Watching & Sharing My Wife With A Friend

Watching & Sharing My Wife With A FriendI am Rahul. Poonam, my wife had sexy assets, and was very attractive, she liked to wear western dresses which made her look bolder and more arousing for men.We always talked about other men checking out her assets and how I enjoy that, but she did not pay much attention. She must be thinking I just do a dirty talks and later forget. One fine day we were to visit a mall. I made her wear a sleeveless top with a tight jean. Her cleavages were clearly visible and the shape of her pussy clearly seen, while we were in the mall I knew men were checking her out and staring at her big boobs and were dying to get a glimpse of them through her sleeveless.As the shirt was loose, her cleavages were clearly visible and one could make out what pare of nasty tits she has. The whole day I enjoyed her being watched and people fantasising about putting their hands on her tight boobs and making her suck their cocks, that made me very very hard.At night I fucked her sensational pussy talking about how I loved young boys dying to get a glimpse of her boobs, I said, “log tere boobs dekh rahe the, Aur unka lund Khada ho gaya tha bada maza aya hoga unko tera shape dekhke”, “hmm” she replied pretending she had no interest in my talks.“Would you like to suck a Dick while I Fuck you hard?” I asked , “ Yeahh”, she replied in her erotic voice as she was enjoying my Big cock in her wet pussy… she became wetter and wilder when I asked her this. It was now clear to me that she was fantasizing about two dicks at a time and was getting wilder and she was all set to be initiated.I then shot a load of cum on her big nasty Boobs till it dripped down till her stomach. “Wawooo,Look at that Load, you really got hard imagining me with two dicks, Did you?” she asked .I gave her a smile and wiped the cum from her lovely body. I was sure that she may have given me a signal to go ahead and soon my fantasy of seeing her with two young Dicks was about to come true. We slept calmly that night.The Next day I decided to test how she behaves when she sees a young guy and if she lets him touch her, I talked to a guy from Facebook , his name was Sandeep.I made him understand that he will not show her that he was at my home for what reason, we were to pretend as if he is just joining us for drinks and then leave.Around 9 we started to have our drinks, I made her wear a short and a deep neck tight shirt, her shape was clearly visible and so was her cleavage. She hesitated initially but later I made it clear that he is my close friend and there is nothing to worry. As we begin to drink, I purposely filled he glass with more quantity of Rum , as I knew that makes her wilder and hotter in bed. Sandeep was staring at her boobs and trying to guess how they would look when pulled out of their cage, I let him be…After 2-3 Hrs she was totally drunk and seemed ready to be fucked… I told her that as it is late Sandeep will sleep in the other bedroom and will leave in the morning. she agreed. We went to sleep and instructed Sandeep to keep his WhatsApp on and do as I tell him to. he agreed as well and all was set.After we entered our bedroom I made sure that the door was closed but not locked from inside. I held her from behind and fondled her boobs and kissed her, she began to put her hand through my pants and held my cock in her warm hands. I did the same and reached out to her wet cunt. I could feel she was literally dripping and ready to be licked. I undressed her and puled her boobs out of the bra,, they looked amazing … her tits were hard and she was fully ready. I made her sleep on the bed and spread her legs. I started to tease her cunt with my tongue “UMMM” she moaned with muğla escort pleasure.. I kept doing it till she was wild completely…Later I just stayed lay on the bed while she reached my cock and started slurping it and making it bathe with her saliva “Sleeerrrpp”.. she was making noises which I was recording and sending to Sandeep, I felt great pleasure thinking he is listening to her voices full of pleasure and how his cock must be hard. She continued to gulp my shaft deep into her throat.. and I knew this was the time. “you like sucking that dick, you slut?”, “yes it tastes so good “, she replied . “ I know Sandeep was checking out your Boobs and his dick was hard, I saw it” I said. “ was he?, UMMM” she said while my cock was in her mouth.At this point I knew she was ready for a new cock. “ you like to test his dick, don’t you?” I asked. “ ummm” she moaned with pleasure and sucked my cock in and out in a great speed. “do you want him to see what you are doing?” I asked “ Uuh HMM” she nodded in affirmation while tightening her lips around my cock. I immediately messaged Sandeep to enter slowly without making any sound. Poonam was still sucking her favourite toy in a doggy style and her ass was facing the door. The room was dully Lit and filled with her lovely Scent. I saw Sandeep Entering the room, I singled him to stand in the corner.Poonam was still facing my cock and did not notice him come in. Sandeep was very hard by looking at Poonam’s lovely ass and the way she was gulping my cock. “ Wah Mast maza aa raha hai, you are a cock queen” I said. She continue to bathe my cock with her warm saliva and her pussy was literally dripping. “ You want someone to lick your pussy while you suck my cock? I asked” ‘UMMM YESsss” she said.I signalled Sandeep to go for her dripping pussy and taste her juices, he slowly moved in and stood behind her . he gently started to play his tongue against her pussy lips.“Ohh, who is that” she said in surprise I held her head so that she could not see who it was. I said “ you liked that , don’t you, you slut” ,”Don’t worry I know you will enjoy”.And I made her to suck my cock. Sandeep now had got bolder and he started to lick her wet juicy cunt with his tongue and lips , “UMM AHH YEASSSS” she moaned. Put your tongue in my pussy” she requested in pleasure.“Look at your wet pussy being licked while you suck my dick, You like it hmm?” I asked “ Yeesss’ she moaned once again with pleasure. I know she was enjoying it. Sandeep kept on licking her for a while. He then touched her boobs and pinched her nipples “Oouuchh” she moaned, but she loved it. “Do you want to taste his dick now?” I asked.And I made her lie down on the bed.Sandeep pulled his big dick and stuck it in her mouth, she started to jerk it with hand and suck it very hard. “ Like his taste?” I asked” Yeas it tastes so good” she said. I then put my cock in her wet pussy and began pumping her,’ YES YES, Fuck me hard” she said . she was still sucking Sandeep as I fucked her. She sucked him dry and swallowed his cock deep in her throat. I was enjoying seeing her suck another man while I had my cock in her. “You want his cock now?” I asked and made her bend in a doggy style.I asked Sandeep to fuck her. He was ready and hard. He went behind her and slipped his cock in her wet pussy, her pussy literally gulped his big cock. “ Ahhh aaahhh, Fuck me hard Sandeep” She moaned in pleasure.He began to give her hard shots and I loved seeing her boobs swing while he pumped her.” PHAT PHAT PHAT” he was banging her with loud noises when he hit his cock in her wet pussy.She pulled my cock and put it in her mouth “UMM , UMMM’ She was making noises while he fucked her from behind. “ escort muğla You want to taste his Cum?’ I asked “ She immediately said “ YEEEHH”. I made he sit down and asked her to suck him dry.She immediately sprung in action and started sucking and jerking his shaft. “’AHHH” Sandeep shouted and threw his load on her face and a few Sprays in her mouth, She kept jerking it and sucking it till his cock shrank. Waoooo she was fully covered with his cum. It was dripping from her boobs and her mouth, I immediately asked her to lay down while Sandeep was still there. I asked him to sit down on a chair where he can see us.I then made her ride my cock and pumped her, Sandeep could not control and he came near and touched her big Boobs while she was doing up and down with my cock. I felt so hard and sprayed my cum on her stomach while she was riding my cock. wah what a night it was. I know she enjoyed a lot.After all the pounding I asked Sandeep to go to bed and he left the room. I then opened my Laptop and connected the phone to it.She was surprised when I showed pics of her with Sandeep. We then discussed how hot she looks while she was Sucking his dick or when he was fucking her doggy style. I even showed her the pics taken while he shot his cum on her face and her boobs She was enjoying them well and was fondling her boobs while she eagerly waited for the next Pic.We both were so aroused by looking at it, that I fucked her one more time while the slide show was running on the laptop.Anyway, Poonam, my wife is a broadminded and beautiful lady. Calm and obviously good in Bed.She had a lovely body, men would die for.I love her cleavage the most as they can make any man cum in his pants, she has a lovely round ass and pair of well-shaped boobs that make her the queen of pleasure. She shaves her pussy and it feels like velvet, your tongue would just slide over it and give you the taste of heaven.She loves sucking cocks and believe me her lips give the ultimate pleasure until you shoot your load in her mouth.She just loves being licked, when it comes to the actual fucking…. She loves long and hard strokes till you shoot on her lovely pair of boobs or all over her amazing ass.Earlier I have made her have a threesome with a friend of mine, but he jumped in in the last part.I could only see her pussy being pounded by him and she taking his load on her tits. We both were now bold enough to try anything after that incident which she obviously enjoyed a lot.I spoke to her one day about me watching her with another guy from start to End, and secretly filming all the action. She did not sound very comfortable but agreed, and the hunt began for a decent and handsome guy she would love to be with. I showed a few pics and she luckily made her choice in a few min.We fantasized about the guy banging her while we had sex that day. I decided to call him first to show him her assets captured in the camera to see what he feels, after seeing those he just could not wait to get his hands on her.That Saturday we planned it all. She wore a sexy lingerie and a nightgown over it. The gown had buttons so it was just the thing we needed. I asked her to keep the buttons open so her cleavage shows up clearly, she looked excited and ready for the Dick of a stranger.When he came in I had her go to the bedroom just so that he can wonder and get anxious to see her.After we were a couple of drinks down, I called her out “Poonam, come out, look who is here”. The moment she came out harry’s eyes popped out, I could clearly see his excitement about banging her.I made her sit near him, and poured a drink for her, we just started a casual talk. I could see he was scanning her body and checking muğla escort bayan out her cleavage. I let him be.A few drinks later I signaled Poonam to go for it. I left the room and hid in the bedroom behind the shelf, I was totally invisible, just the way I wanted. A min later Poonam and harry came in.Harry hugged Poonam without wasting any more time, and kissed her lovely and juicy lips, he had his hands over her firm boobs as he fondled them. He then went down and touched her pussy, Poonam was aroused by all this and she had her hands on his cock, I could see the shape of his long dick, must be an 8 inch. She felt the hard tool and said, “Ohh Harry you got a big cock”. He was till rubbing his hands on her pussy. He started undressing her, and wawooo I got an instant hard.He got the gown off her body leaving her on the bra and panty. He then fondled her boobs from over the bra and the bra was no more to be seen, she was now naked with all her assets right in front of Harry, wawoo what a feeling I had. Harry kept touching her body with passion and made her lie on the bed.He spread her legs and went for Poonam’s juices, he licked her wet pussy again and again, till it started to dripp…“Ohhhh, UMM, Yeeess”, she moaned while he inserted his tongue in her pussy.“Ohhhh, UMM, Yeeess”, she moaned while he inserted his tongue in her pussy.As I was at their left side, I could see his tongue moving all over her pussy. After giving her pussy a good lick and satisfied with the taste of her juices, Harry sucked her nipples gently, and Poonam was enjoying lying and moaning on the bed. She was now ready for the part she likes most.She got up and sat on the edge of the bed making Harry stand right in front of her.Within no time she pulled harry’s cock and started jerking it, she looked at me and smiled, she licked his cock all the way until his balls, and finally took it in her mouth. She sucked it and licked it while she was looking at me and smiling. that feeling, seeing her suck on harry’s cock was fantastic. His cock was sliding through her red lips and she almost swallowed it. Harry was enjoying putting his dick in her warm mouth.While she sat and sucked his dick I could see her pussy getting all wet and her boobs shaking as she moved up and down with his dick in her mouth. Harry was fondling her boobs and pressing her head against his hard long shaft.His dick was covered in her wet saliva and it was dripping on the ground as she licked his dick all over.By this time her pussy was all ready to get fucked with another man’s dick. She got up and lied on the bed her legs facing me, she said, “Come on Harry fuck my wet pussy now”.Harry went over to her and spread her legs and then he inserted his big cock in her wet pussy, I could see it sliding in, “OHH YEEESS” she moaned and hugged harry while his dick was fucking her pussy, he was banging her with long and hard strokes and she kept moaning. I could hear his cock slapping her pussy.After a while harry said “ Ride my dick now”, Poonam instantly got up and made harry lay down, she sat on his dick putting his dick in her wet pussy with one hand.Her ass was facing me so I could see how she gulped that fat and long dick, harry continued bagging her married pussy for a long, she then got up and said “ Fuck me from behind” and she bent on her knees, facing me, I could see her boobs sagging down and harry banging her from behind, he boobs were swinging with each strike harry gave her, this continued until she squirted on Harry’s Dick and her juices were dripping on the bed.I had a great time seeing that. She then sat on her kneed and made harry stand in front of her, she was facing me while she jerked his big cock moaning and licking it. “ Please come on my face harry” she requested. After a few jerks harry shot his thick load right in her mouth and all over her face, his warm cum was dripping from her mouth and her tits soon were covered in it.The End.

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