Viviane 01

Big Tits

01: Casting

The last girl looked rather like a puppy: a sad little face, an attitude that said: do what you want to me.

“Would you be willing to take part in a film like the one we propose?”

She sighed. She had been sighing a lot. “I suppose so. I have nothing else to do over the summer. I suppose you would want to fuck me?”

I shook my head. “I do not think that would be necessary. Thank you for your time.”

The agent looked round to me. “You would not want to see her body?”

I shook my head. I could see that she was young, not too skinny, and might have been a good model, but with that attitude she would just not be right for the film.

“I do not think so. That was the last one?”

She nodded. “None that you would want to call back?”

I shook my head. “No, I am afraid. I will have to keep looking, and time is running out.”

Puppyface said: “If you want someone who likes sex you should ask Viviane. She is pretty and she just loves it!”

This sort of endorsement is usually not worth much, but the summer was upon us, and I would have to take a decision soon. “Can you call her?”

Half an hour later Viviane blew into the hotel suite.

“Hi, Leah said I should come speak to you about a fun project for the summer?”

She was a fit, lean blonde, bouncing with energy, a pert face with a cute button nose.

“Yes, I am looking to make a sex movie about a girl’s summer adventures. Are you old enough? Would you be interested?” Shocking them is a good way to shake out the nonstarters.

“A sex movie? No, I am afraid I do not do that.” She sat primly on the couch, her knees together.

“You do not do sex? I am surprised, and Leah did say …”

“Well, she was wrong. I love making love, but not just having sex. That is so sad, don’t you think?”

“I şişli escort see what you mean, but how do you see the difference?”

“Well, making love is if you like someone, and they like you, and you have fun and make the other have fun too! But some people have sex just for fucking, and that is sad. I don’t do that.”

I could see I was going to like her.

“Do you have a lot of .. I mean, do you make love often?”

She gushed. “I do, at least I did, but the guy … Well, he left, and the other guys are not fun. I did have three of them one night, that was fun! Oh, then they talked all over campus, and that was a little mean.”

“How would you like it if we make a movie of you going on holiday, meeting guys, making love to them, and in general of you having fun?”

She giggled. “As long as these are cool guys, that would be cool! And would I get to choose?”

I nodded. “I think that would work out, it is supposed to be a spontaneous thing. We are going to shoot on the beach, I just need to confirm the bookings. How old are you?”

“Nineteen, last week.” She squealed at the name of the resort town, and at the budget for travelling and when I mentioned what her payment would be she jumped up and kissed me.

“Oh, that would be wonderful! I would love that! What do I have to do to get the job?”

“Well, I would have to see your body, and see if you can act, and ….”

“See my body? You mean get out of my clothes? Of course, why did you not say so?”

And with a few quick movements she stripped off the light summer dress, and the pale panties, to make a little dance before me.

“See? Do you like me? I think my titties are a little small, but I like them anyway.” She cupped the firm round breasts, pinching the pale pink nipples, and stuck her tongue out at me.

“And do you like my little pussy? Guys love her! See, she is smiling at you!”

She stood in front of me, one leg bent. Smiling at me she spread her lips with a hand, showing off her smooth little vulva, the clitoris coyly peeking out.

“Very nice, I can see why guys like her. Have you ever done girls?”

She gave a little pout, while stroking her clitoris. “Not really, some girls did try to talk me into it, but they were not nice. I would if I like her, though, I think that would be a little kinky!”

“Turn around for me please, and bend over.”

She did so, presenting a firm young backside that would start a riot in most disco’s. I touched a firm cheek, then trailed a finger down her buttocks.

“Ever had it in there?” I touched her tightly puckered anus, and she looked round at me in surprise.

“In my poo hole? Heavens, no! Do people do that?”

“People do! I have been told it is quite pleasant, once you get used to.”

She wiggled her bottom against my finger, sinking it into her now dripping pussy.

“I don’t know, maybe I will try with someone who would like to. Ohh, that is nice, go on like that!”

I rubbed her clitoris from behind, and she started breathing deeply.

“Now I am going to ask you to sit there, and play with yourself. I would like a real orgasm if you can, but wait while I set up the cameras. You don’t mind, do you?”

She pouted. “You got me all horny, I was hoping you would do me. But Ok, I like making guys want me, and I can see you do! Look at your pants!”

Her hand tweaked my erection, and she giggled.

“He really likes me! Can I see him?”

“Later, now I must get the light reading, here, and here. Ok, you can begin.”

She giggled. “This feels naughty! Ahh, but it feels good too!”

She had one foot on the couch, and her hand trained into her crotch, lightly caressing her vulva, the other hand rubbing an erect nipple up and down.

She was staring at me, but soon her eyes lost focus as she quickened her rubbing, going a little deeper and deeper into her vagina.

I could see her stomach muscles contracting, and her mouth opening as the tell-tale flush started up her pale skin.

She has forgotten all about me, her fingers now rapidly stroking the clitoris, the inner lips turning a deep vermillion as she lifted her pelvis, her eyes half closed.

“Oh, there it comes now, oh, oh yes! Ahh, ahh, oh yesssss.”

Her pelvis lifted rhythmically, thrusting against her finger, while her left hand squeezed her breast, the nipple bright red.

With a sigh she sank back into the couch, and after a few deep breaths she opened her eyes, seeking around, then focusing on me.

“Oh, that was good! Did you like it?”

I nodded. “That was good, and I got some good footage. Your body and the couch contrasts just enough, and the light was good. Did you like doing it for the camera?”

She nodded, and giggled a little. “It was a bit funny, thinking of the people who would watch it! I liked it, and I am going to like doing the movie! But I need a little more just now! Seeing you with that in your pants make me horny all over!”

She had my trousers down in a jiffy, and after a few hasty slurps she pulled my penis down to her breasts, rubbing it against her nipples. Then she lay back and lifted her legs, opening her vagina to me.

“Come now, please! I really want you!”

I felt her warm, tight channel open to my fingers, then I thrust into her, and her eyes opened wide.

“Oh, you are hard! You do like me, don’t you? I love him. Come, do not tease me, I want to come now!”

And the next moment she came, squealing, and pulsing against me, pulling me into an explosive ejaculation.

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