Watching my wife at play

Watching my wife at playWatching my wife at playAuthor: Chris Christopher All Rights ReservedIt had been a bad month. I had screwed up my knee and my ankle playing in a ‘just for fun’ game of basketball. Between pain meds and muscle relaxers I had been totally worthless. My sweet little wife was pretty exhausted from trying to keep up with our young ones while also nursing me back to health. In spite of everything, I was horny as hell but with all the meds I was taking the closest I could come to morning wood was a sad pile of saw dust! I knew that my wife must be just horny as I was and I felt pretty sorry for her. I wanted to take her out and at least let her have a little fun. I suggested that we get a sitter then go out and find a new, fun club and relax for the evening. She liked the idea.That night she wore some really tall high heels. At my request she did not cover her beautiful and deeply tanned legs with nylons. A short light blue skirt and an untucked, sleeveless, grey, button up blouse completed her outfit. She wore her reddish blonde hair straight at that time. To be honest, she looked more like a skinny little model than a mother of two.We drove across town to a dance club/bar we had never been to. Entering the club we walked around the dance floor. We saw lots of sexy looking but younger people. We might have been the oldest ones there. We found an empty booth on the side of the dance area. Because of the meds I was on, I ordered a soft drink for me and beer for her. She loves her beer.As we sat there watching people dancing I suddenly realized that this was a very poor idea. I could see that she really wanted to dance and the best I would be able to do was stand on the floor like a telephone pole. I told her to go out there and cut in on one of the couples, but she refused. She said that no one would want to dance with a skinny old lady. We had only been there for about 15 minutes before she was ready to leave. She thought that everyone in the place was so too young to want to have anything to do with us!I told her that I was the problem. I suggested that she go into the ladies room, remove her bra and undo the top buttons on her blouse. Then when she came out of the ladies room to not look for me but just go sit at the bar.“You want me to take off my bra and sit at the bar?” Then she laughed a little and said, “I guess you want me to put my bra and my panties in my purse for the night, huh?”I said that was exactly what I was thinking! I told her to spend about ten minutes in the ladies room. I would pay our bill and move to a different table. When she returned the guys would think that she was alone and she would get a lot of invites to the dance floor. If not, we would go find another club!Ten minutes later she emerged from the ladies room. The first things I noticed were her nipples. They were rock hard and jiggling around in small semi-circles as she casually walked to the bar. She knows exactly how to walk to get the most action out of her beautiful 34B tits.She sat down and before she could order anything she had two guys standing next to her vying to be her choice for the next dance. Eventually the taller one of the pair led her out onto the dance floor. Because she is only 5’1 tall, they were not able to dance cheek to cheek.He held her body pressed tightly against him as they started dancing. Half way through the song my wife reached up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He seemed to pick up on her signals and moved his hands from her back and shoulders to the sides of her body, just below her arm pits. As they danced he seemed to move his hands in a slow rubbing motion. I was 99% sure that he was enjoying getting to feel the sides of her breasts. As they danced, she dropped her arms lower to wrap around his arms and hold him tight. As she hugged him she rested her head on his elazığ escort chest. Her movement caused his hands to be pushed downward to her hips. With new territory to explore, he slipped his hands across her hips and onto her ass. Again he started that slow rubbing motion and finished by cupping each cheek of her butt in one of his hands. By the end of that song, he had massaged her skirt upward enough to reveal part of the fleshy white cheeks of her bare naked ass. As the next song started, he slipped one hand under her skirt. Soon both of his hands were filled with the soft flesh of her behind. The hem of her skirt was now being held up above his hands. It was nearly up to her waist. As they danced, he seemed to be guiding her toward a corner table where a number of other young guys seated. All of the guys at that table had a view of my wife’s ass. And a lovely little ass it was and still is!Not long after the third song started one of the guys from that corner table got up and cut in. He also slid his hands down her back as they danced until he too was holding her dress up with one butt cheek in each hand. The guys at the table were really enjoying the view of my wife’s ass as this guy held her skirt up. As they would dance it looked like he was pulling her cheeks apart then pressing them together. He was certainly giving that corner table a little extra something to view.After just one more song, her new partner led her off the dance floor to that corner booth. There were four guys already seated there. The guys quickly made room for my wife at the rear of the table. I watched as each guy lifted her onto their laps and then slowly slide her across to the next guy. As I watched I could not see anything that was happening below the table, but her blouse was mostly open giving everyone, including me, a great peek-a-booby titty show. The guys lifting her onto and off of their laps were getting some good feels.Once she was settle in at the rear of their booth, all of the guys were leaning in toward her and seemed to be all talking a once. Everyone at their table, including my wife, seemed to be smiling and having a really good time. From their youthful looks, I guessed that they were all from the local college. They called the waitress over and ordered more drinks. When the drinks arrived they included a number of pitchers of beer. Did I mention that my wife loves the taste of beer?Over the next hour or so, they took turns with her out on the dance floor. For some reason, each time she got up to dance, she had to slide across at least four laps. She spent almost as much time ‘lap dancing’ as she did floor dancing. I noticed that while she was dancing with one young guy, the guy on the right end of the table would move to the left end of the table. When she returned from dancing, they would have her slide across all of their laps from left to right until she was between the last two guys. This way they rotated who was sitting on each side of her between dances. They would stay at the table for a couple of songs then she would be passed around the long way to the end and someone would accompany her out onto the dance floor.After numerous trips to the dance floor and back, I noticed that her face was getting pretty flushed. It looked like the beer was doing it work. While watching her at the table, I noticed that most of the time her hands were not in sight. She would bring her right hand up from under the table when she would take a drink from her beer stein. As soon as soon as she put the mug down her hand was back under the table. Her left hand only appeared when she was sliding out to dance or go to the ladies room. In my mind I could see her little petite hands wrapped around huge young cocks as she sat at their table. I could also imagine what those guys were experiencing as her bare ass slide across escort elazığ the laps, pausing for a moment on each of those turgid dicks, as they slowly passed her out to dance or back behind the table for the next round of drinks and horse play.At some point in the evening I was distracted while looking at one very sexy lady on the dance floor. For a little while she had my full attention. She was black and her partner was white. Her hair was short but her legs were long. She had the most beautiful, delicately shaped long slender fingers I have ever seen. She was somewhere between too thin and wonderfully slender. She looked fantastic and I wished I could have stepped out on that dance floor.When I looked back at the corner booth, I could not see my wife. I checked the dance floor looking for her. After a quick panic attack, I noticed that all five guys were seated at their table. Some of them were leaning back and looking down at something happening under the table. I finally noticed a little something blue under the table and I suddenly knew where my wife was. Later she told me that while sitting at the table she had been play with their “beautiful hard dicks” just as I had imagined. Every time she would slide across the guys she said that she “would make sure that each of their cocks got to spend some time getting rubbed her wet pussy”. That’s my wife and that’s why I love her so very much!At some point someone had said that it was so-and-so’s birthday. So my wife slipped under the table to give so-and-so a blow job. She told me that once she was under there and saw all that nice ‘hard candy’ waiting for her attention she decided to give everyone a birthday surprise. She said that one at a time she sucked on every dick under that table. Despite her best efforts, she said that only two of them let her taste their cum.When she eventually crawled out from under the table, she went to the ladies room to clean up a little. She told me that when she returned she had decided that one of them was going to have an evening to remember. She told them all to get ready for her to slide around to her seat. As she was maneuvered back around the table, she picked out one guy and told him that she wanted to spend some time on his lap. I had watched her returning from the ladies room that time. As she stood at the edge of the table leaning over to talk to the guys, I could just get a glimpse of the white tan lines on her butt. I watched her carefully slide across three laps, nice and slow, just like all the other times. But then I noticed that she stopped on the fourth guys lap. She remained on his lap for a long time. She sat there, leaning slightly forward with both of her hands out of sight under the table. All of the guys laughing and teasing her and the guy she was sitting on. Her blouse was still mostly open and I kept seeing hands on her boobs. After the longest time, she slowly slide back around the table and returned to the ladies room.This time she was gone for longer than the usual amount of time. When she came back to that booth she didn’t get in with the guys. It looked like she was telling them something that was sucking all the fun out of their little party table. The next thing I knew she walked around the dance floor toward my table. I could immediately tell that she once again was wearing her bra. She settled in across from me in our booth. Leaning on her forearms she told me that she had had a wonderful time but now she wanted to leave. On the long drive home, I ask her if she really had a lot of fun tonight and if it had made up for all that I had put her thought for the last month. I also wanted to know what she thought of the new club and especially if she had liked her dancing companions. Knowing me and what I really wanted to hear from her, she told me that most of the guys had pretty average elazığ escort bayan penis’ but that one had a really big cock that she loved holding and rubbing and playing with. She had wished that she could have gotten both hands on it. Unfortunately the big cock’s owner was a real dick head and was way too obnoxious for her to like anything about him other than his dick. The last guy was the funniest and she liked him the best. That was the guy whose lap she had sat on for so long. She said that she let him put his dick inside her pussy but told him not to move around too much because that might get her in trouble. She told him to just enjoy the feeling of being inside her.I laughed and asked her where she got that idea! She smiled at me and said, “You know exactly where it came from.” Then she followed up with, “I remembered that story you told me about why you joined the Navy. I wanted to try it and see what it must have felt like to your cousin!”Anyway, she said that she had wiggled around on him a little. When she would reach for her beer, he would slide out a little. Then she would lean back against his chest and take a big gulp he would be buried to the hilt inside of her. When the other guys would grab her boobs or her legs, she said that made her jump a little and her new best friend got the full benefit of that movement too! Once she felt his cock twitching over and over inside of her as his hands tightly gripping her hips pulling her into him, she assumed that he was shooting a huge load of sticky white cum inside of her “old, married, mommy pussy.” After letting him shrink a little, she slipped off of his lap and gradually made her way out from the back of the table. I had watched her when she left the table that time to go to the ladies room and get cleaned up a little. Although she didn’t say as much about it, at least in my mind, she had paused as pussy pressed against each of those long, hard, college aged dicks. I like to think that she let each of their hard dicks slip bareback into her sloppy wet pussy for a few thrusts as she passed.I asked her how many of them she was able to get to cum for her. She told me, “It was a lot of work,” but she was able to get seven cocks to cum for her that night. “Two under the table in my mouth,” she said that they “tasted so good, so thick and they all had so much hot, young stud cum!” Then she said that three of them came in her hands and the one guy shot his cum inside of her. I thought to myself, “Two plus three plus one is only six.” So I had to ask, “That sounds like a couple of your new friends got to cum twice, right?” “Not exactly, each of the boys just got to cum once, except for the obnoxious guy with the big cock, he came twice, once in my hand and once under the table – he was the quickest cumming big dick I’ve ever played with!” Then she told me, “but the bartender stopped me in the hallway the last time I went to the ladies room and said that he needed a blowjob or he would call the police and have all of us arrested. I gave him his blow job and luckily he shot his load, about as quickly as Ben – the guy with the big dick.” She said that she was glad that he didn’t have much cum because it was really runny and he tasted like stale cigarettes.She said it was because of him that we are leaving early. She also said that “we are never coming back to that place.”I told her that it was a real shame some jerk had to ruin a perfectly nice evening. I said that I wished she had told me before we left so I could have a little word with that bartender. She said, “And that’s exactly why I didn’t tell you anything before we left.” She continued, “But before I came back to your table I told the guys I had been playing with what had happened with the bartender. And that because of him I was leaving early and that the real fun would never get started.” She asking them to forgive her for leaving and she told them that it would make her “really happy if they let the bartender know how upset they were about what he had done.” I’ve always wondered what happened after we left the bar that night.

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