We could have been busted


I remember one of the closest I came to being caught at a sexual activity was when my girlfriend and I decided to have oral sex in her house, at a time when her mother was in the other room. We were in our late teens They had 3 bedrooms going around a small living room on the 1st floor of the house. It was a pretty big house. Her room, and her parents room was adjoining.

She wore a nice yellow skirt, which went up to a couple of inches above her knees, and a white top as I recall. During the afternoon we sat down to watch TV in her room, and her mother would usually rest and sometimes fall asleep in her room.

As we sat watching TV, I put my hand on her legs and began to slightly caress her legs, slowly gently caressing my hands up to under her skirt where I could caress her thighs. She bent towards me and we shared a passionate kiss for many moments. I was obviously aroused and wanting more at the time. I told her to go see what her mother was doing, and she returned back very softly, and told me she’s asleep.

She sat down beside me, on her bed, her back resting on the headboard and her legs stretched out in front. I took my hand very gently inside her skirt again and caressed it all the way up till I could touch the softness of her panties covering her pussy. She kept her eyes on the living room outside, which could see through the open door of her room, for the slightest movement of a shadow she might see, or the faintest of sounds she might her, to make sure her mother wasn’t coming.

During the entire time, she kept her eyes fixed at the living room outside, never moving them aside. I rubbed her panties just above where her arousing pussy lay; rubbed until I could feel the underwear getting slightly wet from the flowing juices she began to give out. I gently slid her panties downwards and brought her right leg across over me to my back so I would be placed between her legs, and I laid myself on my stomach, resting on my two elbows as I held her two thighs apart with my hands. Her skirt still rested on her thighs, I didn’t want to remove it, it excited me to go under and inside her skirt to reach for her pussy. I also didn’t want remove her panties; I just slid them all the way down from the front, exposing her warm and wet pussy. Very slow I kissed her pussy, just as I would kiss her lips, and played with her pussy lips by brushing my lips against them. I took the tip of my tongue out and very softly, licked the crack of her pussy all the way from the bottom to the top, slowly and slowly, again and again, letting her pour her juices out in sexual passion and lust.

The musky smell of her arousal, a faint whiff of pee and I was beyond stopping. Soon my shirt was off and her panties on the floor, where they were pushed under the bed, as frightened as we were of being caught, her top moved up exposing her sweet titties. Her nipples were rock hard as she bit her lip, to avoid making noise. She kept her glasses on in case we had to get dressed quickly, and she would have to have her glasses on if we were really watching TV.

At every moment she kept her eyes on the living room, trying to keep her senses alert for any sound or movement, even though her body was submitting to the passion and our growing lust. I feared for us being caught, yet I left the standing guard completely on her shoulders, and submerged myself in pleasure. I took my tongue deep inside her, parting her pussy lips using the two thumbs on my two hands, while still gripping her groin with my other fingers. And then I started my vigorous sucking… taking every single drop of her juice inside, sucking and swallowing, going back forth on her pussy. I was licking and eating it out like I was feasting on it, and she started to move to my rhythm Soon she began moving her groin to the motions of my mouth. And kept giving me more, and more, to suck and to swallow. I was not too keen on the form and function of a clitoris but her movements directs her nubbin to my mouth, again, and again.We could have been busted

As she kept her eyes on the living room, she exploded into orgasm after orgasms, merely crunching her teeth to keep her screams to herself, and at times digging her fingernails inside my chest and arms, to control her convulsions while her body kept erupting in orgasms. She kept convulsing, her belly raising, her ass lifting, as I sucked every orgasm down to the last drop, swallowing all of everything she gave me. She finally held my arm, asking me to stop, I looked up and at that point I stopped. I lay there with my mouth covering her pussy, just feeling the warmth from her body, feeling the wetness, just feeling the release that engulfed her.

I slowly moved back, put on my shirt and headed for the bathroom to wash her copious pussy juices off my mouth, and jerk my cock until I spewed my load into the sink. I cleaned up the sink, flushed the toilet, while she sat there finally closing her eyes for a few minutes to relax.

When I came out of the bathroom, I gently strolled outside to the living room just to check, and found her mother was very wide awake, watching TV, unlike what we thought. When I came back to my girlfriend and told her, she sat in disbelief. Our hearts raced for a moment, but it was all done and over with and we knew we had pulled off a really dangerous one.

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