What Happens in Maui… Ch. 02


I was nervous as hell the next morning thinking about how awkward it would be seeing Dan. Nick and I dressed, and Nick opened the door to the common area, with me trailing a little behind. Dan was in the kitchen, and I heard his voice before I saw him,

“Nick… I’m glad you’re up. I just don’t know what to say about last night, but I am REALLY embarrassed.”

“Don’t say another word, Dan!, Tracy and I really enjoy sharing fantasies. It’s perfectly normal. Last night you and Tracy ended up sharing a fantasy, and believe me, it was incredibly hot for me too. I’m just glad you enjoyed it as much as we did.”

“So, is Tracy going to be OK about this?”

I walked around the corner into the kitchen at that point.

“Absolutely! There’s really nothing to feel awkward about.”

Wow… THAT was a lie! I walked over to Dan and gave him a friendly hug, and I realized instantly I was in trouble. As soon as I put my arms around him, the feelings I was fighting all day yesterday returned. I didn’t know how I would get through another day of lusting for my husband’s best friend.

I quickly let go of Dan and went to pour some juice, hoping nobody saw the flush on my face.

We made a quick breakfast of fruit and cereal while we made plans for the day.

We spent the morning snorkeling off the local beach. Once again I helped Dan put on sunscreen, but this time I just rubbed a quick application on his back.

The snorkeling was much different from the reef by the big hotels. Here, the water was a little murky and there were fewer of the bright, tropical fish. But as we swam further out, we started to see big, deep-ocean fish. It was actually a little scary, because some of them must have weighed hundreds of pounds.

I found myself hanging back a little, watching the guys swim out ahead. They looked really good in the water. Their suits clung to their bodies, and I found myself watching their muscles flexing and their tight butts as they swam.

Suddenly, the guys were motioning for me to join them. I swam up to where they were treading water, and watched in amazement as two huge sea turtles drifted past. Nick swam toward them and rested a hand on one of the huge shells, letting the turtle draw him along as it swam.

I hardly noticed as Dan swam over and slipped his arm around me as we watched. God he felt good! We only stayed that way for a minute or two, but it was enough keep me distracted the rest of the morning. I couldn’t keep my eyes or my thoughts off him, and I barley managed to keep my hands to myself.

Eventually the three of us returned to shore. We changed into casual clothes and had a quick lunch, before driving over to Lahaina for the afternoon. Lahaina is an old Hawaiian town. There’s a lot of history, but also a lot of touristy stuff, shopping, restaurants and clubs.

We parked the car and wandered down the main street, right on the water, taking in the sites and sounds. Nick and Dan decided they wanted to buy Hawaiian shirts, and had a lot of fun trying them on before finally making their choices.

A little further down the road was a shop with women’s swimwear. They had some suits in the window with prints by a local designer, and the guys urged me to go in and check them out. I ended up selecting a sexy little suit I would wear while working on my tan, and a really beautiful silk cover-up robe.

At that point the guys discovered that the shop had a smaller back room with lingerie. Of course they had to drag me back there, insisting that I try things on (which I refused to do). Instead, they ended up “picking things” for me… egging one another on to find sexier and sexier things, and commenting on how they would look on me.

I started to get annoyed, partly because the thought of Dan picking under things for me really was getting me turned on, so beşiktaş escort finally I made them quit and went to pay for the suit and cover up.

We spend some more time playing tourist before we finally decided to find a restaurant for dinner. We ended up in a place with a deck over the water. There was a young crowd and loud music playing. The food smelled great. We ordered a round of mai tais, and Nick assured us that he’d stop after one so he could be designated driver when we headed home. We had a wonderful meal, and then Dan and I had another drink. By that time people were starting to dance, and Nick asked me to dance with him. We don’t dance very much, but I was having fun so I agreed and we danced for a while. Then Nick suggested I dance with Dan, which I did for a while. Nick ordered another round of drinks (sticking with ice tea himself), and we took a short break. Then all three of us got up and danced together for a while. I was feeling great, and couldn’t resist showing off, flirting with the Nick and Dan, as well as bartenders, other guys, and at one point even a couple of girls.

We spent a couple of hours there before Nick suggested we head back to the bungalow. It was another beautiful night, and we laughed and talked, kind of hanging on one another as we walked back to the car. I was feeling pretty horny, but also just remarkably happy hanging out with Nick and Dan.

We turned on the radio in the car and found a station playing old “Luau” music. We sang along all the way back, making up the words we didn’t know, and were laughing like idiots when we finally piled through the doors of the bungalow.

Nick immediately pulled off his shirt, and put on his new Hawaiian shirt. Then Dan did the same, which of course led to the guys insisting I model my purchases. I went into the bedroom to put on the suit. I was actually smaller than I had thought. The top barely covered my nipples, and the bottom made me glad I had shaved all but a small landing strip.

When I rejoined the guys they whistled and hooted in appreciation. Dan had made us more drinks – this time including Nick – and they had opened the window looking ut toward the beach. We turned off the lights and collapsed together on the futon couch, watching the waves and enjoying the tropical breeze.

I was sitting between Dan and Nick, my legs brushing against theirs. Dan rested his hand on my leg as Nick put his arm around me.

Both the guys kept sneaking peaks at me. I realized that my nipples were stiff, and I was getting really turned on by Dan’s hand on my skin. I squirmed a little, trying to relieve the growing tingling in my pussy, and Dan lightly stroked my leg with his hand.

Nick pulled me closed and kissed me, his tongue sliding into my mouth, as Dan continued to run his hand gently up and down my leg. I was just enjoying the growing sense of arousal, not thinking about what was happening, until Nick pull aside one side of my top and began to tease my nipple.

I pulled back with a surprised gasp.

I felt Dan move his hand away and stand unsteadily. “Looks like you guys could use some privacy,” he said.

I saw that there was a thick bulge in his shorts and realized that the reason he had trouble standing up was due to more than the drinks.

Nick was still caressing my tit as he said to Dan, “You know, last night was so hot, and we’re having such a good time tonight… I was wondering if you’d stick around for a while Dan. You know, maybe just watch? I think Tracy would really like that.”

And then he leaned down and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking it wetly. His other hand brushed over the swollen mound that was barely covered by my tiny swimsuit.

I moaned as he touched me, my eyes still locked on the outline of Dan’s cock.

“You want Dan to watch us, don’t beşyol escort you Tracy?” Nick asked, as his fingers slipped under the bikini.

“Oh god yes!” I hissed.

I watched as Dan settled cautiously slowly down onto the futon. I could see the growing bulge of his cock in his shorts. His eyes were on my exposed tit, which Nick was still kissing and sucking. I felt Nick’s hand cupping my pussy, his fingers sliding between my lips.

Dan’s hand slipped inside his pants… I watched as he slowly stroked himself. Nick’s fingers had found my opening and were sliding in and out, his palm pressed against my clit. I was already so wet his hand made sloppy sounds as he rubbed me faster, his fingers fucking my pussy.

My mouth was open and I was gasping for breath, still looking at Dan as my husband brought me closer and closer to orgasm. Dan’s gaze met mine for a moment. I barely recognized my own voice, low and thick with arousal, as I said to him, “take it out!”

Dan stood for a moment and dropped his shorts to the ground, stepping out of them before rejoining me on the futon. His cock was red and swollen, pre-cum making a glistening trial down his shaft. He wrapped his hand around his rigid dick and started to slowly stroke it.

This was too much for me… I came so hard Nick could barely keep his fingers in me as I thrashed and jerked.

Without a pause, Nick stood and pulled off my tiny bikini bottoms, then knelt between my legs. I felt his mouth on me, his face pressed into my wetness as his tongue lashed my clit. Usually when I cum I get very sensitive and need to take a break, but I was so turned on that I was already rushing toward another orgasm.

Dan leaned over to me and pulled of my top. His hand closed on my tit, squeezing it, as he kissed me. His tongue slid into my mouth and I eagerly welcomed it, my own tongue dancing against his. My hand slid down his body and replaced his own hand on his cock. It felt enormous as I stroked him, my hand slipping up and down his thick, strong shaft.

I moaned into Dan’s mouth as I started to cum again, my legs clenching around Nick’s head as I ground my pussy into his face, drenching him with my juices.

He waited a few moments for my convulsions to settle down, and then he stood for a moment. He pulled off his shorts, revealing an erection that looked so swollen it must have been painful. He reached down beside the futon couch, fumbling for the lever, and suddenly the back fell, converting the couch into a bed. Dan was practically on top of me now, his hands groping my tits and pinching my nipples as we kissed.

Nick moved back between my legs and pressed his swollen cock head into my pussy. I felt every inch of him as he slowly pushed into me, filling me perfectly. Nick has a nice, good sized cock, but it seemed to have swelled to twice its usual size as he started to slowly fuck me.

Dan broke our kiss for a moment us we both gasped for breath. I heard my husband say, “I think Tracy needs another cock, buddy.”

Dan looked down at me, and saw the look on my face. He shifted positions, kneeling next to my head, his beautiful erection angled in front of my face.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I took him in my mouth. I slid my lips up and down his hard shaft, taking him as deep as I could with each stroke. I knew Nick was watching me, and he started matching my pace, fucking me, pushing deep inside me each time Dan’s cock slid into my mouth.

I felt Nick’s hand slide down between us. He rubbed my clit, spreading my juices over it, making me whimper. I’ve never been so turned on!

I started sucking Dan’s cock faster and faster, bobbing my head up and down, getting his cock all wet and sloppy with my spit. Nick took the cue and picked up his pace. His cock was driving into me again and beykent escort again, and his fingers were doing magic on my clit.

There was no warning when I started to cum. It was like an explosion… like some overloaded circuit that suddenly caught fire. My body was almost convulsing, and I thought I was going to pass out. I felt hands on me, squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples, and cock deep in my mouth, another in my pussy…

I felt my pussy clenching down on Nick’s cock, and then I felt him cumming, pouring his jiz into me. He kept fucking me, and my orgasm went on and on.

I was in a daze, still not able to think, when Nick crawled up the futon and laid down beside me. I turned my head toward him, letting Dan’s cock slip from my mouth, and he kissed me deeply. I felt his strong arm slide around me, holding me, making me feel loved, and at the same time incredibly aroused.

And then I realized I was still feeling Dan’s hands on me as well… stroking me and caressing me, moving down my body. He was stroking the inside of my thighs, and spreading my legs apart. And then he was in me. With one smooth motion he slid his cock all the way into me. He started to fuck me. My husband’s best friend, the man I’d been lusting over for the past few days, was fucking me while my husband held me and kissed me.

I thought that my orgasm had taken all the energy out of me, but suddenly I was on fire again. I started thrusting my hips, matching Dan’s strokes. I pulled away from Nick’s kiss, gasping for breath.

Nick kissed his was down my neck, down to my tits, and took my nipple in his mouth. He knows when I am really turn on I like him to be rough with my tits, and he started squeezing them hard, biting my nipples.

After the long, wet blowjob I’d given Dan, I knew he must be close to cumming himself. He did not hold back. He was pounding into my pussy, deep and hard, fucking me like an animal, and I was doing everything I could to match him. I was moaning loudly, incoherently. Dan’s cock seemed a little bigger than Nick’s, and he was hitting me in places I had never felt before.

I was completely overwhelmed. I was looking straight at Dan, and I was screaming, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in me!”

And then I was cumming again. And Dan was cumming. My legs were wrapped around him, holding his in me, and my orgasm went on and on.

I may have literally passed out. The combination of the drinks, and the prolonged fucking, finally caught up with me.

The next thing I knew, the guys were helping me to my feet. Dan kissed me, deeply, and it felt so natural to feel his arms around me. And then Nick took my hand, and led me to the bathroom, and helped me into the shower.

I began to think more clearly as the water sprayed over me. I began to realize what I had done.

“Oh god Nick, I am sorry!”

“Shhh… it’s OK. I wanted this to happen. It’s good baby.”

“You wanted this?”

“Yeah. There’s something I never told you. Back in college, I had just broken up with Sheila… the girl I told you about. And I was visiting Dan and his girlfriend. And we had a lot to drink, and things got crazy. And… well, we ended up fucking. I mean, Dan and I both had sex with her. For the whole weekend.”

Suddenly I felt a cold, sick feeling in my stomach. “So, this is some kind of payback? You fucked Dan’s girlfriend, and so you share your wife?”

Nick looked crushed. “No, no! No baby, nothing like that. It’s just that… it was incredible for her. She loved it. She was so turned on, having two guys, she just glowed. And it was so beautiful watching her having one orgasm after another. I wanted that for YOU. I wanted you to experience that.”

Suddenly, I melted. I think I was on a kind of emotional overload, but I found myself in Nick’s arms, crying.

He held me and kissed me. After a while he turned off the water and toweled me dry, and then took me to our bed, where he held me as I fell asleep.

That was our third day in Maui. And with all that had happened, I could never have guess how much more was in store for me.

But you’ll have to wait for that.

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