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Summer is the slowest time of the year. Even when I’m teaching, time passes at a snails pace.

The first summer session had just ended and I was working hard trying to get my grades done. It was Monday and I had two days to get them in before the registrars office started harassing me. At the same time, I had a couple of manuscripts out, one of which had been kicked back for revisions. Those had to be done by Friday. I’d toyed at the revisions, but had put them aside so I could plow through grading.

Typically, the building was quiet after 1:30. That’s when I could plan on working without distraction. Well, that and when I’d come in really early. I can be scattered when distractions are present, so I like to come in and work when there are the fewest number of distractions.

It was almost 3 PM and I’d been in a zone. I had gotten through just over half of the final projects when my work was interrupted by a loud bang and crash from somewhere down the hall. I tried to re-focus and get back into grading, but the crash turned into laughter then music. Some kind of alternative punk rock crap. I took that as a sign I needed a break, assuming it was the student group down the hall who’d been given an office doing their bi-weekly rearranging.

I stepped around the corner to the department office and walked into the kitchen to grab a coke and root around the freezer for one of my frozen lunches.

“You’re still here?” Sharron, the department secretary asked in a sarcastic tone.

“I need to get things done,” I responded as I grabbed a Lean Cuisine and popped it into the microwave. “But the kids down the hall are being noisy as hell, so I think I’m going to have to call it quits.” The microwave beeped, I grabbed my late lunch, and walked out of the office.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was around,” said the woman standing in the entryway of the department office, next to Sharron’s desk. “Was I being too loud?” she asked apologetically.

“Don’t mind Kyle,” Sharron said, “he gets cranky when grades are about due, especially if he hasn’t had enough coffee. Kyle, this is Natalia. She’s a the new visiting professor.”

“Hi,” she said, extending her hand. I set my lunch down, took a step towards her, and gently shook her hand. My blood sugar must have been low, but as I focused my attention on her, I don’t know how I didn’t instantly notice how gorgeous she was. Not in a traditional model-tv-magazine way, but in a geek-cool kind of way. “Natalia Avinbruch, nice to meet you.”

“Kyle. Kyle Goodman. Nice to meet you as well, Natalia.”

Natalia was about 5’9″, must have weighed no more than 125, and was wearing a pair of well-worn and well-fitting Levis and a loose fitting red short sleeve shirt. Her hair was pulled back and covered by a pink and green scarf with strands of jet black hair escaping and falling intermittently across her forehead. Her skin was amazing. She was fair, but very olive-toned. A cross between a light skinned Arab and someone who is maybe Italian or maybe from southern Span. She didn’t look any older than 23 or 24, and I not just been introduced to her as another faculty, I’d have assumed she was an undergrad or maybe a first year masters student.

We made small talk about the class I was wrapping up, her fall classes, and town and I excused myself to finish grading. “I’ll try to keep the music down and not drop anything else,” Natalia said playfully.

I finished grading and slid into writing. Next thing I knew, my phone beeped. I had a text message from my mom reminding me to double-check my flight info for a family trip next month. I looked up and saw that it was almost 7PM. “Shit,” I muttered to myself, “I need to get something to eat.” I got up, grabbed my laptop, notebook, a few folders, shoved them in my bag, and headed for the door.

As I absent-mindedly walked out of my office, I ran right into Natalia. “Shit, I’m sorry…” I spit out. “What are you still doing here? All set up?”

“Yeah,” she said, almost a little too excited about it, “wanna see?”

“Sure,” I said, following her to her office, one office down from mine. She stepped in and pushed the door all the way open. My eyes lingered a little to long on her ass, but when I broke contact and looked around the little office, all I could say was wow. “You are a cross between the most organized person I now know and an interior decorator.” Everything was organized, many things were labeled, and in all the spaces not occupied by books or notebooks, she had amazing photographs of places, people, and lots of flowers.

She laughed a rich, but very cute, laugh and looked down. “I like to be set up before school starts. And I wanted to feel… at home,” she said, smiling at her shoes.

Natalia had the cutest dimples. I now noticed that she had very beautiful freckles. They seemed to spawn from her nose across her cheeks, up her forehead, and down her neck. Aside from the ones on her nose, however, they were very faint. “You have a cute laugh… sorry… I don’t mean to seem inappropriate…” gaziantep escort I said, almost forgetting that she was a colleague and not someone I’d met at a bar or conference or something. “So, yeah, what are you still doing here?”

“Don’t worry about being inappropriate. Sharron already warned me about you,” she said mockingly. “And thanks. I meant to leave at 6:45, but missed the bus. So I figured I’d stay until 7:45, probably miss that bus, and end up walking.”

“Well, where are you staying? I just live a few miles away, but anywhere around here is close,” I said, offering her a ride.

“I’m at the Travel Lodge. I haven’t found a place yet and the rest of my stuff won’t be here for another two weeks. Dr. Milton was nice enough to arrange accommodations, so I’ve been there since last Wednesday.”

“Wow… he must like you. He normally puts new faculty up at the Rosebrook if they need somewhere to stay,” I said, giving her a thorough once-over, then sarcastically adding, “yeah… he digs you.”

“Sharron was right,” Natalia said, grabbing a backpack and shoving a iPad in it. “Let’s get out of here,”

I stepped out into the hallway and waited for her, then followed her down the hall. She told me about moving here from Michigan, how she loved summer out here and was excited about having a relatively mild winter. As we walked to my truck, we talked about family, distance from family, our research, who we knew, who we ended up knowing in common, and food. Which reminded me, I was hungry. “Look, it’s not much, but we have a little Italian place here in town. Want to grab a bite?” She agreed, saying it was one of the three places she hadn’t eaten at yet, and we agreed to Benji’s.

“I need to stop by my hotel first. I can’t go out like this…” Natalia said.

“Girl, this town has three stop lights… you can go out however you like,” I said back, half serious, half joking.

“I’ll only be a minute,” she said, “really. I want to take a quick shower and change. I’m not that high maintenance, but I’ve been moving, sweating, hanging, and dropping things in these clothes all day.”

“Sure,” I said, “but if you are going to shower, I’m stopping by the Quickmart on the way to get some beer. You have a fridge in your room?”

She laughed at me, “I do, but I’ll only be a minute, I promise.”

I grabbed a half-rack of Black Butte and were at her place. “Drink beer?” I asked as she was getting ready to jump in the bathroom for her shower.

“Sometimes,” she responded.

“Try this,” I said, offering her a drink of my Black Butte. She took a long drink, smiled, and thanked me, walking into the bathroom with the beer I’d only taken a sip of. I liked her already.

When she came out of the shower ten minutes later, she was barely holding a white hotel towel around her body. “Sorry, forgot to grab clothes before I hopped in,” she said.

I tried not to stare. The bottom of the towel barely covered her ass. That was what drew my attention. Normally, it’s one of the first things I try to check out, but until she stole my beer, I’d been thinking of her as a colleague. Now I was wondering how this night would end. As she kneeled down to her suitcase, I caught a brief look at the bottom of her ass of her ass and throughout he shadows cast by her legs, a glimpse of her pussy when she bent down. Her ass was amazing. For her size, her ass it was big, but not in a disproportionate way – in that baby got back way. She had nice curves for a skinny girl, generally, but her ass was… wow, and everything else just made me… salivate. I looked away quickly, deciding it wasn’t in my best interest to be openly gazing, and I turned to the ice bucket to grab a beer just before she popped up and dashed back into the bathroom. “Another beer?” I asked. My intentions, though, were shifting from collegial relations to copulation-relations.

“In a sec,” she said, stepping into the bathroom but leaving the door slightly ajar. I craned my neck and saw her reflection in the mirror. She had hand-full breasts with the most amazing little light brown nipples. A large A or small B cup, I’ve never been great at figuring out the difference between the sizes. I watched through the crack as she put on her bra, but turned my head when it seemed like she caught me looking from the corner of her eye.

As she continued dressed, she talked about the odd people she met since moving, getting acclimated to campus, and how much she liked my beer. Chit-chat, I guess you’d call it. Then she apologized for being scattered. “I’m all over the place today… I guess it’s the newness of it all. This is my first big girl job… and you are the first person who’s given me more than an hour of time… well, except Sharron.”

Natalia emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a black and white sleeveless embroidered dress and grabbed another beer, then sat down across from me on her bed. I wanted to shift my attention from her knee, so I asked her about it.

“Oh, it’s a vintage dress I found at a thrift shop when I was on vacation. It’s called a wiggle dress. It’s kinda funky and something I thought I could wear to work, at least while it’s still warm,” she said. To be honest, it was cute, but I was having a hard time imagining anything but how I’d peel it off her. Until her cell phone rang.

She looked at the phone, silenced it, and we talked more about her vacation. A few minutes later, it rang again. She silenced it, we talked. Then three minutes later, the phone in her room rang. She finally answered. The conversation was short and terse, with Natalia ending by telling Joseph she’d call when she found an apartment and was a bit more settled in.

“Joe and I dated, but we’re taking… a break. Well, he’s taking a break. I’m pretty much done with him,” she said, putting down the phone. She then told the story of meeting him when she started her grad program, him being in DC, of all their incompatibilities – from sense of style and career ambitions to bedroom activities. I don’t know if it was the beer or if she generally had low self-monitoring, but I learned how she’d been faithful to this guy for four years and he hand’t gone down on her once, yet expected her to blow him every time they had sex. “That’s something I miss…” she said. Initially, I wasn’t wanting to hear it, but as she talked about sex, I became keenly interested. They were taking a break and sorting things out, but he wasn’t good at the break part. “Enough about that, I’m getting hungry… we are getting dinner, right?” she said, standing up and heading to the door, setting her empty beer bottle on the table between my chair and where she was sitting on her bed.

I finished my beer and stood up. “Sure, but I was thinking we might want to head into town for dinner. It might prevent scandal,” I offered. It was only a 25 minute drive and I had two goals in mind. First, I had an idea of a few places to go that were out of the way and where we were unlikely to run into colleagues or students. Second, the food was way better. She laughed, agreed, and in a few minutes we were in my truck on our way to town.

Conversation stayed light for the drive in. She asked about my dating. I was honest – I wasn’t seeing anyone. I didn’t talk about who I was fucking, but I wasn’t committed. She didn’t ask about sex, just dating. I mentioned I went out on a few casual dates from time to time, that I wasn’t looking for anything too serious, and this didn’t seem to alarm her. As we got closer to town I asked if Thai was ok. Initially, we’d talked about Italian, but I was in a different mood. She agreed and we went to Thai on 6th, a good but small place on the north side of town. It was also very slow, so we could talk, flirt, and see where things went.

We were seated at a small round booth-like table in the corner. There was a great view out the windows towards the foothills. She slid in and I sat next to her with only her purse between us. While they were usually a bit slow (a secret I kept to myself), the hostess said they had a problem in the kitchen earlier and asked us if we’d like some complimentary appetizers. We settled on some chicken satays and veggie springrolls. And we each got a Long Island ice tea. When we finally did get dinner, I ordered a bottle of Gewurztraminer.

“I don’t normally drink white wines,” I offered, “but this sweet wine goes well with the spices in Thai.”

Natalia took a sip of the cold wine and agreed. Then shared that she was really buzzed. We both laughed. As we worked through dinner, then black rice pudding, we decided to go for a walk in the park across the street before heading home. The park was along a river and as we walked, I made a rather wry comment about the changing season. It was just after 8:30 and almost dark. Natalia stepped closer to me, her arm brushing mine, and commented that it was starting to get cold. Taking a bit of a risk, I grabbed her hand gently, agreed it was getting cold, and asked if she wanted to head back. She just nodded, wrapping her fingers between mine.

We got to my truck and I opened the door for her. She turned to me, her hand caressing my cheek, then stood up on her toes to kiss me. Her lips were soft and amazing. I returned her kiss, placing my hands on her hips, and let our tongues dance. She tasted sweet and kissed well. We kissed for several minutes, until she slowly pulled back after some fans honked at us. I helped her into the truck, went to my side, and we were heading back to her hotel.

She sat next to me on the bench seat for the drive back, rather than by the door. I put my arm around her and she nuzzled right in, her hand resting on my leg. I swear she even fell asleep for a few minutes.

We pulled into the parking lot and I gently kissed her forehead. Natalia opened her eyes, smiled, and kissed me. We made out for a few minutes and I suggested walking her in. “This is a small town, Natalia. We do want to be careful,” I suggested.

“Let’s go to your place,” she suggested. “At least there, we might have some privacy. I probably have 12 messages at the desk from Joe.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I backed up and zipped home. “You are right,” I said, hitting the button on the garage door opener, “about privacy. We don’t even have to walk outside here.” I pulled into the garage, shut the door, and we made out a little more, the only light coming from the garage door opener above. Because we had some privacy, I let my hands roam a little more. Up her back, from her knee to her inner thigh, through her hair, until I couldn’t take it anymore. “Let’s go inside,” I told her, breaking a kiss.

She opened her door and I met her in front of the truck, taking her hand in mine again, then opened the door into the mud room, and led her into the living room.

“Do you need anything to drink,” I asked as I turned to her. She shook her head no. “Me either,” I responded, pulling her towards the couch.

I pulled her down on my lap and began kissing her again, my hands roaming all over her body. Initially, she showed some hesitance, preventing me from fondling her breasts over her dress, pushing my hand back as I tried to slide it under her dress, but after about a half hour of intense kissing, something changed. She stopped playing defense and started on the offense. First she pulled at my shirt, tugging at each button roughly, pulling a few buttons off, then pushing it over my shoulders and down my arms. I let her take control for a moment and she almost pounced on me, straddling my lap, kissing my neck and chest. My hands found her hips and slid up her sides to back, where I found the zipper to her wiggle dress and slowly slid it down, then peeled the dress down over her shoulders, exposing them and kissing them while simultaneously holding her arms to her side. I slid her dress slowly down her body, lifting her from my lap to the couch and positioning myself almost over her on the it. “Your shoulders, your skin is so beautiful,” I told her. With each new inch of skin, I kissed my way down her body, licking and biting at her bellybutton, softly kissing her labia over her panties. She started breathing heavily as I licked her panties and pressed my lips against them, but I didn’t stop there, I continued to slide her dress down, kissing her legs, inner thighs, and calves before tossing the dress to the floor.

I was kneeling in front of her and I could feel Natalia looking up at me with her dark brown eyes before I even moved. Reaching down, I gently put my hands on her knees and pushed them apart before kneeling between them. SLowly, I raised and kissed her left ankle. I slowly kissed and gently bit my way up that leg. When I got to her panties, which were a dark silky material, I slid the fingers of my right hand under the left leg band and pulled the patch of silky material covering her vulva to the right and kissed the top of her slit softly before plunging my tongue between her lips and sliding the index and middle finger of my left hand inside her. She moaned loudly as I began to lick, kiss, nibble, suck, and finger her. Natalia was wet well before my fingers touched her and she was immedietly writhing beneath me for what seemed like forever. She was so wet, so delicious, and so sexy.

“You taste so good,” I’d manage, between licking, covering her with my lips, and madly plunging what was now my index and middle finger in and out of her.

After several minutes, I stopped only to slide her panties off and get them out of the way. I then returned to licking, fingering, sucking, biting, and complimenting her on how wonderful she was.

The longer I was on her, the more quiet she got. I was starting to think she was getting bored, really, but I was absolutely enjoying her taste, how she would move every time I shifted how I was fingering her, or when I licked and bit a little differently. Then, when it hit the 38 minute mark (since I’d slid off her panties and gone back down on her), her knees curled up and she started breathing heavily. Encouraged, I fingered faster and started twisting my fingers as I pushed and pulled them in and out. My mouth went straight to her clit; I bit down the flesh around it gently and slid my tongue left and right over it, then in circles. She began to moan, almost crying, her legs beginning to squeeze on my head.

“Oh… Kyle… Yeah… Kyle,” she said, as I went down on her more vigorously. Then she came.

Natalia was a squirter. Not in the porn-star-squirt-six-feet sense, but she became more moist, a sweet moisture, and it leaked from her pussy between her cheeks, around my mouth, and dripped onto my couch. As she lay back against the couch, breathing heavily, totally relaxed, I moved both my hands to behind her knees and softly licked her, licking the remaining moisture from her, and in the span of just a couple minutes of gentle licking, I found myself aggressively licking her again, then fingering her again, and ultimately making her cum again. The first time, it probably took the better part of an hour, this time it only took about ten or fifteen minutes to get her off. And she squirted again, mostly all over my mouth. Unfortunately, little leaked down her legs for me to lick up.

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