brown paper, Zeke joined us as the dining table and began to pull at the paper, a glint of gold from the frame and then my heart sank. `That’s Uncle Ernst’s Mercedes, look Karl’s driving, that’s you in the back with Uncle Ernst, look at the crowds, that’s the Brandenburg gate in Berlin too, next to the hotel we stayed in, why are you wearing a uniform like Uncle Ernst’s and those red and white flags with the black spider are everywhere’ Zeke had described the picture in exactly fifty four words. `What’s the other one of? He said tearing at the paper. ***************************** Vampyre – Part Twenty One My face stared out from the frame of the second picture, the immaculate black uniform, the silver piping around the collar patches, the painted silver threads of the embroidered trio of oak leaves somehow catching the light, my eyes slowly scanned the painting before me; I hadn’t seen it in years. `Look, you have one of those spider armbands on, what does that mean’ Zeke pointed at the SD diamond on the sleeve, `You have medals too, but your eyes look dead, you were the same as Ernst and Karl weren’t you, that’s why you saluted those guards at the Castle’ Zeke’s voice was getting higher and higher. I even felt, Pyotr’s eyes on me, this was a period of my life I had tried to bury, Pyotr was still focused on me, he had just seen a side he had not suspected, I turned away from the table. `Pyotr, get rid of them, I never want to see them again’ what had Ernst been thinking of. `Do you still have that uniform? Zeke looked at me quizzically `Zeke, have a seat, I think we need to have a chat’ I moved in front of the fire and sat myself in one of the arm chairs. `Everyone else please leave’ Zeke sat down in the chair next to me, the room seemed very quiet, an air of expectancy hung heavy. My mind was racing, how could I justify this part of my life? Should I even try? `Zeke, I know you have lots of questions, I am afraid, I do not have a lot of good answers, so I want you to listen and accept what I am saying, we Vampyre’s live for centuries, we have lived through many periods of man’s existence, some good, a lot bad, back in the thirties Germany seemed an exciting place, the world was changing, a new way of doing things was being tried, following years of mismanagement. I wanted to be part of that, many of `us’ did, Ernst, myself, Joseph we quickly rose through the ranks, our connections and fortunes making us in hindsight valuable members. But we gradually realised that terrible things were being done and planned in the name of the New Germany, I told you that Ernst tried to rebel and the regime arrested him and was going to have him shot, but he escaped, a similar fate awaited us all, I started off working with Ernst in the SA; which I told you about. When that was reorganised, I was taken into the SS, another paramilitary part of the regime, I rose through the ranks to SS Gruppenfuhrer; that was my uniform in the picture. The SD Diamond means I was part of the Sicherheitsdienst; Reich Security Service, it was the Nazi Party’s intelligence and security service. As more and more terrible things began to happen, I realised I could not carry on and faked my own death in 1941, my body supposedly burnt beyond recognition in a car crash; I was listed as dead. I joined Ernst and Karl at their Castle in Bavaria, where we lived out the war and end of the regime, niğde escort we had been taken in by’. `But why do Ernst and Karl, still wear the uniforms if it was so bad? `Well, the SA which they were both leaders in, started out as a group of likeminded friends, brawlers and drinkers and yes gay guys too, not all of course, but it was well known at the time that Ernst and Karl were. I think they both hark back to the early fun rabblerousing days. Don’t forget many young guys are captivated by all the uniforms, flags and mysticism too, so they have a steady stream of young guys to enjoy, remember you loved the Hitler Youth uniform he gave you didn’t you’ Zeke nodded thoughtfully, we sat by the fire, I had to lighten the mood, change the subject, anything… `So what did you get up to while I was away? `Oh nothing, just stayed in’ `Pyotr and I passed a couple of `god bothers’ in the lane, I was thinking how funny it would have been had they called in here’ `God Bothers? `Yes religious nuts, they were Mormons, I think, very smart in their suits, I nearly had the car stopped so I could have a drink’. I laughed out loud, Zeke, blushed and looked away. `Are you okay? I asked him, he was blocking me reading his mind. `Yeah good thanks. Can we ring Joseph and see how Mark is soon? I nodded, the subject changed. Zeke got up and went off to shower and get dressed, I wandered into the kitchen, Pyotr was busy at the sink washing the dogs bowls, Zoltan and Boyra, my eternal shadows, settled down out of the way, forever watchful. Pyotr seemed preoccupied, he glanced round at me, but said nothing, he just returned to scrubbing the dog bowls with renewed vigour. `Is everything okay? His curt reply of `Yes’ told me it wasn’t. `Pyotr, I am sorry you found out about me like that, I know how your people suffered at the hands of the Germany Army and the SS, in particular during the war, but please believe me, I left before that all started’ Pyotr turned slowly from the sink, I thought he was about to say something, his mouth opened and then closed as he turned away shaking his head, then looked back at me. `Thank you for clarifying that’ he said, turning his back to me again. What a day this was turning out to be, I needed to get out, my head was pounding, I felt trapped in my own home; Dammed Ernst. `Dogs to me’ I opened the door and as my feet hit the yard outside, I had transformed, Zoltan and Boyra close alongside me. I set off at a run, clearing the fence and out into the surrounding countryside, coming to a small stream, I realised we all needed a drink, our tongues hanging from our mouths, we all began lapping at the water, Zoltan’s ears picked up, his head slowly turning, I listened too, voices, two people close by, both sounded up beat, they had an accent, an American burr. We moved off along the hedge line, getting ever closer to the voices, Zoltan stopped, he looked at me and then through the hedge, they were in the lane, right next to us, I made my way to a gate opening in the thick hedge and transformed, timing my appearance into the lane with their footsteps. `Good Morning! I said, probably with a little too much enthusiasm, I was faced with two young guys in black suits both jumped, startled by my sudden appearance into their world. `Beautiful Morning, are you out for a walk’ I added as they exchanged startled glances. `Good day Sir’ Oh I liked this `I am Elder Seth and this is Elder Mitt, we are out enjoying the glory of God’s wonderful world, calling at houses in the neighbourhood, telling them of God’s eternal love’ `Wow, a branch of UberEats? I laughed to myself. They shared confused looks `Sorry I am just joking, have you called at the Manor down the road? `Yes Sir, we called there a day or so ago’ Elder Seth replied Oh did they, Zeke must have forgotten to mention that, I looked them both in the eye and nişantaşı escort they were mine, I led them into the field, through the open gate, they followed me to a small clump of trees, where I stopped. They began to strip off at my command, two lovely hairy fuckers soon stood naked before me, soft cut cocks hanging over hairy balls. I knelt down, taking hold of the one called Seth’s slightly bigger cock, I turned it to look on the underside, two perfect puncture wounds, fresh too and not made by an adult Vampyre, Zeke, the little rascal. I began to suck on Seth’s cock, feeling it swell in my mouth, I used my hand to wank his shaft, my tongue working on the cock head, digging into his cock slit, dirty fucker, was soon rewarding my tongue with precum, his hands holding the back of my head pulling me deeper down his shaft, Mitt was now slowly wanking his cock, he held it up, the puncture wounds matched Seth’s; two members of the `God-Squad’, Zeke would be going straight to hell. Seth, began to moan, pushing his cock deeper into my throat, liberally giving me his precum nectar, he tasted lovely, he began to thrust his hips faster and I soon felt his cum spurting on to my waiting tongue, his knees buckling, his hands using me to steady himself, I drained his cock and licked it clean, now for the main event, I rolled his cock over, licking the puncture area, I lined up my fangs and sank them into his shaft, he groaned, his wound being stretched to accommodate my adult fangs, his blood hit my system, washing over me like the morning sun, or as he would probably say the love of god, whatever, it was fucking amazing, looked like I would be joining Zeke in hell. I let Seth’s deflating cock drop from my mouth and hand and shuffled in front of Mitt, he was close, no matter, I wanted his cum too and to feed on his slightly shorter, thicker cock, as with Seth his furry balls and pubes, were flooding my senses with his pheromones, I was having a moment, my heart, okay chest palpitating. I sucked harder and was soon enjoying his cum, oozing on to my tongue, measured beads of pleasure, I worked his cock, drawing out every last drop, now to feed properly, I rolled his cock in my fingers and eased my fangs into his wounds, again the rush of blood, refreshing my very soul; I like to think I have one of those if not a heart. I drank, enjoying the heady mix of both of their cum and blood surging round my system. I would have to make a mental note, God these guys looked the same, sounded the same, tasted the same. I would have to ask Zeke how dirty they were in bed, but maybe play him along a bit first, fancy him forgetting to mention them, I giggled to myself. I left Elder Seth and Elder Mitt, under the trees, I gave them a 15 minute wake up window, turning to Zoltan and Boyra, I transformed back into a Doberman and set off for the Manor. Pyotr, Ian and Gunther, were busy washing the cars in the yard, when we got back, they barely looked up as I transformed back into me. `Anyone seen Zeke? I asked I think Pyotr was still being a bit frosty, he didn’t say anything just pointed to the house. `Ian can I have a word inside please? `Sure’ he followed me, throwing his chamois leather into the bucket. We took a seat in the kitchen. `Ian, you have been with us a while now and seem happy, I want to know if you fancy making your position here as Zeke’s companion more permanent, It does of course mean staying with him until your life ends, but during that time you will be well cared for and provided for, but it really is your decision, you know what he is and everything that involves, you don’t have to say straight away, you can have time to think about it’ Ian looked at me `Does Zeke want me as him companion? Or is this your idea? `Let me get him and we can see what he says’ I called for Zeke, connecting with ankara olgun escort his mind, a few moments later he came into the kitchen. `Ian wants to know, if you want him as your companion or it’s just my idea? I said, looking at him. Zeke began smiling broadly `Of course I do’, with a big toothy grin. Zeke ran across the room and wrapped his arms round Ian, hugging him closely, he raised his face to Ian’s and their lips met, soon their tongues were toying with each other’s.. `Err hang on. You two, I am still here remember, does that answer your question Ian? Ian nodded again, still hugging Zeke, I explained what had to happen and got a shot glass from the cupboard, I took out the silver nail blade from its box which I kept in my pocket and handed it to Zeke, he cut his palm and dribbled the blood into the glass, once it was full he picked it up and handed it to Ian. `Only drink it if you are sure’ he half whispered, his eyes all watered up blinking as he tried to focus on Ian’s face. It was all getting a bit emotional, even I had a tear in my eye as I watched this important first step, I wiped away my tear as one rolled down Ian’s cheek, he took the glass and downed its contents in one, he put down the glass and pulled Zeke to him, kissing him passionately again. Their relationship because of Zeke’s age would always be different to that of mine and any of my companions, thinking about that, I had better get things sorted with Pyotr. I left Ian and Zeke heading off into the main house, holding hands. `Err no, rushing the ceremony along, it won’t work’ I called after them. Zeke’s voice floated back to me `we won’t’ followed by more giggling. Ian was a good choice, I remembered Montfort had chosen my first companion, he had been a good choice too, I thought back, there had been a few now including Pyotr my current one. As I washed up the shot glass, I could hear music coming from the yard, someone had pumped up the volume on the Merc’s impressive music system, I opened the door, nice taste in music, I thought to myself, a bit of Euro pop; Kate Ryan’s version of Voyage Voyage, its pounding beat soon lifted my spirts, I started to walk out to the car to see who had the good taste in music, stopping in my tracks as I rounded the corner, Gunther had Pyotr’s back pressed up against one of the backup cars, Pyotr’s legs wrapped round his waist, their tongues working each other’s mouths, I wanted to watch, but thought no I mustn’t, maybe just a little while. I moved back behind the wall, Christ why was I hiding it was my house, he was my companion and the other one a member of staff. I couldn’t stop myself, I transformed into a Doberman and wandered round the corner, trying to act like a dog. If they had seen me, it didn’t show, Gunther had pulled Pyotr’s shirt off and was playing with his nipples as he snogged him, Pyotr’s hands were fumbling with Gunther’s belt, I stood open mouthed as he pushed Gunther’s jeans down, exposing his pert ass to the sky, Gunther wiggled his slinky hips, his jeans slipped lower, Pyotr’s hands now undoing his own trousers, his feet back on the ground, he pushed his trousers down, Gunther gripped his waist and spun him round, so he as facing the car bonnet, with his arms out stretched, hands on the bonnet, Pyotr steadied himself as Gunther obviously now gripping his own cock, positioned himself between Pyotr’s ass cheeks. To yet another Kate Ryan record Je T’adore, Gunther began royally fucking Pyotr’s ass, his hand holding a fist of Pyotr’s hair, his face alongside Pyotr’s ear and neck. I stood watching, very `undog’ like, I didn’t even hear Martin come up behind me `Afternoon Sir’ he said clapping my head. Damm, I had been caught red handed, I skulked off back into the kitchen, well at least, I had had some fun with the `God-Squad’. ***************** Guys, let me know by email if you want this story to carry on, it is always good to hear if you are still enjoying reading about Jonathon and Zeke. Other stories by this writer: `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Nightcam Fun’ `Dominic Online’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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