Welcome Home


Coming through the door you are weary, your footsteps drag and starting as dull thuds approaching I hear them lighten into staccato taps as your destination comes into sight. I hear you easily from where I sit waiting inside the doorway. I have been counting the moments until you returned to me again, the days all too slowly becoming hours then the hours to minutes.

Worn from travelling so long and far, work dragging you away from me again as they are won’t to do; you have finally come home to me.

I once toyed with the idea of waiting inside for you to seek me out when you arrived but just waiting those long agonising moments as you sorted your keys, placed the key in the lock and then finally, over what seemed excruciating millennia, turned the handle and came inside – those moments were ones where I could already be in your arms.

Now I pace behind the doorway until I can hear you just outside, I don’t even try and hide my excitement at having you at last in my arms as I fling open the door and throw myself at you.

Your eyes, tired though they are, light up at the sight of me in my jeans and t-shirt. Large breasts barely constrained within my bra are straining against the material and your arms wrap tightly around me gathering me to you, the adoration mutual. Your hand goes to my breast, thumb stroking across my nipple – it grows harder with the caress and I sigh, the place I keep just for you beginning to ache with a dull throb. My hands seek out the familiar planes of your body, every shape and contour known to my fingertips as you bow your head to me and at last we kiss.

Silken lips dance across each other, lovingly at first then more and more teasing as we revel in the ability to once again touch, feel and taste. Your tongue is firm across my lips, prying them open insistently and it is not long before I yield, opening myself up to you and pressing my body tightly against yours. Your thigh slips between mine and the pressure between my legs, firmly rubbing my kitten as we kiss, is enough to make me force you away for I know if I give in we shall never make it too what I have planned.

The smell of you is enough to drive me mad with desire and taking your bag I attempt to usher you inside, you deliberately drag your feet a smile on your face as I tug on your arm trying to pull you into the house. Our house.

Dumping your bag without ceremony in the hallway I slip behind you and pull your jacket down over your shoulders, it too receives brutal treatment as I throw it towards your case. You laugh and chide me, my head bowing in admonishment but we both know it’s just a game, moments later we are laughing.

Skipping lightly through the house I beat you to the bathroom and turn on the taps, topping up the bath I have run a little earlier with steaming hot water the smell of cloves and blood orange wafting through the air. Waiting spoils the fun and as you enter the bathroom I begin to unbutton your shirt, ignoring your hands as they explore my body, your lips on my neck and shoulders. My nimble fingers slip to your belt and it is easily undone, next I kneel before you and unlace your shoes, helping you step out of them before peeling your pants downwards until you stand before me in your briefs.

Bearing almanbahis a grin you reach out for me, seeking to waylay my plans and again I evade you, slipping behind you as my thumbs hook into your waist band and I divest you of your underwear. An old friend awaits me when I return to face you, your cock thick and strong saluting me as I smile cat-like at the greeting.

Stepping into the bath you reach out and squeeze my ass. It is fleshy and full, in the way that only a woman’s can be without appearing saggy, and the feel of your warm hand upon my flesh excites me and sets my skin tingling. As you lower yourself into the steamy water I perch on the edge of the bath, take up the sponge and soaping it up begin to rub you down, my hands working in circular motions across your shoulders. Neither of us says a word as I work my magic on your tired flesh, across your back and arms until I slip around to face you.

“Hi there.”

A greeting that means more than it says, your hand reaches out and strokes along my cheek the water from your arm dripping across my shirt. I gasp a little at the heat of the water through the material, my already pert nipples harden so much that they begin to throb and I raise my fingers to them, rubbing gently to ease the ache my eyes tied to yours. Your lopsided grin brings me back to myself and I lower my hands, reaching again for the soap as I lather up your chest and rinse you down.

The corner of my eye catches movement and I look down into the bathwater, your hand is clasped firmly around your shaft and you are stroking yourself off. I watch a while longer, the sight stirring me so that I have to physically shake myself and move away.

I wash your hair for you, massaging your scalp and taking my time, loving the fact that I am looking after you. Taking care of my man the way only his woman can. Rinsing you off I splash more water across me and the t-shirt clings still more to my full breasts, jeans splattered with water as I bring you your towel. Rising from the water you tuck a stray strand of my long black hair back into place, the business like pony tail a little messed up from my tasks. The towel I hold out to you is warm, heated until its perfect and I watch avidly as you wrap it around your waist.

I have always been fascinated by the cuts in a man’s hips, that perfect place at the bottom of his abdomen and I reach out my fingers now and trace them along this line barely holding back the desire to flick out my tongue and swipe it across your flesh. Seeing something in my eyes you grin wickedly and let the towel fall to the floor, my eyes straying once again to our cock of their own volition.

Crooking your finger to me you summon me forward and I take a step closer unable to resist you. With a deliberate smile you point at the bath tub, still full of water and incline your head just so.

“Get in. Leave your clothes on.”

This is not part of the plan but I do as you request. All I want is too please you and I hurry to do as you bid, stepping into the water in my jeans and shirt, not caring about anything other than satisfying your request. I begin to kneel and gasp, pausing as the hot water seeps through my jeans soaking my panties and heating up my labia. You chuckle almanbahis adres a little at this and with a deft hand you reach over and pull out my pony tail, my hair falling down over my shoulders, then push down on the top of my head.

I slip further into the water until I am sitting submerged, the deep water lapping around the bottom of my breasts in a pleasurable teasing way. My shirt is totally sodden and growing heavy, I raise pleading eyes to you and you nod. Slowly I lift the shirt up over my head, exposing my purple bra that contrasts so starkly with my porcelain flesh, the half cups lifting my breasts up so that they are orbs. Next I slip my hands into the water and remove my jeans, the matching panties are cut high at the back and as I kneel slightly to get the pants off you catch sight of them. My ass cheeks hanging low out of the bottom, enticing you with the rounded cleft at the bottom of the buttocks. Unable to help yourself you reach out and caress it lightly, I move forward onto all fours in the water giving you access to my body – anything that you want of me is yours, my eyes tell you this with a glance.

The tips of my breasts are dangling into the water, my ass only half submerged exposed for your pleasure and my face turned to yours bearing a look of devotion that cannot be denied. Yours.

Your fingers travel from my cheeks to the crevice of my ass, running along the outside of the underwear you let your fingers glide down over the tight pink rosebud of my anus, my legs parting automatically to give you access, eliciting a gasp from my flustered self and down to graze lightly across my labia. The pressure of your fingers on the lace causes a little moan to escape my mouth and I bite my lip, your fingers are warm from the water and you very deliberately splash water into my pussy. The gentle thudding of the waves into my femininity creates a dull ache of longing for release and I whimper a little. With a very deliberate flick you tap my clit and give my mons a squeeze that makes me want to beg you for more.

You remove your hand from under me and from where you kneel beside the bath run it in a very firm stroke along my buttocks, back and up to my head. Your fingers entwine in my hair and you lift my face to yours, I respond to your kiss hungrily, eagerly and I resemble nothing so much as an animal in heat. On all fours, lips pouting and eyes lusty it is very easy to forget that I am anything other than sex.

You are taller than me and when you kneel beside the bath, you can lift your cock so that it sits right where my eager mouth is. I take you in, my lips caressing the tip of you, tongue running around to the glands where I use the tip of my tongue to lick you eagerly. I love the taste of you, male and earth and salty. Still on all fours I let my jaw slacken and lean forward to swallow you into my mouth. I gag a little but after a moment my lips are brushing against your pubic hair. I love a man that is unafraid to be male and doesn’t wax, prune and bleach things that should be earthy and tasty. Your hand guides me back and forth, choosing the rhythm and I look up at you with big blue eyes, devoted and attentive.

I lick the length of your shaft while it is still in my mouth, urging you almanbahis giriş to spill into my mouth, sucking you hungrily needy for your seed to fill my belly.

You are stronger than I and you pull out of my mouth, I reach after you and you simply place a finger underneath my jaw and lift it shut. Shaking your head you smile at me again and rise to your feet. I yelp as I am lifted too, your other hand still entwined in my hair and I make it too my feet scrabbling out of the bath tub as you tug me across the room. I slip a little and am pulled up short by your hand catching my arm. Ever my champion, never letting me fall.

I am snapped from my bliss as you move towards the vanity pushing me in front of you. Bending me over so that I can see our reflection above the sink you push your fingers into me without warning, tearing my hot wet hole open as I groan in ecstasy. The sight of my own lust filled face nearly enough to shame me before I am swept away but the sensation of your finger fucking and the view of your face as you watch me in the mirror. I lift myself up on my toes, my hips rising and pushing backwards to meet your hand, begging for more, harder, more, faster, please.

A hand reaches around and caresses my nipples, pulling and pinching in ways that feel oh so good. I am breathing in sharp shudders, unable to keep my legs from shaking as I surrender completely to you. Just as I am cresting the wave, the explosive pressure within my aching pussy reaching explosion point, all activity ceases and I fall into the vanity breathing heavily and very nearly wrecked.

Gentle hands pull me to my feet and turn me, arms wrap around me and you kiss my forehead lovingly, tenderly as you place me up to sit upon the vanity. Then, with eyes filled with adoration and wonder, you part my legs and slip inside me. Your hot pulsing cock fill me up, pleasing me in ways that no other ever could, gliding in and out of me in perfect symmetry with my body. Hips arching into yours as you start slow and tender, our lips finding each other’s and our hands travelling across bodies. You caress my hard pink nipples as I reach between us and stroke your balls with my fingertips, our combined juices leaving them sticky.

Your cock becomes a piston and I move myself closer to the edge of the vanity so you have better access. Faster and faster you hammer your dick into my pussy and the sensation has me clawing at you, desperately trying to pull you closer, to consume your cock with my cunt. You hit the back of me, my cervix thudding against the tip of your penis; I cry out over and over again as your ram your thick rod home. Pleasure overtakes me in waves, starting as a white hot heat and radiating through my whole body, my pussy convulses tightly around your cock and in response you cry out in time with me.

Thick hot ropes fill my womb, your cock tightly inside my pulsating cunt as our bodies lay spent together and I can’t help but kiss you anywhere I can reach. Lifting me up, my legs snaking around your waist as your cock stays inside of me (Is it still hard? How can that be?) You kiss me tenderly, my arms winding their way around your neck as you head towards the bedroom.

Reaching the bed you lay me down, your body wraps around mine and I can feel you are hard again, I rouse expecting another round. You still me with a hand.

“Nap time, now.”

“Welcome home, Traveller.” I murmur, spent, and you chuckle happily kissing the back of my head.

“The best part of going away is coming home.”

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