Visit to an Adult Theater


Visit to an Adult TheaterA few here may remember the time back in the early 1970s when the only way to watch porn movies was to go to a theater that showed XXX movies. In a large city, there were usually a few that a person could go to, one theater mainly showing gay films and the rest straight porn.One night I was feeling particularly horny and thought of going to one of these theaters to see what type of movies they were showing. Never having been to a porn movie, I was already excited as I drove the twenty minutes or so to the theater. The trouble of going to one of these theaters I soon found out were they were in the inner city where parking was very limited. After having driven around for maybe half an hour looking for a parking spot, and losing my hard on in the meantime due to frustration, I finally found a parking spot a block away.Upon paying to enter, I walked into an empty lobby. I thought I must be the only person here. When I opened the door to the theater itself, I saw upon the screen a woman sucking a huge cock. Before this, the only porn I had seen was in magazines. Now in front of me was a movie screen with a huge cock being sucked. After my eyes became adjusted to the dark, I did notice that there were kaçak iddaa a fair number of people in the theater. I found a empty row near where I was standing and moved in a few seats and sat down. The action on the screen began to really heat up and soon my cock strained against my tight jean’s. Still pretty much glued to the action on the screen, I barely noticed an older man in the row in front of me turn towards me. When our eyes finally did meet he motioned with his head to look down. I leaned over the back of the seat next to him and noticed he had a folded raincoat on his lap and it was moving up and down. As I continued watching, he lifted his raincoat up with his free hand and I could see he had his cock out and was busy jacking off. New to a porn theater, I was fascinated and extremely horny watching the man masturbate, cumming on the floor in front of him.As I sat back to watch the movie, a man entered the row I was sitting in and sat a seat from me. I didn’t really pay No attention to him until I felt a hand on my thigh. I almost jumped up as I wasn’t expecting it. He continued rubbing my thigh and I just sat still, letting him rub me. The next thing I knew, he moved next to me. I looked at him and he was kaçak bahis an older man, a bit on the heavy side while I was twenty and slim. As he continued rubbing my thigh, his hand moved to my crotch and he began rubbing my throbbing cock through my jean’s. Next thing I know he begins to unzip my pants. To anyone who ever wore tight pants and tried to take your hard cock out while sitting, then you know the difficulty he was having. While he was trying to get my cock out, he unzipped his pants and took his limp cock out. He told me to stroke his cock. All this was new to me so I did what he asked and grabbed his limp cock and began to stroke it. Meanwhile, his trying to get my cock out of my pants had me on the verge of cumming. I told him I was going to cum very soon if he kept his hand on my cock. He stopped, then told me to put my cock back in my pants and follow him. By that time, his cock finally got hard in my hand but he pulled it from my hand and shoved it back in his pants. Trying to put a hard cock back into your tight pants was harder then taking it out. I basically had to stand up with my cock straight out and try to bend it back into my pants, all the while the man in the row in front of me now saw my illegal bahis hard cock and was reaching for it.Finally zipping up, I went into the bright foyer and saw the man standing, waiting for me. I was very conscious of my bulge but lucky there were very few people in the foyer. The man led me down a flight of stairs and down a dimly lit hallway until we reached the men’s room. When we entered we were the only ones in the room. He led me to one of the stalls, told me to stand on the toilet, unbuckled my pants, unzipped me, and pulled my pants and underpants down to my knees. He then took my semi hard cock in his mouth and deep throated me until I shot my hot load down his throat. I was so horny that I must have bummed within a minute of his sucking me.He kept my cock in his mouth as he stroked his cock and as I watched him get hard I felt myself begin stirring in his mouth but when he shot a small load on the floor he pulled off my cock, took out a handkerchief and wiped the tip of my cock with it. He then put his cock back into his pants and left. When I finally pulled up my pants and left the stall, there was a man standing at the urinal, stroking himself. He turned to me smiling and stroking but I smiled back and left. Upon walking up the stairs, I decided that was enough for one evening and I left the theater.I revisited that theater a few times over a year’s time and enjoyed the experiences I had with other like-minded men.

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