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“You’re late.”

“I know Mistress I will assume the position for…”

“Now dear sir, as I recall I am the one who says when and where punishment is given, correct?”

“Yes Mistress.”

With her back still turned to him, she walks into the bathroom leaving him standing, waiting like a puppy that has been scolded. Walking back into the room carrying chilled champagne and a bucket of ice she says in her always-seductive voice, “Take off your jacket, lay it on the rack and sit in the easy chair.” Doing exactly as told not asking any questions he sits down just as she is placing the bucket with the champagne on the side table next to the chair.

“Long day my dear sir?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She smiles in delight that he has finally learned to address her questions with only yes and no replies. Walking around the back of the chair her hand running slowly across the arms and ever so slightly touching him as she does, she feels his body react to her touch. “I thought today was a casual day at the office for you?” she inquires.

“Yes it was.

“So why the suite and tie my dear?”

“I know how Mistress enjoys a man in business attire.”

“I see, so you have had this evening on your mind all day then?”

“Yes Mistress.”

A grin comes over her porcelain face thinking of how fun it is going to be this evening with him. Still standing behind him her hands run down his shoulders around his neck loosening his cumbersome tie and collar button. As she leans, her long red curly locks surround his head and he takes in a breathe of her scent. “There much better” she whispers in his ear. “I suppose your thoughts have run wild today of what was in store for you this evening. The thoughts of what I will be dressed in; how you will be treated. All these thoughts causing your heart to race, I bet you even kept a hard on most of the day didn’t you darling…” She giggles as she walks from around the chair to the bed, her dirty mind thinking of how he must have had this gigantic bulge all day. The looks he must have got and how embarrassing it was for him to know people were staring at him. The candle lit room made her skin even more radiant and as she sat down on the bed her wrap opened just enough to expose her bustier that had her breasts pushed; it seemed, all the way up to her throat. Knowing this, she played it for what it was worth with Clark, because she had taken extra bahis firmaları special care this evening with getting ready, she took care to check her stockings, making sure they were straight by running her hands up the length of her shapely leg one at a time. When she would get to her thighs, she would kind of massage them, teasing Clark, showing him what was to come little by little. As she crossed her legs, she looks over at Clark and sees him sitting in what seemed agony, so she smiles and says, ” My dear darling what is wrong?”

“Nothing Mistress.”

Knowing he is lying but loving how he is trying to hold his composure, she nods and stands back up and walks back over to him.

“Now my dear Clark, you must not lie to Mistress, you remember the punishment for lying.”

“Yes Mistress”.

Hearing her remove something from within the toy chest, a slight smile comes over him. “Seeing as this is a special day I will forgive you this once and besides you are just too adorable, so dear darling are you ready to begin”. He always finds it humorous that she asks that, knowing that she has total control over him and has no need to ask. As she comes back in front of him, her wrap gone her nipples barely covered and actually sometimes slipping out of her bustier, she stands legs slightly apart in-between Clarks legs. She feels his legs trembling but continues with her plan. “I have been thinking that since you have done so well lately that you deserve to be rewarded, so tonight dear darling I am going to be at your beck and call or call girl, if you please.”

Still standing astraddle him he looks at her and says, “Oh Mistress how generous of you. I thank you.”

“You are welcome, now Clark what is it that you desire first?”

“Well Mistress…”

“Clark I am not your Mistress now I am anything else you desire so you can call me whatever you like but not Mistress.”

Nodding he replies “Ok, Victoria, I would really just like to feel those lips around my throbbing cock.”

Looking at him devilishly, she thinks to herself, ‘my dear you have no idea how I wanted you to ask that’. “As you wish”, she pulls back away from him so she can kneel before him. “Sir is there any way you wish I start this adventure?”

“How ever you like my sweet, I will leave that up to you I just want those lips and mouth on my cock, pleasing me.”.

Kneeling before him, her hands rested kaçak iddaa on his knees she slides her hands up and massages his muscular thighs so sensually as she leans in to bury her head in his bulging crotch taking in his scent and teasing him through his slacks. Her hands reaching his crotch she slides them over his cock lightly and puts her attention to undoing his trousers. She slowly undoes his belt and then the button he shifts a bit to help loosen and become comfortable taking her time with the zipper and wanting to play a bit she takes her teeth and pulls the zipper down. As she does, she makes sure her hot breath is felt through his boxers to his throbbing cock, which she feels twitch so she knows she has gotten his attention. Her hands on either side of his slacks making sure to include his boxers, she pulls them down as she finishes with the zipper. Holding him self up allowing them to be pulled freely from him. She pulls them down to his knees leaving his cock exposed and at great attention. Sliding back up to her lollipop, she runs her nails up his thighs this time. Clark grabs her by the back of the head gently but forcefully and pulls her to his cock.

“You little minx, are you trying to mark your territory.”

She only smiles and runs her tongue across her lips slowly. Now she is ready to give him his desire, she leans in, her hand takes his cock stroking it very tenderly, and she pools a bit of saliva in her mouth and opens it over the head of his cock lowering her lips to the head she allows a bit to escape onto it moistening it. A faint groan comes from Clark as she takes his the head into her mouth and licks around and around. Her breath heavy and her mouth wet she starts to take more and more in, until she is at the base of his cock. Holding him in her mouth for a brief moment allowing him to gain control then she pulls back off with just a bit of pressure. Massaging his balls, she slides her hand back up to stroke his thick long cock. As she reaches the tip, again she licks up his pee slit and then starts to lick round and round his cock to the base. She wants to taste his balls, so she makes her way down there licking them then sucking a little and pulling on them with her teeth.

“You bitch”, she hears with a giggle in his voice.

She takes his balls in her mouth one at a time moistening them and massaging them with her tongue.

“Yes you dirty bitch kaçak bahis suck my balls, you know what daddy likes.”

Hearing this excites her to no end, although she is used to being the dominant one she does so enjoy being a dirty whore and being told what to do too. She takes his cock back in her mouth and as she does, she looks up at him with those green eyes and gives a look of permission and, also, one of control over his cock, it is now hers to devour in her mouth. She begins sucking his cock slow making sure to bring him only to the base of her throat, never allowing him to go all the way down it. She will save that for later. She sucks and strokes his cock, not fast but steady, her head bobbing up and down his hand on her head guiding her pace. She loves this and feels herself getting soaking wet. Nevertheless, this isn’t her night for pleasure, Clark had just been promoted to V.P. of his company, and she wanted this to be his night. But of course she could not help but think of how badly she wanted to feel him deep inside her cunt. This thought is what motivates her as she sucks his cock; she would imagine him inside her fucking her hard and deep.

“Oh fuck, I am so close to cuming baby don’t stop.”

Her mouth sucks his cock like a vacuum, while she pulls hard on his tight balls. Knowing he cannot last much longer and she wants to taste his spunk as bad as he wants to shoot it in her mouth; she increases her pace his body begins to jerk.

“Fuck, yes fuck, do it bitch, suck that cock”.

She massages his balls they are hard ready to explode; she gets ready to take him down her throat. She knows that feeling her swallow as he explodes will intensify his orgasm.

“Ready, ready… ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck…uuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.”

He thrusts his cock down her throat she holds him there, his body still bucking as he shoots wad after wad down her throat. “BBBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssssssssssssssss oh yessssssssssssss oh yesssssssssssssssssssss…”

His body slows down, his cock jerking less and less, his breathing, or panting rather, decreasing. Her mouth still full of him, waiting for his last drop to spurt then she will pull off him slowly so that he and she both enjoy every last second of this pleasure.

Once off his cock she looks up at him again seeing nothing but pure ecstasy in his eyes, and asks, “How was that dear sir?”

Clark replies by leaning up to her lips and embracing her in a deep kiss. “That my dear was the best gift a husband could receive from his wife.”

Part 2 to cum… soon…

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