WeFinally Meet

Autumn Falls

I see him walk in and can’t help but smile. He is more handsome in person than I ever thought when we talked on Skype. As he walks over to the bar, my heart skips a beat. I know it sounds corny but I swear it did. He turns around and our eyes meet. It is like there is no one left in the world as he walks over to me and pulls me in his arms for the first time. I put my arms around him tightly and feel the tears in my eyes. He pulls back and kisses me. His lips feel exactly the way I dreamed they would. Its what I have wanted to feel for so long. I hear a slight groan from him, so I am guessing he feels the same way. I pull ankara escort away and ask if he would like a drink. He smiles and says no thank you. He takes me by the hand and just smiles. I ask him if this is really happening. He leans into me and whispers, “Yes and I want to show you how real it is.” With that, I stand up and pull him with me. I had already checked into a room and handed Nick the key. He smiled and led me to the elevator. As soon as the doors closed he pulls me in for a long deep kiss. His tongue going deep into my mouth, his arms pulling me closer. I feel myself starting to get wet just ankara escort bayan from his kiss. The door opens and we almost run over a couple waiting on the elevator trying to get off and to our room quickly. We apologize and make our way down the hall. Nick opens our door and pulls me in. I am in his arms again and we start kissing hard and deep. Nick pushes us to the bed. I hear his zipper open and feel him push my panties aside. Then he is in me. “Oh Nick,” is all I can say. His lips cover mine again and he starts fucking me deep and hard. I help him pull his pants down so he can go deeper. “Nick escort ankara I love the way you feel in me, its better than I ever dreamed!” I am close to cumming already when Nick pushes himself all the way in. That pushes me over and I start cumming hard. Nick must have been as close, because I feel him tighten and his cum starts shooting deep in my pussy, filling me up with ropes of cum. “God you feel so good!” he whispers as he lies down on me, resting. We start kissing again, deeply. I feel his cock slide out of me and rest on my leg. “Nice way to say hello baby,” he says with a big grin. I smile and tell him I totally agree. I can’t believe we are actually here together, alone. “I have dreamed of meeting you so many times Nick, I can’t believe it has actually happen.” He kisses my forehead and says, “I know.” I pull him into my arms, just wanting to feel him close to me.

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