Watching Them


Out of all the social functions I attended each year my favorite by far was Caroline Carson’s annual summer kickoff party, held every June at her twelve room plantation home on the river. Caroline’s parties were legendary in savannah’s social circles; she picked the guests personally for each party. And sent each one handwritten invitations that were delivered by messenger, she would spare no expense.

Caroline had made her money the old fashioned way, being already born into it she had married it and then buried it twice , and as the curator of the savannah museum of art for twenty five years she had developed a penchant for extravagant, and could afford it being one of the wealthiest women in savannah.

I was greeted by a valet, as I pulled up to the twelve room antebellum home that sat on the banks of the Savannah River, nestled among the cypress and magnolia trees.

The house was enormous and had quite a long history, Caroline had acquired it after the death of her second husband; and it had been in his family since before the civil war.

As I stood taking in the familiar surroundings, Marcus Jones Caroline’s personal assistant greeted me on the front steps with a smile and a warm hug , I had never met anyone as loyal or as diligent as Marcus.

“Jordan Keller, it’s been way to long and don’t you look absolutely amazing.” The slightly overweight balding man beamed as he enveloped me in a tight hug.

I had dressed in a pair of charcoal grey drawstring twill pants and a cabernet colored silk tank top that showed a bit much of my stomach, with black Prada ankle strap sandals, light make-up and my long blond hair pulled back at the sides…

“Let me look at you.” he said pulling back and spinning me around.

“I love the outfit, very sexy.” he said with a wink.

“It’s good to see you too Marcus, how have you been?”

“I’ve been well, come in sweetheart.”

Politely he stepped aside as I walked into the main foyer.

“Miss Caroline is upstairs and she requested you come see her before the other guest’s arrive.” he pointed me toward the stairs and smiled as he stepped away.

I took the marble stairs two at a time that led to the second floor, my mind flashing back to various times I had ascended these steps and what they had always led to.

The memories I had of the stunning redhead always brought a smile to my face.

Caroline was a part of my past, someone who could stir my soul , a woman who was intelligent, challenging ,fearless , sexy and had been one of the most intense lovers I had ever had the pleasure of having.

I stood quietly in the doorway of her bedroom watching her as she sat on the edge of the king-size canopy bed naked except for black strap pumps, and a black g-string, slowly rubbing lotion up and down her calf.

Even now at forty five and fifteen years my senior she could still stir me to the bone, I remembered every square inch of her tanned and toned body and how she cold make me feel as I stood there lost quietly in thought.

Lost in the images of this beautiful woman and the things she could do to me, it had been months since I had seen her but the feelings never changed.

“Are you just going to stand there darling, or are you going to help me with my dress?” She asked, looking up at me with a flip of her red mane.

“I’m sorry, I was distracted.” I teased.

I stepped into the room as she stood picking up her dress from the bed, and crossing slowly to me with a sultry grin.

“You always were so very easily distractible.” those luscious lips of hers claimed mine as she stepped into me, pressing the full length of her incredible body against mine.

Pulling back from the kiss, I slipped the silky, thin, little black dress over her head kissing her again slowly as I let my hands trail the path of the dress. Over the curve of her shoulders, as my thumbs brushed lightly across her hardening nipples and my hands slid around to her ass, pulling her into me harder making her moan softly as the dress fell into place.

Caroline pulled back from me, breaking the kiss and sighing deeply.

“Why did we ever stop being lovers?” she asked, running her thumb slowly across my bottom lip.

“You grew tired of me.” I joked, letting go of her waist she stepped back from me, her grin salacious.

“Tired of you, darling that’s like saying your tired of breathing. “She frowned.

Caroline handed me her choker and turned around so I could latch the clasp , and I leaned in biting gently at her earlobe , she ground her perfect ass against me , arching into my hands as I slid the choker around her neck.

“If memory serves me, your chosen profession pulled you away and keeps you away for weeks at a time, and a woman has her needs.”

“I’m never too far away, and we could always get reacquainted.” I whispered into her ear.

1080 porno As good as that offer sounds , and as much as I would like to have you fuck me into a babbling mess I do have a party to host and you and I have business we need to discuss.”

Caroline pulled away from me again, took me by the hand and led me out to the balcony.

“Business, you never want t talk business?” I’d asked once we had stepped outside.

“Yes Jordan, I recently acquired ninety-thousand dollars worth of uncut diamonds from a gentleman in New York in exchange for a few paintings and I need those stones turned into cash.” she smiled.

“Of course, I can take care of it tonight if you like; it will just take a phone call.” I said confidently.

“I knew you could help me, you make that call and I’ll go downstairs to greet my guests.”

With a soft kiss on the lips she was gone, as a few cars had already begun to arrive, and it was time for Caroline to be on show.

I took my time making the calls I needed to make to move the diamonds for Caroline, while standing on the second floor balcony pacing, smoking a joint and watching the cars come and go down the oak lined drive as the valets take turns parking them.

I recognized the black Mercedes as it pulled in slowly, and grinned to myself thinking of how interesting the night ahead would soon become.

The woman I’m currently fucking and a woman that I used to fuck in the same house, oh the possibilities.

I watched as the stunning banker climbed out of the passenger side of the car and her fiancée came around to meet her, she looked ravishing in a simple white sun dress and brown sandals, her shoulder length brunette hair loose and framing her gorgeous face.

Our business relationship hadn’t changed but our personal relationship had, the torrid affair we were carrying on was dangerous for both of us and I had no intention of letting it stop.

I made my way downstairs slowly, the crowd had quickly grown to about forty people and I was as usual scooped up in a conversation with a city commissioner about a fundraiser for the local school art programs. I listened to his pitch, not that it mattered I would spread my money around my home town as I always did.

I nodded politely as he spoke, going on and on about how desperate the local children were for art and music supplies. Most of the people in my social circles knew my family background and how we had made our money, but none seemed to care where the money came from as long as it kept coming.

I sipped on the champagne I had plucked off a passing tray and pretended to listen as he continued. My mind was elsewhere, I was watching Rachael move about the main ballroom.

My need for her seemed insatiable; she was like a drug, a habit forming substance that I had to have more and more of. I watched as she moved casually among the guests, shaking hands and mingling like she always did at these things.

I also watched as the D.A. stayed close to her, working his own agenda, which lately had been about me and needing one more major conviction before his try at state government. He was the one person capable of bringing me down, which was an unlikely scenario, but I kept my space from him just as well and covered my ass better than anyone in my position would.

I was a drug trafficker amongst other things in a room full of white collar criminals and I didn’t feel out of place one bit, these were my people and none would dare speak out against me.

“Commissioner, just call my office Monday morning at the port and I’ll have my secretary cut you a check.” I said politely, not really caring what he was saying.

I waked away leaving him speechless and made my way toward the bar, I wanted something stronger than champagne. There were three full bars all throughout the mansion and I made my way to the nearest by the dining room.

Chamber music filtered through the rooms, mixing with the chatter of different conversations as I stood quietly off to the side out of the way of the different groups, I had lost sight of Rachael when I’d gone to the bar and was casually scanning the room for her.

Sipping my vodka tonic, I turned around to head to the ballroom and came face to face with her. Those luscious lips immediately drew my attention and the devious smile was not missed at all.

“Jordan, how have you been?” she asked politely as a few guests made there way between us.

I couldn’t help the smug smile that crept across my face , she knew exactly how I was , we had seen each other just the day before , having had a quick afternoon romp on my sailboat.

” You look amazing .” she said softly reaching out as she touched my bare hip, letting her thumb stroke slowly against it, I stepped back from her needing a little distance and a chance to gather my stoned brain.

“Thank 2 k porno you.”

We were in a room full of people, and I wasn’t as comfortable playing our game as she was. Rachael on the other hand seemed to thrive on flirting with me, any time we were out in public and would take every open opportunity.

As I moved I saw Caroline over Rachael’s left shoulder, watching us intently, reading us, reading me and as I saw her break away from her conversation and make her way toward us, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

“Ladies’, I hope you’re enjoying yourselves so far?” she asked with a smile, her eyes instantly on mine.

“Of course Caroline, it’s a wonderful party and thank you for inviting John and I.” Rachael began, “I was just telling Jordan the same thing.”

“Think nothing of it sweetheart we only get to see one another at the museum board meetings, so we’re glad to have you.” The redhead smiled.

Just then, the D.A. stepped into our conversation, breaking Caroline’s train of thought and interrupting us.

“Thank you again Caroline, the party is fabulous.” he said, his gaze falling on me.

“Good evening, Jordan.” he offered.

“Counselor” I said flatly, and not near polite enough.

“If you all will excuse me, I need another drink.” I said courteously as I moved to walk away.

Caroline’s hand on the small of my back stopped me, and a whispered command of no kept me there, rooted to the spot, a subtle move that didn’t go unnoticed by Rachael.

“Rachael dear, have you had a chance to tour the house yet?” she asked quickly changing the subject.

“Not yet, but I would love one the house is amazing.”

“Yes it has a lot of history, and I insist that you have a look around.” Caroline said, turning to me.

“Jordan why don’t you show her around, you knows this place like he back of your hand and all the stories that come with it.” Her tone left no room for argument.

I was sure the look of disbelief was evident on my face, and I turned to look at her as if she was serious and she just smiled. “That way the young aspiring D.A. can tell me more about his political aspiration.” She added.

Rachael stood quietly watching me; I could see the wheels spinning in her beautiful head.

” I would love a chance to offer some ideas about making our fair city better, and you know we can always use contributions.” the D.A. said in his best used car salesman’s voice.

“Well, it’s settled then ….” Caroline began as she offered her arm to the D.A. “shall we get a drink and discuss a little politics?”

She offered her arm to him, and just like that they were off into the crowd, leaving the two of us standing there in a quiet state of confusion.

‘I think you have a tour to give.” Rachael teased.

“It would seem that way.”

“Lucky me.” she grinned, as she pulled me off in the direction of the staircase.

As I watched her walk slowly up the steps, following the curve of her legs with each step, I turned and caught a glimpse of Caroline, who was watching us, with a knowing smirk on those beautiful lips and she was completely oblivious to anything the D.A. was saying.

As I reached the top of the steps I led Rachael to the right as we began to walk down the long narrow hallway. The walls were covered in paintings and family portraits and Rachael strolled casually looking at them between glances at me.

“The house was built in the early eighteen hundreds, and was a part of the Underground Railroad at one time during the civil war and it’s filled with hidden passageways.” I said as we strolled slowly down the hallway as Rachael took in her surroundings between glances at me.

“It is truly an amazing house.”

As we neared the end of the hallway, I took her hand and pulled her into the library, before closing and locking the door.

Rachael walked around the dimly lit room, looking at the books on the shelves and pictures on the walls. The only light in the room came from a tiffany lamp that sat on the old pine desk in the middle of the room, but it gave enough light for me to see the quizzical look on her face.

“I’ m curious about something?” she asked, turning to face me, but not coming any closer.

“What’s that?” I asked.

Rachael walked slowly to me, her eyes wandering over my body as she did so.

“How well do you know Caroline?” her tone was not jealous, but curious.

I stood there quietly leaning back against the desk, looking at her, gauging her body language and quickly realizing what she was asking me.

I reached out and pulled her into a long slow kiss, before I turned her around, pulling her back against me.

“It’s a simple question Jordan.”

I leaned in, letting my tongue slide up her pulse point before biting gently at her earlobe as I whispered 4 k porno in her ear.

“I met Caroline when I was twenty one, my father set up a business transaction for me and I came here for a meeting.” I continued to kiss and suck at the nape of her neck, as I let my hands wander down the front of the dress, palming her full breasts softly.

“It wasn’t the first time I had been attracted to another woman, but I was so intrigued by her.” I let my hands drift lower, lifting the dress letting my nails scratch lightly at the inside of her thighs as I did. Rachael moved against me, moaning softly as my lips teased her neck, biting a little rougher as I lifted the skirt out of my way.

Holding it with my left hand I let my right slip down between her thighs, and slowly tugged at the white cotton panties she wore, the moan that escaped her was delicious.

Slipping my fingers inside her panties, I slid them slowly through the wetness I felt there, Rachael ground against my hand as I continued to tease her.

“I never got to finish the tour of the house; we never got past her bedroom.”

“She seduced you?” her question was breathy in between light moans.

“I wanted her to.” I whispered and her reaction was to grab the hand between her legs and push it deeper.

“I didn’t leave this house for three days.” I said as I slowly slid two fingers into her, making her cry out as her body shuddered against me.

As I looked up, I wasn’t shocked to see Caroline standing quietly in the shadows, against one of the bookcases sipping a glass of champagne, watching us.

She had come in through the secret stairway from downstairs; that opened behind the wall. I wasn’t sure which turned me on more, knowing she was watching us or knowing Rachael was getting off on my story.

I didn’t stop my eyes on the redhead as I continued pumping my fingers in and out slowly as Rachael looked up she saw Caroline watching us and froze only for a second.

I stilled my hand, unsure of what her reaction would be but not pulling my fingers away, and I waited for her to panic.

“Don’t stop.” she said breathlessly, grinding harder against my hand using hers to push my fingers deeper into her. Slowly I began to thrust in and out, pulling my fingers almost all the way out before slipping them easily back in

Rachael’s breathing changed; she threw her head back on my shoulder as I continued to pump my hand in and out of her dripping pussy.

“For three days I let her have me….anyway she wanted.” I whispered.

One of Rachael’s hands went to the desk to balance herself and the other stayed between her legs, guiding mine wanting her release.

“I let her do anything she wanted to me, anything at all.” I said softly.

I held Rachael against me tighter as her body began to shake, her breathing became quicker and her moans longer.

“Tell me!” she growled, pumping harder against my hand.

I looked at Caroline, relishing in the self serving grin she had across those familiar lips as she took another sip of the golden liquid and enjoyed the show.

“She could make me come so hard; I had never felt anything so good, so raw in my life to that point.” I whispered while gently biting at her earlobe as my fingers slid in deeper with each thrust.

“And I did….come for her over and over again,” I quickened my strokes making Rachael’s gasps into long drawn out moans as she began to tremble, pulling her in tighter I slipped my soaked fingers out quickly and slid them over her clit, harder making small circles.

Rachael took her free hand and slid it around the back of my neck as she began to shake uncontrollably and her moans became pleas of release.

“Please Jordan, more.” she mumbled between strangled cries.

I slipped three fingers back into her roughly, pumping faster and deeper as she began to cry out.

She was so close, I could feel her muscles contracting around my fingers with each deep thrust, and her moans became silent screams of pleasure as she buried her face against my neck, quietly asking for release.

“Please baby, don’t stop….”

I locked eyes with Caroline , as I made her come not stopping my thrusting as she did, pulling her orgasm from her body greedily as she moaned my name as she came . Her body racked with spasm after spasm of pleasure as it coursed through her, shaking her to her core.

We stayed like that for a few moments before I slipped my fingers out of her slowly, making her moan again as I did.

With her head resting on my shoulder Rachael gave a throaty laugh, as she turned and kissed me slowly, her tongue teasing mine.

“As much as I hate to break up the show, I’m not sure how much longer Marcus can stall him.” Caroline said quietly.

“Thank you Caroline, for a very stimulating tour of your home.” Rachael said as she turned to the redhead, giving her a wicked smile…

“On the contrary dear, the pleasure was all mine.” Caroline’s smile was genuine.

Before Rachael walked out of the library she turned around looking at us both.

“Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

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