Virgin Stories Ch. 01


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~ * ~

Jennifer lived with her mother in a small house close to the center of the small town. They were not poor, but they never had a lot of money either. Jennifer’s mother worked two jobs and Jennifer herself helped out at a local shop a few hours every weekend to earn some extra cash.

Jenifer was rather avarage according to herself, she would never be a model, but she wasn’t ugly either. She had curves, but she was still slim. Her brown hair was usually in a pony tail and her clothes were mainly from second hand stores. After all, why buy new clothes when you can get three times as many at the same price?

To get some extra cash they rented one of the rooms out. The house was too big for just the two of them anyway. At the moment the person who rented it was a 29 year old man named Danyel who had just moved to town and hadn’t been able to find an affordable appartment yet. He was a bit introverted, but didn’t really seem shy and he was always very polite to Jennifer’s mother.

Jennifer had a slight crush on Danyel. He was handsome, but he was rarely ever home and had only spoken to her a few times. Sometimes she was sure he was hitting on her, but that was probably just her imagination. She had gotten into puberty late and since the first drops of blood stained her underwear she had proved to have a lot of imagination. (Like when she had been sure one of her old classmates had a crush on her. She’d been so sure she’d asked him out – only to discover he already had a girlfriend and didn’t even know Jennifer’s last name.)

~ * ~

One cold week in the middle of winter her mother was out of town to help aunt Marie who had just given birth to her fifth (or was it the sixth…?) child, so it was just her and Danyel in the house. The first day promised to be a lot of fun since Danyel decided she didn’t have enough fun and took her to the cinema to see a film she’d wanted to see for weeks, then proved he could cook by making them pizza when they got back home a few hours after dark.

While they ate they talked about the plot of the movie and Danyel made a reference to a relationship he had had in the past. Jennifer confessed she’d never been in a relationship.

“Pretty girl like you, Jenni? I bet you’ve got a whole group of boys waiting to ask you out.” Danyel chewed on his last piece of pizza while saying it.

“Nope. I got into puberty late, so everyone just thinks of me as the ‘girl with no boobs’… no one wants to date someone who looks like their younger sister.”

“But you do have boobs”, Danyel said, nodding towards her chest. They weren’t huge, but anyone who wasn’t legally blind could easily spot them.

“Well, yeah, I do now.”

“So, you’re still a virgin?”

Jennifer blushed. “Yeah, and I hate it. I just haven’t found anyone I want to have sex with. It’s not that I’m a wannabe Şerifali Escort slut or anything, I just want that first time to be over with so I can get on with everything without having to wonder what sex feels like.”

Danyel didn’t say anything for a few minutes, but she could tell he was thinking it all over. They finished the last of the pizza and started doing the dishes.

“You know, if you just want someone to give you a quick fuck I can do that.”

Jennifer cursed herself for saying anything in the first place. Danyel was ten years older than her! OK, so he was very good looking. OK, he didn’t seem like someone who’d hold it against her later. But, what if he had some kind of weird disease? She was on the pill so she didn’t worry about getting pregnant, but getting AIDS wouldn’t be too fun either.

“Uhm…” She thought it over. It really would be a good thing to have it over with. She’d been curious for way too long. “Are you clean?”

Danyel laughed. “Yeah. I got tested after my last relationship ended.” He turned and looked at her. “I’ve never been with a virgin though…”

~ * ~

They had decided to both shower and slip into something more comfy and then do it that night in his room. Like they had been talking about how to best make a cake – it had been odd talking that openly about it. Better to get it all sorted out first though. Jennifer worried she’d made a wrong decision, but still wasn’t going to back down.

The room was lit only by a small lamp on the bedside table giving away only a soft, dim light. That lamp had been bought at a garage sale a few years earlier. They had needed a lamp, but both Jennifer and her mother agreed it was too ugly to be in the living room.

While Jennifer had considered wearing something, she just couldn’t decide what item of clothing would be the perfect outfit and had decided to go nude rather than fret over what to wear. She didn’t usually walk around nude. Her mother insisted she had always wanted to be naked as a kid, but that was long since forgotten.

She got out of her pondering when Danyel told her to sit on the bed with her legs as wide apart as she could. She felt vulnerable sitting naked on his bed with her pussy exposed to his view. He came up to her, towering over her, and started to feel her bare breasts. He caressed the soft skin, pinched her nipples and kneaded her mounds like he was milking her.

He still had all his clothes on as he kneeled in front of her and caressed her inner thighs. Not saying a word he started to slowly explore the folds of her pussy with his fingers. He let one finger trail down to her asshole, circle it, then back and finally coming to rest on her clit. He used a little pressure and held it there. She looked at his hands as the other one started pushing two of its fingers into her tight hole. It was an odd feeling having a firm pressure on her clit while two large fingers entered her untouched hole. They didn’t venture deep, but instead of pulling them out he started going back in just as they were about to leave her. He continued for a while to slowly finger fuck her while the finger on her clit started moving in slow circles. She Göztepe Escort moaned.

“Such a dirty little girl. You’re all wet. I bet you’re dying to have that tight hole filled up,” Danyel said as his fingers left her pussy and he stood up. He quickly got rid of his clothes and told her to lie down with her feet in the air. It took Jennifer a while to do it because she was staring at his huge cock. She doubted it would fit. She shook herself out of it and got into the position. Danyel had taken a bottle of lube from a drawer and was now stroking his cock as Jennifer watched. The waiting made her nervous and she was again staring at it.

Finally he stood over her and put her legs over his shoulders, then positioned his fat cockhead at her virgin hole. She felt that it was dead center and hoped he’d go slow. He held still for a few seconds before he pushed in hard, all the way to the bottom in one determind stroke. Jennifer screamed. It felt like she had been split in two, and when he started pumping her like there was no tomorrow she felt how her pussy was getting very sore. His cock felt too big for her as it moved in a brutal pace inside her.

“Aaa, you’re too rough!” She was crying and screaming. She clawed at his chest and arms with her fingernails.

Danyel didn’t seem to care, or he did and he enjoyed it, he just kept fucking her hard. She felt rough hands on her breasts and every once in a while he would spank her ass like he was riding a horse and wanted it to run faster, or disciplining her for not being a good girl. She tried not to focus too much on the oversized cock pumping in and out of her sore pussy, but couldn’t help doing it anyway.

She was just starting to wonder if he’d ever stop when he did stop movig with his huge cock buried deep inside her. Her legs were removed from his shoulders and spread wider. Two fingers started rubbing her clit. His other hand was busy “milking” her breasts and pinching her nipples.

That felt incredible. Jennifer still felt like her pussy was on fire, but damn, he sure knew how to use his hands. She was writhing and moaning like a bitch in heat when he stopped and started fucking her hard again. Despite the pleasure she still felt very raw and bruised. He slammed his cock hard into her, going faster and faster until the pace had both panting for breath.

“Oh, god, pleeease stop, Danyel! It hurts too much!”

“Mmm. Not just yet. Your tight hole feels so good…”

When he slammed his cock deep into her tight pussy one last time and came, Jennifer hoped he wouldn’t want to go again. He gave her a few more slow strokes and then pulled out. Thuroughly fucked she sighed and relaxed against the bed.

Danyel wasn’t done though. He got down between her legs and started licking her sore pussy, eating her out and tasting his own juices mixed with hers and a hint of blood. He was hard again. Jennifer wasn’t sure if it was painful or pleasurable, but didn’t have the strength to care either. As Danyel was french kissing her clit she came and when he didn’t stop to give her time to rest, she came again. Just before she was about to come a third time he abruptly stopped and told her to get on her Ümraniye Escort hands and knees.

“Please Danyel, I’m too sore to go again.” Jennifer was sure she was going to hurt for a week already, but still being light-headed from her orgasms she got into the position anyway. Two fingers were inserted in her pussy and moved around in there, but to her relief she soon felt them withdraw. The she felt them circling her asshole, pushing in slowly. She panicked and closed tight, but Danyel slapped her ass hard and she relaxed enough to let his fingers inside. He poured lube over her ass and pushed a third finger inside. Jennifer felt full, no way was he going to get more inside her than that.

“Oh yeah, such a tight ass.”

“Oh no, please! It’s not going to fit…”

The fingers were moving around inside her ass, stretching her tight channel. Opening her up as wide as he could he poured lube into her ass and pulled out his fingers. He grabbed her hips in a firm hold and pushed his cock inside her tight ass. Jennifer tried to push it out using her muscles, but it only seemed to make it go deeper. She felt like she had a baseball bat up her ass when he finally stopped pushing in.

“Fits like a glove…” Danyel moved slowly and only used small thrusts at first, but soon started fucking her hard. A hand came around her and she felt him rub her clit while he fucked her ass. Neither of them lasted very long this time and when Danyel pulled out Jennifer collapsed on his bed.

Danyel helped her get up and take a shower and then put her to bed… his bed. She was too tired to care and just fell asleep.

~ * ~

The next day was a real non-event. Danyel was off to work before Jennifer awoke and Jenni decided she was going to visit a friend to tell her about what happened.

That night however, Jennifer couldn’t sleep. She was too horny to relax enough and she couldn’t get herself off. She’d never masturbated before, so it wasn’t that odd. Frustrated, she got out of bed and took a cold shower. She needed something else to think about so she watched a horror film on TV.

The next morning she was still tired as she got out of bed, but she was also hungry as a wolf. Someone was cooking and it smelled like pancakes. She went to the kitchen just dressed in her t-shirt and underwear.

Danyel was dressed all in black and making enough pancakes to feed a small army.

“Mornin’ …”, Jannifer said and immediately yawned.

“Hi. Have some pancakes. I think I misread the amounts stated in the recipe…”

“Uh-huh. Thanks.”

Danyel eventually finished cooking and sat down opposite to her with a plate full of pancakes. “Do you feel bad about it?” he asked as he poured syrup all over them.

Jennifer’s brain didn’t immediately connect. She hadn’t slept enough and she needed food. Why would she feel bad about pancakes? “Oh, that. Uhm, no. I thought you meant the pancakes.”

“Want seconds?” Danyel looked mischievious as he said it, so Jennifer figured he didn’t just mean pancakes.

“You’re kinda rough”, Jennifer said remembering how sore she’d been all day yesterday. Her tone wasn’t scolding – now that she wasn’t busy feeling the sensations for the first time she got turned on thinking about it.

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“Not to mention that thing is huge.”

“Does that mean no?”

“I liked the way you used your tongue on me.”

“I can do that again if you get up on the table…”

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