Voyage End


Behind the escaping ship, with six men rowing frantically, the waters of the Strait were calming, but blood still showed, where Scylla, the six-headed monster had carried away three men.Ulysses cursed himself for his own carelessness. He had been warned by sorceress Circe, to steer a careful course through the Strait. “Too near the right bank and the whirlpool of Charybdis will take you, ship, and all, she’s a hungry one. But the opposite bank hides Scylla of the six heads, disturb her and she will take at least six of your crew, one in each of her mouths.”Ulysses had genuinely believed they were almost clear when he’d ordered the oars to be reapplied. But at the first breaking of the surface, the six hideous green heads had appeared from the depths. Snapping and lunging, Scylla caught three poor souls, lifting them high as they screamed their last, before she plunged back into the sea, leaving only bloodied waves.Ulysses, already lost in depressing thoughts, now found himself as close to tears as he had ever been in his life. So much bloodshed, so many lost companions. Now, three more, gone.“It was my fault, Halias,” he said, to his close comrade, standing nearby. “I told them to unship the oars.”“Anyone would have done the same, sire,” Halias said consolingly. “I thought we were clear. But who else, other than you, could have negotiated those Clashing Rocks?” Grateful for the consoling attempt, Ulysses remained bitter at how fate and the Gods had separated him from his dear wife Penelope, beginning with the madly extended war against the Trojans.And who caused that war? Helen, the whore. By the Gods, what a silver-tongued strumpet she was. Beautiful? Yes, the most beautiful woman in the world, history would say. Ulysses regretted being one of her many suitors. Those looks could not be resisted.He thought he had won her when she came to his room one night, threw her thin robe aside and accepted his caresses over every inch of her skin. She stroked his large sack, before her hand gripped his considerable lance, took it into her mouth, sucking madly until his seed flowed down her throat.When Ulysses eventually thrust up into her, he had the sensation of entering a large wide cavern, not a tight unblemished cuzzy. Later, he guessed that all her other suitors had had a similar experience with her.A face to die for. As thousands would. When she chose Menelaus to marry, and then ran off to Troy with Paris, war was inevitable. Too many years of death and destruction caused by the face of a whore!Now, with the war far behind them, all he wanted was to be home with his dear wife, Penelope. She was cousin to Helen and beauty was not exclusive to that whore. Penelope was everything a man could wish for in a good woman. Her inventiveness in their bed had amazed him, but just as important to him was her loyalty.How had been she handled his excessive absence from their bed. He could not admit to such loyalty, having eased his lusty aches on a few Trojan women. Such indiscretions would be admitted to Penelope. Confident she would be her understanding self. “You are a man. Your needs are greater,” she would say.At that moment, a call from Plotter, broke his reverie, “Sire, do we hold this course?”“Yes, just hug the coast.”“But, sire, that will take us close to-““I know—the island of the Sirens. What about that?”The plotter looked at the faces around him, “Well, casino siteleri don’t they say that they lure sailors with their music and then kill them.”Ulysses half smiled, “I have a theory about that.”“A theory, sire?” queried Halias, his close companion for much of his time at seaUlysses nodded his head. Yes, he had a theory that he was keen to check, and he went on, “Plotter, how long since you had access to a woman’s body?”Plotter frowned but said, “So long, it hurts.”Ulysses had known this feeling occasionally over time. Now he held out his left hand, “Here is a woman with the sweetest singing voice you’ve ever heard, on my right, there’s a naked woman showing all her desirable parts. Whom do you take?”A voice from the listening crew called, “Plotter will always have the one with the biggest breasts!”Everyone laughed, Plotter, the whole remaining crew and Ulysses himself. It so pleased him to have the crew relaxed and laughing after recent traumas. Now he could go on with his theory. He really doubted what the Gods had warned him about the music that would tempt them.He told the crew this. They listened but when he went on, “You are all lusty frustrated sailors. Aren’t you more likely to have a woman’s fingers on your lance?”To a man, they were more than willing to follow Ulysses theory. When they were back to their duties, Halias echoed the one doubt he had, “Ships and sailors who came this way, have never been seen again, sire.”Ulysses nodded, “I know it. We need much caution. Maybe a helpful message from the gods will guide us.”When Halias had gone, Ulysses was left pondering and hoping. It was not often he refuted the advice of the Gods, but he trusted his own instincts. Hadn’t he been right about the huge model horse, so successful, in the early invasion of Troy? He had been one of the first of his legion to descend and attack.But this might be just a little different. What problems would these Sirens set him?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Talia, lyre in one hand, fingers of the other tracing around her left nipple, looked morosely out over the empty sea. There hadn’t been a ship in days, and the last one had been so far away from their island home.A slight ‘toot’ behind her, had her turning to see her sister, Parina removing her flute from between her lips. “Wishing it was a manhorn?” Talia asked grimly.Parina dropped her hand to between her thighs, “This is where I need it.”“Don’t talk about it.” Talia cried, “I’d need a hot tongue to ready me. I’ve gone so bloody dry. Where in the name of Hades are the ships?”They stood close together, naked, but for the thin veil-like material draped from their shoulders. Their bodies were slender and highly alluring, as they had to be to carry out their duties.Just like Charybdis and Scylla further North and before that, the Clashing Rocks, their mission was to rid the seas of sailors, a threat to the world of the God of the sea, Neptune. The only difference was their method was much more subtle and deceptive than the monsters.“I wonder if Ligia has learned anything from talking with the Gods.”Ligia was the youngest of the three sisters, just as attractive, and very thoughtful as she left the tiny white chapel, built for communication with the Gods.Heading up the cliff path to where her sisters waited expectantly, she was feeling the same physical torment at the long-term absence of a güvenilir casino hard manhorn in her cuzzy.She was also slightly angry, having been told that a certain God, unknown to the others, who was deliberately spreading vindictive rumours about why no sailors ever came ashore on their island.Reaching the clifftop, she told her sisters of this rumour. “And we don’t know who it is?” Talia asked.“The other Gods had no idea.”Parina cursed loudly before saying, “So, this rumour tells the world that our music attracts sailors, causing them to crash on the rocks.”“And then we kill them,” Ligia sighed.“That’s partially true. Only they kill themselves,” Parina laughed. “They tadge themselves to deathTalia growled. “Was there no good news?”Ligia blushed, “Oh, yes, all this moaning, I’m forgetting. A small ship has got past Charybdis and Scylla. It could be here before the sun is fully risen. Crew of nine.”“Nine?” Talia mused. “How long will we have them?”“Neptune is angry that this one got beyond Scylla,” Ligia told them. “He demands that they be done within two rises of the sun.”“Two? How can we manage that?” Talia wailed.Parina laughed, “Like always. Sunrise to sunset they tadge us or we suck them.”“Until they are totally empty of strength.” Talia laughed.“What about the slow start? It always takes time for them to decide whether to come ashore or not.”“Neptune has said he’ll arrange that they get close to—” LIgia began.“But he always wrecks them on the rocks,” Parina butted in.“Not this time, it seems.” Ligia half-smiled. “Maybe he wants them to see more of what’s on offer.” Then, laughing, she pointed at Parina’s breasts.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Halias was atop the mast. He shielded his eyes from the sun as he gazed ahead, before calling down to Ulysses, “Mist not totally burned off. Nothing shows.”Ulysses sighed. He was so impatient. He knew, somehow, that, despite everything he had achieved in the past the coming events would be a real test of his leadership qualities. The gentle breeze was filling the sails adequately, but he’d considered resorting to the oars to speed things along.He decided that would be unfair to the men who had worked so diligently in getting them away from the fierce Scylla. All he could do was plan how he might deal with the Sirens. Difficult, when his theory might not even be correct. It was all a matter of wait and see, And it was damned frustrating.What he did know, was the mind of a sailor. Two things would attract the attention of his crew. Good deep red wine was one, and the other? Easy. The nubile, willing body of a woman, and Ulysses’ theory had him sure that was what they’d find. Maybe they did sing or play beautiful music, but did they tadge, and get genuine pleasure from a man’s lance heaving in their warm cuzzy? Could his crew take advantage but maintain caution?Could he? His theory avoided looking at the fact that no sailor had returned from these encounters. Stay alert. And keep thinking, Ulysses, keep thinking.Halias called, “Island in view. And isn’t that three figures on the cliff top?”Ulysses followed the direction of his finger, “Indeed it is. Female—and naked.”Halias blinked in the glare of the rising sun, “By thunder, how can you tell from this distance?”Ulysses laughed, “There are no male protuberances where the legs join.” A little closer would ascertain the fact. Then the music began. canlı casino It was indeed sweet music.Ulysses looked back and yes, the motions of two women suggested they could be playing instruments. The other held her empty arms wide, almost welcoming. Maybe she was singing. But the melodic sound was becoming clearer.Ulysses saw some of the crew move to that side of the ship attracted by the music. Would it really lure them?“All right, men?” Ulysses called down.“Good sound.” One called back and there was a chorus of agreement, but no apparent wish to swim ashore. Ulysses was relieved at that.His relief was short-lived, as the whole ship shuddered, and Plotter who had taken the tiller yelled, “She’s pulling right. Can’t hold her.”Ulysses, with Halias, raced to help. Was this how ships were pulled onto rocks? All three men heaved to turn left, but their efforts were in vain. He despaired for their safety.Then, just as suddenly as it had veered, the ships stopped completely. Ulysses took stock of how it lay. They were in a sandy channel. To turn left now would run into a sandbank. Turning right would run them onto the sandy beach, no more than twenty body lengths away, he estimated.But all estimation ceased as he saw that, on the water’s edge the three naked women had come down from the clifftop. Whatever musical instruments they’d held were gone they held out their arms entreatingly, while one of them sweetly sang:“Oh, come to us, sailor bold,Come find a cuzzy, oh so willingGive us your mighty manhornsTo feel such power would be thrilling.”Halias chuckled, “Leaves no doubt about what they’re expecting. Nice song.”All along the rail, the crew were shouting, and yelling obscenities. Some had even exposed their hardening lances and were wafting them like promises to the naked women, who responded with their tongues and armsUlysses was aware that there were only three women, and fearing trouble he called, “Steady, crew.” But the words of the song and the appearance of these exquisite naked women had caused his lance to lift his tunic. He was finding the need for caution difficult to maintain, even though this was exactly as his own theory had suggested.The tallest of the three women suddenly stepped into the water, which came only to her ankles. Ulysses was surprised. He had assumed that, because the ship was well afloat, they were in water that would need swimming. Now he saw that where the siren had stepped was a sandy bar, only just covered with water. Not only that, the sandy bar extended exactly to the rail gate of the ship.Signalling for Halias and Plotter to follow, Ulysses opened the gate, leapt into the shallow water and with fast, long strides was all but pressed against the woman. So, close he felt her nipples again his near bare chest. Her hand of greeting on his shoulder sent tingles through his body.“Call me Parina,” she said, as they moved off the sandbar.Almost breathless as he viewed the fantastic beauty of these three, he managed, “I’m Ulysses, I have eight crew.”The other two beautiful women stepped forward, “This is Talia.” A woman who might have been her double, but with deeper, more lustful eyes. She nodded her head and moved in front of Halias“And this,” pointing out the singer, “is Ligia.” Ulysses thought she could be the younger sister. But apart from anything else, she had a charming smile, as she stood beside Plotter.Parina’s hand moved up Ulysses’ arm. She was longing to have this wonderfully built man to start with. It had been so long and whatever was pushing against his tunic excited her.Behind them, the six remaining crew members on board the ship were baying their frustrations

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