What Michael Knows Ch. 06-07


Author’s Note: Up until this point, I’ve only submitted a chapter at a time, but due to the length of chapter six plus a few other factors, publishing both of the next two chapters at the same time seemed prudent. I’m working on Chapter 9 currently and have an epilogue written with an outline for Chapter 10 before that. Thanks to everyone who left me feedback, both positive and negative. Please continue to rate and leave feedback.


Chapter 6


Stephanie Ball felt like a prisoner in her own home and of her own making.

In the 48 hours since nearing fucking her younger son, Michael, in her bathroom – saved only by the cries of her baby daughter, Bella – Stephanie avoided any one-on-one moments with Michael. She locked her door at night, didn’t venture out of the room during the morning as her son prepared and left for school, and had some extra one-on-one time with her daughter, Lyssa, when Michael was home to provide for needed distance. The mother tried to not compare it to a similar situation that happened well over a year ago after finding out her older son, Jacob, rather enjoyed writing smutty sex stories about her. She tried to keep her distance that time, too. She slipped up and went down a road with Jacob that she felt helpless to detour from. She was trying to keep the same thing from happening with Michael.

And then Friday night came.

Michael clearly got the memo from his mother’s actions. She was ashamed, couldn’t look him in the eye, and every time he tried to speak with her, she made sure to get out of the situation as quickly as humanly possible. His father was due back on Saturday. Stephanie had openly pleaded for him to return earlier, but he couldn’t get an earlier flight and was far too exhausted from the long week to get a rental and drive home. Once his dad was back, his mother could far more easily hide from him – challenging him to give up. He considered forcing the issue, but decided to go in a different direction.

He was going to turn a minus into a plus. If she was going to act like a ghost anytime he was around, that meant she wouldn’t stop him from enjoying himself without her.

That’s where Emma Sampson came in. Emma wasn’t the most beautiful girl at Springfield High in Michael’s opinion and certainly, she wasn’t as sexy as his mother, but she had two things going for her that Michael could, for lack of a better word, exploit. For one thing, she was straight to the point. Michael had known Emma for a long time and she was as straight of a shooter as you can come across. She didn’t promise something she wouldn’t deliver on or get nervous later. She didn’t beat around the bush, nor expect men to be overly romantic like it was a teenage love flick starring Elle Fanning.

So, when Michael asked her out for Friday night, they both were perfectly aware that dinner and hanging out meant Michael would pay for dinner and they’d definitely have sex as long as he interested her and didn’t fuck things up. Not to say Emma was “easy,” but she also wasn’t a prude. Treat her well and be rewarded if she was into you. And that was the second thing Michael liked about her – she was definitely into him.

The truth was she had been for a number of years. They briefly “dated” in middle school as much as you can really date in middle school. She was his first kiss with tongue. They broke up a few weeks later when he kissed another girl. Despite that, over the years, they developed a kinship. A flirtation. Occasionally, a night of sexting and pictures. But for whatever reason, a relationship never blossomed.

Emma chalked it up to not being Michael’s kind of woman. He often dated or hooked up with girls – she didn’t know about his pairings with older women – who all seemed to be recycled versions of the one another.

Popular? Check.

Very little body fat? Check.

Push-up bras? Absolutely a check.

Perfect smiles, perfect faces, and perfectly thin bodies? Check, check, and check.

Emma didn’t measure up to those standards, which made the sexting weird. She hated to feel he took advantage of her interest in him, but it was hard not to think so when he would merely nod her way in the hallway while his arm was around some cheerleader’s shoulders. Emma wasn’t fat, but she definitely carried a few extra pounds. She dealt with bullying and body image issues during her early teen years, but felt more comfortable with her body in the last few years and that’s why her approach to sex had opened up. She figured she may as well gets hers if nobody was beating down her door asking to be her boyfriend. She made sure no one – save for maybe Michael – took advantage of her sudden promiscuity. In fact, to help keep the power, Emma blogged about her experiences underneath a pseudonym and had started to cultivate an active following.

She was already wondering what her fans would think about Michael. She normally called her sexual partners by the first letter of their name to preserve her anonymity and any potential complaints from her conquests. She had güvenilir bahis already used “M.” for a football teammate of Michael’s named Martellus. That was one of her most popular posts and was titled: M. – My First Black Cock. Maybe she’d use B. for Michael Ball, though. She hadn’t decided.

After dinner, Emma wondered how Michael would play things. Would he ask if her mom were home? To be honest, her mom was, but that rarely stopped Emma. Or maybe he’d take them some place and they’d hook up in his car. She hated car sex and if it wasn’t Michael, she’d probably protest. But she had to admit she was shocked when he invited her over to his house.

“It’ll be empty?” she asked.

“No, not exactly,” he replied with a smile she found adorable. “But don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”

She went along with it. Part of her felt a sense of excitement. Michael liked her enough to bring her back to his place after all.

Michael typed out a quick text and sent it while his date freshened up in the restroom. Drinking the rest of his soda, he wondered how tonight would go. Not in regards to Emma – she clearly wanted him and was ready to have some fun. But with Lyssa working late, the only people at home would be his mother and Bella. He wasn’t planning on hiding that he brought a girl home this late to clearly hook up. How would his mother take it?

The text he sent to her was simple – “bringing my date back to the house”

Stephanie read the words a few times. At first, she thought he was asking for permission, which was laughable. He was not about to get it from her. But the more she read it, the clearer it became. He was telling her he was bringing a girl over. Her eyes darted to the clock and it was 9:31. The fucking gall, she thought. But she didn’t tell him that he couldn’t. Rather, she retreated to her room where Bella was sleeping soundly. She changing into a long nightshirt – keeping her panties and nursing bra on. She implored herself to go back downstairs. To blow this whole thing up. Yet, she couldn’t force herself to do so and she couldn’t explain why. Perhaps, she wanted him to get his fill from another source? Or, maybe, she wondered if it was merely a bluff. He’d bring over a girl and they’d watch some dumb thing on Netflix. Maybe make out a little. And then he’d take her home. Surely, he wouldn’t bring home a girl just to fuck her with his mother there.

She cursed her older daughter’s work schedule and did leave her bedroom, but only to make a quiet beeline to Michael’s room. There she waited for her son’s car to park in the driveway.

She didn’t have to wait too long. Michael picked a food joint that was a mere handful of minutes away from his house for the date. And with Emma’s hand on his thigh as they listened to Drake’s new music – his choice, not hers – Michael made it back in record time. He thanked the heavens a cop hadn’t been running radar. Parking the car, he observed the house. Most of the lights downstairs were turned off, which was a bit unusual for this time in the evening. He couldn’t see his parents’ room from the front of the house, though.

The mother got a decent look at her son’s date before ducking away from the windows in the darkness of her son’s room. She quickly moved back to her room and closed the door. Backing away from it, she sat down on the bed. The baby’s mobile continued to move, giving the room some light. Stephanie listened closely.

Emma was a little surprised with how freely Michael moved into the house without trying to keep sound at a minimum. He explained in the car that his mother and baby sister were probably home, but again stressed that Emma shouldn’t be worried. Then, he grabbed her busty tush on the way up the stairs. Emma laughed, letting herself not worry so much about being heard. Perhaps his mom was in another part of the house or something.

Once they reached the second floor landed, he led her down the hallway to his bedroom. It was a typical boy’s room in her experience. Pictures of sports stars, but also pictures of hot actresses and pop singers decorated the walls. A nice computer, television, and a couple of game systems were also in the room along with some medium-quality furniture. A bunch of trophies were neatly placed on shelves on the far wall. But she didn’t have much time to look at her surroundings. He flipped on a light at his desk and nearly tackled her onto the bed. She laughed until her mouth was swallowed by his, her tongue quickly being found by Michael’s. She was slightly taken aback by the aggressiveness, but also turned on. So many “boys” try to be aggressive, but it comes off very fake. Michael was genuine. He knew what he wanted and he was going to take it if she left him. And she was pretty sure she was open to going down most roads with him.

Michael was moving fast – faster than he planned. But he was amped up. His mother could be listening and he wanted to give her something of interest to keep her attention. He had only kissed Emma for a short while before he pulled away. Sliding off his shirt, she ran a türkçe bahis hand over his abs and grinned. She couldn’t wait to run her tongue over them. But he had an idea for his tongue first. He moved south, his hands sliding up her bare legs underneath her skirt. She fought the urge to slow him down and instead bridged her lower trunk off the bed when he started to pull on her thong. This was really fast, she thought. But this was Michael, she also considered. Emma expected Michael to strip off his pants and boxers, but instead, he pushed her skirt up to reveal her pussy and his head quickly fell. She was about to say, “no!” when his tongue slid against her folds.

Emma had been ate out a few times, but never this quickly with a boy. Yet, with every swipe of his tongue from her pussy hole all the way up between the lips to her clit, the apprehensiveness started to fade. She closed her eyes, letting the moment sweep over her. And she moaned. Loudly.

From her room, the mother heard the duo move past her door and down the hallway. Shortly after, she could hear what sounded like throaty moans. She admonished herself for how much hearing this filthy girl with her son was making her cunt throb. The more she heard the cries move down the hallway and invade her ears, the more she told herself to not listen. To not get up. To not walk over to the door. To definitely not twist the doorknob quietly and open it up. But she did all those things like a mind-controlled subject.

Though he tried to focus on Emma, Michael couldn’t help but look at the door. He had specifically left it open a crack and hoped he kept Emma distracted well enough for her to not notice. From his vantage point, he could see down the hall just enough to witness his mother’s bedroom and the door that was closed leading to it. Gripping Emma’s thighs tightly as she reflexively squeezed against his head, he continued to lick the tasty shaven cunt, though never with his full and undivided attention. Emma didn’t seem to care – she was getting closer to the first of what could be multiple orgasms if Michael continued to play her clit like a violin. Out of the corner of his eye, Michael saw his mother’s door open. Hungrily, he ate Emma’s pussy faster.

Stephanie didn’t move into the hallway. Rather, she opened her door a tiny bit – the light from the overhead lights in the hallway immediately brightening up her room. Emma’s moans became clearer without a door muffling the sound any. But from her position, her view was far too obscured. She could see down the hallway. She could vaguely see Emma’s blue shirt that she was still wearing. But Stephanie would have to leave the room if she wanted to see more. She wasn’t sure she truly wanted that. She also wasn’t entirely sure what to do with her emotions. She was angry at her son for bringing this girl to her house. She was also horny listening to the girl get satisfied by her son.

Frustrated with the lack of movement from the clearly-opened door, Michael redoubled his focus on Emma, sucking down her juices as she came in his mouth. All of a sudden, as his tongue touched her hypersensitive clit, she squeezed her legs together again – painfully pressing on both sides of his head. He got the memo as he removed his tongue from her burning cunt to let her calm down. Emma felt like her heart was beating so fast that Michael could probably hear it. Relaxing her legs, they fell to the side and she shivered at his breath against her pussy. It was one of the best orgasms of her life and she waited patiently for Michael to tell her what to do next. Shockingly, she gasped as he continued to lick her, sucking and tasting the rest of her creamy girl juice.

“Oh, fuck, Michael,” she said in a low, raspy voice. “Baby, I want you. Want your big dick.”

With another long swipe of his tongue to capture any more juices, he finally moved back. She looked up at him as he smiled down on her with confidence that bordered on cocky. His chin was glistening in the light. He stood up on the bed, looking like a fucking God to her, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Pushing them and his boxers to the bed, his cock proudly stood erect, seemingly towering over her.

“Mmm, I want that,” she replied with a smile.

Sitting, he chucked off his clothes and reached for his nightstand, pulling out a condom.

As he moved to put it on, he directed Emma onto her hands and knees. She wasn’t surprised by the ask. Men loved the way her thick ass shook as they took her from behind. As she moved into position, she eyed the open drawer he had grabbed a condom from. Seeing a big bottle of lube, she made a promise to herself. If he asks for anal, he’s fucking earned it.

Michael settled in behind her, aiming his hard cock toward her dripping cunt. Looking up, he saw movement out of the corner of his eyes. Looking toward the door, he saw his mother in a pink night shirt. She looked at him with the strangest expression that he could not place as she stood in place about two feet away from his store. With his eyes locked on her own baby blues, he güvenilir bahis siteleri pushed forward, his dick splitting Emma’s pulsating pussy lips and disappearing deep within her. She grabbed a pillow and bit down on it in hopes of stifling the loud moan that had to escape her body. It worked somewhat, though unbeknownst to her, Michael’s mother was too close not to hear her moans even as she tried to keep them a little quieter.

He never took his eyes off Stephanie. It unnerved her slightly that he was so focused on her while fucking someone else. It also had another effect on her – one that was driving her pussy to become wetter by the second. He’s fucking her because I won’t let him fuck me, she thought to herself. And there was something else about that girl, she realized. She had a real woman’s body, Stephanie felt. Bigger than Stephanie’s when his mother was that age, but closer to comparable to her current body after four kids. Now, she had a bigger ass than maybe she wanted. Her tits gave her the label of busty and weren’t as perky as they once were. While certainly not a BBW, Stephanie wasn’t a twig either. This girl, who Stephanie hadn’t seen before, had a beautiful and sexy body and she was convinced that her son wanted to fuck that body because it reminded him so much of his mother’s.

Her boy raised a hand and blew a kiss to his mom. Then he let his hand crash down and smack one of Emma’s large ass-cheeks. She moaned loudly and then said, “harder!” After a second smack echoed off the walls, she cried out, “yes!”

Feisty, Stephanie thought. From her position, she couldn’t see everything she wanted, but she dared not to move any closer. The girl’s long dark hair was covering up her face, which did give Stephanie some confidence that she wouldn’t be so easily seen. Her pussy was begging for attention, but she tried to avoid touching it. She didn’t want to give Michael the satisfaction. She longed to change places with the youthful girl taking a pounding from her son’s cock. Truth be told, he seemed to long for a switch as well.

Grabbing Emma’s hips, Michael continued to slam his cock into his friend’s pussy. He considered the fact that he should feel bad – after all, he was using Emma. But judging by the way Emma kept cumming on his cock, perhaps she wouldn’t be that upset by the fact that he wished he was fucking someone else.

“Fuck, baby,” Emma whispered through moans. “I love your big cock!”

“Do you?” he asked with a smirk that was meant for his mother.

“Absolutely! Fuck me harder!”

Another smirk spread over his face as he roughly held onto Emma and pounded her pussy with all of his might. Her face was driven into the bed while her ass rippled each time Michael sawed into her. From her vantage point, Stephanie was still trying to ignore her needy cunt. She told herself to retreat to her room, lock the door, and get a sweaty fuck session with her dildo. Instead, she kept squeezing her legs together and placed a hand on the nearby wall to keep herself in place. The smell of sex was also overwhelming her – the sweet mix of sweat and pussy juices. She kept fantasizing about a scenario she once saw in a porn. The mother helps her son fuck his girlfriend better. By the end, he was fucking the mother while the girlfriend squatted over the mother’s face to have her pussy ate. She shivered as the image overtook her senses. She gripped her outer thighs roughly as she closed her eyes tightly.

Michael laughed to himself as he watched what his mother was going through. He half-expected her to demand he stop fucking Emma and come fuck her. She wanted him and, to him, it was only a matter of time. If not tonight, some other night. And, if he was a betting man, he wagered it would be soon.

Holding Emma tightly, he found another gear and fucked the poor girl harder. She was a mess of orgasms and drool as she felt better-fucked than any of her previous partners – combined. Her brain wasn’t working very well, but she did have one thought. She hoped this wasn’t the only time Michael would fuck her this well.

The smacks of their flesh colliding drove Stephanie mad. Not so much for the anger, nor frustration, she still had under the surface for her son’s bold actions, but for how crazy she felt wanting to replace the girl her son was pounding. Or join them. Or whatever Michael wanted as long as his cock fucked her the same way he was giving it to this little minx. She had to admit – the experience and stamina he showed was enticing. Not that she truly needed to be enticed any further.

For really the first time since plunging his cock into Emma, Michael stopped thinking so much about his mother and stopped looking his way. Focusing on Emma, he slammed his full weight into her, nearly pounding her into the bed with each push forward. Her shapely ass was no longer in the air and his cock curved into her each time he slid into her deeply. It was more comfortable to have her in a normal position, but he was too far-gone to care. Continuing to fuck the teenage girl as sweat dripped from his hair onto her back, he moaned loudly. Emma could not formulate any words as she drooled onto the bed and moaned back at him, but if she could speak, she would have begged him to cum – to release his cream into the condom he wore.

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