Weekend with the Family Ch. 01


Contains male on male sex. All characters are over 18.


I’ve been friends with James for many years. More than friends, of course, ever since we found out we were both bisexual – bisexuals who blurred the lines between friends and lovers. We would hang out and we would fuck in equal measure: go to action movies and jerk each other off in the back row; watch football and give each other head at halftime; we’d share girls and then each other. Close friends and family didn’t know what to make of us. Where we buddies or were we a couple? I guess we’d call ourselves friends with benefits, but we generally let people think what they want.

I was sure James’ parents must have thought we were a couple when they invited us to their country house for a weekend. I’d never met them before and knew only what James had told me: that they had grown up in the last gasp of the hippy era and never really moved on. I inferred from this that they were only too keen to prove their liberal credentials by inviting their son and his “boyfriend” to stay. I couldn’t help thinking it was a little weird, but I agreed to go. A weekend in the country and some home-cooked meals sounded like fun.

James and I took a train from the city early on a Friday afternoon. The journey took over three hours, including a transfer to a local regional service that stopped at every backwater Podunk on the line. James’ parents’ stop could have been any one of them. A footbridge crossed the tracks to a small, old wooden building that was little more than a waiting area, ticket office, and a couple of restrooms. James’ mother and father were there to greet us, smiling warmly.

“Justin, this is my mom and dad, Guy and Sue.”

I could see where James got his good looks from. They must have been close to fifty, but they both looked ten years younger. Guy had salt and pepper hair and a tanned, lined face, but had a lean jawline and a youthful exuberance in his eyes that belied his age. He was significantly beefier than his son, who I often teased for being a “twink”. Guy wore a red and black plaid shirt that sat on broad shoulders. It was open at his muscular chest, exposing a fine patch of hair that matched the color on his head. Blue jeans sat on his narrow waist. I thought he looked like Harry Hamlin.

James got his small frame from his mother. Sue was a little over five foot and she too was toned and tanned. She wore yoga pants and running shoes, and a loose sweatshirt that was unable to hide the swell of an impressive bust that was at odds with her petite body. She had a blond bob, with subtle highlights, and smiling green eyes.

James kissed his mother and embraced his father in a hearty bear hug. I moved in to offer Sue a friendly hug, which she accepted enthusiastically, kissing me wetly on the cheek. I extended a hand to Guy, who responded with “Screw that!” gripping me in the same bear hug as his son.

“Frances at home?” asked James.

“Yep, holding down the fort,” replied Guy, taking Kıbrıs Escort a suitcase in each hand, and heading for the exit.

Pleasantries were exchanged as we walked across the gravel lot to Guy’s jeep. Sue snaked an arm around both James’ waist and mine and we walked in step. She planted another kiss on James’ cheek. “I’ve missed my boy!”

“Aw, mom!” laughed James.

We loaded up the jeep and began the drive to the house. James caught up on family business: Grandma was moving in with Uncle Steven; Frances – James’ sister – had gotten early admission to her first choice of school. The drive took a little over half an hour through country back roads and the sun began to set as we approached the house.

The house was more of a compound, sitting on several acres surrounded by trees. The main house had a log cabin façade, as did the smaller surrounding buildings: a three-car garage, and another building adjacent to a pool. As Guy parked the jeep in front of the house, the front door opened, and a young girl emerged. James stepped out of the vehicle, and the girl ran into his arms.



Frances was pretty young thing. Petite, like her mother, but closer in height to James. She had shoulder length light brown hair, a broad smile, and James’s green-brown eyes. She wore a cream-colored top, a denim skirt, and pink flip-flops on her feet.

As the siblings caught up, I helped Guy unload the jeep and bring our luggage into the house. I followed Guy upstairs. “We’ve got you both in James’ old room, if that’s okay.” Very progressive, I thought.

James and Sue prepared a late dinner and the five of us shared a couple of bottles of wine. After the long train journey, we decided to retire early, and James and I found ourselves alone in his old bedroom. It seemed to be frozen in time from the time he left; his college textbooks still on the shelves, posters of local bands from the early 2000s still on the walls.

We got into bed naked. Although we were both too tired to play, I pressed my semi-hard penis against his firm ass. “Does it feel weird doing this under your parents’ roof?” I teased. He playfully elbowed me in the ribs. I smiled, rolled over, and drifted off to sleep.

I woke several hours later to the sound of voices.

“… yes … yes … like that …”

“… uh … uh … like it? … don’t you? …”

“James!” I whispered. “You hear that?”

James groaned groggily. “Oh, shit. That’s mom and dad. Sorry. They can be loud.”

“Yes! … yes, Guy! … fuck me!”

“Uh … fuck, Sue … your cunt feels so fucking good!”


I felt myself getting harder listening to James’ parents’ dirty talk down the hall. I pressed my erection between James’ smooth buttocks and reached over his hip for his cock. “Doesn’t that turn you on?” I whispered.

“Gimme a break,” James groaned. All the same, I could feel him getting Magosa Escort harder in my hand as I massaged him.

The bedroom door opened a crack and a figure in a translucent nightgown stepped in. “Jesus!” I gasped, pulling the covers to my neck.

“Hey, boys.” It was Frances. “You hear that?”

“Fuck, Frannie, of course we hear that! What are you doing?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” she replied. Frances pulled the gown off her shoulders and the naked girl hopped precociously into bed on James’ other side.

“Jesus, sis. It’s one in the morning!”

“So?” she replied. “Move over. Just like old times!”

Frances pushed her tiny butt towards her brother, forcing him to spoon her. She felt my hand still on James’ semi-hard member.

“Justin!” she exclaimed in mock shock. “Are you playing with my brother’s cock? While listening to my parents fuck?” It was a rare moment where I had nothing to say.


Frances turned over beneath the covers. “Hey, can I watch you guys?” she asked. “I’ve never seen my brother with another boy before.”

I was in a weird state that was half shock, half arousal. As usual, arousal won out. “Whaddaya think?” I whispered to James.

“Oh, what the fuck,” he replied.

“Yay!” squealed Frances, skipping out of the bed and pulling the covers down, exposing the two naked men. She sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed, forearms on her knees. “As you were, then!”

“UH! … FUCK! … GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES, BABY!” Guy from down the hall.

I tentatively resumed stroking James’ cock while his sister looked on. I was on my side, James was on his back with his eyes closed. My own erection pressed against his hip. My movements started slow, massaging him back to hardness. I licked my palm to allow it to glide more smoothly over both his shaft and balls. Once he was fully erect, I got to my knees to free up my other hand. With one hand, I continued to stroke his shaft, the other caressed his sac and perineum. James parted his legs slightly so that my fingers could tease and probe his hole.

I looked across at Frances, who seemed mesmerized by my hand on her brother. One of her hands absently stroked a thigh, the other made gentle circles between her legs. Gripping the base of his shaft and holding it upright, I lowered my head to his cock and took the tip into my mouth.

“Wow!” Frances gasped, and crept forward on her knees between her brother’s ankles. I lowered my head further, my lips inching down his shaft. As his cock filled my throat, I felt myself struggling for breath, blood rushing to my head. I released him with a sharp exhale, coughed, and spat on his cock.

“YES! … YES! … FUCK ME FROM BEHIND!” Sue hollered.

My lips engulfed him once more, and then began to work his shaft in tandem with my hand. “God, you’re such a good fucking cocksucker, Justin,” he whispered.

Frances leaned forward, her head now inches Girne Escort away from her brother’s cock. I released James from my mouth again with a popping sound. Forgetting who she was for a moment, I angled his cock towards Frances, offering it to her. She took it, too eagerly, her lips wrapping around her brother’s cock. “Mmm … you always taste so good, James,” she moaned.

She placed her hands on James’ thighs, and one glided forward to his balls, brushing my own fingers which had remained wrapped around the base of his shaft. “Ohhh, sis,” James moaned.

“OH! … OH! … I’M SO CLOSE, BABY!” Sue, again, from down the hall.

I released James and lay next to him, watching this deliciously incestuous spectacle as I absently stroked myself. Frances sucked her brother’s cock ever so gently, tentatively, her lips barely moving on him, as if she were afraid that any real pressure might hurt him. James loved it all the same, his eyes closed as he quietly moaned, turned on by the taboo, if not the technique.

Frances released her brother’s hard penis, which slapped against his tight stomach, before she shifted towards me, now taking my cock in her delicate fingers. On her elbows and knees, she lowered her head, and her lips now closed around my glans. Like James, I closed my eyes, taking pleasure in the sensation of his sister’s mouth moving gently up and down my shaft.

“OOOOAAAAHHHH!” An almost guttural scream reverberated down the hall as Sue orgasmed. I smiled. Good for her.

I felt Frances mouth jerk forward on my cock with a muffled, “Mmph!” And again. I opened my eyes and saw that James had moved in behind Frances, bucking his hips.

“Jesus, James!” I gasped. “Are you fucking your sister?”


James was focused on a point between his hands, which were gripping each of his sister’s hips. “This is the first time we’ve done this,” he whispered almost inaudibly. “I mean, we’ve played and sucked, but never this …”

“Mmph … mmph … mmph …” Frances’ mouth slid down my cock with each of her brother’s thrusts. The siblings’ movements became more rapid, and Frances emitted a muffled moan as she came, her lips never leaving my shaft. “Mmmm-hm-hm-hmmmph!”

“Whip it out and cum on my titties!” Sue again.

“Oh … fuck … God, Frances … I’m coming, too!” James whimpered. His hips ceased their movement and, with a protracted sigh, he came inside his sister.


“Yeah, Guy, all over my big tits!”

Frances released my cock from her mouth and I replaced it with my hand. After several rapid strokes, my orgasm snuck up on me, and with a soft groan I ejaculated a sticky mess over my stomach and chest.

“Fuck, boys, that was hot!” Frances scampered towards the door, collecting her robe on the way. “Sweet dreams!” She blew a pair of kisses as she closed the door behind her.

James collapsed, resuming his place next to me and it wasn’t long before his deep breathing indicated that he had fallen back to sleep. There was silence from the hallway. Did I really just have a threesome with James and his sister while their parents fucked? The only evidence was the stickiness drying on my stomach, and even that wasn’t proof that what happened happened.

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