Weekend Getaway


Cindi and I were finishing our packing and I could tell she was getting as excited (even more than I was) for our trip. We were making a trip to see my old college roommate at his beach condo.

This trip was going to be a little different though. We have visited many times before and a few years earlier we had started having threesomes with Tom, Cindi and me. It was something we had all enjoyed several times but Cindi and I had always fantasized about a gangbang and this trip we were going to make it happen.

It was only about a two hour drive and we had a lot of fun travelling, as always. On our road trips Cindi will always dress sexier since we are out of town and the anticipation of the weekend added to the excitement. Cindi wore a loose fitting blouse with a deep plunging bra showing a lot of her ample breasts. Anything that showed off her top always excited me but she was always too modest to dress like that at home. She also wore a moderately short skirt and sandals. It gave me easy access to reach over and play with her sweet pussy while we drove.

The trip went by quickly even though we were anxious to get there.

Tom’s condo was a rental and we had been there several times. We were the first to arrive so we unpacked and settled in. Tom was scheduled to arrive in a couple of hours so we relaxed and took advantage of the sunshine and warm weather.

Tom had purchased this condo several years earlier and shortly after three of our college buddies purchased condos in the same building. The building was a 20 story building on the gulf coast beach. Two of them lived there full time with their wives and one of them Tony, like Tom, purchased his as a rental but visited a couple of times each year.

Our trip was planned to be a “reunion” of the classmates but Cindi was going to be the only wife attending.

Tom showed up as scheduled and I helped him get moved into his room and we started planning for the evening.

Cindi was already in a very flirty mood with Tom as soon as he arrived. I noticed that just before Tom arrived Cindi had unbuttoned another button on her blouse and the view was spectacular! Every time she turned it looked like her breasts were going to fall out. It was difficult not to grab her every time she walked by.

As she greeted Tom with a kiss he reached up and fondled her for a few seconds and I could hear a small moan from her.

We sat and caught up a little and went over our plans for the evening. The guys were scheduled to arrive at 6:00. We were going to grill some burgers and eat dinner then have a poker night. Cindi was going to be our “server” for the food and drinks. And hopefully a lot more.

We spent the remaining time preparing for the evening and catching up since our last visit.

When 6:00 came the three guys all arrived at about the same time. Tony, Bill and Roger were probably as anxious to get the party started since Tom had told them what the real plan for the evening was.

We all exchanged greetings, with Cindi getting a lot of attention with the way she was dressed and her flirty attitude. Normally a little shy, she was being unusually sexy and outgoing tonight. She made no effort to keep her blouse together and was enjoying the attention she was getting from all of us.

The next two hours were spent with us preparing dinner, visiting telling stories and reliving a lot of college pranks. Cindi helped get everything ready, made drinks and flirted with all of the guys.

Tom made a big show of grabbing Cindi’s ass every time she walked close by and encouraged the guys to do the same. A couple of times he flipped up her skirt to show off her thong. Everyone was having a good time and we were all getting a little worked up.

Cindi was enjoying the attention and was obviously getting more excited as time passed. I made a comment on how much I was enjoying her blouse but thought it could be improved. I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse to her navel essentially leaving her exposed from the waist up with only her bra covering her tits. Cindi just acted like it was completely normal and bakımlı gaziantep escort continued to soak up the attention.

We managed to get through dinner and a few drinks with nothing else happening.

After dinner we relaxed a while with more joking and storytelling. We all pitched in to help clean up and soon moved to the living room where we had set up a table for the poker game.

Our plan was to play card while Cindi attended to us with drinks or “whatever we needed”.

We settled in and started playing cards. Cindi served the first round of drinks and as she served Tony ran his hand up her skirt. Cindi lingered so he would have plenty of time to discover how wet her pussy was. Tom was next, and he reached into her open blouse and fondled her tits. Again she lingered bent over in front of him to give him time to pinch her nipples and pull her bra down completely exposing her big tits. As she moved around the table each guy got a little more bold and by the time she got to me I was sure I wasn’t the only one who slipped a finger in her sopping wet pussy.

Cindi finally stepped back to catch her breath and we played a round of poker. I suggested Cindi go change to another “serving” outfit.

A couple of hands later Cindi returned wearing a negligee. It was a deep plunging shelf bra that really put her tits on display. The rest was very short barely covering her pussy and ass. She had a matching thong. When she walked back into the room she asked if anyone was ready for a refill. Bill picked up his beer and chugged it saying, “I am!”

Cindi left to get him another one and returned making a big show of bending over and placing it in front of him. As soon as she did that Bill reached out with both hands and grabbed a breast in each one and gently fondled her. Cindi lingered until he stopped then stood up and asked if anyone else needed “anything”.

Tom said she should check his drink to see it was ready to be replaced. Cindi stepped over to him and bent over way more than necessary to lift his drink and said not yet, but soon. As she bent over Tom did what Bill did and grabbed both over her breasts and fondled them. Of course that was followed by everyone wanting their drinks “checked”.

Cindi turned to check Tony’s drink her back was to Tom. When she bent over to let Tony play with her tits, Tom reached over and slipped his finger in her pussy. This started the pattern of her going around the table “checking” drinks and getting her tits and pussy played with until everyone had done both.

We resumed the card game for a while. Cindi pulled a chair up beside me and watched. As we played I told the guys that after each hand, whoever had the winning hand would get Cindi sitting on their lap while they sat out the next hand. Everyone liked the idea, especially Cindi.

Bill won the first hand so Cindi moved over to his chair. He pushed back from the table and made room for her to sit on his lap. She sat down and Bill’s hand went immediately to Cindi’s breasts. He pulled her top down so her breasts were exposed and started sucking her nipples. They kissed some and she reached down and stroked his cock through his shorts. He soon slipped a hand down and started playing with her pussy.

We were all so engrossed in watching them we almost forgot we were supposed to be playing cards.

We started another hand of cards, deciding we would just deal all five cards face up and see who had the best hand. We were all anxious to get Cindi on our laps.

Tom won the second round so it was time for Bill to stop and for Cindi to move. When she got up she was a little weak-kneed from the playing but made her way to Tom’s chair. Tom pushed back from the table but reached over and grabbed a pillow from the couch and put it on the floor by his chair. He told Cindi to kneel on it as he pulled down his pants. As Tom sat back down with his hard cock out, Cindi kneeled next to him and started stroking him. Cindi got into position and lowered her head to start sucking him.

Again it was difficult bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan for the rest of us to resume the game so I suggested we change the plan. Bill had his turn, Tom was getting his, so the three of us remaining just cut the deck to see who was next.

I won that one but said I wanted to go last so it was going to be Roger then me.

We all sat and watched as Cindi sucked his cock. I have to add sucking cock is one of Cindi’s strong suits. She loves to do it and is incredibly good at it. As the rest of us sat and watched Cindi did her best to make a show of it and to please Tom. Cindi must have been excited by the combination of being watched by all of us and the prospect of having all of these cocks for herself because I don’t think I have ever seen her so enthusiastically suck cock before.

Tom soon stopped her saying he didn’t want to blow his load quite so quick.

By the time Cindi moved to Roger’s chair, he already had his pants down and his cock out. He told her to bring the pillow. She smiled as she dropped the pillow in front of him and knelt down to start sucking again. Cindi’s face was flushed and you could tell she was getting pretty worked up by the excitement of it all.

The rest of us watched as Cindi sucked Roger. We pulled the table back so we could all see a little better. Roger was loving it and soon grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. That is always something that gets Cindi hot, so both of them were getting into it.

After a few minutes, Roger stopped her and caught his breath. I suggested we move the fun to the bedroom.

I grabbed Cindi’s hand and lead her to the bedroom with the guys following. Cindi to a brief break but soon returned to lay in the middle of the bed. Tom and Roger were standing on either side, while Tony and I were at the foot of the bed. I dived in first because I wanted to lick her pussy before anyone filled it with cum.

Tom and Roger moved in and put their cocks in each hand so she could stroke them while I went to work on her juicy pussy. Tony saw his opportunity and got up on the bed on all fours and positioned his cock over Cindi’s mouth.

I stopped what I was doing to take in the view. Here was my beautiful wife, sucking one cock, stroking another in each hand and her wide open pussy in front of me. I just wished I had been able to take a picture of it but believe me it is firmly burned into my memory.

I went back to work on her wet pussy because I could tell she was getting close to her first climax. I intentionally would get her close then back off. I wanted to keep the excitement building as long as possible.

Tony decided to back off so he offered to trade places with Roger. Roger got on the bed and put his cock in Cindi’s mouth, Tony got in position to have her stroke him with her hand.

We passed quite a bit of time switching around. In time we all moved and tried every position. Everyone licked her pussy for a while, fucked her mouth for a while and had her stroke us with her hand for a while.

Roger finally said it first, “I want to fuck that hot little cunt!”

I told him to lay on his back on the bed so Cindi could get on top. As soon as she got in position, the rest of us stood up on the bed so as she rode his cock she had three hard cocks in front of her.

Roger gave her his best. He was bucking like a bronco and Cindi was giving it right back. She tried as best as possible to suck one cock, stroke the other two while she gave Roger a hot fucking but it was really too much. Eventually she just focused on riding Roger’s cock and soon it had its desired effect. Roger yelled that he was cumming and Cindi yelled back, “Yes, fill my pussy with your cum. I want all of your cum baby!”

The three of us just watched as they both came together.

The eventually rolled apart and Cindi laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide open and cum dripping out of her pussy. Cindi and Roger were catching their breath and Tony moved around and said he wanted to go escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan next. Cindi smiled at him and said, “Come here baby.”

Cindi raised her legs as Tony slid up and easily slid his cock into her dripping pussy. He started slow but didn’t take long before he was pumping as fast as he could, slamming his cock into her as she grunted with each thrust.

This went on longer than I would have lasted. It was so hot watching her getting fucked so well while the rest of us stood around and enjoyed the show, Tom and I were stroking our cocks still waiting our turns.

After what seemed like a long time, they were nearing their climax. Tony had lifted Cindi’s legs into the air and was pumping as deep as he possibly could when he came. He grunted and pumped his final strokes then collapsed on top of her. He laid there for a minute then started sucking Cindi’s tits before rolling off of her.

Any modesty Cindi had was long gone now as she laid back leaving her legs spread wide open. I couldn’t resist reaching over and playing with her clit. She made me stop though, because she was super sensitive from the hard fucking and climaxes she had already had and she had two of us to take care of yet.

Tom approached the bed and told Cindi to rollover. As she did so, I’m pretty sure she knew what was next.

Tom positioned her on all fours and got behind her. He slid his cock into her pussy very slowly and started making very slow strokes. As soon as his cock was nice and wet he pulled back and took aim for her ass.

This wasn’t the first time he had fucked her ass. It had always been one of his favorite things to do with Cindi.

I saw my opportunity and moved to the head of the bed and slid under her so she could suck my cock while she was getting her ass fucked.

She grabbed my cock and went down on it like it was her last meal. Over the years Cindi has developed the ability to go deeper and deeper as she sucks cock. The hotter she is the deeper she goes. This was by far the deepest she had ever sucked me. She didn’t quite get me all the way down but it was damn close.

I wasn’t going to be able to hold on very long. I grabbed her head and held it frim and just fucked her mouth as I felt my cum getting ready to shoot. At the same time Cindi was building to another climax as Tom was giving her ass a firm pounding.

I held her head still as I unloaded my cum into her mouth. I let go of her as I finished and flopped back on the bed. Cindi kept sucking until I stopped her. She was now focused on Tom’s cock pounding in and out of her ass. Tom gripped her hips and grunted as he unloaded deep into her ass. Cindi was shuddering as he came and fell forward as Tom pulled out.

Tom got up to go use the bathroom, Cindi just laid there on her stomach with cum dripping out of her ass and pussy. She looked so incredibly sexy, if I had been able to get hard again I would have loved climbing on her for another go. It was another sight that will be forever burned into my memory.

Cindi just laid there exhausted while we all got up and started cleaning up and getting dressed. We left her alone to relax as we said our goodbyes.

After the guys had left I came back and laid by Cindi and started kissing her and telling her how much I loved her and what an incredibly sexy woman she was. Surprisingly she responded by kissing back passionately and I started playing with her soaking wet pussy.

After a few minutes I was obviously was getting hard again so Cindi went down on me and started sucking my cock again. As soon as she got it hard enough she pushed me on my back and climbed on top. This was a little unusual for Cindi. She was being the aggressor.

As soon as she slid down on my cock she started fucking me as hard as she ever had. Cindi has always been an incredible fuck but this was a new level. Her pussy was so slick and cum filled it was still dripping out of her.

I reached up and played with her big tits while she did all of the work. Even though it had not been that long since I came the first time, I felt it building again. I was trying to hold back until she came but at the end it was a tie. As I felt her starting to shudder and let her climax come over her I bucked my hips and let go. I added my last load to her already full pussy as I pushed my cock in as deep as I could.

We held each other close as we rolled to our side. I have never been more satisfied in my life and never more in love with my beautiful sexy wife.

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