Wanking Fantasy Now His Lover


Having finally got to bed his boyhood crush after twenty years, thirty-seven-year-old Ben Luckhurst was ecstatic because not only had he bedded Gillian Hepworth, there was every prospect of bedding her again and again and again.It was about five in the morning and he had left Gill’s hotel room about two hours previously but he had not had a moment’s sleep as he thought back over the last few hours. He had attended the sixty-year-old Gills retirement party, a party to which he had been invited as an ex-employee of the company that Gill had eventually become Managing Director of. He had gone to the party to get a glimpse of the woman that he had lusted over twenty years previously but had not actually seen for eighteen years and he had ended up having a great fuck with her, or two fucks actually.He was on his back on the bed and his mobile buzzed, his first thought was who was ringing him at this hour but as he picked the phone up it lit up as ‘Gill’ and a smile spread across his face. They had exchanged phone numbers because they both had every intention of fucking again soon.”Hey baby,” purred Gill.”Hey yourself,” replied Ben who’s hand automatically went to his naked penis on hearing her voice.”That was one great fuck, well two actually,” she laughed.”Yes, it was fantastic,” confirmed Ben.”I didn’t ask, do you still live in town?” asked Gill concerning the town that the company was based in.”Well not with my mum and dad anymore but I don’t live far outside,” laughed Ben thinking it strange that he was naked on a hotel bed in the early hours of the morning having a phone conversation with a woman, possibly also naked, in another room in the hotel.”So we should not have too much trouble getting together again?” said Gill who was actually naked having removed the stockings that she had been wearing earlier.”Nope, this is all a dream to me,” said Ben still not being able to believe what had happened.”Oh Ben, I wish that I had tried the seduction that I often thought about all those years ago,” sighed Gill.”I had no idea that you even noticed me,” replied Ben.”I need that cock of yours in me again soon, can you spend the weekend in my house from next Friday?” asked Gill.”I would love to but I don’t know where you live,” replied Ben.”I think that I could probably give you the address,” laughed Gill before adding, “If I don’t see you at breakfast I will see you on Friday.””Ha, it is almost time for breakfast and I have not been to sleep yet,” said Ben into the phone.”Me neither but you need to build your strength up because you are going to be busy next weekend,” giggled Gill who was thinking that she was falling in love. Well, lust anyway.They did not see each other in the hotel in the morning but they had several phone conversations, and several suggestive texts, during the week, and Gill had, of course, given Ben her address.Ben still could not really believe what had happened and what was going to happen when he arrived at Gill’s house for what promised to be a weekend of sex. Gill looked gorgeous bahis siteleri in a white trouser suit when she met him at the door.”Hello Mister Luckhurst, welcome to my home,” she said before locking her lips on his.”So pleased to be here Mrs Hepworth,” he replied when the kiss finally broke.”Yes, you do seem to be rather pleased,” laughed Gill as she stroked the bulge in Ben’s trousers.He followed her into the living room with his eyes focused on the firm mature buttocks in her white trousers, he was already erect in his own trousers.”I had thought of us relaxing for a while before we go to bed but I want you so much that I don’t think that I can wait,” said Gill as she turned to embrace him. They snogged and Ben cupped Gill’s arse cheeks as his rock-hard penis pressed against her body.”I want you so much too, Gill,”  replied Ben although she had already reached that conclusion herself.Gill had Ben’s cock out of his trousers and was slowly wanking it as he undid her blouse. Ben then undid her bra and with it now loose her large tits were hanging free. There was more snogging and they were both gasping with lust.Gill dragged Ben’s trousers and underpants down and licked the end of his rigid prick as he stepped out of them.Ben wanted Gill naked down below as soon as possible and he had her trousers and then knickers at her ankles and she duly stepped out of them.They kissed again with Ben’s erection pressing against Gill’s body as he gripped her bare buttocks.”I am not going to make it upstairs, take me here,” panted Gill as she lay on her back on the carpet and Ben was delighted to slide his cock into her very welcoming vagina.With the whole weekend ahead of them there was no need for subtleties at this stage because they were both too far gone in lust as Ben slammed in and out of Gill hard and fast as she locked her legs behind his back.They were both panting with exertions and excitement as rigid penis serviced wet cunt, “Yes, oh hell Ben, fuck, oh yes, yesss,” Gill gasped as she had her first orgasm of the weekend, and although Ben usually had a lot of staying power he knew that he was not going to be holding off his ejaculation for long.Ben managed to hold it long enough for Gill to cum for the second time but as she was still in the process of doing that he yelled, “Fuck!” as his spunk jetted into her.When their bodies finally finished expelling sex fluids they relaxed a bit and kissed long and deep.”I think that we both needed that,” said Ben.”We did, now we can have a nice long chat about old times before we go to bed,” replied Gill.They scrambled up off the floor and used kitchen roll to clean themselves up a bit but even so, Gill put a blanket on her expensive settee because, as they were both still naked from the waist down, she did not want any cum stains on it.They were cuddled up close with Gill with her head on Ben’s chest and he with his hand on her hip and sometimes on her bare arse.They were sipping wine and Ben asked, “Did you really fancy me all those years ago?” because he canlı bahis siteleri still could not believe that the gorgeous then forty-year-old married woman thought of him like that.”Yes really, I honestly often thought of having your young cock between my legs,” she replied.”But you were married and you were one of the bosses,” he said, still not convinced.”Not happily married and even bosses think about sex sometimes,” replied Gill.”If only I had known, I wanked most nights thinking of you,” he confessed although he had told her that she had been his wanking fantasy the previous week.”I wish that I had done the wanking for you,” she said as she playfully ran a finger over his relatively soft cock.They kissed again and drank some more wine and then Gill sank to her knees and took the still seated Ben’s penis in her mouth.She sucked in briefly before saying, “We can make love all day tomorrow if you can’t manage another go tonight but for now I want to blow you, okay?”Ben moved his arse forward a bit on the settee, opened his legs wider, and closed his eyes saying, “Do whatever you want my darling.”For more than ten minutes Gill worked Ben’s throbbing penis with her lips, tongue, and hand and was edging him but as he seemed to be enjoying it she did not yet take him over the edge.Ben squirmed and groaned and tensed but was loving what this multi-talented woman was doing with his cock.Ben was looking at the beautiful eyes closed face of his sixty-year-old lover as her cheeks moved in and out with her sucking and she was once again getting him very close to cumming. It did not appear that she was going to stop this time and he thought he had better warn her that she was about to get a mouth full of spunk.”Oh fuck Gill, I am going to shoot,” he managed to pant as his excitement approached fever pitch.She opened her eyes in acknowledgment and then sucked harder and faster and a smile lit up her face, as best it could with an ejaculating cock in her mouth, as Ben’s cream spurted into her throat.A while after he had finished cumming and she had licked her lips, Ben said, “Your turn now, sit here,” as he patted the settee that he was vacating.Gill was soon in place with her generous thighs on Ben’s shoulders and her legs on his back as he buried his head between her legs. Ben had become proficient at most things sexual and he was certainly good at cunnilingus, as he had shown Gill in the hotel, and he played her cunt and clit as she twisted on the settee in pleasure. “Shit, shit, shittt,” she shrieked as she came.Having fucked earlier and having given each other oral pleasure they slept naked and content in the knowledge that there would be much more sex to come on Saturday and Sunday.They awoke and Ben said, “I am so happy to be waking up with you.””I am just going to nip to the bathroom, you can show me how happy you are when I get back,” said Gill.”You have a lovely arse, Gill,” said Ben as his lover headed for the bathroom.”Why thank you,” she replied as she stopped and wiggled it before canlı bahis giving him a lovely smile over her shoulder.Gill was soon on her way back and Ben had thrown the bedclothes off the bed and his cock was almost fully erect.”You have not been having wanking fantasies again have you?” Gill giggled.”No, just showing you how pleased I am to be here,” answered Ben.It only took three strokes of Gill’s right hand to have him fully erect and Gill said, “As you like my arse so much how about fucking me from behind.” She did not wait for an answer but Ben was not going to object as Gill got into position towards the bottom of the bed facing a large mirror. Ben had not really noticed the mirror the night before but now Gill was smiling into it as he got behind her and looked at her wonderful arse with her cunt just below.They looked into each other’s eyes via the mirror and Gill gasped as Ben held his erection against her arse crack and dragged it up and down, she gasped again as he teased her anus with a finger and she swayed her backside from side to side. A touch with his fingers was enough to tell that her cunt was wet enough for penetration and they looked at each other’s facial expressions as he slowly slid his penis into her.He very slowly fucked her, most of the time with them watching themselves in the mirror, and when Ben detected both from Gill’s face and the noises that she was making that she was close he started to thrust just a touch harder and faster.”Yes baby, fuck your horny fantasy woman,” she said as Ben increased the pace, and the rhythmic shafting that he was giving her had her slumping forward and raising her arse as she came. Unlike the fuck on arrival the previous evening Ben was keeping his own forthcoming eruption under control, and he skillfully had Gill almost screaming in pleasure as he plunged in and out of her.He was giving Gill Hepworth one of the best shags of her life and the changes in her facial expressions via the mirror were driving him on. When he did cum it took him a bit by surprise because he suddenly felt his spunk rising and soon he was filling her wet cunt with his seed.”That was a nice way to start the day,” said Gill as they got their breath back and Ben withdrew his prick from her gash.”Yes, I wish that I could start every day like that,” agreed Ben.They showered together and despite a bit of kissing and some touching, they decided not to embark on more sex just yet.They got dressed, not that there was really any need to but later that morning Gill suggested that they go for a walk as it was such a nice day. They walked in some woods close to Gill’s home and they held hands as they walked with Gill happy to be seen with a handsome younger man on her arm.Gill was wearing some quite tight-fitting jeans and Ben could not resist the urge to caress her arse although he did first check that there was nobody close behind them. Him doing that was getting Gill horny and she dragged him behind a tree for a snog. The snog became more as two sets of hands roamed over two rapidly aroused bodies and Gill surprised Ben by asking him, “Have you ever fucked outdoors?””No, have you?” he responded whilst thinking that there were probably too many people about for them to consider doing it now.

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